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  1. Frustrated Des Moines player

    If you are playing a DM well, the scenario you just described is nearly impossible. All you have to do is reverse and stay bow in and keep flinging AP at them. If they are nose in, aim for the turrets. If they show a little bit of side and are close-ish, switch to HE for a salvo and aim for the torpedo tubes, then go back and check if they got baited into going broadside. It is suicidal to pick a close range fight with a dm, and if you truely "surprised" a cruiser, they would end up sub 50%, before being able to angle to you enough to where you won't get full pens/citadels. You are not playing the ship correctly. Even as a battleship if you don't oneshot a DM at close range you are likely to go sub 20% or even die in some cases because the DPM and AP are just that good. The DM is a very good brawler, but that does not mean u can use your third turret in brawls. You just out-dpm with front guns and don't pick brawls with battleships with 400+mm guns.
  2. When both carriers using def AA near each other

    Doubt its healthy to post about your amazing feats as leftclick-cv.
  3. Account Reset?

    The problem isn't the ship. Please try to put some time into learning the destroyer class and you will do better.
  4. Why shells fly wide when ship disappears

    Target lock reduces vertical dispersion. Shooting without target lock is an acquired skill. Shooting blind is valid but you normally need some kind of position marker to aim your shot vertically, for example islands or smoke screen outlines. Target lock lasts on a ship for 4 seconds once it goes undetected so it is possible for you to get the volley off in that time and gain the benefits of guns moving relative to enemy ship speed and vertical dispersion lock. After that its as if you were aiming at the water.
  5. CS Testing

    Sigh. Testing ships in live environments is necessary both in and out of divisions. Please give it a rest. You will whine more if something overpowered goes through without proper testing.
  6. Login Issues after Update

    @radar_X Still unable to update.
  7. Proposed fixes fixes. 1. Force same-tier divisions (this also fixes the issues of fail divs). 2. MM considers all ships in a division to be of a tier that is the same as the highest tier in the div. This throws t7 CV in a match against a t8 division, which seems more than fair considering the AA ships that accompany such CV divs. 3. Block CVs from divisioning at all outright. 4. If 3 does not float your boat, restrict CV divs to only be able to go up against a divisioned CV.
  8. WG, instead of nerfing the Midway....

    Where is this coming from? All I see is whining assuming both CVs play identically. A Haku has to play around the midway's superior fighters. T9 fighters can't chase your strikes so need to distract them with bombers or torp planes or scouting aircraft before you go in for a strike. This should be obvious at a high CV skill level. Having said that, a 20 plane buff to the Haku's flight reserves mainly focused on fighters is a valid solution. Remember midway torpedo planes are t8 and the fighters are t9. Lets not give it the same number as the Haku. Another thing to change would be to make a Haku setup for 3/3/2. This would allow everything to balance itself out, and perhaps even tip the scales in the Haku's favor without the need to reduce Midway hanger size.
  9. Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    Is there a chance for WG to introduce a method of trading one permacamo for another for a reduced cost? I'd be happy paying an extra 3k for the new Hakuryu camo, but I don't intend to pay 8 for it.
  10. Fight for Texas - Top 25 Update

    Nothing here still? From any CMs?
  11. Vive la France Event

    There is a repeatable mission in Hurricane League for 5 additional boxes per 10 wins. Good luck! PS: Having said that, I was able to complete my collection with enough duplicates without buying anything.
  12. Fight for Texas - Top 25 Update

    Look, the simple fact is this: "We'll be updating leaderboards of the best recruiters weekly with charity results! " They promised weekly updates to leaderboards, I have yet to see a single one. Fix this, and maybe we understand what is going on. In all likelihood the script they are using to pull the player list is not functioning correctly.
  13. Fight for Texas - Top 25 Update

    Your recruit page gives a list of all recruits you have recruited and if they have been awarded t6 prizes.
  14. Are Corgis supposed to be in clans?

    Its not against any rule, also - cmon.. Really? 10 oil a container concerns you? Le-sigh.
  15. Fight for Texas - Top 25 Update

    It seems clear to me that something is wrong with the Top 25 list given the recruitment numbers Wargaming is posting. Could someone clarify what the requirements are and how many players these people have recruited so we have a leaderboard as was promised? @Radar_X