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    In a certain sense it depends on your location, so I will leave it to your Imagination.
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    Reading, playing video games and watching anime(yes it is an interest)....that`s really it.I guess I can write good descriptive pieces but nothing too fancy.
    I apologize to the people who expected anything more /^^/!(*The emoticon signifies me being exasperated*)

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  1. Silver_kun

    Why you like your username?

    Long transitions to the name I have today. Originally I used to put the word 'shadow' everywhere but I eventually lost interest in it. My friends pointing out the fact every time we talked about the games we played didn't really help. Not that I cared first but I suppose it acted like a catalyst. Then 3 years ago when I played a game generally considered to be boring (Goodgame Empire) I named myself Silver knight to match the medieval exposition. Shortly afterwards I started playing Tanki online and since neither Silver knight was available nor any other name I had a preference for, I just shortened it to Silver_kurn. kurn comes from corn. No idea why but corns were the first thing that came to mind and I mixed it with knight to create kurn. It`s pretty lame I know. Afterwards I felt my name was just barely decent so I just made it into kun ( I like anime, picked it up from there). Now I think it sounds cheesy though. Anyways I still think it is a good name
  2. Silver_kun

    The New Teamkill Punishment System

    I might have understood you wrong but the problem was not about me hitting the team mate. That was purely to show stack effect. I am only centered around disconnecting without hitting a team mate, not leaving a battle or purposely disabling the connection and getting a penalty still. The last one nothing can be done to monitor.
  3. Silver_kun


    Russian destroyer committed genocide?
  4. Silver_kun

    Caption the profile image above you.

    An angle dressed for the season`s festivities waiting for a gift from Santa.
  5. Silver_kun

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Commander awaiting your orders!
  6. Silver_kun

    The New Teamkill Punishment System

    @CriMiNaL__ Pink is pretty actually. It did sink in if that is of any importance. The repercussions or guilt of killing a team mate is not pretty though. +1 from me for no plausible reason, maybe nice text.
  7. Nice, you coloured it!

    Looks great but the black and white trend may die soon.:Smile_sad:

  8. Silver_kun

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Intellectual ship bridge of the 90s.
  9. Silver_kun

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Even a spy enjoys reading comics.
  10. Silver_kun

    Caption the profile image above you.

    The new trend is to lose colours.
  11. Silver_kun

    Caption the profile image above you.

    When I citadel a KM BB.
  12. Silver_kun

    The music thread

    The greatest song to ever exist. Not even kidding... If you listen to this while playing wows I guarantee you shall get a glorious 100% overextending tendency along with extreme torpedo dodging abilities and will dodge incoming shells with insane maneuvers. Potential drop in WR or Detonations aren`t protected by this scheme.
  13. Silver_kun

    The music thread

    Guess this dosen`t really count but Citadel Core I believe.
  14. Silver_kun

    The music thread

    Will definitely keep that in mind and will add this video to a new dedicated playlist.