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  1. Three DBs and a TB wrecks DDs. Just leave the single fighter over the carrier.
  2. I enjoy the tears to much. That and I like the game.
  3. At this point tiers 1-7 might as well be the same tier. 1-7=1, 8=2, 9-10=3
  4. CA is the cu CA is what the people have adopted for cruiser, THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN!
  5. What is Nerfing?

    Cause it feels like shooting a nerf gun or welding a nerf bat compared to what it was. A first person shooter/MORPG slang most other game type player use it.
  6. Sovetsky Soyuz-class Battleship

    Most likely tier 10 can’t wait.
  7. carriers should start at tier 5

    No they should start at tier 3 as a dual purpose ship that has a small amount of planes but guns to make up for it like a seaplane tender.
  8. Premium Ship Review: USS Kidd

    Kidd is great but ironically not competitive. For a Destroyer to be competitive it needs Hydro. Repair party is a joke on a ship that gets one shotted most of the time. Lo Yang and Z23 owned ranked Kidd was OK.
  9. Seeing as GC is a tier 7 at 5 I see it happening.
  10. Clemson, Tenryū, Nassau, Orion, Derski, Ichizuchi, Vampire...... if you see those ships in random good chance it’s a seal clubber
  11. I am reminded of an article one mouse wrote awhile back talking about controlling ones win rate. Anyone that can control their win rate is buy definition is stat padding. Which begs the question if you can control your win rate why the heck are you losing at all? Stat padding in this game tends to come in the form of free xping past bad ships and never learning to play a class you are weak with. Which is why so many baBBies exist.
  12. There needs to be a ranking system so that these “good” players and their padded stats face other “good” players who are actually good. Mainly so us normal players can stop hearing this tripe. It might stop all the stat padding as you would be punished for it.
  13. Missouri gun misses on the rise

    I hate Flamu, the guys rubs me wrong. But, if he says it’s screwed up it 9 times out of 10 it is screwed up and WG hasn’t figured it out yet. He is really good at finding this odd stuff out despite WG and the other CCs saying everything is OK.
  14. PSA Lemming trains at high tiers.

    Lemming trains happen when the two ships in front of a group die suddenly and the rest of the group speeds up straight towards their fallen brethren instead of pondering if they should be WASD hacking because someone just deleted two ships.
  15. About to get Tier VIIIs

    Her poor winrate is do to Dr. Shokaku teaching players the wrong way to play Lady Lex. Shokaku plays totally different from Lex which requires aggressive play against DDs. Dealing damage takes a backseat to blinding to enemy.