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  1. Ok so I was sitting on a fat stack of doubloons and I noticed when I logged in today that there was new stuff in the armory. (I haven’t played in a month or so). There were some bundle options and whatnot, what caught my eye was the azur lane commander bundle. I was only intrested in a commander for the Prinz Eugene but alas they don’t let u but just one for the boat u want. So I decided to grab all cus why not and if I ended up getting the other ships down the line to match the commander, perfect. So I got the bundle but I only received normal rank 10 commanders trained to said boats. I feel like I’m missing something. I got voices for the azur lane commanders but no actual event commanders. I even checked the premium boats I have to see if they get default attached to their respective ship. Nope they do not. So basically did I spend 110 dollars worth of doubloons on basic commanders? Or what?