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  1. this might be true as i had a 14+ torp game in my halland last night
  2. Freelancerinc

    More Torpedo Bugs

    i had an issue like this the other day, they started to work after cntrl+alt+tab ..... no idea why but it worked
  3. Freelancerinc

    Who have you seen in game

    @Hapa_Fodder didn't notice until you gg'd us edit: gave ya comps :)
  4. Freelancerinc

    The number of DDs in a match

    my point isn't even about the type of ships. What i was eluding too was that MM does not care how GOOD you are in a ship, it just pairs "types" of ships. with current matchmaking you can have a team with a 45%WR average vs a team with a 55% WR average...... stats don't mean much on a person to person basis, but as a group it does
  5. Freelancerinc

    Is getting Stalingrad still worth it?

    stali is still a worthy ship of buying, can't go wrong with any russian stalinium
  6. Freelancerinc

    The number of DDs in a match

    or or or, Wargaming can fix matchmaking. But thats also not going to happen sooooooooooo
  7. Freelancerinc

    Plymouth - anyone seen one in battle?

    i use my plymouth to train captains, farm credits and learn british ships
  8. Freelancerinc

    Premium Ship PREVIEW - HMCS Yukon

    This Canadian is very intrigued. Though never a mighty navy, kinda sad that both Canadian ships ar t7.
  9. Freelancerinc

    Update 0.10.1 - Bug Reports

    I'm unable to put skills on any captains. I've restarted client 3 times *i have not restarted PC*. Uninstalled Aslains. Problem persists. It does not matter if the captain is already skilled or not, nor does it matter if you have played the ship today or not. I did not check all 90 ships in my port, though all i did check were blank. Client is a fresh install as of Sunday.
  10. Freelancerinc

    Is WoWs the slowest loading game on the market?

    i haven't timed it, but on my BRAND new kingston SSD i generally do other things while the game loads. The game is horribly unoptimized in all facets, WG spends nearly zero money on optimization because it doesn't make them money like ships do.
  11. Freelancerinc

    Download Speeds Too Slow

    the WGC has reset twice now, over 36 hours of trying to download with nothing to show for it. literally nothing i do affects the download speed in a positive manner
  12. Freelancerinc

    Download Speeds Too Slow

    75mb/s download, 25mb/s upload no firewall and anywhere from 2kb/s - 170kb/s .......no throttle on my internet from any other website on the internet :|
  13. I made this suggestion to a fellow clan mate last night and he agreed so, be gentle. In clan battles, everyone is available to get 1 of 3 rentals that WG "gives" to players to "try" or play if they are yet to have a t10 ship. These USED to be tech tree ships, until last season when they let people "rent" the moskva instead of the tech tree Petro. So my suggestion is allow clans to pool their resources, whether it be in-game "currency" **Research bureau points, steel, FXP** to buy whatever ship they want and allow someone to use it in whichever mode they wish. These ships would not get the economic bonus' given to them, but as they were bought with in-game currency would be allowed to run basic camo. They would also COST oil to be used, which would offset the use of camo. These ships would also work as normal ships in port, as only 1 ship available at a time, and perhaps with the same "cool down" timer as special event ships.
  14. Freelancerinc

    WG's Pay to win business model

    too many people like to hyperbolize or just don't understand that this game is not P2W, nothing in this game is locked behind a paywall if you have patience. Premium ships though possibly strong are not a insta-win.
  15. i played my yueyang 12ish times yesterday trying to get the UU for it.... Its a fun ship, its not really top tier competitive but you can make it work at lower tiers if you're good in her. I enjoy playing her but almost never take it into competitive.