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  1. Admiral_Thrawn_1

    What are the proposed FDG buffs?

    Well heard the Secondaries would all be HE firing for ships so that may be one of the buffs. The other buff was canceled because it was the 10% garrenteed shell damage to ship HP if you hit Torpedo bulge, gun mount, or AA mount. Which would have been great for ships like German BBs since they would have sliced up ships far more effectively. But but would have hated the idea as far as many of my other ships would have been. So these are the buffs you may have heard discussed.
  2. Admiral_Thrawn_1

    Fighting Friday - Super Sub Challenge

    Gato Class were known to be modified during WWII as experiences were gained. USN had special Maintenance / supply ships that would meeet up the subs late war as sort of mobile ports for them. And they could get resupplied, repair work done, and upgrades and modifications. 127mm /5’ guns were favorable for the sub crews when they got them part way through the war.
  3. Admiral_Thrawn_1

    urgent request believe privacy breech

    Need to be little more clear on such emails or one of these times you may end up with the FBI as well as other law enforcement agencies on your backs if you startle users enough. Wargaming has tendency to sometimes cause confusion with some emails and news.
  4. Admiral_Thrawn_1

    Unusual Email recieved - Wargaming.net: Data Deletion Request

    Yeah might as well take the risk of mentioning the Russian side of Wargaming is shall we say a little risky as far as security goes. That’s why I created separate isolated email for WOWs, with extra security and have it and the WOWs App and isolated as well from everything else of mine. And the email address I used despite my keeping it a careful secret managed to get leaked to hackers that I GOS tracked to within rather short distance of Wargaming NA HQ. Thankfully my caution about encryption and suspicions about bogus looking emails made the hackers fail to break in, but I was receiving alerts that email password was being requested be given or changed as if you had forgotten it or something among other things. All hack attempts failed, and now I get it flooded with spam, may have to delete that email for safety and get another email for WOWs.
  5. Well in tanks they have capping awards, so not like wargaming does not do them at all. But just a little of the saying “ right hand does not know what the left hand is doing” going on at Wargaming between the games lol. WOWs Dev team will get the memo that capping awards are good thing eventually lol.
  6. Admiral_Thrawn_1

    War Effort Wednesday - Cruisers

    Yeah the IJN may lack radar and often only have adequate or less than adequate AA, but they certainly can hunt DDs. Little nervous about some of the Concealment Expert skill changes to just flat 10% to all ships since that could hamper this ability a little. Because at the moment tier 8+ IJN CAs often can sneak to within around 9-10km range, which DDs can often spot you in open water in time, but still gets you within closer striking range unseen. If you reall want some fun try using Mogami like I did on tier 8 Ranked. Some of my teams predicted I would be dead weight or was crazy bring Mogami into Ranked. But with the Concealment below 10km, 15x 155mm guns, nice hydro, a Catapult Fighter, 4 sets of Torpedo launchers with workable angles when you get used to them, and close range secondary guns to scare them a little with does add up into good DD killing ship. Lol my teams that doubted my Mogami changed their tune after enemy DDs would be sunk as I escorted allied DDs into areas like the Ranked C cap on Hotspot map, which has often been awesome DD battle arena with those islands in there, lol sometimes Mogami would even torp duel the enemy DDs as if it were a DD instead of a CA and could “cheat” in such skirmishes with it’s Hydro. Lol good times, although these days it could use a tiny bit more gun range, but guess that’s why you need Ibuki and Zao lol.
  7. Admiral_Thrawn_1

    The official Gneisenau rant thread

    Gneisenau gun’s are good enough, but often you need to moved into range, and have full secondary build innit except for manual secondary skill, I replace that skill with Concealment Expert to allow me to move into more effective gynnrange before needing to open fire. And 8km Secondaries firing at ships on both sides of you works well. The manual secondary skill is better suited to Bismarck and not a Gneisenau.
  8. Yes that would make good sense to do it that way.
  9. Well like in the Scenerio, if you ram your sub into the enemy ship your sub is dead and enemy ship is damaged small amount, which in real life would happen. But certainly not the higher damage that surface ships ramming into each other cause. The tweaking of the ar timers probably will result in changes to how fast they can submerge, but also hoping to see slightly longer time limits to be submerged, like up to 3-4 minutes might be good, otherwise a surface ship will just sit there for a minute Sub is garrenteed to surface and be a free kill for you every time. Of course this longer submerged time should only be done if the subs are given slower underwater speeds than surfaced.
  10. I totally agree that no sub should be able to outrun a DD, my acceptance of the idea of subs being balanced to have a little extra speed is merely so they can catch up to ships like CVs and at least good portion of the BBs, some BBs are fast enough that they will outrun subs. And if that means subs have to run surfaced to get the speeds needed to catch up to targets then that is reasonable. Already gotten into the habit in Halloween Scenerio of running surfaced unless spotted or moment before spotted submerging. Since having the higher surfaced speed is a very likely balancing feature of subs they can addd, and historical one for most of the WWII subs.
  11. Admiral_Thrawn_1

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Am I supposed to be practicing for the Nutcracker?
  12. Admiral_Thrawn_1

    RIP Stan Lee

    Except maybe more Cameos in cartoons and comics. Deeply saddened by the loss of such a great man, interesting how he started small, but then touched and inspired so many and brought enjoyment.
  13. I am willing to beep an optimistic open mind, and several tiers worth of ships that will probably be good sub hunters on hand, and several choices of such vessels for each tier as well. You see if something new is added you don’t like or found to be unexpectedly disruptive to your gameplay is added and being used heavily, you will find players no a lot with intent to smash those ASAP every battle does wonders. Like when USN Radar CAs were added everyone was using them, and my DDs were being over harassed, so spent few days unmercifully killing off those CAs until their numbered receeded to normal levels. You see I may be keen on using subs since I like playing wide range of ships and being versatile, but if a class is verperfming and throwing battles too far off balance then I join the ranks of players using the strongest counters to the disruptive ships and bring things back under control. Just like if CVs are hounding you all weekend then using some heavy AA ships to burn them out of the skies can discourage the CV players since every ship that effectively counters them that is added to que, is one more to help break their will to use them. It leaves only the strongest willed players using CVs, and makes the ones using them on a whim or as a fad to try move on to other ships. Will be the same with subs, and honest think subs will be weekend weapons or on holidays, since on normal weekdays when better players and teams play, the subs will be hunted efficiently. Subs do have the potential to be effective particularly against weekend teams, but based on the Halloween event I can see how ASW once under human control and with a little coordination will be deadlier thannin the event.
  14. Well considering Wargaming is adding in Alaska which will be another such CA, and CAs like Stalingrad in tier X, and Graf Spee has been in tier 6 the idea of a heavy cruiser with BB guns is not an unheard of idea and has been acceptable this long after all. And what do you do when at least some of them were built to be that way in real life lol.
  15. In some games I have played support team can make a Senior Officer the leader if proof that the leader has been inactive be for many months is given. Might be worth a try since all you would be out is the few minutes it would take to assemble a proper support ticket. Also might be help if clan or at least the officers voted on who to elect as their new leader and that was also supplied to support along with the screen shots proving very long time of inactivity. Not heard of this kind of thing being done in this game, but since it is done one in a while in some often games I have played it might as I said be worth a try,