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  1. And the answer is...... If you want it to be then it is. If you dont think it is then its not.
  2. jags_domain

    what will WG ruin next?

    Hopefully DD's
  3. jags_domain

    Credit Grinding Premiums

    I dont run prem time and do very well with Immilman
  4. jags_domain

    How to Vermont.

    Get a drink. Put on some soft jazz. Sit back into the perfect chair. Stay at 20km or so because you have 30 km range. Watch your reload and fire.
  5. jags_domain

    practice, practice, practice

    Get the Immilmann Its fantastic.
  6. jags_domain

    Ever eat your own words?

    Tha ts what games are for. Fun
  7. jags_domain

    nerf salem that i paid for really WG

    Well said! Cruisers are in a strange place. That is still my most played type. I have been regrinding so us light and French because I have perma camo for all of them. Have to agree that its pritty balanced, with the caveat that fighting DD is becoming a problem again I see post talking about all the problem. Aside from "my ships needs to be more powerful because" its still seams fair and its free. If I calculate the amount that I have paid vs amount of entertainment its very much in my fav. Thanks for the thoughts.
  8. jags_domain

    nerf salem that i paid for really WG

    First. Your writing is fantastic. Its has ebs and flows. With 2 or 3 lines its easy to have balance. Today with so many lines and prems, is it basically impossible to find the balance of old? DD got so stealthy and numerous that a cap was put on battle numbers. Radar came out to battle the DD menace. Then the CV rework to help with spotting. Now there are hybrids. Is there simply to many ships and lines now and we should reprogram our minds for the wow of today?
  9. jags_domain

    nerf salem that i paid for really WG

    I was not 1 go come in and complain about an entire class or people. I complaning about ship when it came out because I was grinding French BB and there was torp soup. After 2 years of being told that disgusting things directed at me personally because I like planes. Yes im an all about complaining and waiting for 1 single nerf to something they like. Enough is enought.
  10. jags_domain

    Mods plz delete this thread

    Your totally but that sentence was brilliant!
  11. jags_domain

    Real Russian Carriers

    To be fair when it comes to WW2 ships. US, British, IJN are the only branches that can have a whole tech tree. The rest can have partially complete lines
  12. jags_domain

    Help me decide, De Grasse or Perth?

    I fired at a Perth in my Pensy. 10 shell hits over half were c it and it went boom. Full to 0 best shot ever. Both are good but you might want to wait unless you like that t. The French camo is cool.
  13. jags_domain

    nerf salem that i paid for really WG

    They did not change. A whole thread and anger because someone made it up. Sounds like another situation people always complain about.