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  1. jags_domain

    11.9 Questions

    Come on t5 is great. So many Omaha and German fire breather
  2. jags_domain

    What's the point of the Vallejo?

    A match for the ages. We were going to lose. I roll into b cap pop radar and sonar 3 d d on very litte health just sitting there. I waste all 3 and do win! Seattle is very very good.
  3. jags_domain

    SC containers giveth!!!

    Very funny but true!
  4. jags_domain

    SC containers giveth!!!

    Wow you like it. I took it out once and had no idea how to hit anything. Will have to try again!
  5. jags_domain

    Finally got ships from SC

    Omaha and marblehead are underrated. I took WV. I have to idea were the shells landed
  6. jags_domain

    SC containers giveth!!!

  7. jags_domain

    Random battles T9 Techtree Ships - Tough Go

    I find buffalo grind very easy. She is a great ship. Edit: With Buff only shoot AP. US AP is to good to waist.
  8. jags_domain

    Your top 5 "wish I could buy with Coal ships."

    Mainz Prince Og only for history. All CV
  9. jags_domain

    Two for the price of one.

    Everyone gets a ship today!
  10. jags_domain

    Finally got ships from SC

    My other was Marblehead
  11. jags_domain

    SC containers giveth!!!

    WV is a very pretty place for sure.
  12. jags_domain

    Finally got ships from SC

    Must be the day I got WV
  13. jags_domain

    A New Ship joins the fleet

    Congrats! I have gotten 2 in 5 years. Today I got WV. Must be the day for ships
  14. jags_domain

    Ohio and other research and steel ships

    I kind of suck in BB but If I need a BB that the one I am rolling with.
  15. jags_domain

    SC containers giveth!!!

    I got the trifecta. 50k FXP 15k coal 1500 steel For the 2nd time in all most 6 years. A ship! USS West Virginia. Now I have the song stuck in my head.