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    Reading, playing video games and watching anime(yes it is an interest)....that`s really it.I guess I can write good descriptive pieces but nothing too fancy.
    I apologize to the people who expected anything more /^^/!(*The emoticon signifies me being exasperated*)

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  1. Lag - Delay in Turning/Firing

    @Velled I think you quoted me by mistake probably lol.
  2. Holy Cow, it finally happened!

    They were not working for me earlier now they do. Must be something at my end then....
  3. looking for tips

    @xKSNx Thank you for the advice, I will keep that in mind. The free retrain would be especially useful.
  4. Holy Cow, it finally happened!

    Nice! the new links are working for me now.
  5. Anime and Warships?

    That is true and I didn`t mean to center it around me too :P. It has been a great influence.
  6. Holy Cow, it finally happened!

    Congratulations Tornado! Hope you enjoy playing the ship you received. I clicked on both Links but they lead to 'Page not found' so you might want to check that if you intended to share images of your ship.
  7. Anime and Warships?

    Looking at the hyperlink names in the "footer" of the post I would assume it is about how to make CVs better mainly and what additions would be nice.
  8. Anime and Warships?

    I have an unclear idea of what made me like naval warfare but it was certainly not Kantai collection, Arpeggio of blue steel must have been a bonus but that is not what got me into naval combat. WW2 not either, I can`t remember how I truly got into naval combat. I got more interested in WW2 history after playing WoWs. Before I just had a limited knowledge. I think I just felt WoWs was a very good game by looking at some videos and the ARP crossover convinced me to get the game. I can bet my affinity probably first began when I played Assasins Creed: Black flag. I loved the open world environment and more so the naval combat in the game, then I guess I played other games of similar naval genres till I found a mobile game probably which got me into modern warships and then I found WoWs.
  9. Anime and Warships?

    Ah, I did not realize you changed your location, It is hilarious though.
  10. Anime and Warships?

    Thought so. Btw nice profile pic. I beleive you change it recently. Forgive me if i am wrong.
  11. Anime and Warships?

    Spot on. This too..
  12. Anime and Warships?

    Are you talking about the nibbling hand girl or the mom of masamune? I was talking about the nibbling hand girl lol. I have watched Masamune kun no revenge.
  13. Anime and Warships?

    Lol, I just made an assumption. I don`t know her age but my anime sense tells me she is a child. We can assume safely though that the producers are just covering the fact that she actually is an adult, no sweat! Just ignore my anime sense.
  14. Anime and Warships?

    Ho Ho noooo... That young lady there is not the age she looks like, that`s just a blatant lie. She is actually atleast 26 years old. I have no clue actually how old she is. Yes, she is a mom! Anime logic FTW no? Well, I don`t think that helped with imagery at all though. Ha..
  15. Anime and Warships?

    Well.. It looks good and like @SireneRacker I don`t want to put my actual picture, a ship or a poster instead. My friends used to watch a lot of anime but they watch it much less often now and they say I am a Hardcore fan for anime :P. Its just nice to have it as a profile pic :P, other people may have differing opinions but this is how I look at it. Lol, that is true, I chose an image based on my profile name in the first place, no colours currently due to a trend that began. Could not handle the bust part, Sorry! Yeah, its a nice one too.