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    New to game

    sure it only takes one punch in the face to know it hurts, and I can see The WG toxic players are here too. Player base is down and slowly going down and after you two TOXIC people If I could be so nice to call you that I can see why they say WG players are [edited]holes with no life other then to try to TROLL.
  2. Player_8079724860

    New to game

    Im new to game, But I can see why they have so few players after this CV debacle, I can see why Warganing has such a bad name in game play, Lets roll out a new patch even so we know its junk and then we can come up with a reason like " We could not really test it in PT since it was a fail and no one played on the PT," WG is losing players because of its bad ideas and bad management, Its CCs trying hard not to lose players so they can keep the money running in. O well time to not worry about what WG cant fix and find a new game.
  3. Player_8079724860

    The full FAQ of the CV Rework

    I haven't been playing for long and looking at the way they are all ready setting things up I wont play that much longer, Pandering to one set of players while excluding others is never a good idea, But from what Iv seen and read Wargaming has a good idea of how to take your money and time and close the doors as you come in.