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  1. Gruntdog_3

    Server down?

  2. Gruntdog_3


    My bad. Tnx for pointing this out.
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  4. Gruntdog_3

    What's wrong with Co-Op nowadays

    Fully agree with you. I am a CA main. 4DD's is one too many in co-op, especially when the DD drivers do not scout but loiter around the CA's/BB's, and only attack after said CA/BB has damaged the Red ship. Frequently, this involves deliberately getting btwn me and the target. WoW's needs to bring back the Team Kill penalties, and no more than Three (3) DD's a game. It is fairly easy to counter DD's in a CA, not so in a BB.
  5. The narrative is in German, worth watching.
  6. Gruntdog_3

    Trouble with Mod Station

    I reinstalled using your tag (above), this time it worked. Tnx.
  7. Unable to access wows mods since early download, & installation of same. Have tried all the suggestions shown on mod station, no luck.
  8. Gruntdog_3

    Update 0.11.4 - Bug Reports

    There seems to be a bug that does not allow one to reverse, unstick by any means, off an island. One time unable to unstick after a slow, simple collision, another time (same kind of collision), came unstuck after 4/5 minutes. Have seen two other players same same problem, & read of one on a Bismarck getting stuck in a clan battle.
  9. Gruntdog_3

    [Results] Easter Egg Hunt

    As my game name implies, I am a former 'Dumb Gruntdog', who can lift heavy weights, but cannot think. lol.
  10. Gruntdog_3

    [Results] Easter Egg Hunt

    Yup. I have 350+ eggs, no way of knowing HOW to use/exchange/whatever.
  11. Gruntdog_3

    Game load times

    And here.