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  1. Really? You would spend 200 on this?
  2. That would be amazing! That is the best story of mankind! What the Johnston and crew did was amazing.
  3. jags_domain

    Russian BB Win Rates and Russian Bias

    You know you can pretend that but Russian ships have always been stupid powerful. Khaba was always stupid. 50mm in penable bow for Moskava. Stupid accuracy on Russian BB when Roma cant hit a thing. Bht you belive your spreadsheet and your op Russian ship like the new thing that just came out. So you let the "community" cuss our all cv players for months that shoved away a lot. Now op Russian ships shove more away. Your doing great! Nothing to see here!
  4. Thanks for the truth. To bad all the cancer talk can't be taken back.
  5. jags_domain

    2 Carrier Battles

    Yea because know one everisses with torps. Its so close that you never miss.....or you jave never played a cv.
  6. jags_domain

    2 Carrier Battles

    I cant belive almost 1 year later the cancer talk continued. I thought you and the "others" quit months ago.
  7. So..... You have have never played CV I take it?
  8. jags_domain

    Some Thoughts on the Great Hosho Nerf

    Chasd has destoryed the cv rework befor it even got started. Ichase Notser pick our CC they have done and are still doing there best to destroy things.
  9. Notser and the rest never gave it a chance they set everyone expectation that it will suck. The provacy came true and boom it sucked. They NEVER put out a positive vid. Then all the "wonderful" people piled on with cancer and you suck and all the other things. Yes because what people want to read is how terrable everything is. So yes Notser and others are responsable
  10. Notser and IChase gave us this meta. Lets remember that they made the rework stillborn. They never gave it a chance and trashed it and the players every vid. Notser put out 1 Sipan vid. He was t8 and everyone else was t6 who knows how many game it took to find that. He and many others gsve us a pointless cv that could have changed things but different.
  11. The idea there are no op ship....is insane and your statment is invalid.
  12. jags_domain

    How to quickly fix CV issues at T4

    Glad to see that cv hate is still alive and the "suggestions" just keep getting better.....I mean the same.
  13. jags_domain

    New US Premium Cruiser needs a name

    Mary Ann has to be. I would go with Betty Ruble as well. Never Whilma.
  14. Maybe its because a lot of people dont care anymore and play out of habbit and not fun. After the rework and every game filled with cussing and call in players cancer and team killing maybe people just dont care. The game is no longer relavent to many people and they play because of habbit. The "community" got what they wanted. They screemed at cv players for months and then cv players stoped playing or caring. They screamed about NTC and there doing it anyway. Thee has been endless amounts of whining and this is the consequence.
  15. Yez just appologize if he has never done that Seems like that has been every thread for almost 1 year now.