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  1. SheikTheDog

    Until something changes

    If only the sunk cost wasn't so painful to leave behind...
  2. You are creating a false dilemma and basing your argument on that to justify your opinion, as if there was no middle ground with actual skilled play between YOLOing in the direction of the enemy or blobbing up inside a 5km AA circle. Blobbing up is the optimal "strategy" to counter the CV (the more ships in the blob, more powerful your defenses will be against the CV), mindless YOLOing isn't required at all in any situation though. There's a difference between going full-speed-Leeroy-Jenkins into the enemy team, and intelligent play using map awareness to create crossfire or using concealment to reposition and attack from unexpected angles, etc. Truth is in most situations CVs in it's current state deny such strategies, effectively reducing the depth and skill ceilling of the game just so one guy can chill out 30km away from the battle but still feel like he's playing World of Warships, getting rewarded for merely selecting the right class. The holy class which Devs seems to be allowing to be broken because the company invested too much to rework to now come out and publicly assume they have been incapable of balancing it in any way that feels fair for both the player playing the CV and the guy getting attacked by it and pushed away from this game because of it's current state of balance.
  3. Imagine if every player who's ever been dissatisfied by something in this game simply never expressed their opinion, just stopped playing and moved on... We have a lot of changes that were implemented based on player's feedback. Even mods created by players have been implemented as a feature because they were seen as relevant by the Devs and a constructive addition to the game. Some quality of life improvements that you would expect to be basic common sense weren't implemented until Wargaming realized they should, indeed, be implemented. Such feedback didn't come from players "knowing as much as Devs", but was just based on their experience with playing the game. Unprofessional would be to ignore the fact that there's still constructive criticism to be heard from experienced and reasonable players amdist the the obvious wave of negativity that's been developed in the comunity for the past couple of years - and even such negativity isn't totally uncalled for based on recent-ish Wargaming's actions - and just telling the players to "sod off" with their opinions because they "don't know the game like the devs do". If there's one person you can expect constructive feedback to come from, it's Mouse.
  4. SheikTheDog

    California in Premium shop (edited)

    Seems like a ship that could have been good, but was chosen to be released essentially as a glorified Arizona that can be throwed against tier nines. And who still even cares about anti-air in the year of 2020? Well, certainly not CVs. Is that supposed to be it's feature? Sorry, that stopped being relevant a one and a half years ago. Can't wait to see a teammate with less than 100 battles overall playing this in a tier 9 match, in a gigantic tier 9 map, completely out of position for most of the game and full health, as he finally joins what's left of the main battle group after 3/4 of the team has already been wiped!
  5. SheikTheDog

    Competitive without CV featuring the Gaishu cup

    As far as I know that is precisely what happens with the King of The Sea tournament, unless things have changed recently. I don't remember seeing anywhere that the rules were made in agreement with Wargaming, just the prizes are provided by them and they have even called "official" casters to cast from Wargaming's office in the past. KoTS was created by the players.
  6. SheikTheDog

    Welcome to World of Warships

    Upvoted! I love the Myoko!
  7. SheikTheDog

    Welcome to World of Warships

    Yes. Seriously, that's why I don't like to use WoWS Monitor. Makes me question why did I even bother to login.
  8. Problem with that is it's easier for the BB to be relevant in a match and deal damage while still inside the safety of the cover provided by his teammates from enemy DDs. It's way harder for a DD to stay inside the AA cover of his team's second line and still be relevant, providing spotting, contesting caps and dealing damage for himself. What's the point of playing a highly mobile ship-type with great concealment that relies majorly on stealth if you need to stay inside a 6,9km radius (longest AA range at high tiers I can think of right now) around your teammates?
  9. SheikTheDog

    Yamato K117 Camo Question

    I think this was changed in the current patch: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/update-090-british-cruisers/ We've updated the Additional Content settings. Now you can enjoy the bonuses provided by camouflages even when their display is disabled. In this case, the standard permanent camouflage or, in case a ship doesn’t have one, the Type 5 camouflage will be displayed. Under the Exterior tab, such camouflages are marked with a special icon. As I understand he should be able to make the K117 camo look like a traditional japanese camo and still enjoy the bonuses. I thought I saw that being announced somewhere and had to double check to make sure I wasn't crazy.
  10. SheikTheDog

    I am in heaven -- going on right now.

    I'm referring to the ship LadyAnesjka was playing in this match, merely that. I'm not saying she or anybody else in the thread is a BB main, nor do I care for what class they main. The "surprise" comes from something that is seen as advantageous by players in a battleship, as I see it, may be an advantage for me too when I'm in a DD, the class supposed to be their biggest counter.
  11. SheikTheDog

    I am in heaven -- going on right now.

    I'm surpised to see that battleship players enjoy this map so much. I love Ocean when I'm in a DD. No islands for radar cruisers to sneak around undetected, I can see them coming miles away. If I get into radar range I can bait the radar and bail easily without islands in my way. No terrain also means BB players usually prefer to sit bow-on and reverse instead or doing a U-turn when they overextend because they don't have cover to protect their broadside while their clumsy ship completes that lengthy turn, becoming easy food for my torps.
  12. SheikTheDog

    PSA: A small matter of courtesy in Operation Narai.

    This I agree. I always ask my div mates politely if we can agree to that and most usually stick to it, even if it's random people picked from the Operations channel in port. Only when they see I'm potato'ing and may let the first transport sneak away that they take a shot. I even ask them to take shots at them too whenever they can if I see I'll fail. This I do not agree. Trust random teammates who most of the time don't even realize it is their job to go for the side jobs in Narai when they are in a more mobile ship-type such as a cruiser? The same people who don't even care for splitting the tasks previously in chat at the start of the operation? I will avoid trusting random teammates as much as I can in this game. I'd rather garantee better rewards for everybody, a 5-star win, than stick to a gentleman's agreement just to see them failling in front of me while I keep my arms crossed.
  13. SheikTheDog

    Myths in wows you know are not true

    #31 "Wargaming stealth-nerfed my Missouri (or any other premium ship)! I have no way to prove but I swear it's true!"
  14. SheikTheDog

    Could queue dumps please go away?

    "Probably not preferable to you and the other 11 players, but who cares for surface ships in 2019, right? We invested too much time and money into the rework and we have even sold a lot of premium CVs already. We have to please these players at least for some time until the next shiny new class arrives!" WG devs, probably. While thinking of a "good-guy-Wargaming" type of answer to post on your thread to show how concerned they are about this.
  15. SheikTheDog

    Georgia just an inferior MASS?

    There isn't really much I can add to compare Georgia to Mass, you got good answers here already. Now if it's worth the coal/$$$, I would say it's worth the coal. I wouldn't pay that much money for one single pixel ship, let alone one that I have the option to get for free, just locked behind a time wall. It's your money though, you are free to do whatever you want with it. If it were mine I would keep it and get the ship for coal. If you are able to play the game consistently (timewise, I mean) you will eventually accumulate enough of said resource.