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  1. Yeah, don't hold your breath on that. The whole "support role" thing was just something to have an answer for when asked "what happened to odd-tier CVs?". I doubt they had any serious ideas of what they were going to do and didn't want to give an honest answer to the question. Just like CVs in PvE and wholly inadequate testing, the odd-tier CVs were a victim of the ridiculously rushed nature of this rework. Something they'd never admit and looking all the more ridiculous after they did next to nothing to fix CVs during their self-proclaimed "Year of the Carrier".
  2. You should read his whole post and then learn the meaning of "context". In the meantime, fire your tutor.
  3. The only way it makes sense to bring DEs in is if subs are too and they're both only playable in their own game mode. Really, neither one belongs in "fleet" engagements. Would be interesting to play subs against non-bot escorts.
  4. It’s one of the missions for this wasteland (or whatever it’s called) event. Check the list of event missions. It’s in the same place as the previous events, but looks more like an ad this time.
  5. HQ_21

    Notser 8.5 Analysis of AA

    Bingo! Something that should’ve seemed rather obvious from the beginning. One can blame the rushed nature of this rework for them missing it. But it’s probably more likely that it simply flew right over their heads.
  6. HQ_21

    WG you want Balance+Happiness?

    Yeah. Watch it evolve into a "must haves" and "required outfitting". Cookie cutter builds for all ship types. Brilliant idea. We see this crapall the time in gaming. It's when the developers get so bad that they start listening to such ideas that their game finally dies.
  7. It's ur fault for not dodging and not properly engaging in the fun and engaging "sector reinforcement" thingy.
  8. HQ_21

    Des Moines vs Salem

    After I got Salem I was surprised that she seemed rather obviously more accurate than my attempts with DM on the PTS. Checked the fitting tool which at the time included minimum dispersion and sure enough Salem’s was lower. Don’t know why that data is no longer included.
  9. You forgot: *doesn’t look at post date*
  10. It just looks retarded as all hell having a purpose-built single-seat interceptor being used as a torpedo bomber. When they get around to making some fantasy Stalinium CV are they going to use MiG-3s for torpedo bombers? Just for immersion's sake they should use something like the Me 410 for the GZ's torpedo bomber.
  11. Yep. It's like WG decided that pissing off new players at T5 with their ill-advised +/-2 MM wasn't getting the job over driving new players away fast enough. Now they can do it with with multiple CVs vs no AA ships at T3! Pure [edited]genius.
  12. Gee Skipper. You might actually have a point. IF there was only 1 CV per side max.
  13. HQ_21

    This is why CV's are hated

    Wow. You just acutely described what this whole rework is and how we got to this point.