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  1. You guys started and people are retailating simple as that. Its not irony its justas
  2. After months and months of being abused every single game and every single post. Then you want to cry victim when cv players fight back using the same language that you haevw been abusing other players for months Stop pretending your a victom
  3. How is DD suppose to see out of smoke any that they have not spotted? How does a ship moving at 30 knots hit and island and not do damage ti the ship.
  4. And we will never stop the anti DD mantra
  5. Most of my reading came from a distal library. If you go to your local library they should be connected to a very large digital library. The data base is so extencive you could never read them all. But alot of great books that had 1 print or written by 1 sub captain. Giod luck.
  6. Dude cv do nothing now. This goes in the file with 1 sq of Ranger planes sank my full health NC. Ot the ever popular, I was in a Mino with a Des and Wor and no planes shot down and half my health was gone with 1 bomb. And of course DD got sunk in 30 sec of game starting. Because that's all possable.
  7. jags_domain

    An Open Letter to Wargaimng

    Know one screemed about legondary mods which give a big advantage will little down side. Trouble is people scream for a meta change they gor and scream they got it. They scream for a reason to play low t they get it then scream about it. Cant think of one thing they could do that would not make the "community" scream.
  8. jags_domain

    Stupid Idea Thread

    come in man. Give the bow 200 the cit 300 and the stern 200
  9. jags_domain

    Stupid Idea Thread

    it would be like CV drops.
  10. jags_domain

    Stupid Idea Thread

    The best!!!!!
  11. jags_domain

    Complainers & I play for Fun Crowd – WG LUVS YOU!

    Its not RNG anymore. If you can go and watch stuntmans vid about it. Basicly its just a spreadsheet now. X plane against X target with take X damage. They have and are going level every aa gun to do the same thing every time no matyer what it is. It use to be that when you attack if you get a lucky roll of the dice you could get 2 strikes. Now its just a spreadsheet. Wow so impressive and sorry to Stuntman its boring. This is not a balanced game it never was. If you want balance then eveeyone ahould have tje aame ship. its a roll playing game. Make an attak see how you roll. Now a spreadsheet will do.
  12. Lots or work to get all that.
  13. I can see ones person account should be deleted for absolute ludicrous. How dare you say people should be deleded because you don't like something. This attatude will sink all games.
  14. For BB amd CA and CL and CV having a boat that perma spots and spam torps at 10 every min and half is runing the game for everyone Sitting in smoke that you can do nothing about has runed the game. The constant buffing DD and nerfing everyone else has runed the game. You see how the game is played. For every "but wait there is more to whine about" goes the exact same way. I would love a button to exclude ship class. CV and DD would be tied for exclusion because everyone hates perma spotting.