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  1. NewbieDash

    Premium Ship Review #150 - Siegfried & Agir

    Thank you very much for your great review! Enjoyable and in-depth as always! Really looking forward to that Champagne review. Not a great design, but I'm certainly quite interested by those guns.
  2. NewbieDash

    Premium Ship Review #149 - Ragnarok & Ignis Purgatio

    Wow, 4 years into the game, and I'm learning something new with every LWM post! Never have I realized the Amagi secondary dispersion being so tight Also quite hyped about the upcoming AL Littorio xD probably gonna save up for that one!
  3. Well, I don't quite get your logic. Not a huge fan of RB or P2W myself either, but if people devoted time & money, shouldn't they be rewarded with something as promised? Maybe you rarely pay or grind for something, but I bet that for whatever you have, you won't want to see them nerfed to the ground after you honest work, right? UU is often worth an ENTIRE LINE of work. Also, You do realize that even the best UU's are not really mandatory up to typhoon/hurricane matches, right? I do play in such matches, and I won't say that the current UU's are anywhere near mandatory in CW, and you could always bring those which do not need UU to be optimal (Venezia, Kreml, Daring, Henri, Hinden, Ohio, Smolensk... there r just so many of them) And if players want to take on even more important roles (KotS for example), the UU requirements are not that high to begin with.
  4. NewbieDash

    ST 0.9.5, changes to test ships.

    Would really love to see Slava gun dispersion changed, or just REMOVED as a concept. This game really doesn't need more scary back-line snipers. Passive ships are not fun to play or to play against, especially the latter. Maybe just normal USA/Warspite/IJN dispersion + very high pen 406 + normal reload? Isn't these good enough, with Yamato+ levels of pen? Even with 25mm ends, Slava is still tanky. And tankiness would never be the issue, if there's no need for Slava to push. Slava dispersion is an absolutely meme, a toxic addition to the game, and should really ONLY be used for ships with rather low penetration/alpha, and cruiser level survivability.
  5. Shima/Yueyang UU buffs obviously welcomed. Henri UU is very well designed IMHO :-) Would also suggest that Montana/GKUR/Hinden UU's buffed instead of nerfed. These poor ships are already suffering. Could seize the chance to use UU to buff them, they really need a boost instead of a side-grade! For balancing, Subs/CV's are still quite the issue, would love to see more rewarding interactions, especially on nerfing their spotting for the team & making misplays far more costly. Then they could be made better as 1v1 ships without being OP. Pre-Dreadnoughts are always nice, would love to see future game modes on them! TONS of historical ships! Make WW1 ships GREAT AGAIN! #PREDREADNOUGHT
  6. WG seems to be nerfing quite a few UU (Unique Upgrades) to the ground. While the intentions might be good, but the measures are BRUTAL to those who grinded hard for the UU. Really, I would humble suggest that WG focus on buffing weak UU's, and leave the stronger ones AS THEY ARE. -For the very same reason WG did not nerf Giulio Cesare into T6. -People GRINDED hard (UU campaign / Research Bureau) to earn certain upgrades -People even PAID in last year's April fool's event to get certain upgrade. I would not claim to be some sort of elite, but I do play a fair bit of competitive including KotS, owned 250+ ships, and contributed slightly to supertesting ships. From my understanding, Yamato/Zao/Moskva/DM/Groz UU are some of the strongest, and even theirs DO NOT deserve much nerf. Make it so that UU should moderately outcompete existing upgrades, albeit just very slightly. -Nerfing UU upgrades, even a slight one, might really screw up with player's effort of easily >50-100 games and even REAL-MONEY purchases. -With the UU now sold in Research Bureau, they share the same valuable resource as a RB reward ship, and should be heavily considered to be mostly nerf-proof, the same way as any premium/reward ships. And seriously, if UU has been behind such a high grind/pay wall all along, why not just make it slightly pay/play to win? Would be a win-win for WG's marketing, and players would feel rewarded to have a nice UU after all the efforts :D
  7. :P A true class full of cancer indeed
  8. NewbieDash

    CV's suck so bad now

    Great, CV's out there ruining everyone else's game, and they don't even enjoy the experience themselves. How about we just straight up #DeleteCV and make this world a better place for all? Seriously, why is this thing here in the first place? We come to this game to play gunary, torps & positioning, not role-playing masochist target ships.
  9. NewbieDash

    Yup. I still hate CVs

    Hate CV +1, I could say that I know game mechanics well enough, unicum player in a Hurricane clan, been helping with KotS top teams & doing ST. I still HATE CV's. It's just not fun to play against. I admit, CV's not that easy to play well, but once anyone is there, and there's more than plenty, they just totally RUIN the gaming experience for everyone else. It's not fair either, AA's too inconsistent and there's little to be done in terms of boosting up AA. Even if you catch up with a CV, they just angle and tank while dishing out wave after wave after wave of attacks, and they don't even burn for over 10 sec. Highly recommend just DELETING CV's. They don't belong to this game, not in this form.
  10. NewbieDash

