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  1. UnturnedLeaf

    State of the Game: It's Wargaming Fault

    as an ex-World of Tanks player and quite new to WoW, i find that WG culture is a bit frustrating and constantly remind myself that this is our game and their business. their decisions will be made in the interest of generating revenue not in quality of gameplay. perhaps their challenge is being relatively new to capitalism since they don't seem to understand how to grow revenue while pleasing their clients rather than abusing them. it is almost like they only see their options as an "either/or thing". i totally shut down opening my wallet to WG at this point. i completely ended two years of playing Tanks for numerous reasons; the primary one being that i felt the game was playing ME more than i was playing IT. the wheeled vehicles were the last straw for me. furthermore, other things convinced me that the MM and RNG are designed to purposely predetermine match outcomes in the interest of having games end more quickly. (please, no tin foil hat cliches; they're boring and not convincing). here in WoW i am limiting myself to low-tier play on Warships so far and want to learn as much about the mechanics of the game and it's gameplay before i invest any more $$. i find that as a player moves up to higher tiers is when the WG whackjob decisions seem to grow exponentially in Tanks; hopefully not so much in Warships. i am hoping that the people running Warships are more receptive to player's input than those running Tanks. i remain optimistic at this point.
  2. UnturnedLeaf

    commander smoke screen skill

    i'm full of one stupid question after another given that i'm not that tech savvy, but i don't see any You Tube channel "below". am i missing something? i've been playing more and more WoW lately and purposely limiting myself to low-tiers at this point. i want to immerse myself in the gameplay in general before i move up. the old "walk before you run" philosophy. i've been playing USA Cruisers and DD's. currently switching between the Wickes and the St. Louis. trying to learn the mechanics; that is what keys to use. how and when...how to actually ACTIVATE functions rather than just how to implement them. truly fundamental things that most "instructors" seem to assume their student knows. i have over 25K World of Tanks battles under my belt and believe i have a fair understanding of WG and the culture they live in (or under). i find myself making the same mistakes over and over here in Warships. in my Destroyers i find i am suddenly all alone and surrounded by red ships. (the definition of insanity is repeating the same mistake and expecting a different result) lol i guess this falls under the category of "be aggressive but not too aggressive". great advice but not much help since it seems this is an instinctive thing i don't seem to possess but am determined to master. thanks for posting in this thread and the offer of assistance. i am enjoying the game so far and the challenge of something new. i hope to start moving up in tiers and experimenting with other nation's and some battleships but am not in a hurry. could you help me find your You Tube channel?
  3. thank you but i still don't see what the OP means by this taking the fun out of a knife fight. seems to me that if one chooses to take the time to aim his torps in lieu of firing his guns that the fun is still there just seeing if he could make this choice pay off!
  4. UnturnedLeaf

    commander smoke screen skill

    thank you. and thanks for the tip on spending credits not doubloons on the consummable.
  5. too new at WoW to ask this perhaps, but here goes anyway. i am currently learning to play destroyers with the USS Samson and understand that it has good guns but it's torps are mediocre and only good at very very close range. if this is the case, why would a Sampson NOT use it's torpedoes in a "knife fight"?
  6. relatively new WoW player here. i understand there is a commander skill that not only improves smoke screen but adds 2 additional charges up to 5 (?). i watched a Jingles video on the USS Sampson and he mentions it but doesn't identify it i've searched all over and can't find which skill this might be. "Smoke Screen Expert" seems to increase the radius of smoke by 20% but no indication that this is the skill that adds the 2 charges. can anyone help? thank you!!
  7. UnturnedLeaf

    Torp aiming

    Neptunes Wrath. what is driving your need to shame and troll someone like this? i'm brand new to the game and come here to try and learn something new. sometimes with my own question, other times through others. seeing your attitude is a real turn off man. again, is it a small [edited] syndrome thing? it makes you feel bigger by belittling others? this is the most obvious imo. whatever it is maybe YOU should get THAT fixed before recommending solutions for others' issues.
  8. UnturnedLeaf

    Trying Again

    hello. i've tried playing WoW three times in the past few months and walked away every time a bit frustrated by my ignorance and/or inability to figure out what i see on the battle screen during battle. i'm also confused by just about everything i see in my home port. is there a pictorial guide that shows what things mean in either case? what do the red and green counters mean at the top, center of the in-battles screen? they seem to both fluctuate up and down in value. are these team and opponent battle damage counters? going UP (?) and down? what do the signal flags mean? when i hover over one it will say "I don't need help at this time" or something to that effect. what does that mean and who are you telling that you don't need help? i've looked at all the videos i can find repeatedly and they go real fast and don't seem to be explaining what confuses me. in the forum here i continue to run into areas that talk EXTENSIVELY all about modpacks. this is completely meaningless to someone who can't seem to grasp the fundamentals of the game let alone how modpacks relate to those fundamentals. i recently spent some time with another player in-game who helped with a few minor things but didn't have a mic so that presented it's own set of limitations. thank you to her again here and i haven't seen you online since when i've attempted to play again. finally, i am simply looking for an instruction type manual, or some pages that can identify all the things one sees on their screen in this game. i have played World of Tanks for about 25K battles and have a fairly good understanding of how that game works but am having difficulty applying much of that knowledge here. i uninstalled WoT for a crapton of reasons and hope this game is better but so far can't seem to get a grip on what's going on. i've played 20 or 30 Co-Op battles and can honestly say i don't get what is going on around me. i don't consider myself a total moron. until i try and figure this thing out lol
  9. UnturnedLeaf

