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  1. Something to do with fixing a problem with the voice coms. They said 1 hour downtime.
  2. Click on the top left corner where your user name is. A drop down menu will appear. Near the bottom of that is the inventory.
  3. HQ_21

    Kamikaze is the new AFK?

    Do these ships players have names with a colon on each side? Like this--- :Beatty: If so, then they're bots and they tend to ram each other a lot.
  4. Anyone who’s played CVs and any other ship type on a higher ping connection would this NOT to be the case. Even a modestly higher ping with CVs is very problematic since you need to make very quick adjustments with manual attacks and strafes. And quickly issuing orders and switching squadrons often ends up giving the second squad the order while missing the first one entirely.
  5. HQ_21

    WOWS Blitz: BCV Ise

    Although I have nothing higher than T6 on blitz so I can't speak for the higher tiers, CVs don't seem to be anywhere near as problematic on blitz than on the pc game. The T4&5 CVs don't even have fighters. DBs are pretty much just point and click. TBs use manual drop, but their alpha strikes are significantly less damaging. Langely doesn't have TBs and Bouge's TB squads are only 4 planes. The IJN squads at this level only have three planes. Cross-dropping is also more difficult. Flooding doesn't happen near as much either. I only played a few battles in Independence and fighters, from what I can tell, are basically just and area defense (and spot) feature. Kind of like catapult fighters that you can send to a location. No strafing. They really should've tried something similar with this game. Especially if they toned down the number of squadrons available both for easier micro-management and less spotting. Hybrids look like they'll work just fine in WoWs Blitz. Probably could've worked here with a similar CV game design.
  6. Ise is being given away as a reward ship for an event on wows blitz. It’s a T7 BB with a 14 plane DB group. A video is available on the wows blitz Facebook page.
  7. HQ_21

    USS Arizona and HMS Hood

    Reading is hard.
  8. HQ_21

    Why is WG pushing Tier 10 so hard?

    One of the worst things about T10 ranked is that many of us have very few ships at that tier. Having only one ship to play gets to wearing thin rather quickly. Ranked at middle tiers would make the experience more enjoyable by being able to try a variety of ships and ship types.
  9. HQ_21

    The "Keeper" Tier 6 Battleship

    I like where T6 BBs are compared to other tiers. All are competitive and different from each other. NM is probably my favorite, though I do best with Normandie. But if you're going to use them for a lot of ops where AA can be important, Bayern and QE are probably best. Though Bayern can benefit from a lot of the CQB that happens against bots with her secondaries, QE's 15 inchers are significantly more accurate. And in those rare instances when you need to resort to HE with her, QE has the best.
  10. HQ_21

    Should CVs be banned from Ranked?

    Right. Because there’s no sacrifice made speccing into AA when you most often don’t run into any. Nor is there any deficiencies in being forced into a single course of action.
  11. From a game play standpoint I don’t like it. Newer players need more time spent learning at lower tiers. And now when they get to tier 6 it’ll seem a LOT grindier. Meanwhile more experienced players have the flags and camo to breeze through these tiers. Especially since they get higher scores to begin with.
  12. HQ_21

    How Ranked Should Be Done

    One thing is certain: they should be cycling through different tiers every season and go as low as tier 4 or 5. We deserve to see how ships perform throughout the tiers having to face only same tier opponents. As kind of a sick joke only the tier 1 fanboys get that perk right now.
  13. HQ_21

    A secondary focused IJN BB?

    And wheraboos would like KMS BBs with good dispersion.