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  1. greenterror2112

    The Great Turkey Shoot of 2020

    I would like to be a turkey
  2. greenterror2112

    The Big Hunt - How to Deal With TK Traitors

    Even on my own team, I won't let a Gale get next to me.
  3. greenterror2112

    Key Battles Big Hunt - Surprisingly A Lot Of Fun!

    I was paid two perm camo's and three six point captains.
  4. greenterror2112

    Research Bureau Reset, when?

    What he said^
  5. greenterror2112

    what is the trick to aim behind island

    I just eyeball it, aim a bit below the ship name, glance at the mini map to see what direction the boats pointing, give it the right lead, for direction and speed, if he's moving, and send it...let RNG do the rest.
  6. greenterror2112

    Favorite WOWS sounds

    "Enemy heavily damaged, Target penetrated, and of course...Bullseye"
  7. I don't blame you, one of my favorites. Maybe they'll run it again for others who like it too. Cheers
  8. greenterror2112

    Amalfi: How to SAP

    Fresh battleship gives good damage, once the super structure is saturated, then you won't get big damage numbers. Change targets when this happens.
  9. greenterror2112


    Best advice I have is, you need to wait just a little longer. Get a little more around him, only takes a second more, then drop. Their is a bad spot in this situation to drop torps, just wait a little longer to drop and you'll have better success. Also Compassghost is right, don't always go with the white line, make predictions, it will pay off. And don't let some, what must be highly skilled players bother you, it was a legitimate question...Cheers.
  10. greenterror2112

    right mouse button not moving from ship to ship

    I read his post, I prefer to just go right to the boat I want to see from with the space bar, you can go strait to airplanes too, if you aim your view right at them and press space bar. Besides, you have to mouse click a bunch of times to get the boat want to see, hassle, don't need it. And when you're dead in battle, bottom left of screen tells you how...spacebar.
  11. greenterror2112

    right mouse button not moving from ship to ship

    Aim view at ship you want to see from and press space bar...done. no fanning though ships anymore.
  12. greenterror2112

    Post sinking

    Ya worked
  13. greenterror2112

    So You're Transported by a Time Machine to Jan 1943

    Higgins boat on my way to shore... it's not in me to be below deck of a ship under attack by sea and air, I'd rather see it coming.
  14. greenterror2112

    Ungreateful players?

    Ya,...someone stalking my PM after a game.