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  1. Expiration of missions is on the day listed at server turnover time. Something like 5am edt.
  2. Nikolai, the potato farmer

    I think one of the good aspects of this game is that it takes time and effort to learn how to play well. Saying that because some newbie at T3 or 4 sucks now and that they will always suck is just not true. I'm sure the Turenne is not some monster compared to the Nassau even though my average damage in the former is more than two times greater than the latter. Experience and desire to learn make all the difference, as they should. If they made the game much easier to learn it would get boring pretty fast.
  3. If OP is as green as his battle count suggests, the problem isn’t so much the ship as the shock of reaching T5. A problem for beginners that is compounded by NY’s stock hull and propulsion. Once upgraded I found the ship quite enjoyable. Newer players should start T5 with the much more user friendly Konig.
  4. DM needs all the anti-air help it can get. You expect its AA guns will be able to do the job alone?
  5. There are plenty of skills required to play a CV well outside of manual attacks. Poor CV players still get stomped by good ones at tiers 4&5. Auto dropping still requires you to consider your approach angle and adjusting the reticle to counter target maneuvering. WG just needs to tighten up the drop pattern to something similar to the ones manual drops have. Instead of decreasing the drop distance of TBs they should just give them a mild speed buff.
  6. SC :P

    I can hazz?
  7. She is a ship captain.

    And yet, the tags you assigned for this thread are the 21st century versions of 17th century cries and accusations of witchcraft.
  8. This is exactly what I mean. And then it’d still need to account for differences between same type ships. The pool of players in the queue at any given time simply isn’t large enough to make it work.
  9. Good point. Of course it wouldn’t work since now the ships themselves can’t be taken into account.
  10. Not exactly sure what you mean. But I suppose in learning to fire at range. Something that already takes time to learn and firing with the overhead view takes even more getting used to. Getting used to it as early as possible will make it easier going down the rest of the line.
  11. Gotta learn how to use the Spotter Plane at some point, especially with IJN BBs. Mr. Myogi offers that opportunity earlier than other ships. Might as well take advantage of it while grinding T4.
  12. Some Advice?

    With the exception of Nassau and König I’d have to disagree with the idea that German BBs are forgiving. Ships like Kaiser and Bayern can be frustrating without a good deal of experience. The US line seemed more noob friendly and their anemic speed keeps players from yoloing early and teaches positioning more quickly. They have decent protection and accuracy as well. IJN BBs demand a more experienced hand at positioning and aiming. UK BBs just teach you how to play other UK BBs.
  13. MIdway Fighter Nerf

    GZ has spent months in testing with no end in sight. The cancerous Paypan has made T7 CV play a joke for even longer. Tech-tree IJN CVs with 3 fighter squad loadouts have plagued their 1 fighter squad USN counterparts for several weeks; during the same time Zuiho has been freed from AS Bouge. BUT, the Twitch Weeboos have lost their precious Hak’s ability to destroy at will “SINCE THE PREVIOUS PATCH”. And we just can’t let that stand another minute!
  14. Carrier rework proposal

    Except the statistics across tiers say it is that simple. T4-5 has the most balance between IJN and USN CVs. The gap increases at every tier up to T10 and that’s not including premiums. If what you were saying were true then T4-5 wouldn’t have as many CV players as it does. Several months of play difference at those tiers have pointed to what should have been obvious from the beginning. That alt-attacks create far too many issues for the sake of keeping a few happy.
  15. It would appear that OP owns Scharnhorst. As such answer is said ship+Zulu. Add Wyvern when you have free premium time.