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  1. Gruntdog_3


    Maybe English is not the players language. The player did his or her best to get the point across. Think about it.
  2. Gruntdog_3

    Mutsu sinking.

    Glad to be of assist. It is an interesting subject. One of the most impressive things (to me) was the way the photo's give perspective to the size of the guns and other equipment.
  3. Gruntdog_3

    Mutsu sinking.

    Yo Haze, hope this works https://youtu.be/RFvhMJ-LDZU
  4. Gruntdog_3

    Mutsu sinking.

    Interesting history and great photographs of IJN ships.
  5. Gruntdog_3

    Unsporting behavior?

    Yo Steel, agreed on age. Just an interesting old photograph.
  6. Gruntdog_3

    Unsporting behavior?

    Getting 'Pink'? lol. This is not s screen shot, but a 'real' photo'. Either the drivers are real good or...
  7. The Vivaldi loaded with sea mines.. Just an interesting photograph.
  8. Gruntdog_3

    Interceptors and you.

    If I Reddit right.....
  9. Gruntdog_3

    Private Stats Really Tick Off The Elitists

    Agreed. It should read 87.65,003%.
  10. Gruntdog_3

    Cookie consent banner??

    Get rid of it and use Brave browser. DuckDuckGo is a much better search engine than google.. neither tracks or keeps cookies..
  11. Agreed, no coal ships worth buying at present.
  12. Gruntdog_3

    Sorry, I can't get mad at WG

    Yo Khafni, pretty much the same here. I still play, but around 80% less time spent in game.
  13. Gruntdog_3

    should just play more games like us

    I read the comment as a 'Flat Earth' WoWs' map, where campers can fall of the edge of the map, and fall into 'Here, there be Dragons', (a fairly common notation on old maps, where OTH was a frightening unknown).
  14. Agreed. From a CA main..
  15. Yo A-Trounce.. As attached....just ignore their ignorance and self masochism.