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  1. Admiral_Thrawn_1

    MM having issues today?

    I have noticed unusual MM as well today.
  2. Got thinking about how late War and even post war DDs in particular were having torpedo armaments reduced or even removed entirely in favor of adding more AA. And I imagine some CAs that had above deck torpedo launchers may have had same thing done to them as well. So the question is did the IJN refit Yamato Final escorts in similar manner or even consider it? I mean they would had to of predicted that Yamato and escorts would have had to fend off at least a few aircraft, although they likely did not expect just how many CV aircraft would end up attacking Yamato. Yeah added AA on the escorts might not have saved Yamato, but at least it would not have seemed so suicidal.
  3. Admiral_Thrawn_1

    ST, new German commander and test ships.

    New German Captain looks pretty awesome to me as I use secondary guns a lot and having secondary gun reload time accelerated and HP healing will be quite useful. And awesome to have another historical Admiral added into the game. Only problem for me will be if I should use him on Bismarck, or on Gneisenau / Scharnhorst / PE Friedrich.
  4. Admiral_Thrawn_1

    Theory about MMing

    In my experience with warships and tanks is while you can still see some skilled players at tier X, many of the skilled players will return to mid tiers because of better battle quality, more variety of vehicles, and you see more iconic vehicles in mid tier. This is the reason I only use the most powerful vehicles I can lay my hands on in tier X in WG games, because I know lightly armored support vehicles will not usually carry well enough. You need either really good stealth, or heavy armor in addition to good weapons that hit hard. You don’t catch me in weakly armored tanks or TDs, just as you don’t see me in CLs at tier X either. Although rather ironic that DDs can have such weak armor, but they can launch torpedoes from stealth which makes up for it. (Good Armor really helps as even noobs firing wildly at you will hit you with at least some shells fired. Would be interesting to see now just what the good players vs bad players ratio these days at tier X in Randoms now that tier 8 ships are not seeing tier 10 as often.
  5. Admiral_Thrawn_1

    Theory about MMing

    I would say if they have trouble as a causal player these days at low tier, they might shift up to tiers 5-7 where your AA can at least do something even without being a really advanced player. Problem at tiers 3 and 4 is ships often have little to no AA, so even upgrading the AA does not have as much of an effect as even using a tier 5 ship would have when facing tier 4 or even tier 6 Carriers. I mean even a rather clueless player could see a ship like Texas has better AA than their tier 4 ships did.
  6. Admiral_Thrawn_1

    Midway is the worst performing T10 CV

    Russian CVs can’t happen in this game since they did not have any CVs until recently which are having severe problems. Other nations that currently have CVs in the game have them because they were either built, designed, or under construction in WWI-WWII, Russia did not do this, not even in the Cold War. Russia instead focused on armored land vehicles, aircraft, surface ships which were mainly CAs, DDs, or smaller vessels, submarines, and in the Cold War they added in Ballistic Missiles. You could say it was in part thanks to their geographical position in the world as well as land area under their control that made CVs a lower priority for Soviet Union, and in many ways impractical. CVs would have had difficulties between seas salt corrosion, icy conditions in the north, as well as the harsh storms that can develop in the north. Meanwhile they can have land bases that can reach into areas where a nation likes United States would need to send CV task force to be in more practical operational range of. Plus when you add in the ability to simply send Soviet forces across Asia if need be to reach most of the targets they might need to reach. Except for islands, as well as North America and South America.) And add in Soviet land based aircraft, surface ships, and submarines, you get a lot of military control and CVs just seem like a waste of time and money for them. Not to mention you can’t be somewhat clumsy in the design and operations of a CV or else the consequences are disastrous. Although they did manage to get submarines built and operational, but some could say that was thanks to being able to buy and capture some subs to learn how to design and operate them with, which you can’t usually just buy or capture a CV so easily. CVs not only require operational vessel with trained crews, but also aircraft that are capable of operating off a CV, trained aircrews for those, and then you need a flight deck crew as well. And on a CV pretty much everything has to work perfectly or else things grind to a halt, Russians have been known for technical issues with advanced military technology, which might in part be thanks to the climate. I mean can you imagine a CV trying to be in one of their northern naval bases!? ALL the ice would need removal off the flight deck, catapults, likely would have icing issues on hangar decks too, every control surface on an aircraft needs to be removed, hydraulics must be kept warm, engines can’t be allowed Des it have ice in them, machine guns and cannon can’t be iced up, bomb bays and hard points need to be ice free, and the list goes on. Which is why Russian land based planes work better as you can often have them at least a little farther south which helps lessen how much of a threat ice is to operations.
  7. Admiral_Thrawn_1

    Midway is the worst performing T10 CV

    Because this game has grown in popularity because CVs are not in many of the battles and people seem to prefer it that way. In real life yes the CVs became dominating, in some other games I can think of the CVs are dominating. But often times in WOWs you get to experience sort of what it might have been like if the naval planners had been right / gotten their wishes for surface fleet vs surface fleet engagement. That is why you saw DDs designed with added torpedoes instead of better AA until later when they could be retrofitted with AA at the cost of torpedo armaments. To put it another way as a good example is WOT, you don’t have Aircraft attacking your tanks and instead get to use tanks in combat areas that you would likely have been taken out from the air. Of course WOT PC does have Artillery which is part of the reason WOT Blitz is so popular thanks to no Arty ever, and instead just good tank combat with no unforeseeable threats coming down from above. Players in Wargaming games for the most part seen to enjoy how historical fighting machines could have fought it out had air power not grown into such dominance.
  8. Admiral_Thrawn_1

    Dear forum: How do I Kagerō?

