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  1. Tabizora

    Will the Missouri come back?

    My friend got both the Missouri and the Musashi from the Santa Crates last Christmas, so yes, it's possible... The chance is probably just pretty low, or that it will only start dropping if you have all other premiums in the game. (The latter is more likely because he had all the premiums the game had to offer).
  2. Tabizora

    are you gonna get pobeda?

    Personally? I would. If Wargaming gives me a reason to not play anything else but a broken ship, I will play that broken ship just to show Wargaming that the ship is broken (kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy).
  3. Tabizora

    Gods help me, I'm starting the USN BB grind.

    That's my exact build for the USN Battleships. As for OP, people may disagree, but I enjoy all the USN Battleships (yes, including South Carolina and New York), with the sole exception of Colorado (which I just can't make work, for some reason). But that's just my personal experience, and you probably may have different experiences. But yes, you'll learn a lot by playing the US Battleships, about good positioning, angling, and a multitude of other things because they don't hide behind any... gimmicks (?) so-to-say. They'll probably give you a good experience by the time you reach the North Carolina, and culminating in the Montana.
  4. Tabizora

    Henry IV build question

    Personally, I take the Legendary Module for Slot 5 and Reload Module on Slot 6 because of my playstyle that revolves around basically yelling, "Hey everyone, I'm here. Try shooting me, if you can!" However, your mileage my vary; I just like the extra range it provided and the reload boost. Concealment? I'll be shooting and speed-tanking most of the time, so it's less of a problem... (Concealment Expert is still recommended, though). So in my opinion, for slot 5, Concealment Expert and the Legendary Modification is a good choice regardless, depending on your playstyle! For Slot 6, I take reload modification because I don't think you'd need more range. But again, it depends on your playstyle and your accuracy. If you struggle to consistently hit ships at 19km away, it's not going to be easier.