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  1. Shiv, I am not criticising you in any way. Chat is essential, so do not kill it. Team play is kinda rare, in the true sense. I play for enjoyment and, yes, dare I say it FUN! Sure my stats say some thing like 74% victories (I am NOT a stats player), but that is because I believe in taking the fight to the enemy. I get sunk more than I survive, stats say 0.8 kill rate ships per game. Actually it is nearer 1.8. But I get sunk. The 'victories' thing is only because if one is prepared to fight other will too and then the TEAM gets the victories 'thing' and I benefit because of them. The vast majority of player in WoWs are 'good people' (Wait for it! My Hamsters are..). Just enjoy yourselves and IGNORE...
  2. Seconded.
  3. Shivanbill, words can only hurt you if you let them. The fact that you are reacting to words probably only makes the 'offender' feel better/stronger. Ignore. Where the other player may be trying to help you, then listen (read) and make your call. Play the game for the team to the best of your ability. If you wanna use HE use it, same same for AP. There are some real good video's out there bud, Notser is personal favorite. Best is to watch the ones where YOU feel you need to improve and take what you need from it. Good Luck, Good Hunting and Fair Seas.
  4. Plain disgusted.
  5. I can only paraphrase Winston Churchill; 'Rules (in this case stats) are made for the guidance of the wise and obeyance by fools'. Just because others use cheats, don't let it get to you. At the end of the day, they are only cheating themselves. Watch Notser. He is the best.
  6. I did not think it was a snark or being rude, figured you did not pick up the 'subliminal' (if that is the word) humor. As stated I fully agree with your original comment (and most of the others you post). Have a good one and keep your comments coming.
  7. I fully agree with you KC, it is one of the reasons I pretty much only play coop (also I am at the end of a 27hop and it is almost impossible to play PvP, no fault of WG). Gotta be honest tho', I took P,cat's reply as a tongue in cheek kind of humor.
  8. Possibly the TK status. In one game about 1hour back, I spent my time avoiding collisions and torps from allies. The two p[layers concerned were 'kill crazy'. Game 15mins back, I am getting malleted from four reds. I fire torps and turn to run away. Two hang back ships working together sail into them just about the end of their run. So they try to sink me. I deliberately torped one and sunk him. It used to be that torps fired after 5+ seconds and hit friendlies, then pretty much their lack of sit. awareness. I usually get friendly torped in about 1/5 games. It happens. It is usually my fault that I get hit due to the battle. Can WG make something like a 5 second rule. You sail into allied torps 5 seconds after they are launched then it is your fault.
  9. Very possible. obama was good at giving America away. Now he's gone, less freebees? LOL
  10. Have been playing on average Ping 250, which hits 800 drops to-35 and gong (dsiconn). Never been good since mid November, forum full of complaints. To WG's credit they have kinda solved some problems. WG needs to jack-up their servers. On average I get gonged 7/10 and always slow-mo game. Using top of range desktop but have 27 hops to my present loc. Conservatively, I have lost/been killed 800 times as a result (No problem asa I do NOT play stats). Frustrating tho'!
  11. I am open to correction, but did not McNamara believe in stats in the mid 1960's thru early '70's?
  12. It is military speak. I like your sense of humor, but man, don't be so proud of 'kills'.
  13. Seconded. It is like stating 'Weekend' Farmers contribute zero to the economy.
  14. Kilo Mike Alpha. Put in a NATO 9 Liner for a Dust Off.
  15. Yes, but I have played 12/14 games today since last W10 update with no problem. My PC is custom built for gaming. Only 3 months old.