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  1. 500 coal for doing nothing but a few mouse clicks, WG really does hate its players
  2. FrodoFraggin

    Help with the Sinop

    Your stats tell me your best T7 is the Akatsuki - you have a lot of games in it and a good WR. Your WR with Colorado and New Orleans is bad. I’d stick with the DD - they usually end up determining how the game is going to go more so than cruisers and BBs. “Best BB/cruiser/DD” is too often interpreted as “easy win button ship”. You have to actually be good at any given ships’ playstyle to get the most out of it. The Sinop isn’t going to make a bad BB player into a good one.
  3. FrodoFraggin

    Permanent Camo

    They *sorta* had a T10 perma camo sale ages ago. I say sorta because it wasn’t a direct discount. The sale went like this, when ever you spent *any* doubloons, you would get 10% of those doubloons back at a later date. So you buy a 5000 doubloon T10 camo and a week or two later you get 500 back. So there was an effective 10% discount on T10 camos.
  4. FrodoFraggin

    Take 10 seconds and answer a poll on this forum

    As above, the forums are replete with posts on weekend warrior that are, how shall we say, “different” from the enlightened forum warrior. I would suggest the attitudes and opinions of said weekend warriors, are not exactly in-line with forumites - and most here seem to relish in that fact. For that matter, not many unicums that I can tell interact on the forums, and most often when they do it is in opposition to “conventional wisdom”. I love everyone here, but I hold no illusion that this is an echo chamber, and as such not entirely representative of the whole player base on any given subject.
  5. FrodoFraggin

    Take 10 seconds and answer a poll on this forum

    Ever see a post about weekend players? Do you really think people here are complaining about themselves? You’re right, that was easy
  6. FrodoFraggin

    Take 10 seconds and answer a poll on this forum

    Do you have evidence to support your conclusion that this forum is a good representation of the entire player base?
  7. FrodoFraggin

    Ships with a lot of free permanent camo

    And so many premiums, wth... Don’t get me wrong, the Arctic camo for DoY/Scharnhorst is one of my favorites, but this event is crazy, and they don’t even look that great. Yeah, another grind-a-thon made easy to skip. At least make the bonuses different/better than the standard perma bonuses.
  8. FrodoFraggin

    Russian Cruiser Event...Wow, just wow.

    Does anyone know if the token collecting extends into the next patch?
  9. FrodoFraggin

    British King George class battleships

    The KGV will put up decent dmg via HE spam - damage that is 100% heal-able. I’ll take Stalin AP any day. WR is a bizarre metric for performance unless MM worked such that a maximum of only one ship, KGV for example, can be in any battle. But in our reality, a KGV can be on both teams, or multiples across both teams, and the numbers are going to be biased around, oh I don’t know... 50%. The min/max WR of a given tier of a given class is probably within the noise. Sure RN BBs have good RoF and strong HE - but that’s not what matters. WG showed their hand when the Conqueror was initially released and the sky fell - anyone recall Mega-Zao? WG somewhat surprisingly gave us a small glimpse into their spreadsheet analysis which had numbers we normally don’t have access to and stated that the Conq was indeed above average dmg for T10 BBs - but *it didn't matter*. I suspect their spreadsheets told them that good gun handling, ballistics and penetration would trump slow turning, hard-to-hit-much guns like that of the Brit’s, despite RoF and fire setting. Guess how Russian BBs were designed... I’m currently working up the Lion and Sov Soyuz, the Lions’ heal is nice, no doubt, but never in a million games would I take it over the Soyuz.
  10. FrodoFraggin

    British King George class battleships

    WG says it’s on par with the Sinop... with a straight face
  11. FrodoFraggin

    Unique Upgrades Changes: No change

    I thought it was rather obvious this was “phase 1” of UU updates and that’s why ships like Yamato, etc, did not have their UUs changed. They will, and seeing how tone deaf and lame the first round was, I hesitate to speculate how the more potent UUs are going to be nerfed. I now have zero problem with UUs being moved to the RB I also have zero incentive to play T10 short of snowflakes WG is all kinds of win of late
  12. Sorry, was there anything in RB worth getting? That wouldn’t take years at 1200rp/month to earn? The UUs are getting the bat at the moment.
  13. FrodoFraggin

    SO about California

    For Narai, go full throttle to start, keep in a straight line as much as possible, and if you’re lucky you might get to shoot at the final wave
  14. FrodoFraggin

    4 games or less to quit for the morning

    TLDR version:
  15. FrodoFraggin

    Steel and RP coming to the daily missions

    No, I think it will be 10 steel awarded alongside with the 200 coal.