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  1. Gruntdog_3

    What was your favorite cruiser line to grind?

  2. Gruntdog_3

    Login keeps requiring password?

    Same problem here for last two weeks.
  3. Gruntdog_3

    First 19 point Captain

    You Got It Buddy. There It Is! Congrats.
  4. Gruntdog_3

    Co-op needs major surgery - but how?

    Agreed. Yes the CV's can be a pain if they are the only two vehicles left in game, but overall, they make the game better. Good to see you again Chaos, I thought you had jumped ship and joined the Army.
  5. Gruntdog_3

    Moment of Silence

    I have to agree. If one cannot keep an emotional distance, objectivity goes North and one's ability to function normally is lost.
  6. Gruntdog_3

    Should CVs be banned from Ranked?

    Seconded with steroids.
  7. Gruntdog_3

    Discord or Teamspeak? for a casual clan

    G'day KizarV. Discord. Even my hamster can use it.
  8. As stated by S/dawg, your choice of descriptive word was 'poor' (Lousy would be better). The origin of the word (Old English, some French and Greek Latin) means 'To seize, take or carry off by force'. or did you mean: Femm is so good with a CV that said lady was killing your ship by dropping Brassica napus mustard (family) (known as [edited]) plants on your ship? It was a bad choice of word.
  9. Gruntdog_3

    New T6 German BB on WOWS Dev Blog

    Yo Chaos. I also like it. The sooner the better Buddy.
  10. Gruntdog_3

    Horrible Game Play Causing Massive Headaches.

    T'Rus, no, I have NEVER embarrassed myself once in my life. Really! But, maybe, 10000000001 times, yes.
  11. Gruntdog_3

    Update 0.7.1 - Bug Reporting

    Around mid Feb, I was 'camera flighting' a Red CV. Two Red torps appeared outta the water and hit it. NO other ships left in game other than a green CV, no a/c vco. Today, I got sunk by Red NC, by two red torps. Have to admit I found it funny, but pretty baffling. I cannot state a particular update, but has WG put non- discriminatory subs in game? (Sarcasm). And yes my clan asked me what I had been smokin'! The only three ships in this area were myself driving PE, Fuso and NC. No residual torps.