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  1. The US Navy has a problem

    Yeah now I am hungry for a McRib.
  2. The US Navy has a problem

    Interesting problem with the theory that crew training fatigue was the problem. The problem has only gotten worse yet no new incidents. In fact the incidents in question seem to have happen to ships that had been taking part in right of passage missions against China or were part of the ballistic missle shield responsible for defending against SEA missle launchers.
  3. I play other MMO games. I would totally disagree with that statement. And this is coming from an EVE online player. I would rather be suicide ganked in low sec repeatedly than play Carriers in WoWS. At least you have the statifaction of watching CONCORD blow them up. Here you have the get to read posters telling you to man up. Why bother with it.
  4. Carrier Rework Update

    How would putting out a video of proposed gameplay distract the developers? The only reason to hide gameplay development is a lack of faith in the product. In this case it’s pretty clear they don’t think anyone is going to enjoy the change or they would show it off. From what I have gathered it going to alienate Carriers players and be meh for everyone else. I see no increase in carrier numbers from this change in the long term. There will be a short term up tick and quick drop off do to lack of substance. Most genuine carrier and navy buffs have moved on to other titles.
  5. Carrier Rework Update

    Nope! The only other known predator of the carrier is another carrier. Only two times in history has a battleship so much as had a chance at sinking a carrier. Sharnhorst in the North Sea got lucky and sunk a British Carrier, and Yamato in the Philippines which was scared off an attack by escort carriers she accidentally stumbled into.
  6. Carrier Rework Update

    Number one enemy of Aircraft Carriers was and is Submarines. Until they are added carriers will never be balanced, period!
  7. Carrier Rework Update

    You guys do know that WoWS/WG ran off all the “good” super testers. Which is the main reason why stuff like the rework is taking so long.
  8. Carrier Rework Update

    It wasn't on the Chinese server it was a bootleg IOS game clearly using WoWS sound files and WoWS blitz control scheme. It also had subs that clearly looked like something WoWS was working on and the carriers literally worked as the devs described in the waterline video and would fit jingles leak video. It might still be up on phlydaily YouTube channel but he either isn't aware it's a bootleg on is playing dumb to show off what he know is coming to WoWS.
  9. Carrier Rework Update

    If carriers die than the balance of the game dies. BTW subs were clearly in the bootleg I do believe WG has an insurance policy if carrier rework fails to work or the BB meta keeps getting more out of control, add subs to balance the meta out.
  10. Carrier Rework Update

    Yeah except in China where you can pay for super tester access and have access to things we will see months later. (See WoT Chieftain) China is a major source of WG leaks. This game was clearly a Chinese bootleg made from the WoWS blitz test server files.
  11. Carrier Rework Update

    Well I have seen the Carrier update a deleted thread about a bootleg confirmed my suspicions. It’s bad folks I mean hit the z button to see it bad. The only difference is you have only one squadron to use. But outside of that it’s pretty much as bad as everyone thought. I gave them some credit with WoWP integration but this is going to kill the game.
  12. Dunkerque Despair

    You’re talking to the guy that liked GZ before the fixed it.
  13. Dunkerque Despair

    Only premium I have ever sold twice. Bought once then got in a Christmas crate. Tried liking both times it’s garbage.
  14. Wargaming to rework Battleships

    Do to Battleship population numbers continuing to climb. World of Warships will be reworking Battleships to bring them in-line with the other classes in order to bring back into a competitive arena. All sales of premium Battleships will be halted until this rework is completed.
  15. I am questioning that in light of CV rework it’s looking more like a tax sink for Wargaming.