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  1. Tiers 2, 3, 4, and 5 stink and need to go.

    Here is s little secret that you could / would know if you did a study of WWII.... It is that a lot of what was used in WWII as far as ships go were built in WWI era or just after the war. Only some ships were built during WWII.
  2. Graf Spee and River Plate Battle

    You would be surprised at just how many Germans simply fought for the love of Germany, or their branch of the armed forces instead of the political party at the time.
  3. Welcome aboard @BTed72 Lol based on what you have said about yourself you could be a long lost brother of mine from another life.
  4. Nicholas hull/armament upgrade pathway.

    I personally have used the AA hull with BFT skill to increase rate of fire of main guns and AA and has been ok.
  5. A special project turned up an interesting photo!

    Thank you, always fun to get more history as well as photos. +1
  6. Been doing a study of the Graf Spee recently and wanted to start a discussion on it. Graf Spee had been able to badly damage the Royal Cruisers sent to sink the Graf Spee while taking some damage herself before having to flee towards the neutral port of Montevideo Uruguay and getting trapped there since that area was more in favor of the allies. Mar del Plata in Argentina has been said to have been a better option for a safe haven for Graf Spee to have gotten herself. What are the odds Graf Spee could have altered course and reached this port instead? Or was it at all possible to to have blasted it’s way out of Montevideo and gone down to Mar del Plata? I know Graf Spee 11’ shell supply had been reduced 20 minutes worth by the time they reached Montevideo. As well as having only enough fuel for 16 hours of travel and having water purifier destroyed, so returning to Germany without repairs was out of the question. The engines were also in need of an overhaul. Argentina was known to be German friendly so certainly would have sheltered them far better. Judging by this map looks like Graf Spee had a bit of terrain to work with since sand bars would limit Royal Navy reaction depending on the guard positions they had taken up. Some deployments could over all the exit points, but at same time possibly limit immediate response the RN could have done allowing Graf Spee the luxury of 1 vs 1 or 1vs 2 while making a break for Argentina. I do not have any data on whether RN Torps could pass over parts of the sand bars or not which is another factor. Also interesting to consider for fun debate is what if the Germans had been able to get intelligence reports that the British were bluffing about reinforcements... Maybe do a counter bluff that there were U-boats in the area? After all why not when those sneaky little wolves probably seemed like they could show up just about anywhere and with the damage those British Cruisers had taken odds are they could easily have taken enough damage to have rendered detection and perhaps even anti submarine weapons either compromised or unusable. Think German Naval Enigma was not broken at at the time so had the Germans been able to be informed of the bluff maybe something could have been discussed?
  7. Vulgarities

    Umm if you think game allows bad chat you may want to read EULA or else be in for shocking surprise at some point lol.
  8. Vulgarities

    Screen Shot the chat, then send those screen shots into Wargaming support and the players using such language will get some nice Ban time or even be permanently banned. Wargaming support does not tolerate such things in chat so sending in screen shots in report tickets really does work. Some friends and I really cracked down on the chat in World of Tanks Blitz chat which had turned really bad, but Wargaming went into the 5 chat strikes and then permanently banned era. So consequences were higher And therefore more worth while to send in reports since offenders would suffer more. Within a month or so of sending in support tickets the offensive chat was reduced to basically 0 when it had been quite bad each match. Just need to embark on Campaign of reporting those that truly deserve it in WOWs and the vulgar chat will cease either from the offenders learning not to use that chat or being permanently silenced.
  9. Server/global record for secondary hits?

    Lol would love to know how many total secondary rounds were fired to achieve that...
  10. Try before you buy?

    Lol or spend a lot of cash and simply buy the Wargaming company, once you own the company then insisting on trying ships suddenly becomes very possible I would imagine...
  11. Try before you buy?

    I got to test premium ships back in February as a Corgi Captain so there are rare occasions when you get to test premium ships.
  12. And 1942 was far too late to have gained the Bofors to have helped Bismarck. As sad as it is to see Bisnarck destroyed it was probably for the best since if that beast had been able to get to France, get repaired, and get back into the Atlantic as a raider it would have created havoc since no convoy with typical escorts would have been able to withstand it, and to assemble a Battle Group large enough to take on the Bismarck would have been practically impossible to assemble to protect convoys.
  13. Think I typically have used mostly CAs, sometimes Air superiority CVs for the Op, but seems like Fuso was good in that Op as well since it has all those guns coupled with decent mobility, ability to heal damage, some secondary gun power, and reasonable AA if equipped to carry good AA. Guess I will have to play the Op again and see lol.
  14. Welcome aboard @Gneisenau013 and thank you for serving in the US armed forces I am always grateful for those that have served. Also love the name since Gneisenau is one of my favorite ships.
  15. Aigle

    Yeah they are ok, it’s just they have different strengths than some of their rivals which I have used heavily. And not being able to make a ship work for you dies not always mean you are a bad player, your strengths may just lie with the play style of other ships. Aigle just sounds like a ship you either really love or really hate like Graf Spee. I got to try Graf Spee as a Corgi Captain in February and love for Graf Spee a lot after a couple battles or so to figure out the ship it just clicked really well with me so I used it heavily over that weekend until Corgi Event ended and I had to give it up since can’t afford to buy one for main account unless I can earn the other half of the Doubloons to get the Graf Spee. Aigle on the Other hand I am going to be able to earn for free from current event so I will have to see if I like it or hate it lol.