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  1. EmojiSupreme

    REEEEing into the void

    To be fair, I spent the last of my dubloons to make up the difference. I was close enough that it was only most of my dubloons but when I was spending SO MUCH TIME specifically to get it for free, it really killed my whole vibe to have to spend most of my monthly dubloons just because of sunk cost and left me with the worst feeling I've had from a video game "reward" in I dont even know how long
  2. EmojiSupreme

    REEEEing into the void

    If I put the amount of time required for the daily missions grind into terms according to what I currently make per hour at my job, that'd be over $100 per day for 24 days straight without missing a beat. That math doesnt pan out for me. In any well run game, most of these types of rewards can be completed by casual players just playing the game at a normal pace or maybe just a slight bit more than usual. WG is opting for the "pay several hundred dollars or spend literally dozens of hours a week in game" strategy which favors only whales and hardcore players. Whales and hardcore players dont make up the majority of your playerbase. Making almost all rewards untouchable except by a small percentage of your playerbase is a surefire way to alienate the vast majority of your players, i.e. the casuals, and without the casuals this game dies. I dont want that, but whoever is handling the economics at WG is really screwing the pooch.
  3. EmojiSupreme

    REEEEing into the void

    So, I need a break from WoWs. I logged on this morning, after closing down yesterday with 47/48 daily missions thinking to myself that I would have THROUGH 7/22 to complete my daily grind for Benham, actually pretty excited. Considering I've been off work because of an injury its been nice to play lots of WoWs and have something to work towards. Logged on this morning to find out that I had misunderstood, and realized that I would've had to to make both daily rewards every day for 24 days straight to get the final boost of fuel. In a perfect world, Six 15 minute games a day where I both won every game AND got enough exp to hit the marks, thats still 1.5 hours a day, and this is far from a perfect world. 2-3 hours a day of game time expected for 24 days straight for a mediocre single ship reward. I love this game. I've spent my gaming budget on this game exclusively for awhile now, but honestly, this really took the wind out of my sails. Im not making this post to blame WG because I misunderstood. Im not trying to point a finger or lay the blame somewhere else. I get that this was my fault. Im making this post because Im simply frustrated and have nowhere else to vent specifically about WoWs. I, and Im sure many of you, need a break from this game for awhile. The grinds are becoming worse with more mediocre rewards. The "events" are simply spend hundreds of dollars in crates for free stuff now or literally sacrifice all of your free time for the next month and MAYBE IF YOU'RE REALLY DEDICATED you'll get one average ship. Dont get me wrong, I dont want to stop playing. I am being forced to stop playing because I realize that this type of situation is bad for me. Being expected to put yourself through punishing grinds with no wiggle room or fork over large sums of cash for very mild rewards with ever-moving goalposts, not to even mention the public trial phase of the new CVs since the beginning of the year AKA the CV rework and the horrendous ideas being espoused for the initial NTC. It feels more and more like WG is trying to extract as much as they can out of their remaining player base rather than trying to create engaging content that can increase the amount of fun people are having and make them want to stick around. Again, I dont want to quit playing. I really love playing this game, but currently it is not good for me. It feels more like work than fun. Why would anyone play a game that feels like work? I really hope that someone at WG is bringing these kinds of posts to their attention and explaining to them that people will play longer, spend more money, be more engaged, and keep their game alive for a lot longer if they are having fun, and if they arent, they will start leaving in droves. This isnt an "I quit" post, not yet. I just need a break Feel free to make fun of me, or laugh, or tell me why Im stupid. I can take it. Also, feel free to add in if you feel similarly and why. If you read this far, thanks for listening. Good luck and fair seas, fellas
  4. 27 out of 50 followers on my path to affiliate. Im gonna be live for some hours playing botes today. Come hang out, say hi, drop a follow, and support a small-time wows streamer Good luck and Fair seas https://www.twitch.tv/EmojiSupreme
  5. 2nd Marauder kill for the day, no rewards
  6. Attached is my replay where I sunk the enemy Marauder 20190721_140044_PRSD210-Grozovoy-pr-40N_22_tierra_del_fuego.wowsreplay
  7. What do I do if I sunk a marauder and didnt get any rewards?
  8. EmojiSupreme

    Obligatory Twitch Stream Post

    Thanks a lot man, I appreciate it. I've been working towards being more consistent and sticking to a schedule so hopefully that'll do the trick. Got a few ideas to try out as well that'll hopefully help me stand out and be a pretty fun watching experience (also, shadow bump because my internet went down for a second but Im back live again so come cash in on those twitch drops )
  9. EmojiSupreme

    Obligatory Twitch Stream Post

    Bump. Going live today for a few hours. Come collect your twitch drops and support a small-time stream in the process! O7
  10. EmojiSupreme

    Obligatory Twitch Stream Post

    Bump. We're live again. Come hang out!
  11. Streaming live on twitch for a few hours before the doctors today. Come check it out we're doing a Thankful Thursdays where we're gonna be thankful and definitely not salty. Also, you can type !rngesus with your question in chat to see if you have his blessings or his curse today Good luck and fair seas!
  12. EmojiSupreme

    French Destroyers Event: the Full Guide

    The amount of grinding I have to do to earn simple rewards like mediocre ships is inversely proportional to the amount of money Im going to be spending on this game. In laymen's terms, if you keep requiring me to grind several hours a day for a month to get a single ship reward or pay upwards of $200 in crates, my faith in the game decreases and my desire to play decreases which means the amount of my money you get decreases. It feels like every new game "event" is expressly designed only to extract money at this point and the amount of fun being rewarded for the money or time investment is way off. Im still going to play, but Im going to be spending much less money from now on and Im going to be opting out of events with an insane grind rate like this French DD or the Benham. It probably wont make a difference but hopefully enough people start doing this that you guys re-examine what makes your game fun and reconsider how you get people to spend money.
  13. Streaming live on twitch. New streamer trying to break into the WoWs stream community. We've got a chat bot live so you can collect bones for watching which will be used for future giveaways and raffles. Also you can come ask !RNGesus your questions today to help get some insight. Good luck and fair seas! O7 https://www.twitch.tv/EmojiSupreme
  14. Greetings captains. I got 2 teeth pulled yesterday but that isnt gonna stop the bote grind. Come hang out, say hi, drop a follow, or just lurk. Any and all support is appreciated! Good luck and fair seas o7 https://www.twitch.tv/EmojiSupreme
  15. EmojiSupreme

    Streaming Ranked

    Im streaming some ranked games in the might HMS Nelson live on twitch, come hang out and support a small time stream with a follow if you're so inclined. Thanks for any support or checking it out! o7 https://www.twitch.tv/EmojiSupreme