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  1. G'day KizarV. Discord. Even my hamster can use it.
  2. As stated by S/dawg, your choice of descriptive word was 'poor' (Lousy would be better). The origin of the word (Old English, some French and Greek Latin) means 'To seize, take or carry off by force'. or did you mean: Femm is so good with a CV that said lady was killing your ship by dropping Brassica napus mustard (family) (known as [edited]) plants on your ship? It was a bad choice of word.
  3. New T6 German BB on WOWS Dev Blog

    Yo Chaos. I also like it. The sooner the better Buddy.
  4. T'Rus, no, I have NEVER embarrassed myself once in my life. Really! But, maybe, 10000000001 times, yes.
  5. My Claim of Naval Service

    Same Same Buddy.
  6. My Claim of Naval Service

    OK, I did reptile biology minus 101. It seems that crocs could not read, so they ignored the sign saying 'Do Not Cross The Namib Desert btwn 14.00 and 1600. At this time the Elephants do parachute jumps". Well the dawgs ignored and became 'Flat'. Maybe there were some 'gators in there?
  7. My Claim of Naval Service

    Dang it Chaos, I thought you were a Crocodile! Time for me to go back to Reptile Biology minus101!!! (In the part of the world where I am, crocs are referred to as 'Flatdogs').
  8. My Claim of Naval Service

    Yo Chaos, getting there Buddy, just getting there! One of those times when one goes into the 'Dark Lands'. Really appreciate your assist on this one Buddy, hell, first time I had to get help from a 'swabby'. Will get back into the game, hopefully, tomorrow. It was a rough ride. Happens. There it is! GD_3
  9. My Claim of Naval Service

    Yo Chaos, just tell those doubters to 'Didi mau len, most ricky tik'. I am replying to this in forums, instead of perscomms.. Semper fi AND Abn all the way.
  10. CV Rework-- What do YOU want?

    NO. The problem is a lot of players CANNOT get stats unless they play in blinker mode. If you play in blinker mode, you cannot fight CV's, nor can you avoid ramming and shooting each other. You have very little 'perception' outside of your 'goggles'. Would like more CV's in battle and for them to be given an equal chance. I am a CA main player.
  11. I AM OUTRAGED!!!

    Fair comment. Gotta be honest, I also prefer Co-op because of the speed and (often misdirected) aggression of the bots. I did interpret your comment as being anti pink players. I have not been 'pinked' yet because of discons of lag, but it will happen. I am no fan of the 'punishment' system as it is now. You get a +1.
  12. I AM OUTRAGED!!!

    Unusual acerbic comment from you 3006. I do not play random because I am on contract in a third world south branch long drop country, with poor ISP, But if I wanted to get rid of what you call 'Pink Stink', I would play Randoms.. Your comment surprises me as most of you comments are valid.
  13. I AM OUTRAGED!!!

    Lert is definitely NOT a Troll. Long Long ago, and far far away There was a war where they had White teams and Red Teams, when they combined they became a Pink team. It was, and is, something to be proud of. I emphasize I was NEVER a part of such teams, but they were GOOD.
  14. Game is Overheating my Graphics Card

    Try downloading the Intel Extreme Utility, set for (as a start) 20min stress test. I will tell you your fan speeds/temps etc.,
  15. Scharnhorst vs Warspite

    If you like brawling, go KMS.