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  1. Well, they can have all the rights to explain in the world, technically we don't even own any of the in-game possessions in a legal sense, they are just all data. But still, there's set expectations and there's examples, and WG seems to be taking a chopping knife and chunking out one bit of their benefits and gestures after another, and that's really sad to see. Oh and btw, it wasn't the early access French dds, it was the premium ship Aigle, rolled via premium containers, and I don't believe that WG web pages doesn't have functions such as underlines and fonts in bold. Such info would be awful to bury deep in the text cuz not everyone has the time go read that damn manual line by line, and they trust the basic principle that duplicated premium purchases gets compensated with premium resources - doubloons!
  2. Well don't quite think so, dunna when you joined but from my early experiences from 2016-early 18, duplicated premiums = doubloons. And then they say that the rates are too good, and the would be rewarding less gold for duplicates. And then they say that for Marathon reward ships, people get credits, and WG will do the conversion. Well fine, free ships anyway, for player base equality. And then there's this, premium containers, premium ships, non-premium resource for rewards, and the credits are pathetic. And this is the most severe for those who dumped a lot of cold hard cash into earlier purchases. Like, seriously?
  3. Aigle I suppose, some 4.7k gold isn't terrible, but still frustrating to find out.
  4. Worse part is that the more premiums you have purchased, the worse the rewards would become 🤔Like, Rly??! The chances are so small, one probably would spend like $50 or more for a T8 premium anyway, and there's so many more to collect in the future
  5. Highly frustrating to find out that WG somehow only offers credits compensations for duplicated premiums from PAID premium containers. The promise was to "compensate in credits", but those French premiums were NEVER sold for credits? The text were not highlighted, and most if not all players who did investigate closely would be almost guaranteed to be frustrated - I mean, they spent a lot of luck and hard earned cash on those chest! And I thought that the policy was only for duplicated ships rewarded through FREE marathon events? Could have wished for some better sincerity and kind offers from WG maybe? And for credits rewards, maybe at least some proper conversion rates like 1US$ for 500k silver? Cheers, [QWQ] NewbieDash, NA/PTS and former ClanST/ProdST member [edited]
  6. Bump, wondering if the CUTE family is now recruiting~? ~58% WR here seeking fellow fleet and a warm (or weeb-infused) harbor~!
  7. Bump, is the recruitment now open~?
  8. NewbieDash

    Best of 3: Pilot Episode

    Definitely a worthy series from WG, entertaining to watch and could spur some enthusiasm among skilled players. Maybe would be a good chance to illustrate some in-game tactics as well - how the players positioned themselves with regard to enemy and friendly ships, a tactical overlay with arrows and special notes for say an HE spamming cruiser switching to AP would serve as a good tutorial and valuable for streaming competitive as well.
  9. Welp, count me in for the Krasny Krym! Got real lucky since this was my daily win on the ship and honestly first time in a long time at T5 random. Techniques are similar to higher tiers though, and she's still a worthy & highly historical ship! :D Also, thank you Fem for the awesome CV videos and streams, old and new! Cheers, [NADO] NewbieDash, NA / ProdST / CST / PTS
  10. Well you see, I'm also on the production testing and CST list, and have access to certain ships myself, though under NDA I'd go no further than saying that Flamu / iChase said this and that, which might be worth noting. Of course you have a very valid point that it would be worth to re-visit the Kronstadt in its final state to be more certain of the changes, now that she is publicly available. Dispersion on those shells, as you mentioned, IS a significant weakness, and I do have my own experience about that kind of dispersion. However, it is still very frustrating to be on the receiving end of this, where the likes of Kronstadt could just park bow in like 12-15km, and if you are also bow tanking others and shooting 6 o 8 shells with bb dispersion against this thing sitting behind 70+k HP, BB level of heals and a bit armor belt to play with, it is not fun.. Satisfying guns, as you said, it's always a great pleasure to use. I've been there and I've melted various stuff much to their surprise, it's a total balst. But when people happen to be on the receiving end, they are not gonna have a fun time. The ship needs to be Indianapolis level of squishy, to justify for such level of advantage, and it could very well still be a ferocious and powerful premium in the capable hands. In its current state, still a notch too much map control, cruisers and dds would also need to watch out and will be afraid of pushing into this thing, for a good reason, while also have barely any good counters to bring her down fast enough. - well sure focused HE spamming + fire and a few long range torps could kill her, but considering that Izumo doesn't have much more HP pool either, and cruisers at least have a better gambling chance on the shell speed, reload and overpen.. yeah. Of course it must be mentioned that Izumo has the benefit of bouncing AP shells without fear while Kron just melts like cruisers, but thanks to the lower citadel, concealment, armor and handling in general, the ship is not so significantly harder to disengage and kite either compared to fellow cruisers up to T10, if you are the only BB focusing him. Let's say the Kronstadt somehow ends up in a GTFO scenario, which would take a lot of mispositioning in the first place, it gets away from stuff arguably better than the old Iowa, and likely only a notch worse than the new one.
