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  1. One of the worst things about T10 ranked is that many of us have very few ships at that tier. Having only one ship to play gets to wearing thin rather quickly. Ranked at middle tiers would make the experience more enjoyable by being able to try a variety of ships and ship types.
  2. The "Keeper" Tier 6 Battleship

    I like where T6 BBs are compared to other tiers. All are competitive and different from each other. NM is probably my favorite, though I do best with Normandie. But if you're going to use them for a lot of ops where AA can be important, Bayern and QE are probably best. Though Bayern can benefit from a lot of the CQB that happens against bots with her secondaries, QE's 15 inchers are significantly more accurate. And in those rare instances when you need to resort to HE with her, QE has the best.
  3. Right. Because there’s no sacrifice made speccing into AA when you most often don’t run into any. Nor is there any deficiencies in being forced into a single course of action.
  4. From a game play standpoint I don’t like it. Newer players need more time spent learning at lower tiers. And now when they get to tier 6 it’ll seem a LOT grindier. Meanwhile more experienced players have the flags and camo to breeze through these tiers. Especially since they get higher scores to begin with.
  5. How Ranked Should Be Done

    One thing is certain: they should be cycling through different tiers every season and go as low as tier 4 or 5. We deserve to see how ships perform throughout the tiers having to face only same tier opponents. As kind of a sick joke only the tier 1 fanboys get that perk right now.
  6. A secondary focused IJN BB?

    And wheraboos would like KMS BBs with good dispersion.
  7. Please be advised that US battleships and the game meta in general change significantly after Tier 6. While the BBs up to and including the New Mexico are slow, they are very compact and maneuverable. After that they get large and rather clumsy. Not only should you keep her, you should also take another battleship line down to Tier 6 as well. All BBs at that tier are very good to excellent and can be used in several different operations.
  8. The fact that the CV population is so small is why fixing CVs needs to be a priority. The current situation makes a significant amount of AA equipment and skills a mostly wasted investment at higher tiers. And then one of those few times a CV shows up, especially divved against a solo CV it becomes a slaughter that's a big reason for so much CV hate. It isn't about pleasing the small number of CV players. It's all about growing that small number of players. And although you can never make the "no CVs" crowd happy by doing anything that keeps CVs, the rest of the player base would be better off with a larger, more balanced CV population.
  9. Puka Puka Fleet

    Your choice of images was no accident. Especially with the location of that cat's tail. OP needs to understand that anime fanbois see them not as pictures, but as magic mirrors. The admiral understands perfectly.
  10. The sniping CV is the one taking himself out of the game.
  11. Got my second tier 10!!!

    PM does not help keep your AA guns alive.
  12. Noob asking questions

    The likely reason you are doing worse is that you've probably moved out of protected match-making where bots fill out the teams. Once you go from situations like 1 or 2 humans and 8 or 9 bots on each team to all human players things get a lot more difficult.
  13. Honestly, this alone would have helped the situation tremendously. It would’ve taken care of the two biggest problems: lesser players (not even necessarily “bad” players) having their squadrons cut to ribbons in seconds; and the ridiculous dropping of torpedoes in pretty patterns that are completely undodgeable by many ships. While it is the manual drops that infuriate players of other ship types so much, it’s strafing that’s driven a lot of people from playing CVs. Learning to make those drops that players hate so much isn’t that challenging. But learning to manage all of your air groups while trying to both avoid and set up strafes is MUCH more difficult. It is made all that much more difficult with any kind of lag. And it’s even worse for those of us that can’t play on full-screen without incurring unacceptable lag and FPS drops. Throw in having to deal with incredibly stupid ships like Paypan and Enterprise with Ranger and Lex and it’s easy to see how so many have given up on CVs. I’m quite certain if they had just done to all CV tiers what they did with T4&5 things would’ve turned out much better. They could’ve then dealt much more easily with things like air group and AA balancing as well as issues with excessive spotting. But no. WG instead catered to an extreme on the bell curve and kept their broken mechanic. In the process they’ve managed to retain players from both extremes while losing the big bulge of players in the middle of that curve. I say removing that mechanic was at least worth a try.
  14. Umm, no. The biggest problem on Neigbors is the lemming towards C cap (especially in Standard). It rarely works, though is better in Domination, and often turns into a drift towards the NE corner. This latter issue is almost always disastrous for the northern team in Standard mode. Too many times have I watched my team melt in that eastern rock garden. Though to be fair, it’s more often the northern team that has this issue. For either team the capping of the home base most often comes from the direction of the A cap area.
  15. Expiration of missions is on the day listed at server turnover time. Something like 5am edt.