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  1. Turns out switching to. DB and damage went way up. I am Pritty good hiting dd with bombs as well. Trying land torps can be a really challange even with 6 of them. Does everyone like torps or bombs better?
  2. jags_domain

    Cap is a very funny captain

    I would by one. We definitely needed somthing fun at this time
  3. jags_domain

    Cap is a very funny captain

    I dont know but it is really funny! I just bought the t1 to try him out.
  4. jags_domain

    Disturbing trend in WoWs

    If you can gun down a kit it needs a nerf. The kit and hog should be remove.
  5. Aside from the side that it sounds like he is throwing up it is very funny. I dont play much British ships. WG can you make the Cap captain nation neutral so we can put him on anything.
  6. jags_domain

    Disturbing trend in WoWs

    Its true. Toro reload should be a consumable. There should also be a accuracy penitly in smoke and aa should not work in smoke.
  7. jags_domain

    Disturbing trend in WoWs

    I have mever liked playing DD. Just dont like them I have a Fletcher and t7 on the reat but dont like them so I dont play them. I dont like the New Orleans so I dont play it. I am not going to whine and dad WG change the thing because I dont like it. There is no argument to be had expect by you for the only reason is to make it. There are many that like the new DD the way they are. Again if you dont like them then you don't. Play somthing else.
  8. jags_domain

    My message to all WoWS haters, trolls, whingers, and crybabies

    What's sad is you put up somthing nice and the first thing somone does is say somthing stupid and mean. What a wast this whole "community" is
  9. jags_domain

    Why?? Just why????

    Fantastic! Itch for ever on almost every post about how cv are op and have to be removed. Now your pissed off about not having CV. Wow the hypocracy knows no bounds!
  10. jags_domain

    Best Free XP Ships

    There are not alot of free XP option right now. The two dd are it. Saving your free xp to skip a ship that you don't like might be the best option
  11. jags_domain

    Carrier observations of a new CV player.

    Ranger is a great cv for its t. I am sure by now you have your upgraded planes and sure you see a differance.
  12. jags_domain

    Why?? Just why????

    I have no idea why that just makes me laugh!
  13. jags_domain

    Disturbing trend in WoWs

    Then play a different line. If you dont like them dont play them. Case closed
  14. jags_domain

    One Simple CV Question

    Ok perfict one. Take your eliteisum and find somthing else to do because your anger whats beyind tired
  15. jags_domain

    One Simple CV Question

    I would say that DD were on the OP side because they had no counter. They perma spot everything hide in smoke and there aa is perfict in smoke. At least there is a chance to be spot a dd with a plane that gives the ships a chance. I would propose a nerff to DD accuracy in smoke. There AA should never be perfict in smoke. There aiming should never be perfict in smoke. There should be a firing accuracy penalty while in smoke.