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  1. For some reason I could only load the first three. These are the rest of them.
  2. Can't believe this thread is still active but ok. The MM isn't working or worse for me, it is working. Take a look at these six battles from today. SIX IN A ROW. I have admitted to being the worst player on the site and apparently I am being teamed up 5 out of 6 times with the next 11 worst players. Maybe the site ad-min just doesn't like freebooters like me getting up into tiers higher than 5. Maybe they just hate me having a Ranger. I don't know. I do know that even the one win I got (after five straight loses with the Ranger -four of them total blowouts and in the fifth my team had a pretty good lead that went away in the blink of an eye- I got disgusted and switched to the Mahan) wasn't much fun. Just another blowout. MM is broken, I hope, because if it isn't that means that the site is just nerfing certain profiles-like freebooters. I understand and accept that freebooters will be nerfed to some degree for economic reasons but jeez this is a little ridiculous.
  3. What the hell is this supposed to mean?
  4. Finally, Umikami, we agree on something. NO ONE spends money without expecting a return, INCLUDING the players who buy from the site. Simple economics. Who in their right mind would spend $30.00-$70.00 for a ship package just to get sunk by freebooters like me? Of course it happens, occasionally, but very seldom. Simple logic. A site that is known as a place that you can be competitive at higher levels without buying anything doesn't sell anything. Just because I can't afford to spend that kind of money on a game site doesn't mean I get mad about it. I appreciate the people who do buy from the site and keep it going. I do the best I can with what I've got and have fun.
  5. Really Umikami, you have to give up the notion that computer programs are godlike entities incapable of mistakes. This site has had, now has and will continue to have many glitches. Look at the attachments and if they don't convince you of that then you are truly hopeless and are better off in your self-induced coma.
  6. Not condescending. My stats do suck. If you care to look at attachments and don't think I'm lying then know that this is over 75% of my battles. If I do ok it's a loss. The only time I win is when I do crappy. This is especially true of first wins of the day with the added commander boost. The first two Ranger attachments are absolutely typical. So are the rest unfortunately. I do want to explain that the second Ranger battle, that the team won and I got little XP on, I got sunk about 4 minutes into it by IJN Kaga. 2 torp squads and a bomber squad around the grid. I was full speed moving away from them long before they hit me with the whole team in front of me. If I ever division up it would just be loss after loss for them. Keystrokes in lines of computer code are too easy for sites to manipulate. No pay-No play. But thanks for the offer. I appreciate it. If I can ever get in front of some torps heading for you I will. P.S. I may have screwed up the order of the screenshots some but you'll get the gist of it.
  7. I believe the saying goes "Ridicule is the last bastion of those who have nothing to contribute". That fits you perfectly.
  8. Not true. Two battles today I had DD's come out from the same island I was behind and going the same direction. Never knew either was there. They blipped onto my screen at 1.7 and 1.5 k. They, however, obviously knew I was there because in both games they had already fired torps that I ran straight into with my DD. Also had four games today with my CL's that when I went to binocular view and lined my sights up (across open water-no smoke or islands) the targets (3 cruisers and a BB} blipped off my screen. Went to normal view and they blipped on my screen again. Went back to binocular view, lined up my sights and they blipped off again. Went to normal view again and they blipped back on my screen. None of them ever changed course and neither did I. Never got a shot off. At that point I just turned around and ran for the hills. I didn't hit ALT to see who the first one was but out of curiosity I did with the next three. They were all Premium ships and I'm a freebooter soooooooooo....................(fill in the blanks).
  9. About 2 months ago I did a little experiment. I had 10 ships and over the course of two nights I sent each one into battle 10 times. When the battle started I aimed the ships between a couple of islands, went full speed ahead and then left the battle. Did this for 100 consecutive battles. Would you care to guess what my W/L ratio was. EXACTLY the same as when I actually tried to win. That is called empirical proof. It matters not whether I try or don't try. As I said in a different thread "Free" game sites that just happen to sell things for real money can't afford to let freebooters be competitive, especially at higher levels, or nobody would buy anything and not one person disputed the truth of that. Simple logic-simple economics. I am admittedly the worst player on the site and apparently getting teamed up with the next 11 worst players on the site. It is what I've come to expect on all "Free" sites. That's ok. I just don't take losing on the internet seriously.
