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  1. Lack of citadels for DDs is more of a reason to have detonations than even history or realism. Having to make sacrifices in outfitting your ship is another. Either use the flags or sacrifice your precious MAM1 for MM1 if detonations bother you so much.
  2. The missions for the camo start October 25.
  3. Sorry if this has been asked, but I couldn't find anything doing a search. So I got the final reward for the October Revolution mission and just figured they meant Main Armaments Mod 1. But it shows up in my inventory as listed on the mission page: Main Battery Mod 1. It is basically MAM1 without the torpedo tube protection. It won't show up in any slots and is not mentioned anywhere I can find in the wiki. What's the deal?
  4. So much this. Not only is the range fantastic, the shells are very high velocity and have great convergence. It was with this ship that I got my first Arsonist after playing the game for quite some time. Big fat BBs at range are easy targets with these guns and they have a very hard time being able to hit you back. Phoenix is very fast for its tier and often allows you to dictate the engagement range. The torps are a bonus and come in handy if you find yourself in a knife-fight with a DD or any other ship for that matter in a surprise close in engagement. Phoenix is easily one of the best ships tier for tier that I've played so far and the best CL at tier 4 (with Kuma coming in a very close second). It's a shame the very similar Omaha has it so much tougher it tier 5.
  5. I'd guess that most who find it boring are the same ones that tell everyone to "stay in the base".
  6. I might be the only one that clicked on this thread thinking it was about a monster game in the South Carolina.
  7. Wilhelm Canaris. Special ability to finally help all those in need of intelligence data.
  8. Get rid of Manual Drops and "Strafes". Not only are they ridiculously gamey, they allow for a massive skill disparity between CV captains that doesn't exist with other ship types. Consider the high number of matches with CVs (often 2 each side) at tiers IV & V and the huge drop-off above those tiers. It seems clear that a lot of people lose interest once the gimmicks of alt-attacks come into play. It's not just that these attack mechanics are difficult to learn, they're also more like work than fun. Imagine what it would do to the game if a similar mechanic were introduced for the other ship types. Like a more involved aiming interface that allowed a player to make some calculations and tighten up his dispersion. I know one thing that would happen. Unicum users of the feature would defend it even as the player base dwindled and more and more games became blowouts.