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  1. CMDR_Redwazza

    EU Destroyers Event

    What is with the Containers for this event???? I finished the third Directive and thought cool... now to get my hands on the next ship, the T6, as i hadn't recieved enough tokens in the 5 Containers after the second set of directives..... Well... I recieved 3 x 10, 1 x 20, 1 x 30 and 1 x 40..... leaving me on 390 Tokens.... Now i know i should look on the bright side and know that i will definately get the T6 Vasteras next week, but, after compleeting the second and third set of directives and recieving 11 containers, i think the RNG is way too low... The only way to get the T7, T8 and T9 is to buy the 8 or 9 containers to get the necessary 2400 Tokens.... not exactly a rip off, but, The statement from WG that we can Earn these ships is a LOOOOOOOOOONG, LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG way from the truth......
  2. CMDR_Redwazza

    Server down?

    Everything seems to be working as intended.. just slightly high ping... i usually have 100 here in Brazil, but 200-400 now
  3. CMDR_Redwazza

    Server down?

    i am now in... ping is a bit high 200-500... UPDATE... I cannot select anything in the port...Cannot change ships, Battle start... menus... nothing. But hover the mouse over things and the help infos pop up and the ships and menus, icons etc. all highlight..... but the esc. key works......
  4. CMDR_Redwazza

    Server down?

    Problem Logging in from Brazil, just getting logging in spinning circle. I am not getting the server not reachable error. The problem started in game. All Icons were highlighting but were unable to select, ie left click did nothing..