    CVs as DD hunters

    Very well said indeed! CV's plain busted, it's 2020 and I really doubt how on earth should someone say otherwise. Sure it might be hard to be effective blablabla (which is even worse cuz many CV players themselves aren't having fun either...), But if they get good or just insist on playing, what about the counters? It's not FUN or rewarding to counter a CV. Even if you sail a full-AA Minotaur or DM or Friesland, a good player can still strike you for massive dmg, and spot you all day long. Your AA power just serve to make you less palatable a target, how on earth is that a sound logic? CV don't deserve massive dmg+spotting+survivability, and at the current state, I really doubt why CV's deserve to exist at all. Doesn't WG realize that the majority of players don't come here for the "fun" to wrestle with planes, be it his own planes or against enemy strikes, nor do they wanna stay if they keep getting that s***?
  11. NewbieDash

    CVs as DD hunters

    Exactly, I've seen Flamu in his Z52, staying with his team, AA off of course, used a late smoke even for the rocket squads, the squad caught him around spawn, blind fires into his smoke, took out 5k+ on the very first strike, less than 2min into the game. And when toptier posts a video, say Implacable which was the worst dd hunter in him book, he took away like 11k from a La Fantasque within 2-3min, and of course due to the spotting, he also took shells and died. That guys scored top 3 on the enemy team, and a good CV can just crush them like an ant within minutes. And honestly, striking power against DD's is just one of the problems, how come that CV's almost never die? Even a potato CV doesn't really run out of planes, they still strike constantly and often get their first drop off, which can be lethal to low hp, low AA targets. And what about the spotting, CV's like the best spotter in the game, you easily get 8-10 spotted ribbons each game. Imagine a world without CV's 90% players would be much better off, a few may rage quit and find WoWp to play, others put away CV's only to realize the beauty of gunnery and torpbeats
  12. :P WG: we are adding missiles and super homing torps to the game, and we'll balance them just fine with out spreadsheets! YaY
  13. How to counter CV's as a DD: Run and pray he DOES NOT FIND YOU (as the most palatable target that is) How to be a naval legend: Tirpitz, did noth'in until bombed to death by the RAF. (Oh and also harassed by the upcoming submarines) dealt damage by scaring off enemy convoy and letting subs steal the kill Hooray! Totally fun & realistic gameplay experience, can't wait to pay for the premiums! Oh and CV's definitely gonna help when the subs finally come out (hopefully never? ) We all know that new classes come out strong, and subs are well known to be the best counter to CV's! (or was it the worst? )
  14. Yeah.. even RTS carrier is better. Still strong to OP in the right hands, but at least fewer of them, if you manage a dodge you can be safe for another 3-5 min or so, and it's less unfun to play against. Even getting devastated every now and then is FAR BETTER than suffering from a blunt knife trying to poke you to death, 1-3 times every minute, 60% of the games.
  15. Not saying how OP the carriers are, they can be hard to master. But, the interaction is fundamentally UNFUN & UNFAIR. For instance, let's introduce the class "SNIPER" to medieval battleground that used to feature only saber/lancer/archer. Let's balance it with our spreadsheet: -Sniper vs archer/saber/lancer balance is based on the fact that sniper uses a rifle with broken optics and bullets that don't hit that hard -Archer/saber/lancer only bleeds away SLOWLY to bullets, and can dodge them if they are lucky (or the sniper can't aim), which makes sniper really sad and irritated and more likely to miss future shots, thus it is fair Oh, Maybe it's not really sniper, rather than using UAV armed with a pistol. Now the old-fashioned classes can at least break the UAV, hooray! -But of course, our sniper/pilot has plenty of UAV's to spare, so he'll just grab another one and join the fight. -UAV's also reveal your positioning & ambush attempts, exposing you to every enemy around you. -If you catch the sniper/pilot, you can slaughter him. But of course, he runs even faster than you, and he stays miles behind the front line, so good luck with that. Oh and our sniper/pilot is highly trained, and hits you even harder and more frequently, if you do decide to chase him with your half-dead body. Our reworked-Sniper/Pilot class is now PeRFeCTLY balanced and would only require small adjustments. But seriously, why don't I go play the CS:GO or Rainbow 6 or CoD:Modern Warfare, if I want to fight in such a context? Why do this class belong here anyway, and is it really commercially & morally sound to add this thing as it is? Hosho's CV be like: