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  1. Saw god mode in 3 different RANKED battles & watched MY torps pass through a BB without any damage AT ALL!

    I'M NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT ... & it makes me walk away from the game for long periods at a time!

    It's real, had witnesses & they themselves laugh about it because they know about it & I suspect they work for the company!

    1. SpudZero


      Yeah GodMode is pretty sweet, have you seen NoClip and NoTarget? :Smile_trollface:

  2. RaiderThePirateHunter

    Captured Ships!

    Here we are over 60 years after WWII ... If we have skin camos of ships damaged like Bismark after being sunk, then why not after the ships were captured by a different nation? That's all I'm sayin, with options that can be purchased or earned to have the nation's choice of flags & colors on them. https://wwiiafterwwii.wordpress.com/2015/06/23/uss-prinz-eugen/
  3. RaiderThePirateHunter

    Captured Ships!

    Well Yea ... If it was owned by several nations it should be able to have commanders of either nation ...
  4. RaiderThePirateHunter

    PSA: Opt-In Camo centered mission

    Well, I used 20 Valentine Camos in 20 ranked battles with Tier VI sahips ... That should qualify right? They couldn't possibly mean 20 battles of each camo??? Would they? Or do ya have to use every camo specified at least once???
  5. RaiderThePirateHunter

    Captured Ships!

    Well I was using the Tigre as an example but The La Galissonnière was scuttled, "then" retrieved by the Italians repaired and renamed FR 12 & when she was in Germany's hands sunk by the USA. Better sunk "than" on the water at war fer the Germans! Compare with the word then as events in time. This one then that one. Than .... Better than the old one ...
  6. RaiderThePirateHunter

    Captured Ships!

    I'd like to see some premium Captured ships like the French DD. Tiger!!! How's that for an idea? With a unique camo both Italian & German. Captured by the Germans, held by Italy until the war was over ... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_destroyer_Tigre Perhaps she could also train French, Italian & German operators as she was a real trainer that saw combat too.
  7. I'd like to see some  premium captured ships in the game... Like the French DD Tiger

    Captured by Germany & held by Italy until after the war!










  8. RaiderThePirateHunter

    Thanksgiving Turkey Shoot - The Turkey Bounty

    Interesting ... I sank 2 turkeys in one battle. My hope is that they'll replace one of my turkey flags with a Jolly Roger lol .... Does that happen often?