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  1. Hum $240 for a free T10 ship. Yup that makes sense. I'll just drop a $100 on Big Santa Crates and pick up 2-5 premium ships and be happy I don't have to live on WG for the next month and fall way short of the PR. That PR must be really special and better than the RU bias ships.
  2. _Rabbitdave

    Dockyard event is insulting.

    Golf Clap WG....The only way to get PR is to buy it. The best I can do for free is a crappy T7 Italian POS if I spend the next month grinding 24 hours a day and every single resource I have. WG thanks for screwing the player base over for Xmas. Took a happy time to play during the holidays and made it a Salty $hit Show. An not even Santa Horns..... :(
  3. _Rabbitdave

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    So if you sold the stock hulls and upgrades should you repurchase them before you reset a line so they are in your inventory and don't have to spend EXP to research them again?
  4. _Rabbitdave

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    So I get to pay 50% additional in credits and spend 2-3 months of grinding to get access to ships locked behind a new economy while spending resources I could be using on lines I don't have up to tier 10 yet. The logic in this is to get me to play lower tier ships? I thought the Snowflake event did a better job of getting me to play Co-Op than grinding a line again. I don't understand how this helps the game?
  5. So, I have run across extremely poor players/bots playing in randoms at tier 8 and above. Symptoms of the poor play/bots are ships sailing to the corners of the map: no shots fired, only damage done is shooting of planes. I have tried to report this poor play to WG but only get simple canned responses saying they have software in place to detect and address this. So is this a free ticket to cheat and use bots or mods since WG's software is horrible at detecting their use and WG does very little to accounts that use them? I have a particular player I have been watching with a PR of 312, win rate of 43% with either zero games played or 30-40 games played a week and over 7000 battles. This player was in a match were his ship sailed to A10 until it was the last ship alive, then sailed to the closest cap. While in the cap I was broadside to me in a cv with 1000hp and he did not fire a single shot as I burned him down for the win. The clan that he is in has an average win rate in the high 40's and the majority of the clan members have very bad PR's.This all symptoms of a long standing use of a bot with very little ramifications to the player accounts. My hope with this is to start the discussion on how WG should deal with poor play. The use of reporting poor play in game does nothing. Matchmaking is only made more difficult when you get bots in the mix and this all only increases the "burnout" of those that play the game to have competitive and challenging matches. Thoughts?
  6. _Rabbitdave

    Why You May Not Be Doing Good In Ranked

    LOL. Started out with a 60%+ win rate until I either got potato teams or better players that I deserved to lose too. Finally got tired to losing stars (R8 to R11 slide) after trying to be a team player, and went for high score play so if I ran into a potato team I would keep my star. Finally moving back out of the R10 mess. So sorry if you get me on your team, I won't be a team play. I am just going for high score because that is the only way to advance in ranked at this time. PSA for Ranked play since there are so many R10 players that appear to have no clue. 1)Any ships in the circle at the time it changes gets 2x buff while everyone within 12km only gets 1x. 2) For a DD Health and Stealth are key buffs. and as many DD's should be going for those buffs at the start of a match and be in the circle when it turns. 3) There is a 1 second delay in granting the buff so two ships can get the 2x buff for green circle buffs. You just need to have the spotting point across the buff line within 1 second of each other. So a little team work in buffs caps will result in better performance for your team. Enjoy your grind Sovereindawg...everyone is playing ranked for steel and eventually you will get to the rank that you deserve with your ability and ship's ability. I have taken a humble pill after sprints and resign myself that I am a R6-8 player and will not make R1.
  7. _Rabbitdave

    I'm sick of unbalanced teams

    A better question that WG will not answer is how is MM done today. My best guess is it looks at Tier, Time in Queue, and Win/Loss last game. Then it goes into other stats if it can not fill out a match, but it is really hard to tell. Do some experiments to see how this is working is a little fun. Play T10 and dropping with others in the same tier with different win rates and stats, and post up your results. What I have seen is a core group of T10's on each team. with T8's and T9's filling out the teams. T8 are included because the are the most played ships. So they were put into a match based on Time in Queue along with the T9's. Then a less understood question is how teams are split up between the 12-24 players. My guess is WG is trying to bring all of the players on a team to a 50% win rate (stated balanced play). So it will up some high win rate players with much lower win rate players. If all of the players are within 5% of 50%, then it appears to look at other stats, but I can't tell. Like said in previous comments, WG's main concern is time in queue and they have made matchmaking so players spend as little time in queue. A nice option would be to be able to select what MM dynamic you wanted. Least amount of time in queue or playing similar players skill and ability. Personally, I would take the least time in queue because I want to play my ship and not as worried about stats/wins.
  8. _Rabbitdave

    Poll On Part 4 of the PFE Campaign

    What to say....4m Credits will not be hard for the main line nations, but all of the niche' lines it will be a time suck. If you look back at the % of players that have T8+ ships from the snowflake discussions you can do the math that most players are going to have to purchase the PEF to be able to complete this. So I wonder how many players are going to get to 4th directive and go "MF, there is no way I can to this. I have put 40 hours into this so I might as well buy the PEF to finish this." Interesting marketing, but I have to say I will support WG by making purchases. Coming from games like Mobile Strike where there was [edited] support and zero community with the requirement to spend $100 a week to remain relevant. WG has a good balance of pay to play and free games. My hope is that WG will not end up in the same place as Mobile Strike and still keep good options for free play so players can [edited] about spending $5 on a game.
  9. Ugh this is so complicated and unclear. But if I can summarize this all, most of the rewards will still be in game and not require any $ (see image). You will just have to be very active and grind out all of the different missions and campaigns. If you want to spend $129.99 USD you will get access to campaigns worth 6,019 steel, some added flags, camo's and Santa boxes, and 15,779 Doubloons (~$90 worth of DB's alone) when it's all said and done if you grind everything out.So it would be a benefit to anyone that is looking for DB's and Steel to get the $129.99 deal and grind away. If you have premium and the 3rd mission slot that will make this grind easier as you can stack missions objectives you just have to be smart about it. So for the active players that want to put money into the game, the $129 PEF is a great deal and far better than the -30% it is labeled in the store. It would be feasible to get 20K steel if you top tier clan battles and have a ton of high tier ships. For the play not pay players you get some ships and steel which is a good deal but you will never get enough steel to do anything with it unless you convert it to coal and use for coal items. So all in all, seems like a win-win for everyone depending on what you want out of the game and what you want to put into the game.
  10. _Rabbitdave

    Bring Back Santa Horns

    Thanks for bring back the Ho, Ho, Ho's .....Lol.
  11. So why did the jolly Saint Nick with the Ho, ho, ho not show up this year? That was a blast (pun intended) last year.