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  1. Yeah, I get what you mean.
  2. I would say play Germans for speed, they are generally faster and have armour. You just need to get used to the gun systems.
  3. It is worth the Grind, Iowa is an amazing ship and NC too.
  4. You will get doubloons for ships you already have but I see why you don't want to buy one of those bundles.
  5. I see. Thanks for telling me.
  6. He believes it is because of the speed of tier VII and below.
  7. Well they did introduce Seagal as a special commander with special abilities and bonuses but if every commander was made like that it would be unfair.
  8. 54% actually. You're right it is a good deal, but how many people would be willing to part with so much money at once?
  9. You could say that.
  10. Can't disagree to that.
  11. It's called being "Historically Accurate" Besides the NC and Iowa are in themselves a reward I feel.
  12. I wasn't even aware it existed until a month ago :p
  13. I guess it is as if you say so but an I am not really completely aware of it and what @Goose21891 & @pewpewpew42 mentioned is true.
  14. Iowa is one of the favourite Battleships in game, and It is truly amazing, Montana also has the highest damaging broadside though it's not as attractive anymore compared to other nations for some.