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  1. need a DD for Dynamo, suggestions

    Ah I see, that is a nice thing to have organized. Especially when some people absolutely can’t get 5 stats on a particular Operation due to game bugs. Ended up having to have my clan help me with Narai I think it was because game would crash and continue crashing for duration of rest of the Op if I reloaded game. As soon as ships reached the entrances to the harbor, and was only Op that does that with the exception of occasional trouble on Final frontier. Really odd bugs since only affects some of the community and not really others and consistently occurs at certain points in the Operation curious isn’t it? Rest of the Operations have never had those troubles and can get into far more intense fights as far as server and computer workload and yet not crash, always puzzled me to say the least.
  2. need a DD for Dynamo, suggestions

    My concern is when in the mood to just have a relaxing time in Scenerio mode and just feel liking helping out I will enter into Scenerio battles solo and armed to the teeth to best be able to shepherd some of the players along after already having gotten my 5 stars. Can be rather fun helping others when a new Operation drops so they can have a chance to get the rewards and maybe help them learn a little and better themselves by setting a good example. And Lol I know you APOC players are great in a good rumble, seen a lot of you guys in Ranked I have killed a few of you guys, you guys have killed me a few times, and done well usually when on the same team lol. Definately a Clan name I respect since some of the coaches in Ranked have been quite the brawl, remember 1 battle was DD vs DD and took me 2-5 minutes to finally wear the APOC player HP from full to 0 and cost me 2/3 of my HP and I had SE skill on my Captain. I sail away or sit there sinking beneath the waves depending on the outcome thinking man those APOC players are a pain in the neck to sink... Needless to say I am happier when on the same side in Ranked.
  3. Thoughts on ranked

    Lol yeah it was insane getting up through the Ranks to reach Rank 5 and teams are now often more reasonable to deal with, but of course also more skilled on both sides lol. I want that Classic Jolly Roger Flag, so trying to get to Rank 1 Just Once to say that I could do it and to get that flag lol... But either way it’s more optional for me since I have the Corgi Fleet Jolly Roger Flag from being a Corgi Captain which is my favorite and most precious Flag I own. That was such a good weekend sailing with SuperNikoPower, but also bittersweet since it was the last time the Corgi Fleet would sail officially since Niko had to step down due to Wargaming shutting down the California HQ they had. But we certainly made the last weekend of the Corgi Fleet a very memorable one, and many of us still probably fly the Corgi Fleet flag, so the fleet does live on with us.
  4. need a DD for Dynamo, suggestions

    Lol you should see what my auto correct comes up with that times. I often have to type in names of things from international sources and from Star Wars including the Expanded Universe. So yeah my poor Auto correct can be beyond confused at times...
  5. need a DD for Dynamo, suggestions

    Part of my concern for being able to turn is as most of us know that everyone is an expert at driving ships so evasive action to avoid ramming often can happen lol. And then if you need to avoid enemy torp attack since if you are smoking the convoy guess who the enemy can still see and will shoot at.... But then again I often am concerned if I will need to carry a team and what optimal ship will be. But Lenengrad will certainly be able to get 5 stats as well.
  6. Torpedo Tuesday - Best Delivery Ship

    Not odd at all, I have made good use of those ships and the Torps do work very well on them.
  7. Torpedo Tuesday - Best Delivery Ship

    Love using my Harekaze with Torp Reload Booster and everything you can possibly add to speed up torp Reload including the torp Reload Booster Consumables and the number of those Consumable Charges. So you get to lay 16 Torps, then 1 or 2 Torp spreads of 8, then you get to lay 16 again. Have been able to have battkes whete I used all 4 of my Reload Booster Consumables and Torps in between uses as well. So you can imagine how many Torps that adds up to in a battle and the Harekaze main guns are nice as well. For Cruisers I would say Graf Spee because the Torps pack nice punch, are stealthier than some, and Graf Spee has those absolutely anaxing torp angles on it that allow it to drop Torps without always alerting the enemy that you have dropped some fish in the water lol. Tier X IJN CV is top Cv Torps thanks to sheer numbers of Torps it can drop at once. For BBs I would say Scharnhorst and Gneisenau since they can often get close enough to use them with their speed and the tier 7 MM. plus to this day you often see players apparently clueless that you have those Torps on a BB.
  8. need a DD for Dynamo, suggestions

    That quite long slender hull likely requires little longer turning radios and at max speed you could be in the mindfield before you even realized or had time to react. Just like in real life WWI and WWII edcort duty was rarely a race, while the escorts could speed up a bit if they needed to, they were more concerned about guarding the convoys from attacks rather than being a racing boat. My Sims will be equipped with faster turning main guns, faster rate of fire, enhanced AA, and extra smoke as well as the 20% bigger smoke skill as well. Things that will not hurt my Randoms performance in the Sims, but will greatly help in the Operation. Last time they had this Operation they sent a lot of aircraft, smoke was greatly needed to shield the convoy from surface, air, and land based artillery, and the PT boats while easy to kill but rapid firing guns were nice to have. Although if Leningrad is the Russian ship I am thinking of all those main guns will be able to plaster the PT boats, but not sure about the AA on it or the smoke. Smoke screening if able to be done entire way for the convoy will decrease your losses a lot since the planes and PT boats can’t hit what they can’t see.
  9. Will ARP possibly returning?

    I agree that it may be unusual, but they did do the same later rerelease of Fury, O-47, and the GUP Tanks in Blitz, so as I said does make me wonder. Since as you pointed out they like doing Colabs when things are new and the Iron is hot, but sometimes they also do one a little later so their product gets some additional interest as things were fading off of initial hype. Just like movie studios do the theater release with big hype, then the hype is the home release, then the special editions of home releases.
  10. Will ARP possibly returning?

    But they did do ARP Cadenza and what better way to promote the release of new ARP content than to have games like WOWs help.
  11. need a DD for Dynamo, suggestions

    If the new Operation is anything like the old one then too much speed will actually be really bad for you btweennhaving it try to match the speed of the ships you are escorting and those minefield you would plow into if you went too fast. And take my word for it, those mines are not something you want to plow into because they packed a punch...
  12. Will ARP possibly returning?

    That is what they said about GUP Tanks onnBlitz and they eventually came back few times actually and with new content as well. Same with the Fury tank from the Fury movie. And the Gundam tank returned as well.
  13. Will ARP possibly returning?

    With the way Wargaming suddenly is wanting Subs added and the fact they had ARP contract before and such contracts can sometimes be renewed I have to admit this was one of the first things that crossed my mind is if they renewed the ARP contract they could add the I-401... If they do this hopefully the other ships will return as well since many of us missed out last time and they are fun ships to take out when wants no to have some fun lol. And could be a means to calm the BB mains since the Fleet of the Fog ships did carry anti sub weapons and detection equipment. I could be wrong, but for some odd reason Wargaming’s new direction does make me suspect they have something interesting planned.

    Exactly what I was saying with the way you get caught in some spots, we just can’t see all of it, but on my CV I did see what look like reefs ect.
  15. need a DD for Dynamo, suggestions

    Sims will do very well since it has the capability to have good AA, has the nice long USN smoke, and has good guns. It will be everything you will need for the operation since those are the things you needed back innthe Original Operation Dynamo Scenerio...