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  1. Non-Premium permanent camo discount?

    There was an explicit 50% sale up to tier 9; however, there was an indirect sale for T10 camo by virtue of “refunding” 100 doubloons for every 1000 spent, which is effectively a 10% discount.
  2. Trade Secrets -TOP SECRET

    I’ll throw one out there, and it seems really obvious, but I see so many suffer, maybe it is a secret. You’re in a cruiser you push forward, target pops up - now most people open up - I don’t. I start a turn and start angling away before opening fire, because if your target has friends, you’re going to turn anyway, but showing many ships your broadside, and that’s a bad thing as a cruiser. But what if you’re detected before you can turn? Well, you’re minimap shows your detection circle, you shouldn’t be pushing that circle into where you should project your opposite number or a DD might be. Never push your detection circle more than halfway through a cap circle, DDs typically won’t push that deep in the early minutes of a game. Anyhoo, seems kinda ‘duh’, but I do see Omaha’s showing half the team their broadside 3 minutes in to the game, so someone isnt figuring it out.
  3. Forum Farewell

    I often find the forums more annoying then any specific thing about the game itself. I have good games, I have bad games for all the usual reasons. But these forums, it’s just complain complain complain.
  4. Brainstorming a Mothball Fleet Option

    Not quite what you’re wanting, but I’d like a tabbed carousel where you see only a nationality per tab, or ship class, or tier.
  5. What’s wrong with finishing top on a losing team? Would you prefer to rank lower in a loss? I take issue with the title as well, I go into *every* match planning doing my best, with no expectation or sense of entitlement that I will win any match given my efforts.
  6. Is this game full of haters?

    Few of the worst read these boards. Yesterday it was the stereotypical dead-within-2-minutes players ragging on how lousy the team was in ALL chat, and its like, is this still a thing? As salty as the board is, I tend to think most perusers have enough self awareness not to engage in the post death antagonist trope.
  7. Don't play like you're top tier. It's funny and sad to see Bismarcks and Tirpitzes push in against T10s as if they were bullying T6s.
  8. I have separate captains for Kidd and Atlanta, but tried the Atlanta captain on the Kidd for kicks. No LS or SE, so it was weak, but when I had a couple of opportunities to smoke and dakka dakka, AR, BFT and IFHE were pretty nice to have
  9. I think people jump on the aim assist too much as to why they get hit hard. The last game I played in the Nagato there was a Nurnberg I could not hit to save my life. It was Neighbors, the flank I was on was getting turned so I began my turn around and decided to fire one last salvo with the rear guns and didn’t even look at where they ended up around the Nurnberg, and then wham, 2 citadels, dev strike. I was like wow, and the Nurnberg player accuses me of aim hax, and I’m like, what about the dozen salvos that zilch before that!? He even thought my Yamamoto tracers were indicators of aim hax
  10. trolling the lower tiers or what

    It’s equally stupid? Not sure you’re making the point you want to... In any event, I would not endorsed new players to buy any premium ship of a higher tier and class than what they’ve leveled to on a tech tree (I’d actually argue against any noob buying any premium ship, time , doubloons, or anything costing $$, without a significant amount of time with the game)
  11. trolling the lower tiers or what

    What exactly is the point of taking a minimum 14 pt captain into a battle with noobs farting around with 1-2 point captains? If one enjoys pre ww2 or is looking for a break from high tier play and radars, great, recruit yourself a new captain and do as the Romans do.
  12. trolling the lower tiers or what

    I love it when I take ole Vampire out and seeing "LOCATED". Maybe put caps on skill points per tier, like 10 pts T1-4, 19 pts T5-10? I mean, seasoned unicums are playing lower tiers for a challenge, right?
  13. I think finishing “x of y” battles is nice, it gives players some flexibility. Maybe a mission (shoot down 30 planes) is too hard and people don’t want that one mission to screw up the whole event, or take a few days off and still have a chance of succeeding. I think the Aigle allowed co op battles though?
  14. I can’t come up with 25, but I’d like to see these: Lutzow, 1945, similar to Graf Spee but some interesting visual differences. IJN Akagi IJN Shinano The IJN 4x2x457mm concept (yes, a Japanese Conqueror) Italian Aquila, Italian CV (and closer to completed than GZ!) Post Pearl Harbor Tennessee and/or West Virginia HMAS Australia/Canberra USS Houston HMS Exeter HMS Repulse HMS Prince of Wales (maybe tier 6 with the glut of T7 RN BB premiums) HMS Ark Royal USS Robin, US CV
  15. Terrible Win Rate in Kiev!!!

    I have a less than stellar record with the Kiev, I dreaded what the Tashkent would do to me. I ended up with a 65% WR in the Tash - something just clicked and I think it could be one of the most underrated ships (or best kept secret) in the game. I learned a lot in the Tash that I should have learned much earlier, certainly by the Kiev. I’m resolved to buy back the Kiev and get it’s WR to much more satisfactory levels.