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  1. Get rid of Manual Drops and "Strafes". Not only are they ridiculously gamey, they allow for a massive skill disparity between CV captains that doesn't exist with other ship types. Consider the high number of matches with CVs (often 2 each side) at tiers IV & V and the huge drop-off above those tiers. It seems clear that a lot of people lose interest once the gimmicks of alt-attacks come into play. It's not just that these attack mechanics are difficult to learn, they're also more like work than fun. Imagine what it would do to the game if a similar mechanic were introduced for the other ship types. Like a more involved aiming interface that allowed a player to make some calculations and tighten up his dispersion. I know one thing that would happen. Unicum users of the feature would defend it even as the player base dwindled and more and more games became blowouts.