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  1. Capt_Ahab1776

    This is the end

    Heard about the closing of the forums soon. Hated to hear it because it was my entry into the gaming community. Hope to see you all in Discord if you choose to go. Just going to leave with a quote from Julius Ceasar "If a man were to know the end of this day's business; ere it come; but it suffices that the day will end, and then the end is known. If we meet again, then we'll smile, and if not then this parting was well made."
  2. Capt_Ahab1776

    Twitch drops

    Thank you all for the update
  3. Capt_Ahab1776

    Twitch drops

    It’s probably been posted and I missed it. Has Twitch drops been placed on pause?
  4. As the title says, could this filter be added to the news? Easier to filter out news that has already read than look for the little check mark icons.
  5. Capt_Ahab1776

    What is your Tin Can play style, re capping, etc

    He is still my go to guy. I joined his Discord, you can join if you have the Discord app. I also follow him on YouTube. He puts vids out ever now and again.
  6. Capt_Ahab1776

    What is your Tin Can play style, re capping, etc

    Kuro has been around for years. He gives no nonsense advice for different DD’s
  7. Capt_Ahab1776

    What is your Tin Can play style, re capping, etc

    DD’s are the most important class in the game IMO. If you are wanting to learn there are multiple skilled DD content providers who can give macro and micro advice on the subject. If you are interested I can share some as well as other members can suggest as well.
  8. Capt_Ahab1776

    The attack on Hwachon Dam

    Ran across this on Instagram. Was an interesting piece of history I was unaware of. Apparently the last time air dropped torpedos was used against a stationary land based target during war time. https://www.instagram.com/p/Crt9oRZthuF/?igshid=NTc4MTIwNjQ2YQ==
  9. Capt_Ahab1776

    Too few good players

    Some content providers on Twitch have dropped random mode in favor of other modes such as ranked, brawls, blimp race ect. Reason being if they get in a string of Rick Roll games it doesn’t affect their random records. This isn’t a new issue but it does seem to be worse as of late.
  10. Capt_Ahab1776

    Lost a Shipmate.

    Sorry to hear the news. Prayers for his family and friends.
  11. Capt_Ahab1776


    Thankfully I have a giga common name. Will have to dig and sift through a lot of goggleganger me’s to find the real me 🤣
  12. Capt_Ahab1776


  13. Capt_Ahab1776

    Fury vs Paul

    Yeah was Jakes first real test with a pro boxer his size and age. I feel it exposed a couple weaknesses. One Jake will have to be more dimensional than just head hunting for a big knockout. Two, have to learn how to deal with a boxer that is faster and can eat some of his big power shots.
  14. Capt_Ahab1776

    Fury vs Paul

    Tommy Fury wins a split decision over Jake Paul.
  15. Capt_Ahab1776


    Yes. Plus for me Plymouth really isn’t a big damage farming ship. It’s super power is DD support and helping contest a cap. All AP shells so no fire damage.