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  1. I deleted steam and WOWS and tried to re download fresh copies into my PC and Steam is road blocking me at every turn. This isn't my first time doing this, I've been with WG for years. However, now having to deal with steam, It won't let me log in, and "Steam Guard" is the culprit. It says it is sending me a code to my e-mail, which it does not. I have used 3 other e-mail addys, to double check and I can safely say Steam is full of it. They are not sending me a code. Anyone have a direct phone line to their tech support? I can't find one. Btw,, wows and steam were working before I deleted them and cleaned up my hard drive. I have also tried to locate a place to download WOWS "WITHOUT' having to use steam, but no luck. Anyone have any download links? I've been working on this for 3 days now and am really fed up with steam and their lame performance in dealing with this problem. I appreciate any suggestions that anyone has that has dealt with this before. I hate to have to give up on WG, but steam is absolutely useless in regards to support. Thanks, RockChunker
  2. Aslain, I have been using your mods for years now and really appreciate the hard work and effort you must put into it. I had to re-load wows a few days ago, as well as your updater page. I uploaded the same way I always have, but now I can not seem to get the mods to appear. I really liked the way you fixed the contrast problems and gave us options for ship nicks etc, and now not having them is a real joy killer. has Wows stopped it from working? Sure would appreciate any tips you could offer, as the game 'fun-o-meter' is now at an all time low. Again, thanks for your hard work.! RockChunker
  3. RockChunker

    Let's talk French Tier 7 Lyon

    Here is another problem you might consider also. The infamous WG RNG. (Random Number Generator) This takes all the math and turns it into garbage. So you get GIGO. (Garbage in, Garbage out). I learned long ago not to trust the Russian programmers at WG for anything but propaganda. If they removed the RNG, then the above math might bear out. But since it's WG math, it's also GIGO. Respectfully, Rockchunker.
  4. RockChunker

    Clan tech tree ships

    Yep Crimson, that explains a lot. Yes, I use the ASLANS mod and that was why I was seeing the Clans tab. Thanks for your answer! When I get brave enough I will click "Purchase" and see what happens. I'll post the results RockChunker
  5. RockChunker

    Clan tech tree ships

    Ok, Perhaps I can clarify this some. First I click on Tech Tree. When that opens, I see on the left a column of Nations. First there is Clans. Underneath that there is Japan, then USA, then USSR and so on down the list. I clicked on "Clans" and in the new window, there was a list of ships which had a silver zero for the cost. I clicked on the tier X "GROZOVOI". A new window opened where I choose if I want to buy a slot, and then choose the experience of a new Captain. Since I am out of gold, and have no spare slots, I closed the window. Hence, I am curious if the ship "GROZOVOI" would be playable in game modes like Random, or would it be limited to some other mode of play, like clan only battles. I hope this clears some things up. Thanks for your input! RockChunker
  6. RockChunker

    Clan tech tree ships

    Greetings everyone, I was bored and looking thru the tech tree tonight, and for the first time clicked on "Clans". The Russian Destroyer looked interesting and I noticed a tab that said "PURCHASE". Now, I have little to no clan battles (low tier ships) and wondered, "How do I have the ability to purchase this T10 DD?" Realizing that I have little experience in the clan dept., I decided to ask the experts, (That's YOU guys...lol) So, can someone educate me a little on how getting these clan ships work? Like, are they only good for clan battles etc.? Thanks for your help.. Rockchunker
  7. I am curious about the mechanics of the Captains skill, "Fire Prevention". WG states that the numbers of onboard fires is limited to 4 fires. I never have had 4 fires going at the same time in any game I've played so far, so I'm hesitant about getting this if that is the case. BUT, I am wondering if this skill will help prevent fires in the first place. That would be something I would be interested in. I would love to hear some feedback on this. The ship I am using regarding this is the Scharnhorst. Thanks, RockChunker
  8. RockChunker

    Higher vis with boost?

    Thanks everyone for your help!!! RockChunker
  9. RockChunker

    Higher vis with boost?

    When I use my engine boost, I get the distinct impression my visibility/detectability goes way up. I feel like I just flipped on a light that sez: "Hit me! I'm right here!" Does this happen? Are you more visible to the enemy now? Thanks, RockChunker
  10. RockChunker

    Shiratsuyu - Smoke or more torpedoes?

    Not very often do I see such a well written post. The author above has included some of the best advise I have seen in the DD forum. Regarding your statement about the 127mm/AP under 5km and shooting at the engine room was killer advise. Well done Sir, Thank you. RockChunker
  11. RockChunker

    How to make manual fire control for secondaries work ?

    Why is it that Millennia's always assume the op is to blame. Instead, why don't you guys give the op the benefit of the doubt that: 1. Your within range. 2. You have the enemy 'targeted". (Everyone knows this, ain't our first week outta momma) 3. Yes, you have pressed and held the left CTRL button. 4. Yes, you have the left mouse key clicked (As we have all done so many times before) 5. And yes, you have tried EVERY combination you can think of to get the ship targeted but, (pay attn. here Millinnieals...) IT STILL HAS NO EFFECT. So, you children might ease up a little and try to be helpful instead of hammering the op. Help or shut up. Rockchunker. Ps. and yes, this is a problem many of WG's customers are having.
  12. RockChunker

    Secondaries not firing

    So let me get this right. We NOW have to take an extra step during battle to CTRL-L-CLICK while aiming at the target? The secondary's used to fire automatically as soon as they got into range. Has this been recently changed due to an upgrade/patch? Any advice would help. Thanks. Rockchunker
  13. RockChunker

    Terrible dispersion on Iowa

    You most definitely have a valid point. However, we are stuck with what ever WG dumps on us. I wish with all my heart, that they would try, (yes...try) to realize you CAN have a decent game AND have it somewhat realistic. I would GIVE them my very own copy Of Janes Fighting Ships if they would start....(sigh).
  14. RockChunker


    After going over the available stats in anticipation for getting my next BB, I decided on the Lyon. Dumbest thing I ever did. This ship is an absolute pig. No armor to speak of, very little power. And I mean the worst performance I have experienced. I don't care what their stats said, they lie! (Perhaps the Devs should have put sails onboard.) As for firepower....Forget it. The Devs invented some crazy algorithm and the shells fly all over and do very little damage. Way different than what the stats would suggest.C'mon..10 hugs guns, and pfffft. I did a test. Had a friend park his Baltimore and let me take shots at him. Finally at 3 km, it would manage to get almost all the shells to hit broadside. Now for the damage. Loaded up HE and sighted up dead center and bang. The Baltimore suffered a whopping 2% damage loss. Hmmmm....must have hit the paint locker. An incredible 2 percent loss at 3000 yards. WG, I spent a hell of a lot of time working up the points for this ship. The stats simply can not be anything but made up garbage. When you screw people, you lose customers. WO Tanks is already in the morgue because of your unbridled greed. Before you Millennia's go dashing off to see my stats and take cheap shots, bite me. They suck. I know it. Let's see how well YOU do at 72. Best of luck to all, Rockchunker
  15. RockChunker

    Fiji — British Tier VII cruiser.

    This is what WG calls "Balance". (Sarcasm) I suspect none of their Russian employees ever set foot on a naval vessel, let alone ever viewed a "Janes" manual. They just pull crap outta their Millinneal butts and say, "Hey look what a great thing I did!!!"