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  1. Khrunos

    What did I do wrong?

    It sounds like what you need the most of is more knowledge about the game so you can make better decisions in the moment.
  2. Depending on what type of ship, several things could have happened. DD - Near misses can visually seem like hits. They'll sometimes even knock out modules due to splash damage. CA/CL - Depending on where you struck the ship, you might have (I'm not entirely sure if this is possible... but I think it is...) overpenned the target for less than full damage. Oversaturation may play a role too. BB - In addition to the above, if the rockets struck the turrets or the belt armor it is entirely possible that the majority of them shattered for zero damage.
  3. Khrunos

    Ridiculous CV damage on DDs

    That's just rng. Everyone suffers from that.
  4. Khrunos

    Ridiculous CV damage on DDs

    It's definitely not shooting from the hip. When I drop HE bombs on a dd, I've calculated the best angle of attack. I've calculated in my head when I need to start that attack in order to have that last second drop occur when it should. Gun ships are quite able to see when aircraft begin their ascent. Wait a split second, and then begin drastic course changes. It isn't hard to do, but it also isn't just simple shooting from the hip. Speeding up means that I can slam the accelerator and adjust my timing. Slamming the breaks however... I can only edit that angle so much. This tactic does however make the DD more exposed to gun fire. So use with caution.
  5. Khrunos

    Ridiculous CV damage on DDs

    It isn't hard to do. It's merely a timing issue, and a setting up the run issue. Resolve those and the DD is going to hurt badly. The DD however has a lot of ways to deter such a strike. Back up into a cap, making sure that they're at a minimum withing the long range AA of support. Always only take risks when smoke is available, smoking up and changing position inside the smoke is excellent. Use islands to force a CV to either attack you blind, or to take a suicide path through friendly AA to strike you. These tactics, in combination to one's own AA have always been the toolset of extremely successful competitive destroyer players in CV environments going back to the early Supremacy days. With the spotting changes of late these tactics are exponentially more effective. Taking away the only viable method of punishing an overextending destroyer... is not a good idea however. CV's need someway to help carry matches. In extremely high AA environments, opportunities only appear in brief intervals. Without some sort of viable alpha somewhere... where's the bite? Edit: Once I've started an attack, I've specifically timed when I started it so that the last split second coincides with having my aiming reticle over the center of a dd. A last second slamming of the breaks will cause me to overshoot or drop earlier from a higher and less consistent altitude.
  6. Khrunos

    Ridiculous CV damage on DDs

    CV's have no alpha against anything without dive bombers. There is basically zero bite to a CV's attacks without them. If bombers are nerfed to a level where destroyers are okay with them as a weapon, then they're basically worthless against cruisers and battleships. If a CV is in a match, destroyers need to operate near support. In the above match there were two destroyers that suicided right up the middle of the map right at the start. They were under heavy fire and in an effort to avoid being deleted by surface fire, they made themselves easy targets for me. Less than two minutes into the match they were already dead. I chunked them for about 6-7k each for the kills. We lost because there was a highly coordinated, heavy AA flank that routed us. I almost brought it back when they splintered to chase "easy kills." If those destroyers hadn't suicided... I wouldn't have done much of anything. If their late game force hadn't abandoned the caps to chase "easy kills" I wouldn't have been able to (fail, but close) attempt a solo warrior. We shouldn't base balancing decisions around situations where better player actions can render better results.