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  1. Capt_Ahab1776

    Tactical Assessment Tuesday - Ranked Battles

    Musashi Iowa As much as I love the Fletcher in randoms, didn't have much luck with it in ranked. Occasionally the Buffalo.
  2. Capt_Ahab1776

    I'm a Ship Buff Playing a Buffed Ship in the Buff!

    Buffalo Bills Buffalo Bill Cody Buffalo Bill a.k.a. Guy that drives the rusty 1993 Econoline that has "Free Hugs" shoe polished on the side by the sliding trap door.
  3. Capt_Ahab1776

    Think I know Reason for Alaska delay

    yeah, right now wouldn't be the most optimal time. Maybe after all the tweaks and adjustments to CV-vs-AA is finished.
  4. Capt_Ahab1776

    Double CVs per side need to go WG!

    I submit the opposite. Not less CV's, but more CV's. I am talking a 100% CV match, all T10's I would almost pay money to see the chat start if it was a big surprise to everyone. 20-24 T10 CV's, Epicenter
  5. Capt_Ahab1776

    Getting the Led out

    Some of my favorite Led Zeppelin songs
  6. Capt_Ahab1776

    i thought they were kidding...

    I actually had another 10 game losing streak the next week. I have determined not to play rank late at night or shortly after midnight. That's when both occurred. Seems like I have better luck in the morning around 7-9 a.m.
  7. Capt_Ahab1776

    Top Five raffle requirements changed?

    Yes sir, you are correct. The start of every performance. "Hello, I'm Johnny Cash"
  8. Capt_Ahab1776

    Top Five raffle requirements changed?

    "I just know, I say I just know that marble headed mongrel is behind all this" Foghorn Leghorn vs The Dog
  9. If I'm not badly mistaken "The Big O" was a ship the late Sen. John McCain sailed on.
  10. Capt_Ahab1776


    I'm currently at work but will give you a look when I get home
  11. Capt_Ahab1776

    How's Baltimore?

    I'm out of +1's. You get one as soon as I get replenished
  12. CV's seems to be a love it or hate it class of ship. BB's, CA/CL's, DD's are more generally accepted. Love, like, their okay, meh, Hate. Probably most are in the middle. Submarines will probably get the same reception as the reworked CV's. Something tells me WG will have a black out zone on the calendar as far as vacation being turned in. Kind of like WalMart around the door busters Christmas sale. All hands on deck.
  13. Capt_Ahab1776

    Top Five raffle requirements changed?

    The man in black. I live about a hour away from his childhood home. It was restored not to long ago.
  14. Capt_Ahab1776

    Top Five raffle requirements changed?

    yeah, I was halfway into it 1. Bugs Bunny 2. Foghorn Leghorn 3. Yosemite Sam number 4.. Wait what?? Lol
  15. Capt_Ahab1776

    Tech Tree T9 BBs need a little help

    I love my Musashi. That was the first ship I bought with coal in the arsenal. Just played and saved till I could get it. I can't save free XP, (missed out on the MO) too much of a spend -a-holic with free xp. I got it for the exchange credits, but bingo'd with it back door'ing a economy Yamato into T9 ranked.