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  1. The most humiliating way to die...

    Love Is: A lost Island!!!
  2. The most humiliating way to die...

    Same Same. And once you get in their clutches, the islands are soooo lonely it is hard to break free.
  3. Is there an appeal process for unsporting conduct?

    Great advice, I get shot at by 'friendlies' about one game in ten, for reasons I do not understand. Maybe because I am an aggressive player and always TRY to get in first with the new TK/AFK rules, as I get discon and bad ping fairly often, so I can at least take one Red with me (before turning pink). Just take Taylor3006 advice and kite if necessary.
  4. **cked Up Beyond All Recognition.
  5. On I seem to be... If I hadn't, I would have been in the 'Ship'. On what??!... In my best Anglicized Russian, "Ruki Werch, Ruki werch, Voina Pleny/plenny. I figure 'Hands Up' does not apply to ships (With hindsight). On No problem... I got fed up talking 'ship' with Comrade Stalinium. Would talk and shoot at me at the same time!! LoL. GD_3
  6. I never knew that there was a statue of what politicians are really like!
  7. Have seen torpedo's appear from island once and from out of the ocean once. No ships, aircraft in VCO. Got called a liar in a semi polite fashion.
  8. Customer Support

    I have had comms with support maybe 8 times. Six of those eight the support folks were great. The other two, were mediocre, at worst.
  9. The Seventh Carrier

    Big Thank You. I just gotta get the book.
  10. A Shout Out to all of my WoWs Friends

    Yo Chaos, Well, an early HAPPY BIRTHDAY, many more Buddy (even if you are a 'Swabbie'!). On age I can only quote Churchill: "A woman is as old as she looks; a man is as old as he feels; and a boy is as old as he is treated". I fall in the latter category, and decline to mention Bessie Smith, Howlin' Wolf etc., In reality The Doors are my time, and (Aussie quote) 'A creaking door swings longest'! GD_3
  11. Offensive words ?? How do I know??

    I copy that Buddy, and have a lot of respect for your input/comments. I do use the word 'Jap', because I think IJN is more fitting for this game, same for USN and RN.
  12. Offensive words ?? How do I know??

    Yo' Chaos, as I stated in a previous post, to me the word "Jap' is nothing more than an abbreviation on the same line as 'Brit', 'Aussie', Yankee etc., Or even 'Grunt'. 'Chaos', well that is a Beep word!!