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  1. T-61: RIP

    It's stated to release in January, January isn't over, the remaining weekend in January is a German weekend, and you're claiming the ship has been shelved indefinitely?
  2. Some of the YouTube reviewers mentioned 5km secondary range, but back in December it was noted the range was being extended to 7km. Might there be other parameters (dispersion, armor, etc) that have been tweaked, making these reviews useless?
  3. Challenge Question

    I played a battle in my hsf gs in co op to start the challenge. Afterwards, I clicked on the challenges icon from the port window to see if it was once a day, or as many times as you battle. Looked like the second so I clicked "Battle" from the Challenges window and it threw me into the Random queue and put me in a match instantly - not even a second to back out. Oh crap, no flags installed. I was really surprised since from the port window I had Co op selected.
  4. Not getting it. LWMs review turned me even more off it. Short range guns (but the concealment!) but don’t get too close or you overpen too much (but the concealment!) awesome armor if angled, citadel city otherwise (but the concealment!) - wait this a BB right? Not a line to use as a trainer for, GC is a more fun ship at a more fun tier. Maybe if/when an Italian BB line comes out I’ll consider it.
  5. Priority Target seems wonky in co op. I was in a low tier match in a cruiser and this BB’s guns look like they’re tracking to me, but no number from PT. The barrels reach me, the number 1 appears, then blam. Seems like PT should have been active if the bot was targeting me while turrets traversed.
  6. NC & NY Campaign Done

    I gave up on NY. Got the QE and her camo, started the next task. Yes, I was one of those suicidal DDs doing the spotting task, I’m ashamed to say. After 3 games, I asked myself what I was doing? Was literally ruining others’ gameplay. This was a very poorly thought out task. So no port slot from the DD and the credits selling her and no Arctic camo for the Scharnhorst. I can live with myself. Looked at Arctic camo on DoY, it’s not all that, and no extra bonuses. Now it’s time for a break.
  7. Question about New Year Raid

    I loaded the quest, well, just cuz, didn’t really think much of it, launched Kutuzov and... whoa, done.
  8. NC & NY Campaign Done

    Got the DoY last night after spending every night this week playing. I get my most enjoyment out of this game playing casually, and the last few weeks have been anything but - at a time of the year when I don’t want to be playing any game non stop. So hopefully I can finish the NY campaign as every ship but the PA DD is one I need to grind, but after that I’m taking a break. And just to internally give WG the middle finger, I’m not buying the Roma.
  9. Marblehead?

    I was in a match in a Marblehead, about to die to a Dunkerque spitting distance away, but not before I'd get a salvo of torpedos off, sweet revenge from the Marblehead grave. So I'm watching his health expecting that big yoink of health gone, hell all 3 looked good, maybe I'd kill him. All 3 did hit, but... dink dink dink... wth was that? Go back to port, look up torp damage. Gaaaaahhhhhh!
  10. I'd be very interested in statistics where matches have DD mismatches (I.e., 2 vs 3) in Domination and Standard mode.
  11. Kutuzov/IFHE

    I got CE before IFHE and my thought when playing this ship was, when is this thing going to be OP? Everyone says it's OP, I'm not seeing it. When they had the free respec available, I got IFHE and holy crap it's a different ship.
  12. Japanese premium Battleships

    I’m in the Mutsu crowd, currently grinding the Nagato, so it’s comfortable. Some very high scoring games, these two ships are really clicking with me. I really dont mind the Tier or MM with the Mutsu either, though for some T6 is a non starter.
  13. Could be a long-ish dev cycle for this one. You’d think only 5 ships are being added and that shouldn’t take as long as an 8 BB line, but 4 are being re-tiered, so that’s still a fair amount of testing and tweaking.
  14. Musashi Free XP Cost

    Passing on Musashi, I want the real deal and that’s the ship hundreds of years from now will be converted to space fairing to save all of humanity.
  15. "Magic Torps"

    I sank a Gallant with a torp in my Mutsu, pretty sure he knew it as me though -Edit- My bad, thought the OP was in a DD.