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  1. Admiral_Thrawn_1

    AFK subs OP!

    Yes was in several sub testing events, just not actual stat keeping battles with them
  2. Admiral_Thrawn_1

    AFK subs OP!

    Yeah the loss of Mac support sank my activity quite a bit, but I like coming to forum here and there.
  3. Admiral_Thrawn_1

    AFK subs OP!

    Oh come now we all know if a replay has ARP ships that quickly missiles entire opposing team off the map are totally legit replays... Also the wiping out your computer thing is why gaming being PC heavy is so bad as Microsoft is way too easy to modify for good or bad. Far better to have more secure gaming that can also be contained in firewalls
  4. Admiral_Thrawn_1

    Self-fulfilling prophesy

    If he’s barely even trying wonder how he could possibly be losing so much? Lol you have to actually try to win to win most games.
  5. Admiral_Thrawn_1

    Pearl & subs? LOL WG

    Wonder if they could of air dropped mines that sank then later unsound the mine cables from sea floor? For that matter they should of launched that long debated added air attack wave to wipe out repair yards, submarine bases, ect. Their views of their abilities were not completely unwarranted. They were highly skilled with best CV force in the world prior to Midway. And operation leading up to Midway that pulled 2 CVs and their escorts out of action temporarily sealed their fate for midway as instead of 6 CVs vs 4 CVs they had to go 4 vs 4, plus their recon sweep was understaffed / incomplete thanks to the missing escort cruisers that had to stay with the 2 out of commission CVs. In IJN CVs were exclusively combat aircraft focused, the escorts carried the recon aircraft. So I’d say their abilities did cause them to get a little arrogant / careless. They never recovered after they started making mistakes.
  6. Admiral_Thrawn_1

    There are way to many Torpedo Boat out there .

    They had often at least one set of reload torpedoes they could pull back to safer distances and perform a reload. After that they were typically out of torpedoes.
  7. Admiral_Thrawn_1

    The good and bad of the game

    The game has tried a few things that were mistakes, and instead of admitting they were mistakes (which most should be understanding of if they did after all we are all human.) WG instead tries every way to get them to work or worse yet adds more broken aspects in which cause yet more harm from what I’ve seen. Examples being having CVs in the first place which puts Wows into wider category where too much competition exists and would threaten to harm their success. A game without CVs being like alternative WWII would be great and unique enough to draw good attention away from competitors. Evidence of this is how popular non CV games are among the majority of playerbase. WG then adds overpowering CVs like Graf Zepplin which could mortally harm CAs and BBs if not outright kill them. To cover this mistake we got the widely regarded disaster of a CV rework, followed by yet again some OP CVs like those AP rockets and not good enough AA. Another mistake was captain skills completely wiping out and all new ones leaving fewer real options in play styles like it pretty much nuked secondary brawlers which was fun style and front line players often were grateful for the BB support. Last I checked only back line sniping was the thing and a thing I have to say you can find in other games if desired so yet again losing unique qualities here. Point Im making is there are times to add things / slightly modify, times to remove things, and fewer times to simply keep wildly changing things since you have to remember what drew attention to the game to begin with. WG should try open test server for 6 months with old few years ago style of the game and see how popular that is vs this new stuff. And if I’m right reverting to older style would draw in far more new players as well as drawing firmer players back.
  8. Admiral_Thrawn_1

    Pearl & subs? LOL WG

    The first Japanese prisoner of war captured by the US I believe was one of the IJN midget sub crewmen. And while the subs are not said to of done much damage the idea was not without merits as the heavy torpedoes could of been used to great effect had they functioned correctly as well as the subs. Like hitting the capital ships or something. Although sending the midgets with 2 torpedoes each was a risky move when focus was to be air attack. Not only the risk of losing element of surprise, but also friendly fire from the air. If memory serves the man captured had said his sub had been having increasing malfunctions including the torpedoes. They could of been great if they had functioned and if they could of hung around for the CV fleet to of returned. Or at least sank some kills Nd of ships at mouth of harbor to hinder making harbor useful again.
  9. Admiral_Thrawn_1

    Subs = No money

    I actually had really fun game years back think it was T8? Where I had my BB, red team had 1 BB, and all the rest of the ships were DDs. I was like secondary guns you got a lot of work to to this battle... lol it actually turned out to be a really fun battle. Might of helped the fact I had Jean Bart...
  10. Admiral_Thrawn_1

    Subs = No money

    No surprise when they nerfed torpedoes years ago, as well as nerfing a lot of things like the big skill rework they did, so as a I said no surprise gunships are all that’s left.
  11. Admiral_Thrawn_1

    Subs now chase CVs

  12. Both the creators of Narnia and Lord of the Rings were WWI Veterans, and had great emphasis on Rings in some or all of their books. I have seen some of the places and uncovered events that could of easily inspired quite a few things in their stories. But what inspired Rings to be so heavily focused remains a a mystery to me. Hoping some of you guys could help shed some light on this.
  13. Admiral_Thrawn_1

    An Alternate WWII

    Interesting how Russia did not end up being one of the Axis powers we had to defeat then. Had Russian been completely defeated the Cold War would not of existed, and neither would many of the conflicts that followed that were able to happen with Russian built and supplied weapons. Even some potential conflicts to the day would not be looming if Soviet Union had ended entirely and completely around the time of WWII and a proper democracy had been put in place like Japan, Germany, and Italy had put in place post WWII. No global distribution of Russian weapons and influence they’d be no Cold War, no Korean War with probably still united Korea, no Vietnam War, Middle East if there was any dispute would of been far less intense if there even was some of them, African wars would have less loss of life, South American drug cartels would not of ended up with those weapons, and likely enough China would still be a democracy as the “ People’s Liberation Army” would not of had the tanks, ect. to take over. Essentially any group of people that did not wish to be a sensible democracy willing to treat their citizens as well as others in humane manner at minimum would not of had modern weapons to use. Talk about past mistakes coming back to haunt you long term.
  14. Admiral_Thrawn_1

    An Alternate WWII

    Problem is with Soviet Union’s position in Asia as I have pointed out and debated in past articles and posts is they did not need a great Navy, just a great army and Air Force as they had so much land assets and resources they could control. Often I was making the point of why Russian ships in WOWs should not be the strongest and why it’s ok for their tanks in WOT to be strong. But same could be said in WWII era unlike other nations that absolutely needed a good Navy.
  15. Admiral_Thrawn_1

    An Alternate WWII

    I’d assume yes to the first 2, and Japan we could just leave them expanding into China.