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  1. Think I might have figured out what Wargaming is thinking with recent changes. You have had players whining for long time about getting attacked by CVs, you have had CVs complaining about not being able to do enough, you have had Complaints about too many BBs, you have had complaints about smoke screens, ect. So now we have a game where in order to have a decent, well OP to be honest CV you must buy a Premium CV and they still not perfect. Regular CVs are getting hit by Nerfs to knock down their numbers in battles. BBs and Heavy Cruisers are now getting hammered by Deep Water Torps and AP Bombs. And you can no longer Fire in smoke if you wish to remain hidden. Lol DDs will likely be the next ship to get hammered since al the rest of the ships have gotten clear cut targeted Nerfs.
  2. Yeah German and IJN BBs are toast against AP bombs, because all it takes is 1 AP bomb and you lose massive amounts of HP instantly if you even manage to survive the hit that is. I would be willing to agree to having CV receive various buffs if the AP bombs were either removed or nerfed down to be more like a BB AP shell hitting you instead of an AP nuke.
  3. Bring Back Kitakami!

    She would be a fun ship to use, we would just have to ensure only responsible players get their hands on it some how if it's put in.
  4. I personally love closing into medium or close range to fight in my BBs and Secondary range fights are particular favorites of mine.
  5. Mighty MO the Brawler

    I totally agree, sinking the enemy at closer range is a lot of fun!
  6. Personally I like spamming Citadel hits which are not gained with HE hits but AP....
  7. Has WOWS become too complicated?

    AP Bombs and Deep Water Torps in the very least make things more complicated from coding point of few. Meaning more chances for Wargaming to end up with bugs and glitches lol.
  8. Has WOWS become too complicated?

    Just Remove Deep Water Torpedoes and AP Bombs, doing this will make the game far more enjoyable and simplified as well.
  9. World of DDs... Holy Sh-

    Going to go out on a limb and say now might be a good time to use CAs heavily since many of those can rip right through DDs, plus they get Catapult planes that stay in air far longer than BBs planes and are somewhat useful in detecting Torps.
  10. Only problem with this ^ is even if you are keeping sharp eye out regular Torps can be hard enough to spot, and Deep Water Torps have even less detection warnng time so if anything we will see BBs staying much farther away at least until enemy DDs are sunk. My BB playstyle is to sail right in to assist DDs and CAs with capping bases or securing flanks with them so they have that added local fire support. But with Deep Water Torps it's likely to get far more complicated.
  11. WoWS dying?

    Umm last I checked Apple had 80% of the total Tablet Market...
  12. Well considering that last I heard, Cruisers are vulnerable to Deep Water Torps, so the changes would be that they will stay out of action until the DDs are dead, so now DDs may have to step up and actually fight front line. Then again some DDs hate to push without support So if it's now far less safe for the other classes to push, then sounds like even bigger mess than befor. While there was some camping prior to Deep Water Torps, you could still find enough BBs and CAs willing to support DDs in pushing into the bases. Now if Wargaming made Deep Water Torps only affect BBs and not CAs then things would improve some, but regardless Deep Water Torps need to be pulled out of the game since playerbase is far from being ready to cope with such weapons, perhaps there will never be suitable time to have such Torps in the game to be honest.
  13. WoWS dying?

    Only the fact that if they are not getting enough players or at least revenue to make having other platforms for WOWs then they would halt or slow development on the other platforms. Not saying WOWs PC will be shutting down anytime soon, but they may not like their numbers at the moment.
  14. WoWS dying?

    The Appeal of a mobile version of WOWs is Apple will hold them more accountable so maybe the connection to server might be better than PC WOWs is these days.