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  1. GreyFox78659

    Last day for Halloween Ops

    Neither do carriers and they form the center of a carrier battle group which does not engage in close engagements except on accident.
  2. GreyFox78659

    Post rework CV refunds

    Sorry but that is a small claim and layers are allowed in most small claims courts. It could be turn into a class action. But as someone noted the CC companies would of had their lawyer settle it.
  3. GreyFox78659

    I think the rework might be canceled?

    That isn't what I call WoWP it's a 2d plane of movement. It's lame but playable from what I am seeing. But at this point I would put it on hold to get subs out.
  4. GreyFox78659

    Forum culture

    I second this! Also doesn't help that DDs have been nerfed to hell in the past because of BBabies. Which precipitated the creation of a DD mafia to protect DD player interest. BBs haven't had a major nerf so any complains of said nerfing ring hollow and sound why more like crying.
  5. As of this morning the CV test server is shut down early and it was universally panned on the EU server. It's not going to happen early next year. If they do carry on with the CV rework it's late next year at the earliest as they are going to have to start over. I don't speak Russian but that server probably didn't like it either.
  6. GreyFox78659

    Post rework CV refunds

    Most CC have stated that a digital good is a good and subject to the same protection as any other good. WG can call it what ever but the CC have defined it as a good that can be returned for a refund. WG has accepted these terms in order to take credit card payments. If WG wants it their way the can change to a cash only tranaction which isn't as hard as you would think. (see GameStop cards)
  7. I would say the CV rework is canceled, or very close to being canceled, and subs which are a lot closer to being done than they are admitting are being finalized for super-testing.
  8. GreyFox78659

    Post rework CV refunds

    Yes, if you perform a charge back on a product from WG you account will be locked up tighter than Fort Knox. Which triggers a clause in CC contracts have that allows further charge backs if a service is terminated. The Russian Rage Quit was literally how WG lost millions earlier this year from WoT when they changed all premium tanks with preferred MM to regular MM. A lot of Russian players charged back the tanks they had just purchased.
  9. HMS Lion, HMS Neptune, USS Iowa, USS Fletcher, and Z-46
  10. As phlydaily called subs two years ago and said they probably were in secret development. I see early next year for the first Sub tree.
  11. GreyFox78659

    Post rework CV refunds

    Actually the to the game it's self would be enough to qualify for a charge back. BTW if you do charge back your account will be shut down. But that in turn allows to get more charge backs as the 180 limit is extended further back upon the closing of an account. The Russian Rage quit over in WoT was a costly mistake for WG that was caused by people using this.
  12. GreyFox78659

    Post rework CV refunds

    Yes, as any change to a product post purchase universally is considered an admission of a defective product. Credit cards companies guarantee a right to return should a customer not be satisfied with a fix. This has already been settled with the ending of preferential match making in WoT. Credit Cards have already told WG that changes to an online product is a valid charge back claim. That is why they are typically generous with changes.
  13. GreyFox78659

    I think the rework might be canceled?

    Pretty much, that and Subs will be fast tracked.
  14. GreyFox78659

    reward from WG for nerfing your premium ship

    As Far as I can see there are only two ship on that line that really need adjusting KGV and Conq. The other yes have annoying gimmick HE well at least that what I am told I love KGV and Lion because of that gimmick.
  15. GreyFox78659

    Games getting harder.

    Get the first kill if your team fails to get first kill the RNG turns against your team.