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  1. Not if you have a taiho/hakuryu/essex/midway/kaga.
  2. @Pigeon_of_War Is there any chance we can get a collection for Stephen Seagal for people that missed him?
  3. Monstromarkers. It only shows the fire debuff on enemies though, which is quite helpful.
  4. Self stats and enemy stats. Its part of Aslan/Wg modpack.
  5. They probably will not have an ingame competition involving a premium ship to be used for it.
  6. When can we expect the announcement for the next one? ^^
  7. That may be correct, my personal tally was 265 citadels.
  8. I would be fine with that, as long as the fletcher sinks as soon as it fires the guns from the recoil.
  9. I have experienced this issue for the past 2-3 days now, where occasionally I will get into a random battle and my ms will range from 600-1000. It does not happen often but whichever game this happens in is basically unplayable.
  10. Well I had a lot of fun in the Fiji. Might even keep it this time around.
  11. It does not. That is also bad.
  12. What they need to do is nerf the autodrop reticle for AP bombs. It is way too tight.
  13. Fixable by giving an option to people to enable it. Those running a setup that can handle it will work with them, those that aren't won't.
  14. Is it possible to have a running total of the top 5 throughout this competition?
  15. 2% more xp gain and 3% reduced research cost are two sides of the same coin. The end result is nearly equivalent.