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  1. FrodoFraggin

    [PSA] HMS Dreadnought Mission

    Doing the first one is quick and easy, note you do not have to win! You can fail your way through it! It's the second one, with along with higher base xp required, that you have to win. Play a little more on weekends and the second one is doable as well. 40 isn't the time sink it appears at first glance. But holidays, travel and family, I get that takes precedence.
  2. There was a promotion a few years ago, get some doubloons and a 30% discount off any premium ship and maybe something else, except it was supposed to be 30% off only the T8s at the time, Tirp, Atago and Kutuzov. To apologize for their mistake they gave 30 days premium to those that got the package early, which was already a good deal. And I got my Kutuzov That and the Steam or Twitch Texas, which was heavily discounted, but if you had one already you got the full value in doubloons.
  3. FrodoFraggin

    Arsenal coupons

    How often do these get refreshed? I got a smoke generator for a Santa Huanghe and it said a new coupon would be available Dec 19th. I was under the impression they didn't refresh too often, if so, use your coupons before the 19th if you had any inkling to use them at all.
  4. FrodoFraggin

    Cost for Steel Campaign?

    Without steel, they could have sold access for $5-10 and made a killing, with steel the price is going to be way too high, imo. At first I was thinking this was a good idea, now not so much: the people who need/want steel don't need anything else from the campaign, the people who want T6 ships and camo probably don't need steel yet, so whoever buys into this is having the price jacked up because of stuff in the deal they don't need.
  5. FrodoFraggin

    Cost for Steel Campaign?

    Last year we had 2 events, the get-DoY-for-free, and the T6 ship/perma-camo/Scharn-winter-camo. The T6 thing could only be started with a DoY game. I took the free approach and thoroughly burned myself out trying to get all the T6 stuff in only a few days. Had one bought the DoY, they would have had the entire period to leisurely grind out stuff. So no-cost/high stress vs $/no stress. In hindsight, I’d take the less stress route. Not interested in the PEF, and I’ve ground out almost every line past T6, steel is of only slight interest to me, so I plan on taking it easy this season.
  6. FrodoFraggin

    Post your 2018 Crate Haul....

    20 mega crates, and a very very bad start. The last 4 crates were all ships lol. One thing that is missing is premium time. Last Xmas, the Santa crates gave me half 3 months worth, if I recall correct. Anyhoo, out of 20 crates, got 6k gold, lots of signals and some camos I’d rather not have: those really high end ones which came in 5s; I’d prefer the 20 New Years camo over 5 of the special ones any day. Ships: Monaghan (meh) Abruzzi (yay) Anshan (meh) Arizona (yay) Huang He (meh) So the Monaghan seems like a filler for the “rare” premiums if you have it already. I thought they changed the system so that if you “rolled” a ship you already have, it re-rolls until it comes up with one you don’t have. That seems to be the case for standard premiums, but the rares it seems like not. In other words I rolled a Kutuzov which I already have so it gave me a Monaghan instead of re-rolling for another rare. Btw, since when is Guilio Cesare a rare?!
  7. FrodoFraggin

    Worst Played Ships

    It did award the ship, I was halfway through the Gneis grind when the campaign came out and got the ship.
  8. FrodoFraggin

    A Good Game Gone to the South

    “Game is dying...” is such an old worn out trope. I think there is something psychologically at work with these kind of posters, like a cry for attention, or a need for approval, or the desire for someone to comfort you and say everything is alright. If that is not the case, precisely what is the point? Get everyone on the doom and gloom train, expediting a game’s demise? That only such ominously titled threads will get dev’s attention and they will desperately do whatever you want because you have such insight no one else has that will prolong the game’s existence?
  9. FrodoFraggin

    Yahagi and Japanese CL's

    I thought he meant Tone, but clearly not a CL.
  10. It appears to me, and I think WG has said as much, that the regional areas are increasingly less dependent of coming up with their own stuff (or not I.e., the infamous EU non-xmas). With St Petersburg having a stranglehold on all community content I'm not going to be surprised if local events like Pearl Harbor aren't given the attention they're due. Remember Trevzor having periodic videos going over events and sales that other regions didnt often get? This recent meet-the-staff video is like the first ever video since hq moved to Austin?
  11. FrodoFraggin

    I'm calling ********

    Why stop with “gift”? WG calls this World of “Warships” and all I got were a pile of electrons. False advertising! Where’s my freaking warship?!
  12. FrodoFraggin

    Santa Crate Mikhail Kutuzov = No Radar

    I struggled mightily with it. One of the few, maybe only?, cruiser in the game that should get IFHE before CE. I find it works best when you act like a lemming, because you have to have people spotting for you to maximize the smokes as you have zero spotting ability.
  13. FrodoFraggin

    Next Tech Tree Specials

    All nations were on sale Thanksgiving and the Anniversary before that. I would not be surprised if they have a Xmas/New Year sale on the whole tech tree. Now between January and August, I sure hope they have a sale or two.
  14. But can other players hear it, or only the WV driver?
  15. FrodoFraggin

    Royal navy collection

    There is a temporary collection coming with 7.12, even if the RN DD one is permanent and do-able after the 7.12 one, I’d rather they not stack these on top of one another.