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  1. GreyFox78659

    Carrier Rework Dumpster Fire

    Of which if you go and read that forum you would probably find I am reading their posts. In fact some of those posters are posting here. There are supporters but there are a lot of people wondering who is listening to the concerns of real players. That is why I say it’s a dumpster fire it the same dumpster fire from GZgate back again. BTW adding on to this is Black Ship Gate
  2. GreyFox78659

    Carrier Rework Dumpster Fire

    Really go to the CV rework thread. Isn’t just CV players there.
  3. GreyFox78659

    Carrier Rework Dumpster Fire

    Yeah from my experience it’s not what it seems. (Hint: a lot of these supportWG/demonizedesent posts are from the same employee)
  4. GreyFox78659

    Carrier Rework Dumpster Fire

    Those that say that I am making it up really need to wake up. A lot of normal people are losing faith in the game to deliver. The CV fix was simple remove Strafing and manual drops and add a tutorial. A lot of us normal people were saying that was the most frustrating part of the current system and being taken advantage of by expert professionals players. But some “experts” said no that won’t work. We need to totally rework it to make it more accessible and less OP. The current system is easy to understand and but it was also not intuitive and still doesn’t make sense. Really I have to straf my own planes?
  5. GreyFox78659

    Carrier Rework Dumpster Fire

    Pretty much spot on. We know what our constituents want! We have experts tell us that, and we pay them well! Ever thought of just talking to them directly and finding out for sure? My experts say that is a bad idea. I pay them well to find that stuff out for me. Loses the next election to the guy that just talked straight to the people. My experts tell me the people didn’t know what they wanted and regret their vote. Did you ask them directly about that? No, My experts showed me a poll proving it!
  6. GreyFox78659

    Carrier Rework Dumpster Fire

    Poor sportsmanship and poor debating are not measured in stats. More by how you treat others more than the outcome of the contest.
  7. GreyFox78659

    Carrier Rework Dumpster Fire

    Trust me your are not low performing you just play for fun like me.
  8. GreyFox78659

    Carrier Rework Dumpster Fire

    Ok you might want to speak up and post more. Also as I have read supporting info but it’s only from some that have not really played CVs much or are going too after the rework.
  9. GreyFox78659

    CV Rework Feedback

    The CV rework going from Dumpster Fire to a full on Tire Fire in some areas. Zepplingate 2.0 not listening to people, while stating that they know what players want. They say they have people they listen too, that tell them what players want. Then SHOCKED when it turns out no one likes it, or wants it. Then they shove a bunch of stuff out to recoupe the loss on development.
  10. GreyFox78659

    Carrier Rework Dumpster Fire

    Could you please take your own advice? I think people have caught on the the attempt to drown out. As they keep reading how they are to ignore me by people that clearly don’t ignore me for some reason.
  11. GreyFox78659

    Carrier Rework Dumpster Fire

    A lot of players that were crying for the change in hopes that CVs would finally be balanced have flipped to the leave it alone camp. They pretty much are saying that the rework has a huge potential to make Carriers even more OP and that is not what they wanted. A lot of them have pretty much dropped the pretense and said all they want is a CV nerf and this will not be a nerf. Which by the way it was not sold to players as a nerf but a fix. So they have a massive problem. As it’s clear a lot of testers do not want the test to succeed in fixing CVs and want it to nerf CVs. That is a bias that needs to be weeded out. As that is why the current CVs are messed up.
  12. Sorry for the header but at this point it’s largely an understatement. I have stayed out of the CV Test. No cares what I have to say as I actually played Carriers at one time. Test 1: At best gets a Meh by all sources I have read. It got a pass by most as it was a first test but some were concerned. Fire isn’t going yet but people are noticing the dumpster is full of flammable materials. And wonder if a fire could start. According to the sources that broke the rework this was supposed to be widely accepted fix. A lot of actual players haven’t seen it that way but they admitted it still the beginning. Test 2: Starts has off with some issues, but they weren’t exactly a dumpster fire. It was mainly an economic issue. Something that should of been a simple fix. Mainly hand out more funds and change some values for earnings. Ignition: WG does not fix the issue. As far I can tell doesn’t admit there is one. Test Population drops as people get fed up. WG finally admits there is a problem. Dumpster Fire: Second Test Ends Early I wasn’t the first to wonder if the rework is in jeopardy. Nothing from WG totally silence on the subject. Many wondered why the shut was needed as it was mainly an economical issue. Fire starts on EU server and somewhat on NA. Calls for things to be left alone or minor changes to current system by more players. Inquiries for CV refunds start pouring in on EU then NA. The CV rework is now ablaze in a massive dumpster fire and structures are now threatened. The silence about the second CV test failures are deafening! As far as I can tell there was no technical reason to shut the test down. There is an outcry that is getting louder to just fix the current system.
  13. GreyFox78659

    I think the rework might be canceled?

    The silence from WG is deafening as the second test was ended early with nothing said officially since. Carrier rework should be assumed canceled until an announcement otherwise is made.
  14. You have proposed that surface actions that are represented in this game are of the type where ships line up and fight.Then put up Midway as an example of such battle. I didn’t, you did! I actually hold up Midway as an example of what I have always said. That is how it is historically viewed as a carrier dual and a battle that proved that lining ships up for battle will result in them being sunk by aircraft and or submarines. That has pretty much been naval doctrine ever since with only minor exceptions during WW2 as it was the war that ended one doctrine lining ships up in formation and was the beginning of a new ones. Make sure you have ASW ships and air power or you end up with some new expensive reefs and no supplies.
  15. Support Ships! Support Ships! Support Ships! Support Ships! Support Ships!