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  1. 1) Long dropping is a useless waist if hydro is active nearby. 2) DCP may have been tripped but BBs can heal most of DOT damage, so again useless waist. 3) If You aren’t learning to bait good AA ships and force engagements over friendly AA and avoid flying over enemy heavy AA until it’s been weakened you are going to run out of planes before the other guy does. Than it does matter what plane type you are using USN fighter do make it easier. I have my Alabama and North Carolina set up so if you fly over me at the beginning of a match you will lose most if not all of your planes. CA will have DFAA and NA BB players are running something similar to my set up so either go for D.D. or continue to moan about AA, IDC.
  2. Disagree you can easily attain air superiority with those Hellcats. Having even three squadrons of Zeroes won’t help you. If you get both of the fighter mods Hellcats are very hard to kill and rarely run out of ammo.
  3. 1) never drop on high AA targets early in the match drop on DDs then keep them spotted 2) good luck with that 3) learn to pull enemy fighters over friendly AA so you get help killing them instead of relying on hit or miss strafing
  4. My best advice is simply wait. The meta is changing especially on the NA server. BB AA is making DD hunting a better tactic. If you go with the new meta the old builds won’t work as well. You needs to control flight length and maximize sorties versus getting that perfect set up. In fact with DD hunting auto drop about as good as manual. You just got to keep dropping ordinances until something hits usually a good DB hit but stray torpedo usually one shots a DD as well. You just have to keep saturating the DD until something hits. Doing this gets you more credits and prevents the other team from controlling caps.
  5. Duke of York need fix!

    Also don’t forget Graf Spee it was only because the British tricked the captain into thinking Repulse was near by that he scuttled her. Otherwise he was going to fight 3 on 1 and win.
  6. Duke of York need fix!

    If anything the sinking of the Scharnhorst proves that the Bismarck was scuttled not sunk. As sinking the Scharnhorst a much lighter armored ship took almost as many ships as the Bismarck.
  7. Duke of York need fix!

    If DoY is a nerf of KGV than nerf it 90% of players won’t notice the change. I barely do. It also seems to make up for it with slightly better accuracy.
  8. A simple question about ranked

    Turns out there was a reason for carriers having it so easy do to some players exploiting the MM.
  9. A simple question about ranked

    At 15 right now so I get the feeling I will get knocked back to the start.
  10. Well currently you have a game that punishes teamwork, and rewards YOLO with missions. Once the DoY campaign ends I bet your losing streak ends. There needs to be visible and substantive reward for team play. Until that happens good luck and watch players chase after rewards to the teams detriment.
  11. Branching out advice?

    German Destroyers
  12. US Premium Cruisers

    Atlanta is a hooligans bote, not competitive, but fun as hell. Pretty much the Atlanta experience.