    Yeah this is one of the problems when using DDs like Kagero is some players expect you to cap bases even when facing string gunboat DDs. When Kagero is far more valuable if you stay out of the bases and instead launch torpedoes from stealth on unsuspecting enemy ships. To accomplish this a Kagero player often has to slip behind enemy lines undetected so that the enemy BBs and maybe CAs can be targeted. Of course you will sink the occasion DD with your torpedoes as well. So trying to cap a base at least early on is one of the worst ideas, despite what some teams will try and tell you.
  9. Admiral_Thrawn_1

    Anyone else seeing buggy ranges post-patch?

    Actually removing or having no islands does not help matters at all. Just take a look at what happens on Ocean map where there is no land what so ever. You are 100% reliant on getting enough players that are willing to move up, or else they will all retreat to the white lines. Meanwhile maps like Fault Line the teams typically are willing to move up and engage the enemy. So if the islands are well laid out and enough of them then yes the teams tend to not camp, but too few islands or simply poorly laid out and you end up seeing the campers.
  10. You can still survive sometimes depending on the ships, and if you can use DCP in time to stop the flooding. Ramming flags can help as well.
  11. Admiral_Thrawn_1

    Kagerō 16 torpedoes

    Lol yeah I like taking Torpedo Reload over Smoke on high tier IJN DDs like Kagero, Harekaze, and Yugumo. Although on some DDs in the game Smoke is very much needed to shake off enemy aircraft or to be able to unleash continuous HE spamming preferably out of range of enemy radar.
  12. Admiral_Thrawn_1

    Update 0.8.10 - Resolute and Rapid!

    Lol must be a really OP captain.
  13. Admiral_Thrawn_1

    Head back to High School - 11th - 18th

    I learned that DD smoke can have more uses and also drawbacks than most people realize and as such are really helpful to know about. Remember that smoke not only can act as concealment, but also as smoke signals to attract enemy attention and fire. So use smoke screens wisely as they may instead ruin your stealth / element of surprise. Very useful to know for an IJN stealth torpedo boat line ship like Kagero or Harekaze. (You can even give up smoke on stealthy DDs like these and instead take torpedo reload booster to allow for more torpedoes to quickly be launched in battles.) Smoke can also be use to distract the enemy as a decoy, tricking them into staying back from an area even if they could have advanced with superior forces against sometimes just your Destroyer in that area. Very useful if you just captured a base, but will not be able to successfully hold it against a large number of enemy ships advancing on the base. So just lay a long smoke screen, and if the deceptive n works enemy may not move in for the duration of the smoke, or will waste torpedoes, radar, and hydro. And fun part is you can have already ran off to regroup with your team for the next coordinated attack on the enemy, and enemy can now be disadvantaged by having torpedoes on reload, radar, and hydro either depend or now on cool down unable to be used in time. Smoke can be used to allow allied ships to hide in and stealth fire. But doing this they will often require your DD to between them and the enemy not only for keeping enemy ships spotted, but also to help give advanced warning no of incoming torpedo attacks. Smoke can be used to allow your DD to stealth fire, but you must stay on the move back and forth in the smoke so that the enemy can’t fire shells and successfully hit you based in where your shells are coming from in the smoke. Also keeping your ship even a little mobile in the smoke can allow you to dodge torpedoes if they are fired into the smoke or will allow you to get up to speed more quickly thanks to already being some what mobile within the smoke. Or the smoke can be layed to hide the numbers of allied ships moving to push a flank and this not give enemy team time to react. Smoke can be used to hide your ship as well as allied ships if under air attacks. And finally smoke can be laid to cover a retreating allied ship or ships that may have gotten low on health and need to safely retreat unseen. Captain Moeka C for use on my Musashi please.
  14. Admiral_Thrawn_1

    Hipper Bismarck rain of shells

    Yeah I think they did it to prevent secondary guns from scoring citadel hits. Although be careful in Scenario battles of Forts, those still seem to have some AP shells mixed in despite being small like secondary guns. Found that out the hard way after taking a hit that did major damage to my Graf Spee, and it could only have been a citadel hit.
  15. Admiral_Thrawn_1

    Hipper Bismarck rain of shells

    No only the IJN BBs that I know of carried the HE and AP secondary gun mix, but pretty sure they are HE now.