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  1. So the only way to get Camo and Flags is in Containers or buy Flags in the Premium Shop? And Consumables like Repair Party, Damage Control, Smoke, etc, can never be bought in bulk and stored somewhere? Also, what is the difference between Yamamoto Collection and Containers?
  2. Talk about delayed gratification. Your parents must have loved you around Xmas time.
  3. What (if any) sales does WoWS routinely have besides ships - Equipment, Consumables, Flags, Camo, etc., and which are worth stocking up on when they happen?
  4. Actually a noob (or is it newb?) started this thread....
  5. TAE and AR?
  6. Now you tell me. I just got here...
  7. Lots of players seem to like the Graf Spee. Wiki says it's slow and it's guns aren't accurate. Is that true and if yes why do you still like it so much?
  8. Just realized while watching a video about using Torpedoes that the reason I didn't think Target Lock was working is because in WoWS Target Lock puts a Target icon above the targeted ship whereas in WoT Auto-Aim locks the aiming reticle on the targeted tank.
  9. Thanks
  10. I won a few of these when I opened Level 11. Also got a couple in Containers. 1. Premium ships come with a level of Camouflage. Can these one battle only Camos stack on top of them? 2. Is there any point using them in tiers I/II or are they better saved for later?
  11. In the Weapons Group (Control Settings) what is the functionality difference between the first 3 buttons (Main HE, Main AP, Torpedo Spread) and the last 3 buttons (Main Battery, Torpedoes, Reload Torpedoes)? And if I rebind Target Lock (default = "X") to another key, does that key now activate the Torp Targeting cone as well?
  12. Preparing to make my first run with a Tier II - Torpedo DD. Of course I have some beginner questions: 1. Do Torpedoes reload automatically after firing or do you have to press the Torpedo Reload key in the Weapons Group (Control Settings)? 2. How do you switch back and forth between firing Main Artillery and firing Torpedoes? Is that also pressing the keys in Weapons Group (Control Settings)? 3. The default Target Lock key is "X". The training video says to press "X" to bring up the gray dynamic torpedo targeting cone. If I rebind Target Lock to another key on my mouse or my keyboard, does that key also activate the targeting cone or do I still press "X" to activate that function after locking on the target? Thanks.
  13. That helps. Not as clean, detailed, or flexible as what I had in mind but 10 times better than nothing (which is what I had prior to you posting this)
  14. I'm sure that would help...
  15. Which works best and is it different in higher tiers? Hang on the periphery and snipe. Race around the battle full-throttle guns blazing. Stop (or at least slow way down) and take shots (and enemy fire).