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  1. FrodoFraggin

    Bayard Decamped?

    Could be the next Makarov.
  2. FrodoFraggin

    Guide to French Token earning

    This whale is going to beach for this event.
  3. FrodoFraggin

    Naval Battles info

    That’s 300 base xp. They have been changing it up with base cap and damage, so maybe that is the confusion. If it’s damage per battle I believe it is 10k/battle for the first level.
  4. FrodoFraggin

    Minor PSA on the "Research Spin-off" missions...

    I’m not in front of my computer, but does the end dates coincide with the RB season? If they have 3 month lifespans, I would need no additional effort to complete them all (except cv)
  5. FrodoFraggin

    What is the Smolensk?

    I’ll take Coal for 244k, Alex
  6. FrodoFraggin

    Ship going Red!

    Way back when the sky textures would get corrupted and the sky would appear red (I think it also said “file not found”). Was really bizarre looking when it happened.
  7. FrodoFraggin

    So, about the new event tokens...

    I didn’t get Kuz as it required more effort than I wanted and there were other things that piqued my interest, but I didn’t mind since they said he’d be available for coal later. I’m probably not getting this guy and there’s no word if he’ll be available for coal, or something, later. And yesterday the German and Italian unique commanders are announced and probably will be behind a pay wall if this trend continues. I *used* to be a whale, WG, *used to be*. And that’s because, once upon a time, you had a good mix of free stuff with a moderate level of effort and $$ items like premiums and doubloons. The mix is now way out of balance and I’m not going to tango.
  8. FrodoFraggin

    Smolensk = WOW, WOW, and did I say WOW?

    This ship is crazy fun, might even take the crown away from the Mass. I tried 2 different captains, neither one is totally optimal, but I found the non-IFHE one still did tons of damage. I went with the reload mod and regret it. Going to sell it when upgrades go full price, then buy the range mod when they go on sale again early Sept. I’m probably going to get engine mod to replace steering mod, it feels a little more sluggish to start moving than I would like.
  9. FrodoFraggin

    I'm calling it now; subs are a joke.

    And I’m calling self fulfilling prophecy.
  10. So you can reset 2 lines, but of those 2 lines, as many times as you want? OK...
  11. As for buying the Colbert, it is supposed to cost 57k? The most points you can have this season is 40k? Do they teach common core math in Finland?
  12. For this to be of any value, you’d have to have lots of FXP and very few credits. Otherwise, this amounts to nothing other than you played 1 co op game vs 2. When you have a 3 month window...
  13. FrodoFraggin

    iChase showing some submarine gameplay

    The first run against the Fuso he mentions the sub “pinging” it and then the torps “homing”. One torp misses, so it sounds like pinging vs not pinging is similar to shooting a ship locked vs unlocked, one is more accurate. And it looks like the target ship is notified if it gets pinged? Interesting...
  14. So if I were to get to T8 by the end of the first season, I resume at T9 the next, or have to start over? Because the only really worthwhile rewards are for unlocking T10.
  15. I have just over 2m fxp. The cheapest line I could do is Khaba. If I only reset once per season for the bonus, then in 3 seasons (10k startup + 3x20k) I could buy the Colbert. And have 0 fxp. Who knows how much the Ohio will cost, that could take another season. I would not be able to complete a line on 3 months with my playstyle, so fxp is the only way. Easiest “nope” idea WG has come out with so far.