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  1. I've been running up the U.S. cruiser line for a long time. Had the Omaha, Pensacola and Cleveland at the same time. Got rid of the Pensacola and Cleveland (kept the Omaha-I love burn down machine gun cruisers) and got the New Orleans. Researched the Baltimore but wanted to wait until I was ok with the New Orleans before I bought it. Then this big shake up in the U.S. cruiser line is announced and since I had 100 million credits and 500,000 free XP (I'm a free player and not that good a one so it took a while to build all that up) I bought the Baltimore and the Des Moines. The new line comes and I get the Buffalo. I put a 16 point captain on it (used the Elite commander XP to retrain him) and fully upgraded it before I took it out for the first time. Well, I play the Baltimore like I did the New Orleans and do ok with it. I like it at tier 8. Like playing the Des Moines but have to get better with it. The Buffalo-I sold it after two weeks. I honestly did better with the Baltimore against 9s and 10s than I did with the Buffalo. Go figure. Damn thing was costing me 50,000 credits every time I brought it out of port.
  2. What's the reasoning

    Just wondering why I was even put in this battle? Do the lowlifes who run this site really get off on trying to embarrass free players. Why would anyone even be put in this position if not to embarrass or frustrate them? Look at the screenshots. 101 hits and 279 average per hit. Why bother? I should have just exited the battle before it started but like the idiot I am I tried to do my best. Some of them I was barely getting 100 hp per hit. Other team was laughing knowing I couldn't hurt anything. Thanks WG - real classy act you got here.
  3. New AP bombs are utter garbage

    Pretty much mothballed my Lex about two months ago just because of how nerfed U.S. CVs had gotten but decided to take it out today. Before I did I noticed the AP "upgrade" for the dive bombers. Researched and bought it just to try out the smaller dispersion. Lined up for a run on an IJN CV and the green dispersion indicator barely covered the CV. Had a perfect bow to stern run. Got ONE hit and the squad was a full six planes. Figured it had to be a fluke so I lined up the second squad with another perfect bow to stern run. Well only five of the squad made it and but again ONE hit. What are they doing to these poor U.S. CVs. (Incidentally, we won the battle-I didn't get sunk- but I still lost credits lol).
  4. Bretagne

    Thank you. This explanation is plausible. I'll buy it unlike the gobble-de-gok full of non sequiturs I got from "Support", and I use that term loosely. They edited the oo between the g and k. These people are unbelievable.
  5. Bretagne

    Chaos reigns supreme.
  6. Bretagne

    So I also won the Normandie after I posted about the Bretagne. Both are listed in my carousel as premium ships. In ship peculiarities under modules both list "Free and unique camouflage". Nothing in exterior camo settings, nothing in inventory. Went to support and told them about it and they told me that it was only "temporary camo" good for a limited number of battles. Has anyone ever won a premium ship with "temporary camo"? Has anyone even heard of that happening? Besides which I didn't even get the "temporary camo".
  7. Bretagne

    Won the Bretagne but the camo that's supposed to come with it didn't. It lists it as one of the special features under Modules but it isn't on the ship in port, it's not in the camo page under Exteriors and it's not listed in my inventory. The Vampire also doesn't show camo in port or in battle but is checked off on the camo page and shows up in my inventory. Anyone else have this glitch? The other thing is a battle I had today. Screen shot shows my OKT sinking a ship with a torp. The OKT doesn't have torps.
  8. It happens. I'm the worst player on the site but even I've had a few battles like that. The one I really remember was being badly over tiered in the Benson. Up against 2 8s, 4 9s and 6 10s. Had a great battle score. Got more XP than all but the top three on the winning side and that was only between 30 and 70 points less. The next time I took the Benson out I got sunk in the first couple of minutes with "No Battle Contribution" and we win. Lol. Gotta laugh.
  9. Weak secondarys

    In my endeavor to figure out what U.S. CVs and CAs are good for I did fully load the Cleveland and Pensacola with AA. They did great against planes - when I could find a CV - but it seemed to be very seldom. I started a spread sheet that I kept going for 350 battles. Cleveland and Pensacola - 1 CV every 8.137 battles. My 8 DDs and BBs - 1 CV every 4.051 battles. One other observation I would really like an explanation for. Had the Omaha, Cleveland and Pensacola all set up with IFHE. Not once in over 250 battles did I ever see a cit. hit with HE after thousands of hits. I had no problem getting cit. hits with AP. Does He penetrating armor just not show up on screen or what?
  10. Weak secondarys

    My intent wasn't to compare secondary armaments between BB's and Cruisers. Obviously BB's will have many more secondary guns. My intent was to find out if a less than one in ten hit ratio with minus 85% to dispersion of secondary armament was normal. From what I see so far it would appear I'm being nerfed by the RNG. All guns have different characteristics. That's what fire control training is primarily about. Learning to adjust trajectory and lead distance to accommodate different ballistic characteristics. I have BFT, AFT and MFCSB - plus the upgrade and flags - but apparently the RNG has decided my gunners are either blind or stupid because a less than one in ten hit RATIO is pathetic. Often times one or two more secondary hits would have made all the difference between sinking a DD and it getting away or launching torps and taking me out.
  11. Weak secondarys

    The point was that no matter what guns you have with a stated 85% reduction in dispersion (I don't care if it's only one lone secondary gun) a less than one in ten hit ratio is pathetic. The numbers don't correspond to the stated parameters of the skill, upgrade and flag. Since it's an RNG setting and controlled by the site I would assume that even BB's only hit less than one in ten. Has anyone with a BB that has the same skill, mod upgrade and flag ever checked their hit ratio with secondary armament? If you have I'd be interested to here if it's the same.
  12. Weak secondarys

    I have a New Orleans with radar that will light up anything within 9 klms so I decided to set it up to hunt down DDs. I got the captain skill that designates a priority target for secondary armament, upgraded the secondary armament in modules and run a Mike Yankee Soxisis flag. All added up I have a 7.6 klm. secondary range and minus 85% to dispersion. After 25 battles I'm getting an anemic 9.148% hit rate. I can do better aiming myself with main guns. Is the RNG screwing with me or are all the secondary gunners this pathetically blind. Seems like a wasted 4 point captain skill.
  13. I'm admittedly the worst player here and I run a lot of DD's because the servicing costs are less but I would rather go up against the Pan-Asian DD's than any of the others. With the rapid fire of the Bensons guns, the 150 mm guns and sonar on the Gaede and not having to worry about being torped even I do ok against them.
  14. Supercontainers been a little weak

    Yeah. Getting real disappointed with so called "Super Containers". Get maybe one every 60-70 tries and get crap. Last one was 100 "Minus 20% to fire extinguishing". Big whoop. It takes what-4 seconds to extinguish a fire. Gee, now it only takes 3.2 seconds. Going to really improve my game. What a load of crap.
  15. I've had 10 "Detonations" in three days. Five of those were on cruisers and two of those were on a tier 8 cruiser. Since you only get one set of 10 Det. flags per ship per day and twice it happened to the same ship twice in a day I got shorted 20 flags. Yup-something is definitely going on with WoW. Thinking maybe it's a good way to keep freebooters like me from getting anywhere but something is rotten in Denmark and it isn't the eggs. The site is starting to stink.