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  1. Free respec/demount

    I was hoping WG might slip up and give it to the general population, but looks like clan participants only, as stated in April update. Oh well, I appreciated the respec/demount at the start of the season, maybe it will be free to general pop at the start of next season.
  2. Preliminary USN Campaign Tasks

    The first two task and final task of each stage can be done co op, I don’t think the Yamamoto campaign allowed that.
  3. ??Captain Re-spec??

    The April mission briefing where this is mentioned explicitly states participants only.
  4. ??Captain Re-spec??

    Participants only, starting the 25th. I hope it's the general population, not just participants, we'll see. I figure they could filter everyone based on whether they got the "First Time" mission completed (play one clan battle) or not.
  5. Port Queen = Defective product

    The title and the question don’t necessarily jive. I have port queens because I’m grinding tech trees at the moment and don’t need retraining or a ship can’t retrain (Perth). I have port queens because WG gave me free stuff. I have bought what some have called crappy ships (Dunk and Gascogne) because I like having premiums to assist with grinding the Fr BBs, they are not port queens and I’ve not done too bad with them, they are not port queens. There is dissonance with the OP.
  6. Correcting the Misinformation

    Random battles with nothing but bots and orange would be funny. As anyone who’s been the only human in a co op battle would know, if RNG isn’t with your team bots, your chances of winning are low. By having this in Random could trash their WR for those that care about it.
  7. Conspiracy theory time! Making US cruisers good will put most NA players (read: most vocal Russian-bias crowd) in a good mood and just a little less volatile when Uber Russian BBs are unleashed.
  8. Wargaming growing lack of quality

    I used to restart the client *every* single battle or I would crash, and I could be pretty stable for that one battle, but that was a terrible workaround. Turns out when I built my PC I unintentionally got 64bit processor. I just got an SSD drive to upgrade to 64 bit Win 10, and wow, night and day difference (I had 3G ram, now 9G, I know sounds weird, but this Asus board has 3 channel Dimm slots). Anyhoo, if you are able to upgrade to 64 bit Windows and more ram, definitely look into it. The SSD drive was nice, but I don’t think helped with stability specifically.
  9. Number of Battles to Tier X

    Lots of variables, and the OP didn't post his criteria. Did he free xp the upgrades or grind them out? Premium acct? Xp camo or signals? Skip any upgrades? For myself, I won't take a sub optimal ship into randoms, so I co-op the upgrades, then I'll take it into randoms. So overall count, mine would be very high due to co op battles, but for random battles only, probably lower, and at tier 8 and 9 I'll use xp camo and signals. I also only play a ship on a given day until I get the win bonus, then move to another ship if I have time. Neptune, at 145k xp, (238k total to Minotaur), co op'd the upgrades, winter camo (the blue/green one), only playing to first win bonus: 32 games. So I'd expect around 60 games total to ding Minotaur. Each previous tier would have been fewer games, Ed was 42, Fiji was 35.
  10. Not terribly impressed so far, single patches have had more content than this. Maybe there will be a day 2 with more stuff. Flying all these CCs to Russia, I’d expect more “big picture” topics, where they want the game to go, tech tree sneak peaks, etc. Halsey... I think Nimitz would be better, but nothing says we won’t eventually see both. One thing I really hope they do differently than Yamamoto is to give him permanent skill buffs like Jack Dunkirk rather than gimmicky traits that only trigger on events like First Kill and Kraken.
  11. Premium Browsing...I Need Help

    Eh, every couple months? I know, the temptation to spend is great.
  12. Premium Browsing...I Need Help

    Periodically there are doubloon sales, try and hold out buying until a sale comes around to maximize the gold you get for your gift cards.
  13. Hardware replacement and SSD

    Regarding OS, I just transitioned to an SSD but also changed to 64 bit Win 10, wow what a difference stability wise! 32 bit was seeing 3 of 9G of RAM, now I have all 9G and don’t have to restart the game after every match.
  14. TK victims

    So much discussion on how to punish players, how about the victims? The game knows the killer, it should know the killed. How about not charging consumables, flags and camo for players getting blapped by teammates.
  15. With the amount of Spanish chatter I see, I am surprised there hasn’t been a Latin ship yet, maybe WG doesn’t have a good grip on the NA population. That being said, the Boise doesn’t get my wallets attention, the Helena would. Crzyhawk’s suggestion above is the best by far.