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  1. HQ_21

    Make battleships Great Again

    The implementation of WoWs Blitz's secondaries mechanics is long overdue for this game. FFS they even have actual tertiary guns with separate stats.
  2. HQ_21

    Smaland's anti-ship rockets

    I have no doubt WG intends to make these missiles more than just eye candy. It’s been their desire all along to bring the Kirov battlecruiser into the game.
  3. Congratulations! You’ve outdone the OP at virtue signaling in his own thread. Here’s a bottle of blue hair dye compliments of WG!
  4. Cue the queue dump dip [edited].
  5. For [edited] and giggles let's go ahead and break down the absolute stupidity in your post. 1) Notser , iChase and other CCs did give the rework a chance. Even people like Flammu were at worst cautiously optimistic about it. 2) In any case, not even close to "everyone" even watches CC vids/streams. So your theory of player expectations is something you pulled out your [edited]. 3) Any prophecy that it would suck came true because it DID suck. Unless of course you're a brain-dead half-wit that was looking for some super OP ship to play so you can exclaim "Yaaayy! Look it how 1337 I am now! Yay!" To that type of window licker, sure it didn't suck. 4) If you weren't so stupid as to be swayed by the likes of Notser and iChase as to the whether the rework was good or not, then I guarantee almost no one else would be either. So no, Notser and others are not responsible for the trainwreck that ANYONE WITH HALF A BRAIN could've seen coming and then experienced FOR THEMSELVES. Oh, look at that. Your stats are hidden. What a [edited]surprise you thought the first iteration of the rework was ever a good thing.
  6. HQ_21

    USS Missouri

    IDGAF what they say. WG’s credibility is almost nonexistent. It was pulled for its ability to make credits a non-issue even for non-premium users.
  7. HQ_21

    Premium Ship Review: Dunkerque

    Not that I’m aware of. I believe this ship ends up on sale a fair amount of time though.
  8. HQ_21

    Premium Ship Review: Dunkerque

    Buy it after the “loaner” has been returned.
  9. That part was obvious, as you’re showing, it’s right on the credits/XP page. The first page anyone should look at when they see such a high amount of credits awarded. The amount of damage done is certainly plausible in a normal Random Battle. But the bot names are rather easy to notice too.
  10. Yeah that’s always interesting. Been so long since I played there they sent me an email offering 5 million credits, some containers and a free Scharnhorst!
  11. You guys are dense. It’s a protected MM game with bots on a re-roll account.
  12. HQ_21

    Anniversary Stream Giveaway Link

    Cannot redeem WG code due to technical issues.
  13. HQ_21

    2 T-10 CVin full T-10 matches again

    So, pissing off a handful of people at off hours is SO much worse than pissing off a helluva lot more people with multiple CV games. Mhmm kaykay shillboy.