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  1. The great submarine debate

    I think you are mistaking me not answering you post for not answering the questions you brought up. Which were answered in the OP. Your are right I have nothing new because quite frankly you haven’t brought up anything new. So far I have seen you bring up a dev video from years ago which I addressed. Did I miss something?
  2. The great submarine debate

    Touche but you taking the word of the people that released the perfectly fine and balanced GRAF ZEPPELIN. Then said was fixed a month before announcing they are a total rework of all carriers. So willing to standing on that plank of WG fidelity?
  3. The great submarine debate

    Again that would be an appeal to lack of imagination. Just you can’t see it it working doesn’t mean it won’t work. Also this would be an appeal to realism something this game is not.
  4. The great submarine debate

    The real arguments against CV, DD, and Sub are exactly the same. Their to good at sinking my battleship get rid of or never let them into the game. This goes back to how the game started Battleships>Cruiser> Destroyer> Battleship. Carriers were added to shake this up a bit. The devs expected Carriers to be the glass cannon effective against everything but weak if engaged by everything. Subs could of been the glass cannon but Battleships do have a natural weakness to Subs. Skip a head to all the DD and CV needs to make B.B. players shut up. And we have a B.B. overpopulation problem. The devs are sick of the CV removal meme I can tell and subs would make a logical replacement in the glass cannon role. So in short Someone is going to sink your battleship get over it or things are going to get fun.
  5. The great submarine debate

    See here is the problem why do you think Carriers are the problem. WoWS can’t get straight answers from the community as to what is wrong. Everything they do to the class is met with its OP from certain players. Like I said it’s Faustian bargin if you want Carriers removed subs are replacing them. The devs know three types are going to wind up rock, paper, scissors in the end.
  6. The great submarine debate

    Even that was true it isn’t BTW. This would be an appeal to authority. An authority that is in business to make money. Also would be an attempt to shout down debate.
  7. The great submarine debate

    This mind set I believe is falling out of favor with the developers as they could be making more money by not listening to it. The BB centered gameplay is fine in Europe and the US but most navies never had them (China and Korea). Most still have submarines.
  8. The great submarine debate

    This would an example of an attempt to shout out debate.
  9. The great submarine debate

    The Dutch Navy had subs in ww2
  10. The great submarine debate

    The great submarine debate I think we finally had a breakthrough on this subject in my last thread. But first attempts to shout the discussion down or insult ideas on either side will result in my ignoring you. The arguments against submarines currently being debated. They are impossible to balance! Subs have many facets that allow balance, underwater time surface time, sight distance,etc. They are invincible underwater! Nope, they are invisible only guns and bombs won’t effect them. Depth charges and torpedoes still will as well as ramming. Battleships can’t attack them! While they are under this is true underwater they will surface and become an easy kill for your secondaries also Battleships have deep hulls which means ramming a submerged sub is possible. They will be boring! This is opinion I find B.B. and CVs boring most of the time. They won’t add anything to the game! They will help with the current meta issue of ship staying static and not moving. They aren’t realistic! Nothing in this game is truly realistic. They will win by survival causing me to lose! Back the day when ties were possible yes ties aren’t possible.
  11. I have run into several now in a Battleship and it changed nothing. So much for controlling BB numbers. If you get sunk by an Asashio you were probably not moving and deserved to be sunk.
  12. Good point torpedo tunes on destroyers were reloaded in port not in a minute.
  13. Yeah it would be fun as a DD hunting them for sure.
  14. That figure would be off the top of my head they went slower underwater is my point no two subs are the same and German XXI went about as fast underwater as on the surface.
  15. Being underwater is a stealth mechanic actually as a sub from this era you would be on the surface most of the match doing 20 knots until finding a target in which you would dive and be limited to 5 knots and engage hoping to finish the engagement before you oxygen runs out and you are forced to surface. If you succeed you engage sink your target and hopefully escape undetected but more often than not like in real life you won't and be forced to surface and be promptly sunk. That was the fate of most submariners during the war they were blown up near the surface trying to recharge batteries or replenish O2.