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  1. Firing is not always the best call, the same applies to firing all your guns every time. The longer you float, you remain a threat. Sometimes retreating and regrouping is better. Don`t be very conservative of your health but don`t let it bleed away too. Captain: Thea
  2. Silver_kun


    I just got the Zao yesterday and am loving the ship. Any advice/ captain builds would be greatly appreciated! I am also confused whether I should take hydro or DFAA, I don`t want to spend 3 points on vigilance while using DFAA. Also, I Intend to get Yamato(And then would like to shift Isoroku) and wanted to know if Zao will feel less powerful without Isoroku?
  3. Silver_kun

    What if; Leyte Gulf - 14th - 21st

    I would like a Yūdachi.
  4. Silver_kun


    Just got my Tier 6 premium container and got the Perth. Any advice on how I should set up the commander/play her would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Silver_kun

    Who have you seen in game

    Just met @Chobittsu Nice to meet you in game!
  6. Silver_kun

    Who have you seen in game

    Just saw @pikohan Well played, you dodged really well.
  7. Silver_kun

    Who have you seen in game

    Just saw @Dr_Citadel and @vonKaiser.
  8. Silver_kun

    Today, 80 years ago...

    Thank you, learnt a bit of very important history today. I do know a person who witnessed the second world war, albeit the end, and his experiences-as you said-are truly unique.
  9. I can`t decide which Russian line to go down first, Khaba or Grozovoi. Which one should I take? I don`t want a pure gunboat first but also don`t know if Grozovoi is competitive at the moment. I am currently on the Minsk.
  10. I remember these advertisements lol. I second this. Call it the Snickers section.
  11. Silver_kun

    Who have you seen in game

    Also, Well played!
  12. Silver_kun

    Who have you seen in game

    Just met @Lord_Zath Tried sinking him but failed :P.
  13. Silver_kun

    ST, Birthday

    Nice, excited for the anniversary.
  14. Silver_kun

    Forum Game - Word Association