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  1. FrodoFraggin

    HMS Implacable for free?

    Then the solution they came up with is more convoluted than the problem they’re trying to address. With Cossack, 4 guineas a week, 12 weeks, it costs 50 so you spend a buck for 10 and have a few left over that get converted into credits. How simple is that compared to this clusterfsck we have now. Can’t buy stuff with left over guineas and you only get credit conversion? Boo-fooking-hoo. And getting those guineas didn’t require a couple hours a night (at best), every night of the week for 3 weeks straight, plus spending doubloons, plus who knows how many crates for cash depending on if you had the audacity to take one night off from the game. KISWG (keep it simple wargaming).
  2. FrodoFraggin

    HMS Implacable for free?

    The Cossack method was so much simpler, and I didn’t mind coughing up a dollar to boot. This mixed currency approach is bull pucky.
  3. “Exeter” and “farm” aren’t words I’d normally put together Fiji on the other hand...
  4. And then stage 3 and 4 move up a tier, so you can no longer use the Exeter herself to do Exeter missions.
  5. FrodoFraggin

    Why is an eagle taking a dump on my Cleveland?

    Nope, that demounts it and further makes it invisible in the Exterior Tab.
  6. FrodoFraggin

    WG's Match Maker fair?

    You need more than a 3 game losing streak to legit complain
  7. FrodoFraggin

    Why is an eagle taking a dump on my Cleveland?

    I have this on the Des Moines and I despise it. Pretty much any camo that physically alters the ship is stupid, minus the battle damaged Bismarck and Hood. I think there was a way to hide the camo’s visuals while keeping the bonuses existed, but a change in game file format no longer allows this.
  8. FrodoFraggin

    Let Tier I to IV ships complete daily missions and events.

    Events used to include tier 3 but gradually moved to starting at tier 4, then to today tier 5. It keeps down the number of camo’d, flagged, 19pt captain’d clubbing boats out of the newbie pool where many don’t know how to mount signals, use premium consumables and have 1 or 2pt captains. Clubbers are still there, but their population is kept somewhat in check by excluding those tiers from events.
  9. FrodoFraggin

    [PSA] Giulio Cesare testing and premium ships status

    I half wondered if part of the nerf was WG looking at the prospective Italian BB line and concluding this class of ship belonged at tier 6. I was actually looking forward to playing the GC in Scenarios, oh well, I really wasn’t invested on either side, though I think terminating the nerf effort was the best decision for the community.
  10. FrodoFraggin

    Wreck of Wasp CV-7 Found!

    @CaptainKiwi_2016 do you know if this group plans on commissioning any artists to paint these ships in the style of Ken Marschall and what he did for Titanic and Bismarck? A few pictures of rusted bits of ship really don’t convey the state of the ships they’ve found.
  11. FrodoFraggin

    Why not let the players choose?

    Why do some of you play this game at all? Normally I don’t spend time on things every facet of which I despise. Guess I’m weird that way.
  12. The turquoise and the green together just don't work for me. Individually they seem ok, like on the Hood, but I'll always keep the battle damage camo on the Hood.
  13. FrodoFraggin

    no fun

    WG has your back, GC is just the first to get the nerf bat
  14. FrodoFraggin

    FU match maker

    I just finished the cap part, on the fire and torp mission now. Holy crap did flood chance get nerfed - and it is floods you need, not torp hits.
  15. I do use RPF on my UK cruisers as they can make for decent DD hunters, but US heavy cruiser... I dunno, you typically don’t run hydro and have long-ish reloading guns, which isn’t the best combo for DD molestation.