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  1. Server going down for maintenance?

    WG Maybe focus less on new ships and more on servers!!
  2. Bouncing from server to server

    Just when you get that warm fuzzy feeling they go and remind us who they really are, lol why do I play there games..........Money money money it talks.
  3. Bouncing from server to server

    WG were so busy capitalising on the new line they forgot about the servers, perhaps next time worry less about marketing and more about stability. Oh and weekends suck big time, more potatoes than ever sigh!!!!
  4. Unnecessary Hate

    Ok my question would be do you communicate? I have no fighters, supporting A, attacking the BB because I see CV players either stationary, not looking at the mini map and then all of a sudden be under fire or have a dd chasing them. Being inpatient because they are bottom tier, run through planes quickly then go for the ram. Ignoring scouting and going for a snipe taking the planes down the side of the map. If I see a CV communicate, use fighters to protect me, scout and kill enemy DD's and generally be a positive in the game I am happy to either comment positively or give a plus one. I see players using low tier CV's seal clubbing with high captain skills and I think the player base remember those times of manual drops and strafing runs when you are trying to learn just to launch aircraft or just buy your new BB and watch the torps hit the sides as you have no AA. In short the type of play and players can determine the reputation of the whole class.
  5. Kings of the Sea V

    I think the meta is different in EU, it is a slightly higher standard of game play and team work is a little better across randoms. Although I think the player base in EU in terms of skill is diminishing whether that's a lack of education available or just more casual gaming I don't know. It was unfortunate that O7 didn't have a plan B and were unable to change tactics, I am sure next tournament will be closer and the NA teams will be better prepared, lots of EU players play on NA so the ping isn't a problem.
  6. If you post you are leaving a game it's probably out of frustration because you want the game to work. Cruisers are in my opinion the most difficult to play but also have the highest reward. One mistake in a Cruiser and you can be dead or irrelevant due to healthpool, a hipper is a tough ship to play as it's a heavy Cruiser and eats damage. Why not either drop down to lower tiers and play the French cruisers for example or change class and either lob shells or Torpedo boat. If you really don't enjoy it play another game for a while.
  7. Most OP, fun new ships?

    The German DD line guns can be difficult but it has great tops and a quick reload so use it as a Torpedo boat and it will be good.
  8. Help me decide please!

    Played the Shima and GK both great ships but to make good credits you need the premium camo which is expensive. I havent played the Missouri but the Iowa is OK and the credit earnings look huge on the Missouri so as you are so close might as well wait for the Mo. Maybe go down the French Cruiser line quicker for the glory lol.