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  1. ORPBury

    Last Night was Brutal

    I feel your pain.
  2. I really enjoyed the so called Yugumo grind which I’ve completed recently. I’ve never run smoke and found the CVs manegable for the most part.
  3. ORPBury

    R.I.P. Stevie Ray

  4. ORPBury

    The Two Million FXP Question

    I have it and I like it. Probably not worth it to most, but after 40+ games I have no regrets.
  5. ORPBury

    That's It

    Hi Burnsy, For every CV there is 11 other ships in battle. Just saying.
  6. ORPBury

    That's It

    Enjoyed reading your posts. Thanks and take care.
  7. ORPBury

    Midway play - the way it USED TO BE

    Back then, you rarely run into a T 10 CVs.
  8. Riga, Tallinn, “Soviet Poland” etc.
  9. I’d like to see ORP Piorun due its short Bismarck engagement.
  10. Voted for GZ because you didn’t pick my entry. ;)
  11. IFHE Nelson... or Thunderer. Secondary spec otherwise.
  12. ORPBury


    Tried to load a sub into a training room. WG doesn’t allow it. So much for learning the mechanics.
  13. ORPBury

    Getting Depressed

    It looks like you’ve only played a few games in this ship. If you continue putting out those big damage numbers, your win rate will surely improve. Nothing to worry about.