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  1. Figure the players who do the above fall into the second definition of expert: "Expert#2; A drip under pressure". lol.
  2. Good comment SteelRain. Will try randoms in that time slot.The kak that players throw out is just annoying and, in my opinion, childish. I hope it is not the usual hide away game tho'. Thanks.
  3. Agreed, the art is great. Land Ho is pers. #1.
  4. Gruntdog_3

    torpedoes from a dead ship?

    You have no clue what your saying. PvE Bots DO launch torps, fire guns, AFTER being sunk. And frequently after more than 10 seconds. Para#2. Yup, and re part "Have You People.....". Have YOU? Para#3. '...so many bad...", figure that's your reflection looking back at you. Don't try to think for my hamster; He fully believes there were witches in Salem!
  5. Gruntdog_3

    My coal! My credits! All are gone!

    Your Halsey has great location sense. WDM, IA>Yaay!
  6. Gruntdog_3

    Viking boat in fjords port.

    Yup, I gotta give WG an up on that.
  7. Gruntdog_3

    torpedoes from a dead ship?

    Yup, a lot of players (and yes, I can prove that). It has been happening for a long time. They can also get off a very accurate salvo or a couple of hard hitting (often) fire starting shots whilst turning turtle.
  8. Then why do you play it so much Troll?
  9. Gruntdog_3

    Why does MM inject CV's into Co-op games?

    Figured same same neptunes.
  10. I read Adm. Thunder's comment on this, in which he stated it was an 'Untruth'. Where I come from it is called a flat out lie.
  11. Gruntdog_3

    Ship you dreaded seeing on your team in Ranked

    Agreed, all round NNOO type. Lol buddy.
  12. Gruntdog_3

    Disparaging name?

    Oz humor is up there with the best. Ask Mick, me mate the master .... Kevin Wilson is the best, he uses old fashioned cuss words, not new ones, like 'Inappropriate', political correctness etc.,
  13. Gruntdog_3

    EU DD Week 2 Mission code

  14. How about nerfing whining DD players?
  15. I f I have no hair, is my hamster crazy? lol Lady.