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  1. Hatchetface_1

    XXX Rated

    They have reason to be sensitive. People on the site were mostly ambivalent about CV play before the rework. Some were ok with it, some weren't but by and large not real opinionated. Now I'm guessing it's more of a "Hate it" attitude among a majority of the site.
  2. Hatchetface_1

    XXX Rated

    No swear words in post.
  3. Hatchetface_1

    XXX Rated

    I posted here about 13 hrs. ago under the title Ridiculous rework. Lo and behold site decided ridiculous had to be censored so it was changed to "*rework". To the right it says there have been 0 replies BUT in my notifications it says there were 4. None of them were ever posted however. When I clicked on them all I got was my censored edited post. What it tells me is that the site knows it screwed up and is trying to shut people up. Censorship is alive and well.
  4. Hatchetface_1


    This CV rework was the most ridiculous thing I have seen in gaming on the net. I can't take it any more. First it's my Benson shooting down 19 planes in one battle. Granted they were probably tier 6 but cmon. No AA upgrade at all. Next battle my fully upgraded AA Des Moines (I mean mods, captain skills and flags) is inundated by planes. Constant firing. Planes to the right of me. Planes to the left of me. Planes in front of me. Planes behind me. Planes right over the top of me. ONE shot down. Took my Musashi out. Before I got near the closest cap area there were 23-yes I counted them-23 torp runs and that was only the beginning. I stopped counting at 35. Take out my Fletcher and watched the timer on the screen. I was "Detected" for 17 minutes and 15 seconds of an 18 minute 23 second battle. Over half of that were the stupid "Attack" planes. WG, you blew this big time.
  5. Hatchetface_1

    AA weirdness

    Lol. Rather have the Cannoli than the gun anyway.
  6. Hatchetface_1

    AA weirdness

    I took out my DM with aft, got surrounded by planes (Dive bombers-torpedo bombers-those "Rocket" planes what ever they are), activated the AA Defensive fire mod which kept firing it's whole active time BUT shot down ONE (Yes that's O-N-E) plane. Lots of planes way inside of range. Took out the Edinburg with no bft, aft or AA Defensive fire mod But shot down 15 of the Midways planes. What gives?
  7. Hatchetface_1

    Odd game visuals

    It's an old ASUS laptop. Not much that can be done.
  8. Hatchetface_1

    Odd game visuals

    Yeah I know. I did the tests a year ago and the site just said my system really couldn't support the game. I lowered every setting as much as I could to get my fps UP to 8. LOL. Then I did a five step thing I found on line that said it would help with graphics and lag - but not so much. I just keep plugging away.
  9. Hatchetface_1

    Odd game visuals

    Well, ever since I got on the site a little over 1 1/2 years ago my fps varies from 4-8 and my ping is 90-200. It is high speed internet but my graphics card isn't really up to the task. Rest of the computer probably isn't either. Graphics is part of the mother board so can't upgrade it. So basically what I see on my screen is about 2-3 seconds behind the computer program. Can't afford to get another computer so I do the best I can. I'll get "Detected" and suddenly a BB will pop up in front of me one or two ship lengths beyond an island that was screening him from 3 klm away. LOL. People are always saying I'm a bad player with bad stats but I think I do ok with what I got.
  10. Hatchetface_1

    Worthless rigged ranked

    Oh geez people. Anyone who thinks that going 4 and 48 after getting to rank two isn't rigged into the player profile raise your hand, put on the dunce cap and sit in the corner. I have way to many battles without having bought anything from site to be allowed fair play.
  11. Hatchetface_1

    Worthless rigged ranked

    Getting sick to my stomach. 7 times at rank 2 . 1 star three times and 2 stars 4 times and EVERY time went right back to three with NO stars. Lose 7-5-8-5-6-8-9 in a row. In what [EDITED] universe do the cretins who run this site exist. Waste of time and the worst thing is NOT FUN. A "Game site" that isn't fun is a worthless waste.
  12. Hatchetface_1

    Rate of starting fires is EXTREMELY low lately

    Bow on to his broadside once with my Des Moines against the Tomato (or Yamato-whatever you want). It was one on one. Nobody else to get involved. Both full strength. I hit that sucker 77 times with HE (with burn down skill and two flags that's 19% chance of fire). Raked him bow to stern from 15 klm out to 3 klm out. NOT ONE FIRE. I guess RNGeesus was protecting him. Either that or the new math dictates that 19/100~X/77 only when X=0. LOL LOL LOL
  13. Hatchetface_1

    Why OTed so bad

    Have 190 battles with the Bismarck. after the first 40 I wondered if it was consistently getting over tiered or if it was my imagination so I started a spread sheet. 150 battles is a pretty good sampling. 123 battles there were AT LEAST 9 tier 9s and 10s. That's over 80%. Seems like MM hates that ship. Might not even be so bad but it's a match stick waiting to burn. Got screen shots where I counted fires for 6 straight battles. 38 fires. Geez what a bad joke.
  14. I agree . I gets stupid (especially in U.S. CLs and CAs) when you're trying to support a DD capping A and a Tomato is lobbing shells onto your deck and taking out most of your HP from the far side of C. It's becoming a game of hide and seek and if that was what I wanted to play I'd go over to my brothers and play it with my nieces and nephews. Attacks should be localized around the cap points and in standard battles the shorter ranges would work just as well.
  15. Hatchetface_1

    T10 free play meant to be impossible?

    I am not only the worst free player on the site but the most foul mouthed vocal critic in the in-game chat (gotten my chat banned several times). However, in the year and a half I've been here I've been up to 30 million credits, down to 3 million, up to 100 million, down to 30 million and right now at 95 million (the up and down was buying higher tier ships). I've managed to get up to 500,000 free XP, go down to 5000 and now back up to 770,000. Got 1,770,000 elite commander XP also. Mostly use tier 8-10s. Not a lot of them but the ones I've picked up and liked. The Des Moines for example. Won the free permanent camo with -50% to service and +20% to credits. With the -10% to service with the clan and running -10% to service flags and +20% to credit flags that's a 110% turn around. I can't lose credits no matter how bad I do and can pick up 200,000 with a real good battle. Over half of the flags I win and if they get low I just buy more with coal (usually have between 30,000 and 50,000 in coal). The tier 8s don't cost much even in a bad battle and I can pick up some credits with a decent battle. The 9s I run the flags on and maybe some camos with credit increases (got a few hundred of those). And as much as it will piss off the paid players I've never spent a cent on the site. Feel guilty about that sometimes but even paying for the internet connection is a luxury that I can (so far) just afford. Point is, you CAN play higher tiers without spending a bunch of money. Take advantage of the freebies you can win and slug it out.