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  1. Azraelswrd

    Combat Missions in Update 0.9.6

    Oh wow. I thought I was going blind because I couldn't find the other combat missions where we could farm 600 tokens by ship class (DD/CLA/BB) . Challenges to obtain German Tokens It's in the Armory tab (yeah still takes 40-90 seconds to load... why couldn't they fix this bug?) and costs 7500 doubloons EACH just to unlock that mission chain in addition to flags/camos. I love how the news page didn't mention this little nugget. Basically if you're a free player and not lucky with crates, you're only getting 300 tokens (15 tokens * 4 chains * 5 missions/chain) from this event unless there's another source I missed.
  2. Why couldn't they have done this with the Warhammer 40k collab??? I would have paid $10 for the 11-pt commanders of the Imperium/Chaos and new voiceovers. Instead we're stuck with the Amagi bundles (and I'm not paying $50 for another Amagi lol)
  3. Applied the 0.9.5 patch and was able to enter the shipyard in under 30 sec which is a miracle compared to the previous state.
  4. Azraelswrd

    Vanguard a reward ship?

    At the moment, just Dreadnaught for that big December chain grind (40 of 62 possible needed) is free.
  5. Azraelswrd

    Server overloaded? 13k players?

    I got kicked out of trying to enter a match with the "server overloaded" warning message. Yeah, something is up with the NA servers today.
  6. Azraelswrd

    Server overloaded? 13k players?

    Yep, came to the forums to check for this very issue. Got my first overloaded warning.