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  1. FrodoFraggin

    To Z-31 or not to Z-31?

    It’s a free port slot, a few million credits to sell off and a 3 (or 6?) pt captain. To some that could be worthwhile. Everything I’ve seen indicates the Z-31 is terrible and it may not get to be good until tier 9. The T8 and 9 are apparently getting buffed in 10.4, maybe the Z will get buffed at some point as well. One small bonus to early access ships, in addition to the port slot, is the module upgrades (hull, etc) are all included at no cost nor research required.
  2. FrodoFraggin

    64 damage and a kill

    If there are CVs and the enemy CV is on the opposite side of the map where the survivors are, say, Colorado-speed ships? Oh yeah...
  3. FrodoFraggin


    They tend to claim they need time to study the impact of a change, not much data collection for the ole spreadsheet, it looks to me. Strange
  4. FrodoFraggin

    Leander, Fiji, Edinburgh nerf

    Tech tree ships aren’t allowed to be competitive with premium ships
  5. FrodoFraggin

    Thunderer and Stalingrad Nerfed Again

    Tech tree nerfs, too. Never buy perma camo.
  6. FrodoFraggin

    Missouri has been Nerfed

    As far as I can tell, no mention of changing co op MM, where it’s now either all humans or 2 humans. So WG is certainly mucking with things that aren’t being mentioned in the patch notes. As long as that stays the case, “Missouri credit earnings nerfed” threads will always exist.
  7. FrodoFraggin

    F2P Tips that won't cost you a Dime

    I have to admit, after 3 years of being in premium time, it takes some adjustment to the small xp and minuscule credits, even for wins.
  8. FrodoFraggin

    Uncap the SAP on Italian BBs

    More accurate, make main armament AP/HE and secondaries SAP. The cut and paste meta from Italian cruisers was lazy and not well thought out, resulting in the stupid SAP cap decision.
  9. FrodoFraggin

    Yo Lesta, what did you do to 10.3?

    When I start the game, half the time it just sits there at a black screen. I’ll Task Manager kill the “game” (not responding) then start it again, which, so far, has then successfully started.
  10. FrodoFraggin

    Who's excited for Z-31? A DD with the DPM of tier 1!

    Designing a ship solely around being a counter to another class is bad designing. The AA cruiser: who gets MM with no CVs, and when there is a CV it attacks the other side of the map. So with the new DD line, you *hope* MM gives you CLs on the other team and you *hope* those CLs are in proximity to your spawn and you *hope* those CLs place themselves in such a way that is optimal for your DD. Enjoy your time with that concept, I think few will. But AA cruisers (and Halland, for example) have features that serve them well in the absence of planes. What I see in the new DD line is no redeeming qualities at all when not in its optimal position.
  11. FrodoFraggin

    Christopher Columbus ultimate upgrade?

    Colombo UU: when things start to look bad, you can switch teams.
  12. FrodoFraggin

    Free XP Ships

    I’m doing something I never thought I’d do - get into RB. I’m using FreeXP to reset the IJN DD line twice for bonus to have enough RB points to buy Vampire. It’s actually cheaper than a true FXP T10 which go for 2m FXP.
  13. FrodoFraggin

    Low Tier Ships

    Double CVs where most ships have little to zero AA could has more to do with that than “they don’t get to participate in events”. Those designers/programmers will not admit that, so they sacrifice part of their own game to save face (and sell higher tier ships)
  14. I could see a mechanic where you accuracy increases as you track a target for sometime. As it is, a snapshot salvo is every bit as accurate, or inaccurate, as a salvo where you stare at the target for several seconds, assuming the target isn’t maneuvering. The way this gimmick appears to be heading is to shoot the moment an opponent is spotted and never stop shooting - not so sure about that.
  15. FrodoFraggin

    Where is Naval Battle?

    I must be going blind, I can’t find it. The patch notes mention the new feature and that “The Naval Battle banner has been updated in the Port”, but I’m not certain what this means.