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  1. ShellMeNot

    Frustrated Des Moines player

    If you are playing a DM well, the scenario you just described is nearly impossible. All you have to do is reverse and stay bow in and keep flinging AP at them. If they are nose in, aim for the turrets. If they show a little bit of side and are close-ish, switch to HE for a salvo and aim for the torpedo tubes, then go back and check if they got baited into going broadside. It is suicidal to pick a close range fight with a dm, and if you truely "surprised" a cruiser, they would end up sub 50%, before being able to angle to you enough to where you won't get full pens/citadels. You are not playing the ship correctly. Even as a battleship if you don't oneshot a DM at close range you are likely to go sub 20% or even die in some cases because the DPM and AP are just that good. The DM is a very good brawler, but that does not mean u can use your third turret in brawls. You just out-dpm with front guns and don't pick brawls with battleships with 400+mm guns.
  2. ShellMeNot

    When both carriers using def AA near each other

    Doubt its healthy to post about your amazing feats as leftclick-cv.