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  1. I love my Fubuki it's a very solid performer both in Randoms and was good in Ranked for me.
  2. That requires coordinated teamwork in order to work though. I did see some fairly historical Torpedo attacks by DDs in Ranked where they work together in a row and create a massive torpedo spread then peel off to reload before going back in for another run.
  3. Only ship the TA skill might still be good on is Mutsuki since with its seemly odd torp cones that allow so many ships to sail through safely, the extra speed on the torps vs reduced distance might still be a good thing since the ship has the stealth for it. But I agree that on the rest of the DDs I will not be touching that TA skill since I need the Torp range far too often.
  4. Maybe some of the players only did very minimal reading and found "Crossing the T" battle tactics on Wikipedia?
  5. I call that the Shooting Fish in a Barrel for my DD defense, lol have had enemy ships do that in Ranked of all places and I almost killed 3 ships in 1 Torpedo salvo alone and they had full HP or close to it and they just went down like dominoes. Very easy way to get a double strike Award, not bad hunting for a flame spitting CA either since you can spread the flame, they repair, then spread flame again and watch the enemy Fleet burn down lol.
  6. Noticed they dropped the Torpedo armament on the ship, and better hope those Secondaries are dual purpose because otherwise there will be a CV feeding frenzy with only 4 AA guns...
  7. Is it just me or does that look rather similar to the Ise class BB? Of course Ise would have to be tier VI or VII since it's the class of BB that was between Fuso and Nagato.
  8. Encourgang your team to roll in probably slightly better option since I have seen teams hold back entire battle and enemy just caps all the bases and wins on points where as if your team does try to steamroll in together at least they can contest the bases and perhaps win. If your team is destined to lose might as well get it over with, but if they can play then rolling in will net kills and bases.
  9. I have seen enough tier X Carriers to tell you that you are not the only one playing high tier Carriers lol.
  10. Lol I love pulling right alongside Iowa Class ships that are noobs in my Gneisenau and as my main guns and Secondaries are firing away at them from about 4-5 km distance they usually fail to remember that Gneisenau like the Scharnhorst does not rely on guns alone for its damage...
  11. xvm

    Yeah I like knowing in WOT Blitz, but XVM is not needed for me to know in that game since clans are so popular all you have to do is know which clans are good and just kill the players that wear those clan tags. Lol killing them usually ensures pretty easy win. But at least I have created some insurance against XVM in WOWs by not spending cash to level my ships up instantly or skipping bad ships, so my WR had taken just enough damage to mask the threat I can be from showing up on XVM type lists.
  12. Yeah Suuport can often be quite unhelpful
  13. Yeah the last line killed me as well XD
  14. xvm

    Considering the result of a WOWs player onosing that a very good player is in enemy team and then warns my team and the team scatters in fear XVM would be very bad idea. WoT they would simply all target the good player instead of running away.
  15. Wanted to add my internet connection is good enough that during times when WOT Blitz server goes unstable which is pretty much every update I collect kills and great damage totals from users that use normal internet connections since my connection accelerates the speed enough to compensate for at least some of what happens on Wargaming's end.