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  1. Feuerja

    PSA: Clans trading steel in CvC 9

    Were there people playing accounts that didn't belong to them? Yes? Congratulations, you've violated the EULA.
  2. Feuerja

    Shells not registering

    If you've ever been hit by a torpedo that should have missed you, that's why. It happens with planes too, but they're overhead so most people don't notice.
  3. Feuerja

    Competitive DD Lessons Dealing with Radar Traps

    Rule 1: Don't get into a place you can't easily get out of. Rule 2: If you don't know where they are, they're in the least convenient place. Rule 3: You will be radared at the worst possible time for whatever strategy you're executing, and your strategy should account for this.
  4. Feuerja

    Why dont CV target CV?

    Unless you're in a position to kill a CV, going for a strike contributes nothing and costs lots of planes. At tier X, torpedoes are pretty much the only thing that works, and you need them for other stuff. It works better at low tiers (IV and VI) because they have mediocre AA and you can kill a CV in a couple of strikes. But it's not a habit I would encourage, because you'll often find that while you were sending planes behind enemy lines for the 6 minutes it takes to kill one, your team got rolled up.
  5. Feuerja

    New CV spotting mechanics in ST

    If you're going to have CVs in small scale competitive play, you need to have a way to still allow for strategies that involve stealth and ships operating either solo or in small groups. I find this change intriguing, but I'm not sure it will be sufficient. Frankly, I suspect part of finding the ultimate balance will involve restricting compositions to either 1 BB or 1 CV, but not both. But I also get paid very good money to not develop video games, so my opinion should be considered in that light.
  6. The Japanese rocket plane should be an MXY-7 kamikaze strike. Also, IJN torpedo planes are the best of the three nations.
  7. Feuerja

    AA rework

    It's like you're not even using the same planes that I am. What in the world are you doing wrong that an instant 3.5% damage burst is keeping you from getting strikes off?
  8. Feuerja

    I think CVs are working now.

    There's a fundamental balancing problem with T4 carriers insofar as they need to be easy enough to use that new CV drivers can handle them, but not be ridiculous for experienced players. They don't seem to have made that work, especially with Hosho.