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  1. Code_Slinger

    Twitch prime mission

    Thanks but I can't get that page to load, it keeps redirecting me. There appears to be something wrong with sessions and redirects.
  2. Code_Slinger

    Twitch prime mission

    I've had the same experience. I have Amazon Prime, Twitch Prime and have tried to link them all. There appears to be an issue with login sessions as the store and wargaming.net show me as logged in but worldofwarships.com will not recognize me as logged in regardless of how many times I successfully login. Whenever twitch tries to redirect me to a page to "link the accounts" I end up on https://na.wargaming.net/en/ There appears to be some bugs with the process. This may be a browser issue but as I'm using chrome I would expect the process to have been checked for the 3 major browsers.
  3. There are multiple valid points in both OP's post and Notser's video. There ARE unbalanced ships but overall I think the player community and the meta WoWs has created are to blame. Players are rewarded (and judged by) their stats not how well they accomplish/support objectives. WoWs rewards based off of damage and how long you live and the individual player has more control over that than whether their whole team accomplishes objectives. Toxic players are common, griefing players are not entirely uncommon, even here the community is bitter and salty. Since this atmosphere is encouraged by WoWs through inaction it discourages players with good attitudes from participating. Anytime the hide in the back and farm meta is challenged (radar, CVs, subs) the forum goes nuts with calls of impending doom and the end of WoWs as this challenges the very same self serving meta. I see WoWs and the community equally at fault. Notser's video also demonstrated the "MM experience" so many are trying to articulate and demonstrate too. It seems like most high level games are very lopsided and WoWs hasn't expressed any interest in addressing this.
  4. Code_Slinger

    MM is completely broken

    I don't think they'll change it either but rather than limit myself to being yet another bitter player talking down to people who want to improve the game I choose to offer possible solutions. As a software developer I know it's possible to balance all of these things and realize discouraging selfish/unsportsmanlike conduct would rustle the jimmy's of some around here...
  5. Code_Slinger

    MM is completely broken

    Thank you Fem. I hope WG starts taking into account player skill and experience as well as removing the +/-2 MM as those seem to be the most often reported issues with MM. I just played a game where the opposing team showed teamwork, communication and strategy while my team hid in the back, ran away and didn't even contest the caps. It's getting to be where the bad players seem to prioritize "staying alive" over teamwork and team objectives. WG should really consider changing the way they calculate points and stats to reward teamwork and focusing on objectives versus running away and occasionally firing over islands. I haven't been here as long as many of you but I've never seen it remotely as bad as it is right now. The Derp is real. Some ideas we were bouncing around for changing how points and stats are calculated
  6. Code_Slinger

    Farming for damage - randoms

    Good point. I think ships could be monitored through scripts for staying outside of a specified area like you said, or retreating outside of the specified area and failing to shoot (and hit) the other team on a regular basis, failing to attack with some regularity depending on ship type, etc. It's something that would require careful thought to create a system that rewarded team play and punished running or hiding. I think supporting, defending and attacking caps and the enemy around them should reward better too. Maybe visibility of and proximity to the cap could be used as a factor in calculating score and stats. So I don't have all the answers but I do know the system as it stands todays rewards bad sportsmanship. Much like Ranked where players will abandon their team and the objectives and focus on "saving their star", rewarding players for running away, staying alive and refusing to actively engage has a negative impact on the game and discourages teamwork.
  7. This. One of the first things I learned (after don't show your broadside and HE use vs AP use) was to always take the shot. I shot not taken is a shot missed. That "missed shot" could have altered the outcome of the game. What if that ship went behind an island, healed and went on to influence the game enough to give the other team a win? Always take the shot (unless you have a better one elsewhere).
  8. Code_Slinger

    Farming for damage - randoms

    I always try to play for the win and go after objectives, however I'm beginning to think I need to change my strategy. It seems that too many players either don't know what they're doing or only care about damage and staying alive. We just lost a match where 2/3 of the team abandoned the 2 caps we had and sailed away into open waters running from the enemy. At the end we had 4 Cruisers, a BB and a CV at the back of the map. I and a lone DD tried to hold our last cap and naturally lost. When I lose it often seems to be due to scenarios like this and after a fair bit of games it has a negative impact on your stats. The only way to fix the real issue is for WG to change the way they give points and calculate stats. You shouldn't be rewarded for running away, abandoning your team and objectives and being the last to die. These players are obviously prioritizing themselves over their objectives, team and the outcome of the battle. The only way to fix that is to reward good teamplay and to give negative stats for bad since it will have to impact the same self absorbed players for them to care about playing as a team. (ie: if players continue to be rewarded for bad behavior they will continue) Until the day WG makes those changes (which I doubt they will), I guess the real question is becoming, should you just roll with the potatoes?
  9. Code_Slinger

    Is save a star hurting ranked games ?