  10. Actually, the offering up of opinions on a subject is one of the definitions of a survey and there are lots of opinions being offered up. However, I get your drift (Insert groans indicative of reactions to a bad pun here).
  11. Didn't figure this thread to still be alive but as long as it is you might get a laugh at this. Sent "customer support" the replay and asked them why people here couldn't access it and why my sonar (ok-hydro-acoustical search apparatus) didn't do anything. This was the reply and my exceedingly mild response. Kevin Kwan August 8, 2017 6:59 PM Hello Hatchetface_1, Thank you for your response. Can we please get a link to your forum post? We are not sure why other participants cannot view the replay so we would be only speculating at this point. Once we receive this from you, we can better address your concerns. Please know that Sonar can be used to detect enemies but reviewing your replay I see that you did not press the Y button to ever activate this feature to try and detect the enemy ships. Thanks again and we look forward to your response. Best Regards, Kevin Kwan Wargaming America Support Hatchetface_1 August 9, 2017 1:24 PM Hey Kwan. You must be new to this. Y activates the catapult launched fighter aircraft. T is sonar. If you check the replay you will see that the sonar was activated twice. Once at 6:42 and again at 1:02 on the game clock. The activation at 1:02 was as I was dodging torps left and right. Yeah, like they ever looked at the replay. LOL
  12. Don't know about that. Team play just gets me no XP. I lay smoke for BB's and Cruisers a lot and usually get pounded so badly doing it I have no HP left to fight with. Win or lose I get very little XP. A typical battle-case in point-had a Cleveland fully loaded with AA and saw 2 IJN torp squadrons doing an end around at our CV. Swung around hard and took out 7 of the 8. By the time I got back into it I never got a shot off (or very few). Cleveland survived-CV survived-we won. CV got over 1200 XP and I got 268. Next battle with the Cleveland shot down 25 planes-got 400 something XP. Pretty normal for me.
  13. Yeah, I get that it's WoW's site and they can do what they want but just saying it would have been nice to know what I was buying. Should be able to look at the upgrades without buying it first and I still don't understand why the upgrades showed sonar (ok-Hydro acoustics) as an upgrade but when I had it installed-like I said I had 2 free ones- there was no selection for it when I went into the first battle.
  14. When I was looking at the Pensacola in port I noticed the huge radar mast and spinning dish. Tried to look it up in upgrades but of course you have to buy the ship before you are allowed to see the upgrades. When I did buy the thing guess what - it doesn't have radar. Now why would they put a huge radar mast and dish in the rendition of it in port but not have it? Another thing is that in upgrades it shows acoustical upgrade, sonar, but when I upgraded with it (I had 2 free upgrades of it) there wasn't any keystroke to activate it. Doesn't show up on my selection bar. Why again?
  15. That's right. There is not a "Free" game site on the internet that also just happens to sell stuff for real money that is competitive at higher levels. Simple logic. A site that is known as a place that you can be competitive even without buying anything doesn't sell anything. A site that ensures that you win if you buy from them will have more people buying. Simple economics. If you stick around long enough without buying you're a waste of space on their servers and the site would rather see you quit than stay. Free poker sites are probably the worst but they are all pretty much like that. The one site I do have a paid account with was at least up front about what you could and couldn't do depending on whether it was paid or not and at $3.00 a month it isn't unaffordable. Spent a year free on the site before I bought a membership because I did notice that whether I won or lost depended on how well I played-not how much I paid. It won't change. On this site I decided to stick to tier 4 (except for the 5, 6 and 7 I already bought) and just try to have fun. Might just go back to tier 1 and start over. Good luck.