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  1. SheikTheDog

    When was "The Golden Age" of WoWS?

    From release to right before the IJN DD tree split was the golden age in my opinion. I though the release of 0.6.0 with RPF would be bad for the game but didn't jump on the hate bandwagon at the time. Little did I know about what a dark future would bring.
  2. SheikTheDog

    PSA: Don't Go Out Without Good AA Right Now

    Full AA Alabama, North Carolina, Missouri and other US BBs ready here. US cruisers already have full-AA captains. Used the free captain respec to build all my AA-ship captains into full AA builds. I may have traded a bit of survivability and possibly will be an easier target for surface ships, which is perfectly acceptable, as long as I farm delicious CV tears in chat and don't give them the kill on me. You can already make yourself a difficult target for a CV with careful play, with a properly specced captain you can make him salty which is the pleasant part and what I intend. I'm ready to make this CV hell just as bad for fresh tier 8 CV captains as well.
  3. SheikTheDog

    What has happened to tiers 8-10?

    I've been noticing this for a long time now and I think it's a combination of factors. First, the game has been out for almost 4 years by now, plenty of time for the potatoes to fail their way into tier 10 since there's no skill barrier or any requirement whatsoever for reaching the end tiers. No matter how bad you are, just keep playing and you WILL reach tier 10 eventually. Second, the availability of resource modifiers. These days it's way easier to get resources with the pletora of camos you are given for free, the increased bonus for camos that didn't even exist 3 years ago, and how easy it is to farm bonus flags from events. 3 years ago I was happy with a camo that gave me +100% XP bonus, these days I keep those in port because they aren't even worth mounting. Just by playing during events I have plenty of other better camos. And I'm not even talking about signal flags. Third, the change to game economy. The way the economy is right now, if you have the perma camo for a tier 10 it helps you a lot on making money for funding a bad game that made you lose it earlier. Back in the day you had to alternate between tier 10 and a lower tier to make money to fund your high tier play. Today you can play high tier for an entire night and if you are having a BAD night, your silver will at least stay at the same number it was when you started playing. I don't know what could be done to "fix" this since I don't believe this is a problem for Wargaming. It might start to get frustrating for some players though. Might be why some don't play outside of a division or just avoid randoms and stay at clan battles. Oh, BTW, ranked has more to do with a grind than skill. How early you reach rank 1 is one thing. Just reaching rank 1 doesn't mean much. You can't make me believe the guy who took more than 800 matches to reach rank 1 and did it on the last day of the season is at the same skill level as the guy who did it on day 2 and only needed 40 battles.
  4. SheikTheDog

    Quick down and dirty Jean Bart builds?

    I have one of the Honoré brothers on my JB and I went for a full survivability build: Priority Target, Expert Marksman, Adrenaline Rush, Superintendent, BoS, Concealment and Fire Prevention (in no particular order). I did this because since JB's reload is already better than any other high tier BB, the longer your survive means more time to deal damage and help your team win. The Honoré captain with the special adrenaline rush benefits even more from the "manipulation" of this skill. I often hold on to my heals to take advantage of AR and only do it when I see I'm taking too much risk. <20s reload on battleship guns + improved turret traverse when all your guns are already at the front makes for a really effective and confortable to play battleship. I try to go for flanks and always moving to find better angles on enemies. The burst damage you can do to broadsides is bortherline unfair. These ships melt when sitting and trying to bow tank HE.
  5. SheikTheDog

    thoughts on 0.8.3

    I'm also anxious to see the italian BB line, though I'm not in a hurry and I don't mind if they put another lines ahead. I've seen people saying that the italian government didn't allow access to military plans/blueprints easily, so that might be the reason it is taking them so long. About italian cruisers, if the Ducas are any indicative of how that line will be, I don't have any high expectations. Feels like you need a lot of work to get decent results in them and it feels like it would be much easier to achieve such results with other same-tier competitors.
  6. SheikTheDog

    Azuma Premium Shop Availability

    What armor?
  7. SheikTheDog

    Racism, swearing at a player

    I've seen some "WEIRD" responses in this thread, to say the least. This discussion might be going downhill from here. Send a ticket with replay and screeshots attached to Support is pretty much the best option. I don't trust the automated "Misbehavior in chat" report. Support is the best way to have an actual human check the player's chat log and see what should be the penalty for that. The current punishment for this is too light. This should get at least a permanent chat ban.
  8. SheikTheDog

    Racism, swearing at a player

    Nah. It only takes what, 2 minutes (?) to write a ticket to Support with the screenshot. If you can help the comunity of the game you like to get rid/punish toxic behavior, why not? I know a chat ban for a small period of time doesn't really change the mind of the toxic a**hat, nor does it prevent him from continue on this "path" in the future, but at least he won't be able to share the nastyness he has inside his pea-sized brain. This comunity is great and deserves every help to prevent this behavior. "Cut it at the root"
  9. SheikTheDog

    Racism, swearing at a player

    In the WoWS scenario, I've seen racist coments on streams and even saw a streamer sending racist comments through in-game chat in a match during his stream. I took a PrntScr of the message IN THE GAME CHAT but was told by other players that most likely nothing could be done. It is rare to see such comments in the game chat though. This community is usually really nice and way less toxic than other games I've played. Unfortunatelly there will always be one ignorant person in every group of people. You should try whatever you can to get this behavior punished, IMO. Send a ticked with a screenshot to Support. I believe they pull the player's chat log, if the player is a recurrent offender, he will get a heavier punishment. (I believe this is how it works?) Even if it's only a chat ban, it will be an annoyance for him, already bether than let it pass with no action taken. FTFY
  10. SheikTheDog

    PSA - Don't complain about MM in all chat

    That I don't know. Sometimes I could assume some players are BB mains, bellow 600PR USN fanboys with no camo just from what they type in chat but I don't. It's just never good to have a stereotypical view of people. It's a sign of ignorance IMHO. But whatever...
  11. SheikTheDog

    PSA - Don't complain about MM in all chat

    Sorry to burst your meme bubble but "jajajaja" is spanish, as you probably know but ignored because it wouldn't be as fun. Shockingly, Brazil speak portuguese despite being Latin America. You know, the continent called America.
  12. SheikTheDog

    Cool good , Nothing

    Yap, this was a bad timing on this mission. They release a mission that requires planes when CVs are being changed every couple of weeks. I have accepted I won't be able to finish this one already. Started the missions late because I was on a break and then went to LWM's Exeter Review and it didn't really make me that interested. Her final veredict was the ship is OP but now that WG is nerfing premiums, this might end up being nerfed one day. Still a premium ship for free, will keep trying but I won't push any limits for it. What a surprise! You out of everybody in this forum talking about the side effects of people asking for unreasonable nerfs to a class. Oh the irony...
  13. The last thing I'd do is bring a comparison to real life in here, TBH. You don't get suggar-coat there. If your boss is a turd and calls you out for being bad, you either learn to get good or get kicked. The real-life game has better graphics but it's quite harder than WoWS.
  14. SheikTheDog

    No Fun

    What do you call "professional players"? People with good stats and are good at the game? Or people who have more free time to play than you? "People who get good at the game succeed more?? Oh no, game is totally rigged!!!1!!11 I demand my participation prize now!!1!1"