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    Reading, playing video games and watching anime(yes it is an interest)....that`s really it.I guess I can write good descriptive pieces but nothing too fancy.
    I apologize to the people who expected anything more /^^/!(*The emoticon signifies me being exasperated*)

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  1. Why you like your username?

    Long transitions to the name I have today. Originally I used to put the word 'shadow' everywhere but I eventually lost interest in it. My friends pointing out the fact every time we talked about the games we played didn't really help. Not that I cared first but I suppose it acted like a catalyst. Then 3 years ago when I played a game generally considered to be boring (Goodgame Empire) I named myself Silver knight to match the medieval exposition. Shortly afterwards I started playing Tanki online and since neither Silver knight was available nor any other name I had a preference for, I just shortened it to Silver_kurn. kurn comes from corn. No idea why but corns were the first thing that came to mind and I mixed it with knight to create kurn. It`s pretty lame I know. Afterwards I felt my name was just barely decent so I just made it into kun ( I like anime, picked it up from there). Now I think it sounds cheesy though. Anyways I still think it is a good name
  2. The New Teamkill Punishment System

    I might have understood you wrong but the problem was not about me hitting the team mate. That was purely to show stack effect. I am only centered around disconnecting without hitting a team mate, not leaving a battle or purposely disabling the connection and getting a penalty still. The last one nothing can be done to monitor.
  3. Asashio?

    Russian destroyer committed genocide?
  4. Caption the profile image above you.

    An angle dressed for the season`s festivities waiting for a gift from Santa.
  5. Caption the profile image above you.

    Commander awaiting your orders!
  6. The New Teamkill Punishment System

    @CriMiNaL__ Pink is pretty actually. It did sink in if that is of any importance. The repercussions or guilt of killing a team mate is not pretty though. +1 from me for no plausible reason, maybe nice text.
  7. The New Teamkill Punishment System

    I am sure about that. My windows update messes with quite some things on my computer but as far as connection settings go it is just the occasional no connections found or default gateway closed errors. During these disconnects I was listening to music on YouTube without interruption and could access the internet during disconnects. No other settings seem to be altered.
  8. The New Teamkill Punishment System

    Thank you for the advice. I tried it already with no result but I will do it again.
  9. The New Teamkill Punishment System

    Oh, but I do care. I am only playing Co-op now. Your viewpoint is fair enough. I am totally fine with the penalty if I lose the connection in my end, but if it is a server ping error then it troubles me a tad bit. Some people were using ping plotter to see why there were server kick outs. Most of them possessed perfect connections, high-end or at least decent hardware and no viruses.
  10. The New Teamkill Punishment System

    It isn`t. That is the whole point. 1) There is no need to get riled up. 2) Maybe you should think about the text after you read it, just a suggestion.
  11. Dunkirk...

    I am sure they will have another opportunity. I got two containers this week for missions I believe. I guess it will take a while though.
  12. The New Teamkill Punishment System

    I would say It is about two to three years old now. Now that you have pointed it out, I might as well get it checked. Many thanks.
  13. The New Teamkill Punishment System

    First statement I have no qualms with. In some battles It is a near end disconnect was all I mentioned, so a penalty is due. The second statement I didn`t understand. As per my understanding you must have switched off your internet connection, that is a way to bypass the system but by choosing to quit or leave a battle I don`t believe you can join again. I don`t want the system to be overturned. The previous Team kill system is just fine and this is too, was just pointing out a drawback in a special case.
  14. The New Teamkill Punishment System

    I thought about that, a clean reinstall and game integrity check didn`t work. I will try it again anyways but I saw threads with other people talking about ping errors and such sorts. I am playing only co-op currently to at least not ruin random games of people.