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  1. Gruntdog_3

    Let's help WG - Tell them what we actually want

    G'day Adm. Thunder, Fully agree with your comments. I also find the comments implying that coop is freeloading ridiculous. It would also be good to make it only possible to play in binoc for say 10seconds at a time before it reverts back to 'normal' vision and has to be clicked again for binoc. Tnx Adm. et al.
  2. Gruntdog_3

    Thoughts on the new Raptor Rescue

  3. Gruntdog_3

    Update 0.8.5. Feedback and Performance

    All the time you have players who cannot play out of binocular vision you are going to have players who whine about CV's. Give the CV's at least a fighting chance. Buff them back to early 2018 even better.
  4. Gruntdog_3

    CV Balance- Next Steps

    If players cannot walk and chew gum (by that I mean fight other ship and aircraft) at the same time then they need to stick below T5. Poorly tested CV rework is pretty much the norm with WG> Keeps the one dimension kids happy. All members of my clan want to buy 'Red' ships. Bots can torp you after they have been sunk, have torps that pull almost U-turns, have shells from all tiers, but particularly DD's, that set non Reds on fire with one shell. Red DD's can take full HE broadside from any ship and have little to no damage, can fire after they have sunk, can twist and turn on a dime, no penalties for 'unsporting' behaviour or TK'ing etc., So WG, how about selling Reds' and then we will all have equal ships and you do not have to (nor the players) do a rework. Make the CV's competitive again.
  5. Gruntdog_3

    PSA: Naval Training Center Update

    Well stated LoveBote. Hopefully other players will realize all the 'gray area' implications.
  6. I have been in four or five games where a player (not the same person every time) calls for a report against the CV for no reason. On a personal level, I do not (cannot) play CV's, but as a result of the ridiculous 'hate' for CV's I always give them good 'karma' (unless they really are bad), even if the CV play is mediocre. CV's have been so nerfed, that they are beyond weak. How would the BB, for example, drivers feel if their fire power was reduced by 50%?
  7. Gruntdog_3

    reduce the planes per squadron..

    What about BB's armed only with M1 Garand rifles. lol.
  8. Gruntdog_3

    reduce the planes per squadron..

    The best way to cut down is to reduce the number of incompetents' who cannot play in more than one dimension, who constantly need a diaper change regarding CV's, from wasting forum space It seems pretty obvious that the babies who cry about CV's all the time are poor players. Next, buff the CV's back to their original state and make the game better. Before you ask, no I am not a good player; yes I get sunk by CV's (or used to), but instead of whining, I enjoy the challenge. Yes I play only co-op and ops, but that is because of poor ISP (no choice) and to play random would be unfair to the team, as the chance of 'pinging out' is 99%.
  9. Gruntdog_3

    Ping Issue

    One of the, if not, THE main reason I do not play random is because my ping goes thru' the heavens, causes freeze lag, gongs me out, gives penalties for unsporting behaviour. Since the last update, I get bad ping in about 1in 3 co-op games. Good luck on trying to get (a) an answer and (b) a fix.
  10. For the last week every first or second shot that hits any of the KMS ships I play sets them on fire. The type of ship firing the shell is of not consequence, be it a DD, CA/CL or BB. Why can you people not just leave the ships alone.
  11. Gruntdog_3

    Monaghan was nerfed 2 guns with 9.2km torps

    Get well soon LWM.
  12. Gruntdog_3

    Stealth Nerf on the Hindenburg?

    I am inclined to agree. The one thing that is very noticeable to me is that the Hindy catches fire on first round hits whether from DD's or other ships. Having stated that, I have been getting intermittent bad lag and ping since last update. In one case the ping varied from -35 to +2235. I also have all the T10 KMS and am reluctant to quit on them, particularly as I like the 'brawling' style of play.
  13. Gruntdog_3

    It's hard to take CV feedback to the devs when...

    Nor does it include me.