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  1. Good Christ I wish I was dead

    I do not know you from a bar of soap. Don't even think about it Buddy. I have terminal cancer, since last year, I am still OCONUS (I have, according to the 'experts' two years left, bearing in mind an 'ex/spurt' is merely a drip under pressure). I/We, meaning my Buddies and myself joke about the fact that I had to have my 'Nuts' naped and snaked otherwise I would die. The cancer has not gone, yeah sure it is painful at times (like REAL ouch). But I can still play (limited) WoW's. DO NOT give up. Pse live with it and laugh at it. PLEASE!. BD
  2. I have another delimma

    Tirpitz!! Happy Birthday. Have a good one.
  3. Crap! Having listened to players on audible comms. And yes I have all the equipment for that. It is not unreasonable to make a rule that if you are playing WOWS you MUST not stay in tunnel vision mode. Think about it.
  4. How is this remotely fair?

    I gotta answer this 'honestly' to both comments. Camel to the left, Marlboro to the right, (song) stuck in the middle with you (Reds), Snarg, song pse.
  5. How is this remotely fair?

    Naah. I been in lots of battles whilst smoking a Marlboro. Didn't help.
  6. Agreed. I am a CH main. Learn them and beat them. The RN cruisers with their 'belt fed' guns are more difficult.
  7. Thanks, but you wanna see his brother, he turns that big wheel thing in London.
  8. My hamster knows everything about nothing and nothing about everything.
  9. Valid points. Or maybe you are playing Zao, Hindenburg or any similar T9/10 of any class which are ordinance magnets.
  10. Make that two of us. Great having CV's in Coop. But I have to agree with Taichunger that they do not belong (as bots) in Random.
  11. The Toxicity recently?

    How True! And if the y don't Cit you, they knock out your engine or steering gear first volley. Pretty please WG, can I have those botty buffs!
  12. Best Allied CA for new OP?

    Yorck. Agile, can have good AA specs, has good torps, fire power not too shabby either.
  13. Torpedo Hit Ratio

    A good and valid point.