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  1. I would like to have more in-game competitions to be honest.
  2. Interesting that they mention they completed the event linked to the birthday of Warships, quoting dates and everything where the Birthday bash announcement says the event ends on the 28th. Cash grab?
  3. @SuperNikoPower Could we please have a comment on this from you folks?
  4. @Trevzor Was the update 6.11.1 not supposed to go live on Thursday? I was one achievement off completing the anniversary stuff and apparently it isn't working anymore.
  5. There are only two russian boats you pick CE on, the Ognevoi and the Grozovoi.
  6. It is actually quite hard to get arsonist in anything other than a CV.
  7. Same issue. I have no intention of playing T3/T4.
  8. TLDR: Give me the ability to shoot down planes with 100% accuracy while they can not do anything.
  9. Not if you have a taiho/hakuryu/essex/midway/kaga.
  10. @Pigeon_of_War Is there any chance we can get a collection for Stephen Seagal for people that missed him?
  11. Monstromarkers. It only shows the fire debuff on enemies though, which is quite helpful.
  12. Self stats and enemy stats. Its part of Aslan/Wg modpack.
  13. I would be fine with that, as long as the fletcher sinks as soon as it fires the guns from the recoil.
  14. I have experienced this issue for the past 2-3 days now, where occasionally I will get into a random battle and my ms will range from 600-1000. It does not happen often but whichever game this happens in is basically unplayable.
  15. It does not. That is also bad.