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  1. This is essentially what I do in WoT. Works there as well. Still need to figure out how to consistently win even a few battles early in WoWS before I could implement it here.
  2. Graphics?

    I was able to open the WoWS engine_config folder in Notepad and change/save the frame rate to 144. I'd say it solved 95% of the problem. I tried to do the same thing with both WoWP and WoT but when I open the engine_config with either Notepad or Wordpad the contents for both of those games are encrypted (characters that look Chinese), so I guess I have to trust those games have accepted/utilized my 144 Refresh Rate.
  3. Graphics?

    Even the night Ports and from multiple angles in different lighting as well? If working as intended, then all I can say is I don't care for it...
  4. Graphics?

    Thanks but it's not severe enough to go through the usual WG Tech process: Describe the problem then submit System Check, submit 20 minute PingPlotter log, submit System Specs, etc. - I can live with it rather than spend two hours going through all that with multiple replies back and forth. I think Dodgy_Cookies probably properly identified the problem as WoWS not having TSSAA Super Temporal Antialiasing.
  5. I see that in the post game stats but where do they show up on your Port screen for use? Or is just the XP available for Conversion from Commanders?
  6. You don't think they monitor the Forums?
  7. As a brand new player not doing all that well in Randoms, I'm really enjoying the Halloween Missions. Great chance for me to play higher tier ships with multiple Consumables.
  8. Transylvania Catapults?

    Don't see anything on his playlist?
  9. Transylvania Catapults?

    Also noticed after 15-20 games my accuracy in Randoms was way off at twice the distance. Had to go back to Co-Op to re-calibrate.
  10. Transylvania Catapults?

    I witnessed what I would consider to be a perfect game yesterday. Every player on our team (except me) was in the same clan/division and not only did they take out all the Catapults and enemies along the way, they were all still alive when Rasputin showed up. Two BB's rammed him and that was that. Game over with most of the Transylvania's HP remaining.
  11. Transylvania Catapults?

    They are pretty easy to hit and score points but once in a while I hear, "Direct hit." Where is the best place to hit them?
  12. I'm laying back and I see an opportunity to poke out and attack an enemy. I build up a little steam, poke out, and suddenly one enemy is two and I know I'm in trouble. Chat is telling me to "Get Back." Question is, how does one get back in a slow moving BB with such a wide turning radius? At that point is it not better to just commit and start firing and hope to do as much damage as I can before I get sunk?
  13. Saving Transylvania = Impossible

    Do you win anything with the Stars and a Victory? My team just won and had 4 Stars but I didn't see any kind of reward for it.
  14. Saving Transylvania = Impossible

    I'm new and still a pretty lousy player but I am enjoying the mission. Not used to seeing that kind of teamwork in Tier I where I usually play. For those who say, "it's easy," I don't get that given you are outnumbered 2 or 3 to 1 and the enemy has so many BB's with lots of armor. I think I've been on winning teams only about 20-25% of the time.
  15. Advancing up the tiers?

    Thanks. I'll do that but given I'm home bound recovering from minor surgery I'm usually on line playing something (WoT, WoWS, WoWP) or watching streamers. Might be easier for you to PM me with best times for you. I am playing the Halloween Objective which is Tier III and doing OK. Really enjoy how the entire team has a common objective and everyone works together much more than what I've experienced in Randoms.