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  1. Nubulin2

    Santa Crates

    WG rolled back my account and I received refund notice emails for each of my purchases. Took almost exactly 24 hrs. I lost 49 games of progress since friday. Big deal.... The even re-added the premium ship I bought since then (was kindof hoping I would get a refund for that garbage too, lol). All in all a good solution considering the complexity of something like this with all the stuff I bought, coal, dubloons, buying more crates with those dubloons, etc. Only real negative is the loss of progress on the objectives which I will easily catch up. Thanks WG for cleaning up your mess (at least where my account is concerned). Now to buy more crates! (kidding......)
  2. Nubulin2

    Santa Crates

    Refund request submitted. Honestly this is a reasonable way for WG to resolve this. I would not have purchased any crates had I know how the "random chance at 107 ships" actually worked. I did just buy the 2 ships I actually wanted anyway and that is a MUCH better way to do it. Thanks WG!
  3. Nubulin2

    The Shortlist Test

    I have a lot of premium ships. My first big crate ship gave me a Makarov in a santa crate. 2 megas that gave ships were a California and an Ochakov in santa crates. The rest were random garbage ships in super containers. I wasn't going to buy crates this year but did like a moron. Got like 6 ships all trash. The short list is confirmed as far as I am concerned. What a joke WG.
  4. Nubulin2

    Earn Even More with Alienware Arena

    Exactly the same. What a [edited]waste of time. Typical WG promotion. Does anyone test this stuff before launch? Your account is not activated. You must confirm your account by clicking on the link in the Activate Account Email. Hit the Activate: Page Not Found We're sorry, but this page does not exist. Click here to return to the homepage.
  5. Nubulin2

    Buy Gorizia then earn = dubloons?

    Ok thanks. I thought I read the above, but I cant seem to find it anymore.
  6. I assume I can get to at through at least stage 3 of this grindathon and earn the Gorizia. If so, do I earn dubloons when I do, or did WG nerf this as well?
  7. Reading is OP. When I saw that I wondered how many people thought they we going to get the ship too. Really dumb bundle naming on WG’s part.
  8. Nubulin2

    Is USS Somers OP?

    Somers isn't OP. Where it shines is as a specialty Clan Battle ship due to its long range torps and speed. Randoms its worse than shima or gearing.
  9. Nubulin2

    what just happened ?

    The issue appears to be fixed. I was able to create a division. I didn’t have time to play though. Anyone else confirm issue resolved?
  10. Nubulin2

    what just happened ?

    Several people have received a response to their ticket acknowledging the issue myself included.
  11. Nubulin2

    what just happened ?

    Last time this happened one of our guys had to wait until the next server update. Hopefully with more people having the issue they will actually do something about it sooner. I don't want to miss the rest if the clan battle season for some stupid issue either. I agree that everyone could be nicer about it though. Technical problems are reality and until they know what happened and how to fix it we wait. Sucks, but no different than any other part of life.
  12. Nubulin2

    what just happened ?

    LOL, I didn’t mean you. I was talking about “Ivan” the likely drunk junior system administrator that is on duty all night watching the health of WGs servers and systems. I doubt he is the guy that will fix the current issue. That will likely be more senior devs that don’t work all night and since it’s like 4am in Russia, probably don’t even know about it yet since this isn’t a system down type of issue..... Or at least that is the way it works at other online based businesses.
  13. Nubulin2

    what just happened ?

    Keep in mind its still the middle of the night in St. Petersburg and something like this will likely be above the night watchman type system administrators ability to solve. We will be waiting for the main dev team to come in to work. At least thats how it usually happens imo.
  14. Nubulin2

    what just happened ?

    There has been No fix for this issue yet, just a brush off from support..... here is my ticket: 120716563
  15. Nubulin2

    what just happened ?

    I got the same [edited] answer from support. They don't actually read what you tell them and since one issue was prob fixed, its copy paste.