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  1. Should be up in about 3 minutes they said, of course it could be longer, but officially it's supposed to be up in 3 minutes.
  2. And actually there are often a ton of DDs in battles and their numbers often exceed BBs even. It's the Cruisers that often are lacking in numbers.
  3. Heads up if that Italian Cruiser is anything like WWII ear ships were, if you hate French Cruisers beware of the Italian cruiser because good possibility of it being similar. On the other hand if you enjoy the French Cruisers then the Italian Cruiser will be something you will enjoy. From what I have uncovered in my Naval studies French and Italian naval ships at least when it came to Cruisers tended to be similar. Also possibly because some Italian Cruisers came from France including some that had been sank, Italians had refloated and put back in service in their navy and they got sunk again lol.
  4. In theory the Musashi should have greater secondary damage output than Yamato thanks to the fact she gets to keep the extra secondary guns the Yamato yards for AA guns am I right? Also any idea if this will be a Free XP ship since IJN does not have a Free XP ship yet and the RN has Nelson and USN has Missouri?
  5. Yes 7:30Am Pacific Time, or 8:30 AM Mountain time, or 9:30 AM Central time, or 10:30 AM Eastern time the server will be up. ( well officially it's supposed to be anyway lol )
  6. It crushes the IJN spirit in the players that own these ships that's why it's a nerf.
  7. More likely old grudges still run deep and with some things in political climate between Russia and China vs Japan and since Wargaming is Russian Company they would favor somewhat anti Japanese politics, not to mention IJN totally embarrassed Russia in the past as well. Ever notice that while the world is typically ok with Japan's rising sun flag that their military still uses, China and Japan dint like it so that's why the in game ships do not have the Japanese military flag, just their plain old national flag.
  8. Wargaming is a Russian Company so you can just imagine why they pulled IJN markings off the Japanese ships.
  9. As ai have said before the flight deck is not a CV flight deck, in WWII it was a floatplane deck for the Cruiser, so all Wargaming needs to do is release it as a Cruiser that carries Spotter planes and Catapult fighters. Instead from what ai heard they went crazy and tried to make it a CV / Cruiser hybrid.
  10. Lol the delay of clan battles based on much of the forum chat would not be the end of the world lol. The Halloween event getting missed would upset everyone on the other hand.
  11. German, Japanese, and US ships tend to be more forgiving on new players more than the British and French Cruisers. ( British and French Cruisers pretty much all have lighter armored hulls requiring more experience to use properly) German Battleships are probably the most forgiving to learn on thanks to the fact their armor is good and you can get close to enemies and let the secondary guns assist you in sinking ships. Just make sure you use AP shells for the main guns on these Battleships. Japanese Cruisers become heavy Cruisers starting at tier 5 so it's a good line to practice with. American Cruisers are also fun to learn with, but they get a little tricky for new players starting at tier 6 Japanese Battleships are more intermediate level and US Battleships are good once you have gotten experience in these other 2 Battleship lines.
  12. Will using secondary guns while in smoke get you detected the same as using Main Gun? Or can you still remain hidden while in smoke with the secondary guns firing as long as you hold fire on the main guns?
  13. Server down!?
  14. Have you tried brawling in German BBs tier 5 and up? They have excellent Secondaries, good armor, reasonable to good speed, and main guns are good if targets are a range of 16km or less. Also AA is not bad either, although I have heard US BBs get the better AA.
  15. Yeah considering I have not been able to connect to server since the last update due to bugs in Wargaming software I can wait a few more minutes or couple hours if it means I might get to play again. Although still has been hard since I have missed out collecting my daily Signal Flags and camo as well as being a month behind on getting my Missouri Free XP collected.