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  1. I am honestly wondering how government can make taxes on something like an online game transaction since most transactions in game are not like going to a store and buying something or having something delivered to your house or Business. In game you are buying something within a game, that stays in game, and normally provides no real world benefit except bring joy to the user.
  2. Warspite vs QE

    Lol yeah I can live with 15’ Guns, good armor, nice AA, and reasonable mobility on a tier VI BB.
  3. Summer Vacation is the likely culprit or trying to play them on weekends.
  4. operation cherry blossom - devs

    Problem is depending on what Wargaming throws at us there will be no BBs like Richelieu to tank fire and carry the teams like in Hermès Operation. I have seen so many cruisers quickly sunk in Hermès that it makes me quite concerned about the Cherry Blosdom Operation. Soviet Cruisers will not be a substitute for IJN and KM CAs or being able to help carry teams using a CV or BB. The 15k Free XP is ok, but that can be earned elsewhere and likely will not be enough of a reward to compensate for the hardships Cherry Blossom. Players will likely need to create teams of skilled players, which is a shame since I have been able to get 5 stars on all the other operations with random teams.
  5. operation cherry blossom - devs

    Not sure how enjoyable this mission will be or if it will be a flop. The restrictions are worse than Hermès and the rewards are not exactly compensating for the trouble the OP will likely be, except for the premium time of course which is always nice. Was kind of hoping for Doubloons again.
  6. Depends on if the DD has moved from their last spotted position while laying smoke since that spot will be fire on. Also depends on if Radar or Hydro gets used as well again the smoke. My favorite trick while in IJN DD is to send Torps into enemy smoke to find the enemy DDs or sometimes multiple enemy ships in the smoke lol. Now a smoked Akizuki or a smoked cruiser that can spam HE like a machine gun, but weakly armored can be great asset for the team and do so safely. But typically you need somebody like an allied DD patrolling put in from of the smoke to spot the targets and to spit and incoming threats. Did this with Farragut in tier 8 match and nothing I could really do on that particular map I was on. So told couple of our CLs that would lay smoke and I layer it in great position to fire onnendmy team then I moved ahead about 2-4 KM and paced back and forth for 2 minutes to ensure both their safety and that enemy would stay spotted. Then few minutes later we repeated this trick and enemy team was destroyed lol.
  7. Warspite vs QE

    I have a permanent camo for QE and have a Captain trained for the QE. That Captain also does Warspite for me as well as Duke of York and Nelson for farming Elite Captain XP. Warspite seems to have slightly more powerful shells, better Secondaries, and makes more credits that QE. Where QE really shines is the AA defenses have proven superior to Warspite and the main guns while slight less powerful tha Warspite some how, they are still very potent. From my personal experience with QE and Warspite, both are good and really not sure why some people hate QE since with some of the scores I have pulled in her, it’s hard to imagine her not being considered good lol.
  8. Buffing the Buffalo?

    I know it makes no sense, and has made no sense with the way Buffalo has been bouncing shells. Either more to it that meets the eye, or bugs in the code. Because I have hit them with hits that usually will go right on into cruiser armor and instead my Bismarck shells bounce so often against the Buffalo lately!?

    This true, and even some of the magazine detonations on WWI and WWII were caused by fires burning all the way to the magazines.

    The new USN Cruisers are actually not all that bad to face in a BB, their HE spamming is nothing new and their fire chances seem to be less than that of cruisers of other nations. If a USN is causing me trouble and I can’t get away from them, I will instead charge them to allow my Secondaries and main guns to fire at them. Unlike other cruisers from the various nations, USN CAs lack torpedoes. So aside from their weaker Secondaries and possibly getting rammed, you don’t really have the major threat faced when moving BB close to cruisers which are the torpedoes since USN CAs do lack Torps except for Atlanta, Flint, Omaha, and Phoenix which only have Torps that are 5.5 km range or less. Captain skills, Signal flags, and premium Consumables are also very helpful if your BB is being set on fire too often.
  11. Lert's tier 8 experiment

    Lol I sometimes prefer to face tier X in ships like Kagero since I can do a lot more HP damage to X BBs than to tier VI BBs...
  12. Premium Ship Review #103: Salem

    +1 Miss Mouse, great work as always. Informative, well written, and a fun amount of humor as well.
  13. Where's the Missouri?

    Yeah I can vouch for that, whenever a truly excellent and overpowered premium vehicle in either tanks or ships arrives, chances are you want to snatch it up the first time around since later on you will pay through the nose and then some for the chance to aquire it. Thankfully Wargaming only does that when they realize they created really overpowered premium vehicle that can’t be allowed to exist all the time or even return to the shop, unless under restricted circumstances lol. Even with Missouri gone for the foreseeable future at least, there are still other alternates that are good both in power and credit earnings.
  14. If Germany had gotten allied support to engage Russia, then Poland likely would have allowed their forces to pass through if Russia was deemed as a major threat. If you are a small nation and another nation is willing to neutralize a major threat next to you, would you allow another nation access to cross your land to fight off enemy before they can eventually attack you? Remember Russia under Soviet rule was never all that friendly to many nations and would not have taken all that much for world to have turned on them if Germany, Japan, and Italy had not taken the spotlight. Yes Russia fought on same side as the allies, but always seemed more of the Enemy of my Enemy is my friend arrangement. You can sometimes even find references to Allies and Soviet Union fighting Germans which is another clue to how things were. Of course my speculation would have required things to go differently if Germany had simply wanted to fight Russia and not the others, but it is fun to look at all the possible courses things could have taken.
  15. Where's the Missouri?

    In that case Wargaming might bring Missouri back in the same manner as the IS-3 Defender in WOT Blitz, occasionally do events where you can end up spending a fortune for chances of winners the desired rare vehicle. ( IS-3 Defender is pretty good analog to to the Missouri in both power and credit earnings) I am just glad I earned both vehicles for free lol.