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  1. Fight for Texas - Top 25 Update

    Nothing here still? From any CMs?
  2. Vive la France Event

    There is a repeatable mission in Hurricane League for 5 additional boxes per 10 wins. Good luck! PS: Having said that, I was able to complete my collection with enough duplicates without buying anything.
  3. Fight for Texas - Top 25 Update

    Look, the simple fact is this: "We'll be updating leaderboards of the best recruiters weekly with charity results! " They promised weekly updates to leaderboards, I have yet to see a single one. Fix this, and maybe we understand what is going on. In all likelihood the script they are using to pull the player list is not functioning correctly.
  4. Fight for Texas - Top 25 Update

    Your recruit page gives a list of all recruits you have recruited and if they have been awarded t6 prizes.
  5. Are Corgis supposed to be in clans?

    Its not against any rule, also - cmon.. Really? 10 oil a container concerns you? Le-sigh.
  6. Fight for Texas - Top 25 Update

    It seems clear to me that something is wrong with the Top 25 list given the recruitment numbers Wargaming is posting. Could someone clarify what the requirements are and how many players these people have recruited so we have a leaderboard as was promised? @Radar_X
  7. [In Game] Gaede Hunting Monsieur

    Isnt Aigle going to be a reward for completing combat missions anyway?
  8. Clan Battles Cheaters/Manipulators

    The reward system for clan battles is static and not dependent on your league, which may be the biggest issue. Once you get your Stalingrad flag, there is no reason to play tougher matches in Typhoon when you can simply make a new clan and refarm lower leagues for free xp/commander xp/etc, with guaranteed wins. I don't see this is abuse, but a faulty design. Just as the rewards for winning games in Typhoon are improved (challenges), the XP for win/loss should also be improved incentivising playing higher leagues.
  9. All I want for Christmas is a premium CV.

    While I would like this to happen, I doubt it ever will. The comparative carrier population is low. HOWEVER, they have given a cruiser/dd in ranked so far, I am hoping they go BB/CV too. CW reward appears to be a cruiser too.
  10. Mod Policy... WG is too polite

    I am on the other end of the spectrum here. No one is keeping an official list of what mods are okay and which ones are not. The WG mod pack does not get updated frequently enough to be used without game crashes, and while it is obvious certain "mods" should not exist like torpedo line tracers or aim assist stuff, others are in an extremely gray area. The way this system sounds, it will not end up telling you which mod WG says is "illegal" that you are using. It will just give you a warning and let you figure it out, which seems absurd. Here is my suggestion: Either improve monitoring and organization of the mod forums, and update the official mod pack as frequently as Aslain does f.e, or partner with him and let him be the middle man since he already has the infrastructure, and his mod pack is updated quite frequently. Furthermore, he posted Monstromarkers will not be allowed anymore along with Detailed Damage. How are either of these mods game breaking or illegal? One lets you know which consumable your allies have active, and the other merely shows you how much damage you have done to which ship. PS: Monstromarkers is on WG's official mod pack. This is hilarious to me. @Radar_X I've been seeing you doing administrative community work lately so I am hoping these concerns will be considered if you have a look at the post.
  11. Aim for the nose, get full 4k pens, win at the game. DD noses have enough stuff to not let the shell overpen. Alternatively if the DD sails towards or away from you directly it becomes easy to pen them for full damage.
  12. ...Hey this is Notser~ Jokes aside, please don't use IFHE on battleships. Thanks. =)
  13. Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    Umm, ranked is not supposed to be a game mode designed for everybody, that is random battles. Furthermore, there are stepping stones in the ranked game mode that does not let players drop below a certain rank threshold. Also, players of all skill exist in ranked either way, there is certainly the possibility of high skill players being on both teams thus leveling the playing field.
  14. Completely viable due to its cruiser-like penetration. You play it like a german cruiser essentially.
  15. Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    I have a suggestion for ranked seasons and their rewards. Could we potentially get a tool whereby we can reset our rank during a season once we rank out, to try to regrind back up to R1 to potentially have a season double-count? This gives newer players a means to catch up and get some nice ships, especially considering the long delay between ranked seasons.