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  1. FATEdPondera

    Are dive bombers useless?

    OH DAMN, I didn't know the great Yuro did a thing on the Ryujo! This will be a good lecture! :D
  2. FATEdPondera

    Are dive bombers useless?

    So, I unlocked my Ryujo recently and am very happy with my new shiny acquisition. DDs players understand the concentrated HATE that is the Japanese Zero, and Kate Torpedo bombers take the wind out of the most vicious of sails. Then there's the Suisei dive bombers. =.= Holy cow, do these things suck. Shorter range than the kates, less damage, greater exposure to AA fire, and a good chunk of the time, their bombs fly off in random directions. Like they're springloaded on the bottom of the aircraft instead of carrying its downward inertia. But, most of the time when it comes to games like this, it's not the plane, it's me. So, how does one use these things effectively? Share unto me your wisdom, o gurus of nautical aerospace wisdom!
  3. Ugh.... I just don't get it. I've read all kinds of guides and articles, looked at videos, and tried various aiming schemes. I've tried sniping in the back with spotter planes, advancing with the team, picking off ships that are isolated (though THAT's usually a trap), and nothing I do seems to yield any better result! I know where citadels are, okay? In general, they are located under smoke stacks, close to the water line, and possibly beneath turrets though I'm not sure if that has been altered. But actually hitting the damn things feels like winning the lottery. However, pretty much every single game, the citadel bass is dropping on me like I'm in some kind of bizarre dubstep nightclub where everyone is trying to murder me. Literally, every single game tonight has yielded a citadel hit on me. And I know that presenting my broadside to the enemy is a no-no, but they seem to be able to do that all day long, and they are perfect safe from me, regardless of how many times I hit them. There's been times where I've sank in 3 separate barrages, and they don't even turn, yet I can't seem to nail that goddamn elusive citadel shot. It's doubly so frustrating because I see people like Yuro on youtube who can do this at will whenever an enemy presents them with a chance to do so. Like his Musashi video? He slam dunks a dude across the map with 9 AP shells, and one shots him. And I'm sitting there like "oh wow, that's great. How the hell do I do that?" This is the exact same issue that led to me uninstalling this game last year, and I'm considering doing that again because evidently this is now a skill I am able to master. I have to be doing something wrong. I just don't get it.. =.=