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  1. Kidd is a tier 9 fletcher destroyer at tier 8 missing a torpedo launcher but gaining repair. It plays just like that. If that doesn’t sound appealing, well you might want to pass on it. If that sounds like something you want, then there will be no disappointment.
  2. Input welcome trolling gets you added to the ignore list.
  3. I keep it simple numbers are boring. Go read LWM’s write up she goes through the numbers. I cater to those that want it short and sweet and to the point. Point is the changes will be meta upsetting. For the good or bad is up to the individual experience. I think it is for the good if you play USN.
  4. IJN 2-2-2 aren’t going to cut it anymore. You will need AS builds to handle the new USN load outs from what I am seeing.
  5. I play IJN on my normal account. I have played randoms and coop with Shokaku I would at this point say 6.14 Lexington is better than Shokaku 2-2-2 might struggle against AS. 6.14 Ranger is equal to Hiryu. The thing holding Ranger back is Hiryu is more often that not going to be AS.
  6. Trust me it will be dry berthed it pretty much could be right now as all the would need to do is fill in the pond it sits in with dirt.
  7. Well normally with a carrier you will have a though time against bot in coop if you don’t have human assistance. I can now own the map with Ranger and Lexington. Btw keep Hellcats with Lex you get more reserves. I unlocked Essex and played it a bit about to unlock Midway.
  8. I have been messing around in the public test and have to say yeah I think they fixed American carriers.
  9. Updated and reformatted Updated
  10. Aside from lower tier Triple Expansion Engine powered ships I have never heard much of a noise from any ship outside of turbines powering down for full stop.
  11. 180 secondary hits did that with GZ so try it with no main guns then get back to me.
  12. Marry me?
  13. OMG! You dare speak of one her majesty’s finest ships like it was some wench at a bar. That is the HMS Hood who sailed the world promoting the empire’s. Also she was valiantly sunk by a single round to her rear magazine by the Bismarck. Curse those fowl heathen that dare say it was her escort Prinz Eugen’s 8 inch that hit an unsecured magazine room. She could only be slayed by the mightiest warship the jerries could muster to fight her.
  14. People that think radar needs to be changed are the same people that sit in the middle of a cap and pop Smoke thinking oh well they can't see me so I am safe. Yeah I torp those guys regularly without needing radar. Word of advice keep moving!
  15. No bacon, no vote!