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  1. RockChunker

    Fiji — British Tier VII cruiser.

    This is what WG calls "Balance". (Sarcasm) I suspect none of their Russian employees ever set foot on a naval vessel, let alone ever viewed a "Janes" manual. They just pull crap outta their Millinneal butts and say, "Hey look what a great thing I did!!!"
  2. RockChunker

    Emerald — British Tier V cruiser.

    Good points. However standard WG practice is to make things worse, not better. You can expect to see a nerf coming.
  3. How would I play more aggressively? I used to. I was an animal. I would charge in and slug it out with anyone. That's my natural nature. But WG changed that. When they recently (about one month ago) decided that I need to have my citadel hit EVERY SINGLE GAME now, no matter my ship, my angle or the gravitational constant of the universe, I could no longer be as aggressive. I am avoiding contact now, seeking cover and I am mad that WG did this to me. Don't bother denying it, or trying to baffle us with snake oil math, it's obvious to those who will be honest. They did the same thing in World of Tanks and I left because a 2 minute game was no longer worth it. Why would they do this? Simple. Less active server load equals increased profits. The quarterly statement is now worth more to the investors than long term profits. Research has shown that customers used to a certain level of achievement will purchase "Gimmicks" temporarily to gain back their lost standing. I know these things because I have a background serving as CEO 4x with various companies. Now, I'm retired and just want some occasional war game fun. Before many of you rush to check my stats, they're not good. Most of you are much better at this than I. And I really don't care for the mostly rude Millennial responses. The op asked what it would take to be less passive, and I have answered, in my opinion. If WG has a real interest in having their members play more aggressively, then let our ships take some damage, like they used to. Respectfully submitted, Rockchunker
  4. RockChunker

    Is Juliet Charlie dead?

    Thanks to everyone for all the positive feedback. I just seemed to be taking a LOT more damage than I used to. Sincerely, Rockchunker
  5. I would like to ask the more experienced players for their observations on something I think I am noticing. It seems that after reviewing my last 20 games, the is a change in either how much of an increase the enemy has now, to hit your citadel, And/or the decrease in effectiveness the "Juliet Charlie" flag has in preventing magazine explosions. I have been using my French La Galissonniere with 14 point Captain with ifhe rounds. In addition, I use the Juliet Charlie flag to (WG says) eliminate magazine explosions. This last month, it seems I get my Citadel hit in the first 1-2 salvos. Angle on the bow has no apparent effect. I lose 1/2 of my HP. A minute later, same thing. Usually with HE rounds. HE?? Really? It seems to me that the Magazine flag has been completely nerfed. So, I changed up ships from DD's to BB's with the results seeming to be the same. Just to make sure I'm got going wacko here, I'm asking some of you more experienced players if; 1: Have you noticed the same thing? 2: Are you getting more citadel hits now as compared to a month ago? I am currently working on an excel spreadsheet to verify or disprove this, but that is a month off, as I am going back to Jan 01, 2018 What are your thoughts guys & gals? Thanks for your time. Sincerely, Rockchunker
  6. Here is just an idea. If your team mate is afk, let there be absolutely NO PENALITY for pounding him into an oil slick. It's really satisfying. You get that "THERE...Take That!!!" feeling and revenge has been served. I really don't think some people understand that when you are afk, you hurt the whole team by your absence. A lot of us pay real money for flags etc. that are wasted when you lose. The mentality, "It's JUST a game" is lame because most of us pay good money, try hard to get better and it just really honks me off when someone just blows off the battle. And have you noticed the excuses are ALWAYS not their fault? Folks, if you can't spare the time to contribute to a team effort, please don't log into that battle. Now....Let's just all line up and take one shot each into that self important little buttmunch. It's fun and WG should give us awards too....Lol. (by the way, for you Millinnieals, that was meant as sarcastic humor, so don't get yer knickers in a wad!)
  7. RockChunker

    Budyonny — Soviet Tier VI cruiser.

    Hi JB I just noticed they were 4k. I could have sworn they were 9km. I wonder if WG nerfed the torps. Anyone with info on this? Maybe I'm getting senile Rock
  8. RockChunker

    How do you provide AA support?

    Do you know you spend more time yapping than playing? Is that because you know it all?
  9. RockChunker

    Budyonny — Soviet Tier VI cruiser.

    My Budy is my favorite by far. Let me list the pros and cons. (My opinion only, ok?) PROS: Good armor Good rate of fire 9km torps are awesome Very good AA when you develop the Captains skills for it Cons: A terrible lag when turning only a mother could love. Piss poor acceleration Float plane instead of fighter. By the time your shells get there, your target is already in another state. A floating gas can. The first round of shells sets you on fire. (C'mon WG...at least talk to some real sailors about ship characteristics regarding this ok?) Recommendations. Get rid of the float plane and give us a fighter at minimum. Improve the accel and turning responsiveness a little All in all, I love this ship and play it almost all the time now. Now that I have said good things about it, WG will probably nerf the crap out of it. Yours in Warfare, Rockchunker
  10. RockChunker

    Update 0.7.8 Bug Report

    I would love to use your "CHECK TOOL REPORT", But unfortunately it results in a 404 error. Perhaps actually checking these before posting your tool as a requirement, would be a good idea. You know, like making sure it works. I'm unable to log in, and now I'm stuck because your tool does not work. Anything you can do to help? Rockchunker Btw, yes, I have run the intregitry check program. All is well on my end
  11. Is there any way to see how long you have left before WG removes a Premium ship from the shop? A couple of times now I have wanted to buy a ship, and POOF...it was no longer there. Thanks in advance for your info folks! RockChunker
  12. RockChunker

    Why super-train a Commander?

    Thanks Erebthoron ! That explains a lot and I certainly appreciate the advise. Good Hunting! RockChunker
  13. RockChunker

    Why super-train a Commander?

    Well, it appears to me that he was. All his skills are now in orange.
  14. Maybe I'm not seeing this right. (Most probably) I got an Atlanta and trained the Commander up pretty high. Then I transferred him to another cruiser. Right off I was asked for gold. (Really???) Then he was reduced in skills. Maybe I did it wrong, so I thought I'd just ask you guys for some help. So, is it possible to have one well trained Commander, and pas him around from ship to ship? I know he can't swap out of nation. Thanks in advance... RockChunker
  15. RockChunker

    Own ship explosion sound

    Specifically, just where does it say "Own Ship Explosions"? I looked, and there ain't no such animal...