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  1. Admiral_Thrawn_1

    How Effective was Battlecruiser idea?

    Talk about having something useless onboard, that only could cause harm to your crew and vessel, and contributed nothing useful. I have heard those Rockets would tow a wire up into the air supposedly to aid in air defenses or something, but were ineffective at doing that task. And many of us know the dangers of cordite after hearing takes about battle of Jutland and those Royal Navy ships and the Cordite...
  2. Admiral_Thrawn_1

    cv opt out

    Yeah that would be the idea to opt in and out at will in my opinion. Of course Wargaming would need to create the ability to opt in or out. Which even if they ever agree to the idea, it would still take time to implement.
  3. Admiral_Thrawn_1

    cv opt out

    Tier IX Ranked will also be a CV Free zone due to the fact there be a no tier IX CVs once the Rework arrives.
  4. Admiral_Thrawn_1

    How to counter dds in non radar cruisers?

    Indeed, that’s why I make it a point in addition to using my main guns to have some sort of enhanced secondary guns on my BB, Hydro if possible, sometimes Vigilance, most of the time I take Rudder shift mod, premium Cat Fighter, Damage Control, and Repair Party. If my team does not wish to take out a DD I do it myself. Just more XP for me after all...
  5. Admiral_Thrawn_1

    How to counter dds in non radar cruisers?

    Mogami with the 155mm main guns, Premium Hydro and Catapult Fighter work really well in ant DD role. DD trying to smoke up you have 4 sets of 5 Torps that travel 10km so launch them into the smoke to beat the DDs at their own game. Or hydro can work wonders and allow your guns to deal with the DD while allowing you to spot incoming torps and evade them. The Catapult fight lasts over 5 minutes in the air so that can help you spot torpedoes as well. And actually any of the Japanese cruisers tier 4+ can use these tricks. Some were actually intended to escort DD squadrons, they are quite capable of killing DDs.
  6. Admiral_Thrawn_1

    cv opt out

    You know you may have a point. Imagine hitting a speed boosting DD that is zig zagging with those rockets lol.
  7. Admiral_Thrawn_1

    cv opt out

    You think Wargaming does not know which ships are in que? Which ships are the AA beasts in the game? If AA CAs are numerous they will not AA, since they will know doing so will wipe out the lesser AA ships innthe game and will become stagnant. They may actually simply add couple events to get BBs and DDs back into battles by offers some rewards for doing so. Or maybe take the hint we don’t want the rework?
  8. Admiral_Thrawn_1

    cv opt out

    I was thinking the opposite direction on XP and credits. Why not have increased rewards for ships that opt in on the CVs? After all if they are feeling like they might be the victims of “merciless CV attacks” then why not have some sort of added benefits. And the opt out players in Randoms get normal earnings. CVs however would still earn normal amounts since at least in my experience a CV earns credits and xP just fine. The promise of higher profits would tempt enough surface ship players into CV battles and would give some incentives for players to not all be taking the CVs into battles which would result in long que times from lack of willing surface ships, which could happen when rework drops if AA proves ineffectual. You will end up with severe bottleneck if you try taking a CV out. So we need to solve that problem as well. So why not put a system in place that compensates players well for braving the CVs in a surface ship?
  9. Admiral_Thrawn_1

    cv opt out

    Only way to get out of CVs in Randoms is to make the lives of CV players so miserable that they stop playing that class. Of course only doing this in ways that do not violate the rules such as organizing informal everyone take full AA Spec AA cruisers into battle days or something like that? Already lining up my AA ships and a nice supply if AA flags that I have been saving up are waiting as well.
  10. I am now concerned as well since I seem to have missed the notes that HMS Hood May be nerfed!? I love using my Hood as well as my other Royal Navy mid tier ships. And while they do well, I would not call them overpowered, not when return fire can chew you up easily enough to more than compensate for when your guns score good hits. And Hood only seems effective under 16km as it is, so any nerfs will greatly hurt her as she does not posses the armor thickness nor the secondary guns to go close range in an attempt to pen enemy armor. And guns last I checked did not have the range or accuracy to fire long range though deck armor, and Hood deck armor is famous for what can happen from shells going into her deck armor, plus the turtleback armor makes taking long range hits a very bad idea.
  11. Admiral_Thrawn_1

    DDs built for island Camping...

    Lol yes I could not resist making a bit of a joke of the fact the amphibious tanks had “ DD” next to their names when in game and in the navy DD has a different meaning. Jokes were probably told about the tank DDs in WWII as well.
  12. Admiral_Thrawn_1

    Threat Assessment Thursday - Marine Nationale

    USN CAs are also victim in game from the analysts in USN and Warship designers that thought having torpedoes their cruisers and BBs after WWI were far too much of a risk, and not enough return on that risk in their eyes. Which historically speaking in the real world they did have cause for concern, even some in the IJN were conflicted about having Torps on their CAs, but they had them anway since the higher officers insisted. And there were reports of them having to jettison Torps during times when they were fearful of taking hits that could set off the torpedo warheads or even the liquid oxygen propellants for that matter. Off the top of my head I can’t remember a specific case of their Torps being set off on a CA deck, but I am sure it likely happened a few times. But in game we only run the risk of the Torpedo tubes themselves being disabled or destroyed and not the entire ship. So it does seem like a disadvantage at times for USN. But at least USN CAs benefit from powerful rapid fire main guns, decent secondary guns, and great AA guns. And some of them also have reasonable armor as well.
  13. Admiral_Thrawn_1

    DDs built for island Camping...

    Makes sense for there to be few to none of such tanks that are still intact since they only needed to build relatively few of them to help storm beaches, and move inland with the the beachhead to secure enough of a safe zone to land the normal tanks as well as everything else their army needed. And I have seen pictures of some of the Sherman DDs in towns along with the other tanks. So just because they were Sherman DDs probably did not excuse them from participating farther inland. So between the comparatively fewer built, the ones that were lost enroute to the beaches, on the beaches, and in following actions. Maybe even some scrapped after the war or sold to other nations or something.
  14. Admiral_Thrawn_1

    Threat Assessment Thursday - Marine Nationale

    Lyon can be tough thanks to it’s relatively compact size, 16 main guns, good speed, decent Secondaries, and good AA. Thankfully it does not resist return fire that hits it as well as it can dish it out. So sinking it is easy enough if you focus some heavy fire on it and avoid taking too many bad hits yourself. And the French Saint Louis had me shocked when I witnessed my Lexington Fighter squadron had instantly vanished into thin air in proximity to said French vessel. My planes did not melt away mind you, that ship shot down every single plane in my Fighter squadron at the exact same instant lol. Needless to say I made myself a new rule, add Saint Louis to the list of CAs comprised mainly of USN CAs that you do not fly too close to. Always fun to learn something new, and makes sense with the French Navy’s fondness for plastering their ships with 40mm bofors gun mounts among other good AA guns.
  15. Not bad at all, especially for your first battle in Roma! And main gun hit ration looks decent as well with 54 hits out 138 shells fired. And 140k Damage is good for a tier 8 ship.