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  1. think part of yorktowns problem being in game is she used to be the T8? techline enterprise has a massive reputation in a lot of media, not least cause of her enduring name in star trek, but the real world ships, including a space shuttle and had the reputation of simply not dying hornet did the doolittle raid a major morale booster to america as a whole and possibly a key motivator for several japanese raids occuring faster than they otherwise might leading to their failure what did yorktown do that would make her functionally different to her sisters? which hronet having slightly weaker AA guns and carpet bombers and enterprise, having a massive wing of fighters and AP dive bombers
  2. raxsavvage

    World of Warships Proposal: U.S.S Hornet

    yeah makes sense to rax mine was just a stab at the air wings involved and ship speed and yeah a campaign for the commander similar to the european commander to get doolittle otherwise i'd expect a higher price point for both the ship AND captain but yeah the only difference i'd argue is the B25B's had 2000 lbs (at least i beleive thats what they got) and at 250lbs game balance munition sizing 8 bombs per plane which for a T8 is quite normal compared with implacables bombing runs also improved aircraft armour skill is 11.5% , pretty sure wargaming keeps improved skillsets the same across the board it exists on the british unique commander Andrew Cunningham otherwise think we're basically in total agreement although having no torps like indomitable wont be popular at all, large reason no one uses her, litterally been in games where people explain that because she doesn't have torps shes no real threat to armoured cruisers, large turret protecting surface area cruisers and battleships but thats indomitables issue
  3. CV7 Wasp T6 Rocket planes , fighter planes - F4F WildCat 3 planes in attack flight 9 in squadron 14 on deck Dive Bomber - SBD Dauntless 2 planes in attack flight 6 in squadron 10 on deck Torpedo Bombers TBF Avenger 2 planes in attack flight 6 in squadron 10 on deck Speed 29.5 knots slightly Better but less planes CV8 Hornet T8 Rocket Planes , Fighters F6F 3 attack flight 12 per squadron 18 on deck Carpet Bombers B25-B 8 bombs per plane 3 planes in attack flight 6 in squadron 9 on deck Torpedo Bombers TBF Avenger 3 attack flight 9 in squadron 14 on deck speed 32.5 Mixin it up the info here is based on a rough (tired) guess, current in game flight sizes and bit of attempt of balancing and what started out about 3 hours ago arguing about wasp or hornet being on doolittle raid and deciding to cover both :)
  4. raxsavvage

    Columbian variant of the Haland

    anyone know if its gonna be a thing or not? would fall under the pan american T10 destroyer
  5. raxsavvage

    Update 0.9.0 - Bug Reports

    since yesterdays - wednesday 22nd update , the game has just crashed on me constantly when in battle around 4-8 minutes into battles, it crashes, game just zeises up, logging back in, the minimap dont update, cant launch planes, no ui control at all, ship HP bars not updating so everything looks like it full HP then instantly dead. not a had a problem like htis before
  6. raxsavvage

    Narai but with axis ships

    so a hard mode of the map with ballsdeep secodary ships and a general +1 to ship levels? and a functioning carrier and we know AI carriers work cause of raptor rescue so, letsago but as an AI they need a massive bank of ships to throw at us, cause they cant avoid flak shells at all
  7. raxsavvage

    Narai but with axis ships

    Right so the scenario is basically the same but the ships are switched out for same tier German, Italian and Japanese ships the Shokaku as the King, Tirptiz replacing missuri, Graff Speed replace Dallas , Abruzzi replacing Atlanta, Amagi Replacing Colorado, Bayern replacing Queen Elizabeth and the destroyers / other cruisers some combo of the relavent tech trees
  8. raxsavvage

    Graff Zepplin and her planes

    yeah i was ultra frustrated and tired after 5 games of her planes being shreded like paper by just normal AA, not even flak, which they are pretty great at avoiding they just take SOOOO much damage that its neigh impossible to get a swing around for a second assault, something the lex and implacable do without issue. the AP bombs seem... largely pointless, their massive cross arc, the left planes bomb always landing right, the rights always flying off to the left. the rockets having less than than the T6's and such a large saturation area the torps seem like they're about the same as the ones on the gneisenau , 6K , kinda slow...REALLY slow actually but that destroyer just shredding the ship ... by the time engine was online leaving the area, i got killed. just seems off, like the amount of effort i've seen much larger ships hail my way incomparison snapped me.
  9. First off yeah i know not british but its lacking its own section gotta put it somewhere the deadliest threat? HE spamming destroyer im serious, i've bounced 457's 460's , 25 seconds from a destroyer dead, 25 maybe less wasn't even set on fire, just tore apart by a lone destroyer gunning me her planes utterly suck for T8 they're about 2/3 the HP of other nations i got being british and american i dont see any particular advantage of her planes either, slow torps, very low rocket count, AP bombers due to their insane speed on attacks are wonky to line up cause the green fades out and depending on the map they largely vanish entirely and any splashes blind you entirely so her planes are REALLY glass, they aint bringing anything special, the carrier is hilariously weak to a destroyers guns but shrug off anti battleship shells with ease what is this carrier meant to do exactly??
  10. i mean the bayern an mackensen in game have WW2 upgrades, they wouldn't perform nearly as well if not forward teched i'm applying their upgrade logic to the queen mary here
  11. shes from around the same time as mackensen has 343's in 4X2 28knot speed and torpedos no real consumables other than battleship repair only problem i see is her needing AA guns for the game balance which'd be based on around a 60ish rating using roughly the same AA systems as iron duke or queen Elizabeth