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    Why do people still send threatening messages?

    Bad behaviour is bad within the game and shouldn’t be tolerated. However frustration is something I suffer and understand more. After a long day at work you try to relax playing your game, you are trying to improve, to be a better team mate and maybe to earn the daily bonus or something like, you get in game and your team immediately either give up caps, yolo and die to radar, fire from the a line or lemming to one side. You try to reason, you suggest holding your flank and then it dawns on you, you either do the right thing and die or you follow the herd, usually lose and feel terd like as you joined it. This game can be a little frustrating and the in game chat can reflect this.
  3. HMS_Antelope

    Tier X meta is very disappointing

    I don’t think it’s fair to blame everything on player skill, I see good players in matches seem more concerned about damage or kills than the win. Taking caps and holding caps for example don’t show on the stats as clearly. I’m sure players in very competitive clans are very conscious of trying to keep the stats high because recruitment is partly based on this. Certain ship types are made with very individual traits rather than team traits, Zao is a ship you use from a distance, some Battleships like to be at the back and some Destroyers benefit from hunting round the edge of the map and not capping the radar infested waters. I agree that Clan wars is fun because it has better competition involved, ranked on the other hand is like randoms imo so yes skills need improving at higher levels but perhaps rewarding the team based activities more visually than just damage/kills would encourage better team play. I could definitely increase my damage numbers significantly but perhaps at the detriment of win rate.
  4. HMS_Antelope

    Constant game crashes

    Same issue also and has been happening for a few weeks. Been pink once because of it also.
  5. HMS_Antelope

    game freeze crash

    I'm getting crashes usually at the start of the match but other times also. Been playing a long time and never had it like this before. Keep all my stuff upto date aswell.
  6. HMS_Antelope


    Hi I use a 34" Ultra wide and it works really well. Just make sure your PC can run the graphics at that resolution.
  7. I appreciate you seem to put a lot of effort into the forums, I appreciate you only play coop but you are not the voice of all players and my personal opinion is just that. I didn't actually enjoy the game a great deal until I joined a clan recently however I did enjoy the grind and the satisfaction of it. To me coop is far from enjoyable it's too easy and I have never lost a game in it, randoms is both frustrating and much more difficult than coop. The comment I made was my time is more important than a flag etc but the compensation from the game didn't compensate me as an individual for my time. I find wows very fair usually in compensation however a box didn't cut it for me. They have offered 24hr premium which again doesn't help me but is generous for the player base so I am happy with the response. So perhaps it's better to only speak on ones own experience and not for the whole server. I'm glad you enjoy coop and that works for you.
  8. Lol I am the only player on all servers that plays the game to complete the grind. How unlucky am I that I don't play the game just because I enjoy it. Perhaps if we can all be like you we can experience pure happiness, like the joy of ranked or playing with new players that free xp up the tiers. I love all things especially wasting my time, thank you for showing me the way your advice is valuable.
  9. Time is valuable for me and the game is based around grinding so I’m glad some play just to enjoy the game. I however play partly to increase the tier ships I play and save enough credits to advance. I could play other games and do other things so time is the most important factor to me personally.
  10. Warships usually are generous in compensation especially with new ship lines and camo etc but in this occasion I think they missed the mark. I played a few games where I spent my valuable time, earned credits I needed, crew and ship xp and you are giving me a box of stuff which isn’t compensating any of the things I need. Im not sure what is appropriate but this box thing isn’t it. It’s a shame that an area where Wows is usually strong at has failed on this occasion. Hopefully this is a blip for future fubars. Please focus on the mini map issue and ships appearing and fix this then all is forgiven.