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  1. macktkau2

    WG gets ZERO credit

    Yes, I should be more clear, I mean in terms of when WG do XYZ changes, that it impacts negatively on their income, not specifically that they actually lose money.
  2. macktkau2

    WG gets ZERO credit

    WG change the game because it's losing them money. They don't care about anything else, even your forum post defending them. There's nothing inherently wrong with money being the key, but that focus on money comes at a cost to how good the game is.
  3. macktkau2

    CV/No CV game modes

    Funny how people who claim that CV's are balanced, that most players don't care about CV's, and that only low skill noobs want to play without CV's in the game, are so vehemently against a no CV mode. Surely they'd be better off without all the anti-CV noobs right?
  4. macktkau2

    "Pelt collecting" needs to stop

    So you're saying that it's only when a team has to smurf and get boosted AND be carried by a division that killing carriers is easy? Wow, that sounds like Carriers are OP and need to be nerfed. Good argument :) I agree.
  5. You have to be blind to not realise that subs, commander rework and CV's are massively disliked by the community.
  6. Don't compare me to that Orange fraud. My opinions do represent the majority. They also represent the vast majority of the high tier players.
  7. You don't need to "measure" this (but I'm certain that if I had access to WG's stats I'd be able to show a long term trend downward in terms of game quality). It's an inherent part of an online multiplayer game, that the larger and the better your talent pool of players are and the higher quality the game itself, the better experiences will exist for the players. The lower the quality of the player pool, the lower quality ceiling of the game, the less likely a game is to be a long term success. Also, WG isn't necessarily 'required' to actually want their game to be better. They want their game to be more profitable. Those aren't the same thing.
  8. By producing better matches & increasing the level of gameplay in random, ranked & clan games. This provides a richer gameplay experience and gives players who want to be good a way to develop at higher levels. I'd remove the entirely or introduce a noCV queue system, but sure, nerf them into oblivion. They don't work, they hurt the game. Always have, always will. The more CV's are nerfed the better the game will be. They have already been tested. They're going to be rammed into the game at some point for the same reason that WG push CVs, because it's wasted developer effort otherwise (and they want to sell new premiums). It will harm the game even more.
  9. Yes it will. Because those new players will not be the long term, high quality players that used to play the game. The quality of the player base will suffer. And because of the aforementioned problems, the actual quality of the game itself is poorer. The experience is poorer. Which will lead to more players quitting. Do you remember the days where Tier 3s could end up in triple CV matches? Do you think that helped or hurt how many players quit the game early in their 'career'? These changes (CV never getting nerfed, Subs, Commander Rework) are doing the same right now, and it will get worse over time. If the gameplay is bad, and the players are bad, it will erode the long-term playerbase. Because it's the last step, the raging against the dying light before people give up, there will be people who have spent thousands on the game reaching this position. "This is me reaching my breaking point" when they get angry on the forums. When there's no response to issues that are killing enjoyment of the game for you, the next step is to give up.
  10. macktkau2

    The heat WG is getting isn't deserved

    The OP showed up here after less than 350 real PVP battles handing out "advice". It's perfectly acceptable to look into the player giving advice to determine if that advice is coming from someone who should be listened to.
  11. macktkau2

    CVs overpowered vs. CVs balanced: a debate

    This will get locked in about 10 minutes I reckon. You want a TLDR of the debate? Anti-CV: Carriers get ridiculous buffs to survivability. The dumbed down controls make it easy for any simpleton to rack up damage even if they would get a 35% WR in any other class. CV's neutralise the skill of an opponent because of their mechanics. A unicum and a 30% WR player are effectively identical to a Carrier player. They sit in A1 all game and rarely die unless there's a massive stomp or the Carrier player is stupid so they participate in the game without any real risk. CV's never fight CV's unless the game is over already. Anti-CV's are a huge percentage of people who make up higher echelon quality players, who have the experience and skills to be trusted when they talk about the way the game works. WG have actively nerfed other classes to force a higher participation rate for CVs. CV's ruin any form of tactical movement or stealth because they can sweep the frontline in 30 seconds. They can pick and choose when and how to attack there's no counter-play. They ruined DD's as a class especially in organised/clan/ranked battles when they get put into them. DD's can't cap without attracting CV's, DD's can't defend against Rocket Planes. WG actively intervened when people grouped up to counter CV's. A player can be hunted down, singled out and sent back to port by a Carrier regardless of 'counterplay', tactics or grouping because of how strong CV planes are. This is an extremely unfun experience. AA is so awfully nerfed that at low tiers it becomes pointless to even try to avoid getting hit and at higher tiers they just fly around or through flak and smash you anyway. AA Captain skills are useless. They will still be throwing up full squadrons after 80% of the game time while warships AA will be annihilated if they've actually been fighting. CV's don't make sense in a game which is meant to be about gun warships fighting surface naval battles at close range. If you want to fly planes go play World Of Warplanes. CV's are playing a fundamentally different game than the rest of the players. You could remove the Carrier itself from the map and it would have almost no impact on the way Carriers play. Carriers are close to PVE than PVP. CV games massively punish pushing because of how easily pushing ships can be spotted by CV's, and attacked by the CV and his team. With the commander rework this is even more pronounced in CV games because of the new Deadeye Thunderer HE Spam meta and the obliteration of Battleship secondary builds. Pro-CV's never support calls for No-CV queue options, and this shows how even the Pro-CV know their class is overpowered. The vast majority of the player base would surely pick the no-CV option. Pro-CV: Just dodge. Just group up in a 2km circular deathball. Just use AA commander skills. You don't work for WG so you don't have the spreadsheets therefore your opinion is irrelevant. CV's are balanced because of XYZ irrelevant stat. Only some CV's are OP. Anti-CV's are just elitist toxic youtubers and sheep following the latest whine trend. They're not OP they're just played by super unicum chad CV players git gud. Play them yourself if you think they're OP. It's realistic. WG won't nerf them so stop complaining. Why do you complain so much if you hate them so much just uninstall.
  12. You don't get why someone who has invested time, energy & money into a game that a large amount of good, elite & long-term players view as failing it's core mission of being a fun and balanced game because WG want to push CV numbers as high as possible, because their commander rework made it even more of a boring campfest and destroyed secondary builds and will soon introduce subs to even more hurt the gameplay, you don't see why they might be angry at the developers? And be vocal about it? You realise what the next step is for people who reach this stage right? They will get over the sunk cost fallacy of spent premiums & dubs and the skinner box addiction mechanics of tokens and daily rewards and quit the game. WG can dismiss these players at their own risk. Sure, the game won't "die". The servers will run, the whales will keep paying $125 USD for pixelbotes, KOTS run by WG will have CV's and clans will still show up for them and people will play the subs when WG force them into the game, but a lot of people will reach a point where it's no longer fun, and it is longer what this game should or could be. And they go from "angry" to apathy. Maybe you'll be happy with the game until it really does shut down. Maybe not. But not everyone is like you.
  13. On NA it has a 5.71% better WR, 31.5k more average damage, that is not solely down to who gains access to the ship.
  14. Go read the tweet. He didn't "accuse" WG of anything. He predicted in January that WG knew how bad deadeye was but wouldn't change it until later in the patch cycle, after the respec ended. Then said that previously he wouldn't consider that WG would do something so deliberately scummy, but that the current WG leadership might very well do that. It's up to WG now to show less of the "new WG" that everyone expects will nerf dead eye while not giving a respec.
  15. This just shows how little WG care about the player base. If WG can stomp on one of the biggest CC's the game has for the 'crime' of pointing out obvious problems, they clearly don't care about regular players.