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  1. Admiral_Thrawn_1

    Soviet T10 DD, R-10, WIP

    Well Khabarovsk was before RU Bias got turbocharged with all these recent ships. Had to dual it out in my Musashi mid to close range to today against a bow on RU CA that was either tier 8 or 9 and was doing frustratingly low damage per minute against the thing when I by all rights I should have been scoring full pens or even citadels against it with how many shells per salvo that were hitting. There are tier X BBs that can’t take those levels of punishment in such an encounter and yet these new RU CAs and CKs seem to be able to do it just fine... And while I am not against ships being strong and CAs getting some armor, but there are limits to what should be done. Makes me nervous about this new DD as WG is possibly going to create something more OP than Kléber was and then not nerf it for a year or 2.
  2. Admiral_Thrawn_1

    Fire on USS BonHomme Richard

    Yeah I too am interested in this matter
  3. Admiral_Thrawn_1

    Fletcher at 5+ and a Greyhound Review

    If you have purchased an Apple device within the last year such as a phone or something then you are likely eligible for a Year of Apple+ for Free just like I was.
  4. Admiral_Thrawn_1

    Fletcher at 5+ and a Greyhound Review

    Yes they could track a convoy like that as they would travel surfaced until they needed to submerge, they would space U-Boats with 1 every few Kilometers so that they would have high chances of spotting convoy, then they would radio back to Germany and the U-Boat command would then organize the wolf pack based on this info. So often times the U-Boats could be ahead of the convoy anyway, but even if they had to come up from behind the convoy they could manage. The reason being is even if the Convoy had some ships that could do 30knts+ they would not travel at that speed. What ever the slowest ship in the convoy traveled that was the speed of the entire convoy speed. So if the slowest speed was 5 or 8 knts guess what the convoy speed was? Now even with this consideration for the slowest ship in the convoy when they were heading out on the journey, if you broke down the convoy would not stop nor slow down for you. So if a ship broke down odds are they were left behind so they had better hop to get moving ASAP. And as cruel as this sounds it was a matter of safety for the entire convoy since if they sat around indefinitely they odds would increase exponentially for the U-Boats would show up and start attacking.
  5. Admiral_Thrawn_1

    Fletcher at 5+ and a Greyhound Review

    Activated free trial year of Apple+ just to be able to watch the movie Grey Hound, and greatly enjoyed it. Very well done I thought. Even some of the decisions / details made in the story were pretty accurate I felt. WARNING MOVIE SPOILERS BELOW, ONLY READ IF YOU HAVE WATCHED THE FILM OR ELSE DO NOT MIND SPOILERS!!!
  6. Admiral_Thrawn_1

    Do you perform better on some maps?

    Think Okinawa is my worst map, likely because when MM decides it’s my turn to take a loss it typically gives me that map and a really bad to to ensure it’s a loss as enemy can roll through across the line and no place to fall back to when needed. Battles are bad enough there 99% of the time that when I see it I know I should take a break for a few hours or even the rest of the day after playing out a battle there. Honestly think I may have had good fortune on Ocean map more times than I have had Okinawa map battles go well.
  7. Admiral_Thrawn_1

    Well Got Curious and Tried Secondary Build CV

    No I can’t stealth fire secondary guns as the A. Parseval with just the concealment module has 11.8 detection range and secondary guns only stretch out to 10.6 with all possible secondary upgrades applied. My Bismarck has full secondary build that has to forego Concealment Expert for Manual secondary gun skill. If Concealment Expert is in the captain build along with concealment module your concealment drops down to 10.6km which is the same range as the secondary guns. Which is as close to stealth firing the secondary guns as you can get. So if your secondary guns are at work you will be detected unless a DD smokes up your ship for you.
  8. Admiral_Thrawn_1

    Well Got Curious and Tried Secondary Build CV

    Yes it does really help, and is an often forgotten asset in ship builds as so often ships instead need main battery and torpedo tubes protection. But in ships like Yamato class where the main turrets are so well armored that they do not require the added protection you can get creative and have far more long lasting AA and secondary guns. CVs have sometimes wondered how in the world my Yamato’s AA is so good and aside from upgrades it’s the fact I have it able to stay intact far longer than usual. And in the case of a second gunned CV you once again have a case of it needing that secondary protection module and being able to use it. You can always go to tech tree and hit preview ship to see all it’s specs. But I will tell you as well. The A. Parseval has 6x2 of the 105mm German dual purpose secondary guns. That are positioned single file 3 fore and 3 aft of the superstructure so that they can fire off to either side.
  9. Admiral_Thrawn_1

    Well Got Curious and Tried Secondary Build CV

    Yep just explain at battle and odds are they will be ok with it. Don't forget auxiliary modules Mod for slot 1 as I think it helped stay intact during the battle which resulted in more hits.
  10. Admiral_Thrawn_1

    Well Got Curious and Tried Secondary Build CV

    Yeah I told my team I was not crazy, told them my build, that I was testing the secondary build, and they were actually really nice about the idea.
  11. My curiosity finally got the better of my and tried A. Parseval with full secondary build utilizing my Bismarck 19 point secondary build captain, secondary flags, and secondary gun modules on the CV. Then took it into Co-Op on a trial run, and the results were somewhat promising relying only on secondary guns, concealment, and speed for dealing damage.
  12. Admiral_Thrawn_1

    Ideal cruiser targets for rocket planes tier 10?

    Where / how did you find the info on the rocket pen?
  13. Admiral_Thrawn_1

    WG: shot across the bow with sync droppers

    I will say not all sink drops are bad. For example some of my clan mates and I have sync dropped couple battles here and there in Randoms. And have not committed any dishonest behavior in doing so. On the contrary we go all out to try and sink each other, so it’s by no means done in a way to gain unfair advantage. And all the players involved in the sync drop are good players and we genuinely try and help our teams as well as do our best to fight the opposing team.
  14. Not anymore, there are competitors coming soon I have heard.
  15. CVs are no flavor of the month hate, but a long term hate that has been there any time CVs are present. Really surprised WG never has removed CVs as relatively few players genuinely like them, a few more are neutral on CVs, while the vast majority of players Hate CVs.