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  1. greenterror2112

    5 solo cap

    I feel ya brother, every time I went for a cap someone rushed in with a bb, a cruiser, took some games, but that new camo looks great on my Bly...keep at it.
  2. greenterror2112


    I run propulsion in my second slot, 100 seconds of hydro feels plenty long...broke down motor feels longer. No one's gonna sit around and let you hammer them for that long anyway. Team use maybe, but that could go to waste, depends on, who's on your team. It's my funniest dd of all, nothing like polishing off weak cruisers with a nice cit shot.
  3. Scratch "EL" they only shoot one ammo. Even with its long reload the Genova looks like it will be a killer at tier V.
  4. greenterror2112

    Haven't Played the Game As Much Lately

    Great shooting! Off hand in that wind, Buck mark is a fine pistol. gj!
  5. greenterror2112

    Anchors Away Tour 2019: Swag and Prizes

    Th...see you there.
  6. greenterror2112

    Armory Commander Specialization

    I think he's asking, what's the specialization...what can they do or have for these dd's that other captains don't. And yes you do have to retrain these captains, if you drop them in from another ship.
  7. greenterror2112

    Anchors Away Tour 2019: Swag and Prizes

    Do you have to buy tickets before hand though eventbrite to get goodies or can you just show up, buy tickets at the ship and still get goodies and be a part of the fun.
  8. greenterror2112

    Alright... Ships Hitbox NEED to be fixed

    It was my fault, I turned in front of him.
  9. greenterror2112

    Loyang is quickly becoming one of my favorites

    Couldn't count the number of smoked up dd's who have fallen to my Loyang, Captain by 19 point Da Rong. Outstanding boat.
  10. greenterror2112

    DD Strategy at Start of Game

    Shut off AA guns, CV will over fly you...then light him up or let him go on his way, but if the plans make one little turn, letting you know, you've been spotted...start gunning.
  11. greenterror2112

    fight with us mission week 2

    Got the 1500 xp mark, now the 1600 is not registering. I don't know, any suggestions.
  12. greenterror2112

    fight with us mission week 2

    Got the 1400 xp now it's doing it again, even when I start battle with continue mission.
  13. greenterror2112

    fight with us mission week 2

    I did finish week 1, and winning with tier5 and higher, and it don't register. This week I did not leave comments on YouTube stream...that's all I can think would be the problem. I even start battle from the mission, as that has been a glitch before on other missions. Anyone else.
  14. greenterror2112

    fight with us mission week 2

    I got my mission from youtube, but when I score 1400 base xp, nothing. Week 1 all went fine. Anyone know what the problem could be.