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  1. greenterror2112

    Getting pretty tired of this.....

    Some explode, some implode. But all will try to take you with them.
  2. greenterror2112

    What annoys you the most in WoWS

    I vote Bacon or lack there of.
  3. greenterror2112

    The plight of a newly captained DD commander

    If you want to be a successful torp guy, you have to learn how not be spotted, like when to turn out so the reds don’t get a glimpse of you, it takes practice. As a DD you have to live off the mini map, drive off the mini map, a good portion of your game will be spent looking at it, in doing so what your looking for is someone who’s going somewhere, say in a cluster of red boats pick the one that’s trying to get behind an island or swinging wide, because he’s probably not gonna turn till he gets there. Also most important is use intuition on your torp drops, anticipate where guy might turn, don’t always throw on the white line your torp aiming gives you, unless you think the guy won’t turn, or as stated is going somewhere. And only double up racks on the same line if your sure he won’t turn “and he’s a full health BB” otherwise throw what will do the job and spread the rest in anticipation of the unexpected, “Predict”. And always remember, a DD’s value goes up exponentially as the game goes on, you have a responsibility to not die in the first five minutes…ever, that time will be spent spotting red capital ships for your mates, trying to not get spotted by the other teams DD, unless your in a gunboat and you think you can take him, and your teams there and his isn’t. for instance your in American or Spanish DD and your spotted, ya know it’s a IJN because you looked at the roster before the game, in that case press the attack and make the kill, especially if it’s a Kami. And always turn in on the red DD’s torps, never turn out, chop throttle if you have too. And if your really lucky your CV won’t find it necessary to fly planes at every ship you’ve got a rack out on. Do those things and you’ll have success. Straight up torp running BB’s ends at T5 or T6 unless your in the T7 or T9 Spanish yolo DD’s even then it’s dicey with all hydro equipped German BB’s about. A lot to read, but if you did consider yourself to have taken a big leap up the Bell Curve, GL Have Fun. And ya, I consider myself one of the best DD’s in the game, but you have to think like that.
  4. greenterror2112

    Queen of the Seas Chapter 2 Steal a Boat

    After clicking, steal a ship go back in and click accept mission.
  5. greenterror2112

    Z-42 Should Have Been Better

    It's just an HE farmer, no real carry potential. I got one, don't play it, no knock out punch. Runs up damage numbers up but T10 ships have repair and the team is no better off. I'd rather play to win, they must have seen it's damage numbers and thought it was a good idea to nerf it.
  6. greenterror2112


    I find it viable, I think it not only helps with the DD your knife fighting with, but also and maybe more importantly all his friends that are behind him. Low tier Spanish DD's are strong, great DD killers they hit hard, good on cruisers and BB super structures. All my Spanish DD's have +60% win rates, which I believe is a reflection of knocking red DD's out early. Cheers
  7. greenterror2112

    Stop bullying and stupid reporting.

    That’s pretty tame compared to some PM’s I used to get back in the day, I’d of gave that a TY and blown it off. And even if you’re top score you’ll get karma hits many times. But going on someone’s PM for anything other then congratulating them for a great game or Solo Warrior is something on one should do.
  8. greenterror2112

    Skip Yugumo?

    Free XP the hull, torps and maybe the guns if you want, flag up and grind the rest.
  9. greenterror2112

    Will To Win

    First one, Hanging tough for the win. Mainz, what a great boat.
  10. greenterror2112

    Non Rant , well Rant-ish I guess.

    Halland is a great boat in the new,ish sniper non aggressive play style of today’s meta.
  11. greenterror2112


    Don't know when this started but, about time DD players got a little Acknowledgement for unsung hero duties.
  12. greenterror2112

    What do you think of new Hostess

    I think so too, a hat like this? Note the chain, she reminds me of Patty
  13. greenterror2112

    Two for the price of one.

    Bought the new T10 DD and opened one more SC and got this. Good luck to others that pick up another SC, hope you win a boat.
  14. greenterror2112

    My best game to date...