  11. Well Flamu's latest xD looks like WG is going down this track of Moskva level of AP railgun / accuracy + BB level of damage and pen. Actually less complaint on Stalingrad considering that the thing is really really hard to disengage, at least according to what Flamu has revealed. An even larger citadel would bring it at least in line with Moskva in terms of vulnerability. The guns though.. Why play BBs anymore when you do the job of punishing broadsides / area denial prob. better in the glorious battlecruisers compared to actual bbs which have really bad arcs, dispersion, shell speed, overpen issue and long reload. If WG is not touching the pen / alpha damage and such, could we at least have a bit tuned down dispersion as in the case of Graf Spee (in between cruisers / BBs), and could we at least get rid of the improved autobounce angles (and maybe instead give it a slightly worse autobounce angle say bouncing starts from 35 deg and full bouncing from 55 deg), so that at least this thing is not so ridiculously scary and punishing at long ranges as long as people angle properly (which is quite achievable for 35-55 deg of autobounce but really REALLY hard if they don't bounce till 60 deg while having quite unstoppable penning power to cruisers)?
  12. I'd very much agree on the returning of old Iowa citadel though. Well, considering the current meta of underwater/waterline citadel that might still be too harsh. But, indeed, why shouldn't we have some high tier BBs with an actual citadel weakness just like the Yamato, so as to encourage good angling and smart play, while offering other unique strengths like the combination of speed, maneuverability, turret angles and concealment, that are now pretty much all on the table except for being scatter quite dreadfully across various OP lines, especially the HE spamming BBs with super heal and (almost) untouchable citadel...
  13. And try to Imagine Izumo and this ship vs the Yamato / Musashi... I'd be pretty confident that this one is more survivable and deals back more damage.
  14. I won't mind reading ur review if you could kindly link your post :) it's pretty much on the same topic so would be pretty relevant. Your argument of 25mm being overmatched by BB AP shells thus punishable by BBs is a pretty valid point if you lift it out of the context and just imagine a large clumsy cruiser coated in 25mm with cruiser-like guns and cruiser HP pool and cruiser level of citadel protection and citadel height, but clearly as I mentioned, I find it hard to agree that this ship eats enough punishment compared to the likes of Donskoi or Ibuki, which literally have, despite somewhat smaller, a higher citadel above waterline, protected by half of the armor and backed up by almost only half of the HP pool, while also being overmatched to misery. And since we are going into the domain of somewhat decent players... well I'm pretty confident that the Kronstadt is capable of punishing BBs harder than those HE spammers thanks to the HP pool and great guns, while also being an ok HE spammer compared to most BBs at least. And it punishes cruisers. And it threaten DDs with that huge range of soviet radar and soviet guns. And it also has def. AA just like other cruisers (though pretty bad AA values), and is pretty good at sniping CVs as well. So.. yeah. I'm perfectly okay with players appreciating the ship and others alike, but if WG thinks that this ship, in its current form, is just FINE and other silver line cruisers, in their forms, are also FINE while having literally like 20% difference, to say the least, in armor, in HP pool, in penetration, average damage to pretty much everything except planes, survivability, map control, carrying potential and so on and on.. well, I could very well see the Stalingrad getting released in the Flamu's form, and good luck in the 4th CW season against 2-3 of the beast on each team... well I could also learn to be FINE with that, whatever, we have plenty of battles from the Typhoon league and up, we just have to turn a blind eye to the mental health of puny peasants or the long term well being of the game, and sail out the stalinium boat for a laugh.
  15. And by "the ship" that got overmatched to "oblivion", surely you mean the poor dudes like the Ibuki which has almost 50% less HP, 25mm all over, the thinnest strip of 100mm belt, and down to basically no health after only two proper citadels. If Kron takes 2 cits or say 6 overmatching full pens, which is rare for someone who knows how to use the armor right (and not guaranteed even against broadside unless for the accurate T10s), Kron still got 40+k to spare, healing up like bbs, while dishing back citadels in return. That's some pretty spicy balancing work. Can't wait to see what Stalingrad would be like.