    Agreed. I've even seen players announce things like "this team sucks, I'm going to focus on saving my star" and run away while randomly trying to farm damage from behind an island across the map. Even when not pointedly stated, it becomes obvious when the other team gets the upper hand and your team scatters like the wind and runs away from battle. Personally I think Ranked should reward the best 7 players performance since good communication, teamwork and coordination among strangers is a rarity in this game. Why should the worst players get a free star because they happened to be on a team with a few players who were able to carry their team? Why should a couple of good, competent players lose stars when they did everything they were supposed to try to accomplish the objective (as opposed to focusing on themselves like many players)? The system is broken. The self-absorbed players in the player base further contribute to it's brokenness.
  10. I don't play a lot of normal FPS anymore but I've played a lot of Destiny and Destiny II, RPGs and MMOs and I've never seen this level of toxicity. I'm aware that some FPS's like Call of Duty, Counterstrike, LoL have very toxic communities so I don't play them. I play games to have fun, not to have someone's toxic, undisciplined, unsupervised pubescent child spew angst filled hateful rhetoric at me because everything didn't go their way. But you bring up a valid point with the toxic communities in FPS's. In those communities or platforms you can report the player and have them banned, or at least banned from chat for weeks. I haven't seen any evidence of such repercussions here.
  11. Unfortunately toxic players aren't seeing enough consequences to deter them. WoWs "allows" one of most salty, toxic and immature communities that I've ever seen in gaming. That's not to say that the majority of the playerbase is that way but a significant portion are extremely toxic, bitter or hateful. It appears to be because they aren't disciplined as much as most gaming communities where they want to foster an environment where people have fun and enjoy playing. Because the toxic players aren't disciplined enough it continues which discourages others from playing more and becoming part of the community while rewarding the toxic players behavior. In the end the community often loses good, mature players while retaining more toxic ones. Much like unbalanced MM, the failure to add new types of permanent gameplay, pitting ships completely out tiered against each other, the toxic community is an issue which negatively impacts WoWs. I guess they feel they have too much money, don't need anymore or could stand to lose some because we all see major unaddressed issues like this that they don't seem interested in rectifying. Can you imagine a complete newbie who didn't know anyone trying to learn and develop in this environment? This game could be a lot more popular and profitable if some core issues were addressed...
  12. Code_Slinger

    Bonus code

  13. I don't disagree but it has to be balanced, DDs shouldn't be invisible and CVs shouldn't have to wait to launch their planes. Why not reduce the detectability range of DDs from air at the start of the game, incrementally increasing it throughout the game until it got to normal levels? This would allow DDs to scout and cap with relative impunity from CVs for the first few minutes. To me that would be an attempt at balance. I'm not saying it's a perfect solution but an attempt at a balanced solution. I have never been one to advocate nerfing ships to ridiculous levels to the point they are a mockery of their RL counterparts. I'd like to see all elements be able to check and balance each other.
  14. I understand your point of view, I just think it's exaggerated. Most of my builds don't have full AA builds as it doesn't seem necessary. Right after the initial rework I was shooting down 35-50 planes in a lot of games without a 100% AA build and in the beginning I wasn't even using sectors regularly or as well as they could be leveraged. CVs definitely get some hits in but I expect them to just like I expect other ships to. But generally when they see their planes disintegrating in a matter of seconds they find someone else to pick on. But I'm more of a moderate player in regards to CVs. I don't expect to be "immune" from CVs and quite the opposite when I'm not spec'ed for AA and using sectors properly. That's not balanced, that's one sided. CV's should be able to land strikes on ALL ship types but depending on the player, ship, how they are spec'ed and how they incorporate strategy/tactics the CV's attacking squad should lose anything from a couple of planes to most of them. If WG fixes the DPS bug without tweaking back damage I expect it would make the game even less fun for CVs. It seems too many players are focused on addressing things solely from their perspective and not balance as a whole. Balance as a whole is NOT untouchable Cruisers and DDs who are unspottable and take next to no damage from CVs, nor is it CVs who can decimate teams with impunity (which isn't the case now, except maybe a few Unicums?). The rework was a series of nerfs bundled up with the experience of flying the planes instead of clicking a spot on the map. Since the rework AA has been buffed and CVs have been nerfed continually. Sure, fix the DPS bug but the players here need to adapt to the new changes, I've seen plenty of people do it, but most keep demanding MOAR. Honestly the constant demands to alter the game in their favor is, along with the negativity the two worst aspects of this game and make the community itself the most negative factor.
  15. This. What I often see is CVs testing Cruisers and BBs AA power. If they have dedicated any slots or points to AA at all and use DFAA the CV usually takes a pretty big hit and looks for someone else to pick on. There are a lot of players sailing around in Cruisers and BBs who aren't allocating anything to an AA build, a lot aren't even using the sectors to buff their AA (like in the screenshot OP provided) or taking defensive maneuvers. In cases like this they often blame the CV and WG but players who make good use of sectors and allocate resources for AA seem to do ok. There's no point in AA options and builds if a ship with no upgrades which fails to implement AA sectors does just fine against CVs and that's what a lot of people around here seem to want.