    beginner's frustration

    thank you very much. one of the issues i have had with the tutorials or YT videos is aiming. it seems like in one the narrator says he sees that the enemy is "X" meters away and therefore needs to lead "8 seconds" and i am not seeing WHERE that information shows up. i know, i know. stupid, but a great example of how you have to know a LOT more than a scrub new player knows to even understand what they are trying to teach.
  10. UnturnedLeaf

    beginner's frustration

    now i'm getting somewhere!!! thanks sonny. :) i have read through this once and plan on doing so again a few times and hope to absorb it better. i will look for you when i log on. please feel free to hit me up if you see me playing...or trying to play lol
  11. UnturnedLeaf

    beginner's frustration

    thank you. i understand the learning curves in these games are fairly flat, meaning that yes, it takes literally thousands of matches to begin to fully (?) understand how things work. i am willing and able to put the time in to accomplish this. (i became "medically retired" a couple years ago after a series of issues including a minor stroke) i don't believe it's my lack of naval terminology causing me a problem; i think it's gamer's technology in general. it seems to be a younger person's domain and that i am not. 67 yrs old here. ex-sailboat racer for many years. also, through my World of Tanks experience fully understand the stat bullies and am able to shrug them off for the most part. my biggest problem with all of the tutorials i have watched, and the many You Tube videos i've seen, is that no matter how much information is thrown at me not much is sticking because they don't address the "hardware" right in front of me. meaning that i can't seem to match what i'm seeing on the screen with how to use my keyboard and mouse to make those things happen. not necessarily with the very basic W,S,D,A movement keys and left mouse button for firing, but how to enact the various things like radar, smoke screen implementation, ammo selection, and the like. finally, i do not understand how the crew skills terminology works. in World of Tanks these are things like 6th sense, concealment, Recon, etc. etc. thanks. i hope to log onto WoW in the course of the day and plod my way through Co-oP battles with the bots just to get used to seeing things move around. i've no interest yet in engaging in a real battle with real people because i don't want to mess up my team by blundering around the battlefield cluelessly.
  12. UnturnedLeaf

    beginner's frustration

    thank you. i will do that once i figure out how to find you when i'm in-game. i'm not even sure how to use the "contact list"? is that what it's called? i will log on later today and see what i can learn about contacts and adding someone to my friends list. Note: i am in the U.S. Central time zone. Currently Saturday Feb 16th, 2019 at 3:10 am
  13. UnturnedLeaf

    beginner's frustration

    hello, i'm back and still supremely frustrated trying to understand what is being explained. the use of terms, without explaining these terms properly causes the exercise to be futile. i quit WoW after my last attempt to understand things because it was too frustrating and not enjoyable. in WoT it took me so long to understand the game mechanics that i dug myself into a stat hole so big that by the time i understood some basics i'd relegated myself into being a tomato for all time. i'd prefer to fully understand the basics here before i go too far. the terms used in the tutorials assumes the student knows WAY more than he does; or at least than i do. sorry, i'm not stupid and in fact an english major with years of professional experience in industry. i was actually an instructor in my industry and well-respected for my ability to teach others. coming down to their level was my expertise. something i've not found at all around here. thank you to those of you who offered positive assistance and i apologize for being so hard to teach. i am hoping to find someone who can speak to me while looking at the same things and allow a verbal conversation. free beer for anyone willing to take the time for me.
  14. UnturnedLeaf

    beginner's frustration

    where did i say i had over 25K battles in World of WARSHIPS? lol if you are here to troll others, please spare me. thank you
  15. UnturnedLeaf

    beginner's frustration

    hello. brand new to WoW here. i have played less than 15 battles both in co-op and random mode. rather than just continue going through the motions and not understanding what is going on, i am hoping to get some useful instruction before wandering aimlessly any more than i have so far. for the record, i have played over 25K battles in World of Tank and i am trying to find the similarities between the two games' functions and/or battle screen info. i have searched high and low for basic... repeat.... BASIC information on how to aim. the videos i have found seem to talk over the head of someone with my level of understanding. which is quite limited. and the in-game tutorials are pretty lame from what i have seen so far. as far as third-party tutorials, on You Tube for example, the narrator goes too fast again assuming a greater level of knowledge than a complete new player would be expected to have. one even starts out by saying the in-game reticles are inadequate and recommends installing a modpack. i mean, really? lol i can't even find what button to push to set a smoke screen in the likely event that someday when i've got half of a clue i will want to try setting one. are smoke screens consummables? where are they shown? sorry for a bit of a rant but i am frustrated and find basic training info severely lacking. i've conducted training seminars and taught classes myself IRL related to my career in engineering and find it amusing that it's so difficult to find useful basic training here. thank you