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  1. jags_domain

    Your monthly super container

    I got a sc yesterday with 1500 steel. Today 50 camo
  2. jags_domain

    USS Samuel Roberts found!

    Amazing that it could be found. Also a successor to Paul Allen.
  3. jags_domain


    Wg needs to remove torps from coop. Only thing people do is go next to them and torp.
  4. jags_domain

    Tiers 11-15?

    That would be a different game.
  5. jags_domain

    Turns out MI is good in ranked now

    Sorry your right
  6. Being able to speed up and slow down is great. The turning is great. I don't know about random but dank is good.
  7. jags_domain

    Soviet CV immunity to fighters

    With Chaka os BD are basically pointless. That balanced the damage they can do. If you put 2 ships together aa is fine Some ships even some DD are no fly zones. Bad design for me is a ship that you are unable to spot or shoot at aka subs.
  8. jags_domain

    WG tech tree T8 need help...

    There just not an upgrade from the t7
  9. jags_domain

    WG tech tree T8 need help...

    I dont div but I am sure I had one in a match once. Still does not answer the rest of the issue
  10. jags_domain

    Soviet CV immunity to fighters

    I dont see AK or OH as Op. It light on fire very easy and thag is a huge weakness. Kit and Hog are very OP. There rate of fire stealth torps is beyond dumb. Thats way there almost the only DD in rank. As to the Russian CV she can run out of planes. She actually seems balanced with her planes.
  11. Been regrinding US Heavy and French again. T8 keep getting more frustrating as time goes on. It was bad enough to see two now they see t11. Guts fire 13 sec with no range and no armor against T10. As Sea raptor says feels bad man. Just feels bad. How about dropping reload to 10 or 11. Or more range.
  12. I am not a d d player much but thought to get the French coal DD. She is fast!
  13. Ok I get it Thanks
  14. So if you fxp over a ship it gives you more RB points because you did not play? How long do you have to wait?
  15. jags_domain

    Most Plane Kills I've Seen in a While

    You have to avoid that ship. Halland. Dutch. There aa is way to much