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  1. I'm stealing this idea from a clanmate, mainly cuz I can't remember which said it. As far as we all know, karma has never had a use in game and is basically a pat on the back. But what if we gave it a purpose thar made people want good karma. So treating people better and playing better meant something. And to encourage good behavior? Tie karma to the accounts super container drop rate, increasing the number of points to receive one as described in Flamus video. For example, 25 karma means 2 less containers required to get a SS. Or -25 karma means 2 more containers before a SS. Obviously you can "farm" karma with sync drops ect, but you could backdoor the coding to not add karma from clanmates to overall total. If it was determined it's too easy to farm karma for SS's, there could be monthly missions for flags/camps. Get 50 karma in a month get 10 camo. There's really no reason for people to WANT to be decent humans on the servers.. PS, bring back friendly fire, cuz people don't respect torp boats ect.
  2. Freelancerinc

    Did WG abandon the CV spotting tweak?

    line of logic that WG doesn't like long games? Everything in the game is monetized > short games = more games = using more stuff = buying more stuff to use WG does nothing on behalf of the consumer, they make changes on behalf of share holders
  3. Freelancerinc

    torp tube camera

    In my German DD maerker hitting C does not seem to change torp tubes properly. I've tested a few other dds and their torp tubes seem to change properly. though the other ships were all center line torps, couldn't recall any of the others i still have in port that have side specific torps to test atm.
  4. Freelancerinc

    Aiming Bug

  5. Freelancerinc

    camera bug?

    i don't understand how i would have hit backspace though, i totally agree i could have hit cntrl shift but my other hand was on my mouse.... i am an idiot often enough though.....
  6. Freelancerinc

    camera bug?

    So i don't know how to properly describe the "bug" i just had in a random arms race game in my Izumo. i was sailing and i THINK i accidently mashed some buttons and caused my camera "to lock onto the ocean" and i watched my Izumo sail away from me. I was able to "aim aand shot" but i could not zoom in, go to binoculars or change my camera angle. I'm curious if its an actual bug or something new i messed up on. luckily for me the game was almost over and my team won after another minute or so. I streamed my game on discord to a clanmate and she said "wth" then got mad cuz i made her die in her game. not sure if adding my replay would show what happened or not. 20220810_110959_PJSB021-Izumo-1938_22_tierra_del_fuego.wowsreplay
  7. Freelancerinc

    [ALL] ModStation

    i'm looking for info on the ship direction mods, i know aslains mentioned one of the makers quit updating so i moved to modstation and it has been MIA since 11.6.
  8. this might be true as i had a 14+ torp game in my halland last night
  9. Freelancerinc

    More Torpedo Bugs

    i had an issue like this the other day, they started to work after cntrl+alt+tab ..... no idea why but it worked
  10. Freelancerinc

    Who have you seen in game

    @Hapa_Fodder didn't notice until you gg'd us edit: gave ya comps :)
  11. Freelancerinc

    The number of DDs in a match

    my point isn't even about the type of ships. What i was eluding too was that MM does not care how GOOD you are in a ship, it just pairs "types" of ships. with current matchmaking you can have a team with a 45%WR average vs a team with a 55% WR average...... stats don't mean much on a person to person basis, but as a group it does
  12. Freelancerinc

    Is getting Stalingrad still worth it?

    stali is still a worthy ship of buying, can't go wrong with any russian stalinium
  13. Freelancerinc

    The number of DDs in a match

    or or or, Wargaming can fix matchmaking. But thats also not going to happen sooooooooooo
  14. Freelancerinc

    Plymouth - anyone seen one in battle?

    i use my plymouth to train captains, farm credits and learn british ships
  15. Freelancerinc

    Premium Ship PREVIEW - HMCS Yukon

    This Canadian is very intrigued. Though never a mighty navy, kinda sad that both Canadian ships ar t7.