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  1. Ok, nitpick accepted. How about his one... WW2 subs were rarely part of coordinated surface fleet actions, and did not play an active role in any major surface conflict.
  2. Just gonna put this out there... WW2 subs were never part of coordinated surface fleet actions.
  3. Currently fielding the tough questions like: "Ev1n, what's the toughest part of your job" and "What about cat community manager skins.." FFS...
  4. It's already hard to play co-op as a BB, and now there's even fewer targets. Games with 1 o 2 other non-dd surface ships, that get nuked by the first DD in, get old really fast. Then BB just sits there in the cap waiting for brain dead sub to surface so it can be shot. All the while this adds 5 minutes to each game. Co-op has been ruined for BBs.
  5. I'll make it easy for you. Anything related to CCExit will be banned. I'll venture to guess that if you say anything else other than something directly related to whatever is on the screen, you'll be banned.
  6. slash64x

    I kinda like subs in Coop?

    Co-op is definitely worse with subs. I consistently have matches where there's only one surface ship I can reasonably engage. I do co-op to brawl my BBs and shoot things. It's not fun when there's nothing to shoot.
  7. slash64x

    Subs in ranked your thoughts

    As a BB main, dreadful.
  8. slash64x

    First game in Ranked with Subs...

    They are in co-op as well. They draw out the games significantly. Downright dreadful gameplay.
  9. slash64x

    Game disconnecting when clicking battle

    Are you connected to a VPN?
  10. slash64x

    why no more rewards for achievements?

    They specifically said that people were yoloing to farm DET FLAGS... Bravo Sierra detector pegged...