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  1. Well they are my favorite class because they can do everything.
  2. Yes but not as good as another DD
  3. Updated
  4. Russian battleships added just needed to future proof the list
  5. WoT blitz has -1+1 MM with a smaller pop and doesn't have issues
  6. Funny, the Krackles look like coke heads from the powdered sugar.
  7. More of I was hungry and needed donuts, need fulfilled. The Krackles and me were quite thankful. Krackles aka Taco Raptors google it. https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/gv3qe4/everything-you-need-to-know-about-grackles-the-horny-devil-bird-of-texas
  8. Just to head certain comments. I thanked the customer and I do have a diety I believe in and thanked her as well
  9. It's time for another nonsensical survey from your favorite and only forum fox. This is sure to bring out the troll so get your popcorn ready. A customer gave me donuts who should I give thanks for wonderful miracle in my time of need.
  10. I am 100% for historical accuracy I love the Bayern in game. But It should of been an optional item i.e. The beginning guns the are noticeable weaker than Sharnhorst's guns to keep it from competing against it.
  11. I do but every thing on tier Four feels like a massive grind except for Clemson. I haven't kept any tier 4 except Hosho and Clemson. Tier 5 is almost the same.
  12. I kept her she is a secondary brawler. Warspite tends to be a midrange fighter that can brawl. QE I find to be great for catching DDs off guard in a cap while I kill their fire support. Warspite I find hunts cruisers better. Neither handle higher tier BBs well.
  13. He said not a carbon copy of Shokaku but a clone at 27:30
  14. He said not a carbon copy of Shokaku but a clone
  15. Did he make a video LWN posted something a while back before she ignored me I watched it and I disagreed with it. Which is why she ignored me.