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  1. You play khaba with propulsion mod instead of rudder?
  2. This kind of Night!!!

    Well, they're not likely to be shooting your cruiser
  3. First week nothing, second week Acasta, third week nothing, fourth week Icarus (container bought with sovereigns) and Jervis. Spending as many sovereigns as I can on containers to get the Lightning, so I don’t have to grind Jervis out. I’m just glad I don’t have to grind Acasta and Icarus. Even if I don’t get Lightning, I’m grateful for the 3 port slots, millions I’ll get selling these off later, and time/fxp not spent upgrading the Jervis.
  4. Analyze my stats

    E-pen waving
  5. GK is actually not bad

    I find GK soaks up a lot of damage, even if it’s not taking citadels. I do enjoy the guns though, but the angles are terrible, which is probably why I take so much damage.
  6. Have all 4 destroyers? I don't so I've been spending them on more crates since getting doubloons for the Gallant. Each ship is effectively credits in pocket, the modules are researched, and they give a port slot. Btw, having two Dunk captains isn't half bad, I have one for RN BBs and the other for the Fiji.
  7. Transaction Error

    Happened when I tried selling certain stock hulls from inventory. For some reason Cleveland A gave a transaction error, but not other hulls. Awhile later the credits showed up and the Cleveland A hull was gone. This was last week, i.e., 7.9
  8. Probably not enough players for this to be practical. You know, I would mind losses less when I do well if xp bonuses were done horizontally instead of vertically. By that, I mean the top 5 players of *both* sides get the current base xp win bonus, the next 5 a reduced bonus, and the bottom 2 players on each team get zippo bonus. First win bonus still applies to the winning team. That way, you load up your best camo and flags, play your heart out, carry the hell out of your potatoes, but still lose - you’re still going to have very nice xp/free xp/cmdr xp results. Bonus: people come to forums to complain about how little xp they got in a win -> self-identifying potatoes.
  9. Ultimate kill steal

    Ship ticking away its last shred of life left to fire/flood, death imminent... and in comes a full cv strike Last enemy ship - I get it, it’s a free for all, but when half the enemy team is left?
  10. New opt in mission for more patches

    Why, it’s kinda like some type of person is getting hurt in a particular part of the body that rarely sees the sun, almost like what I just said earlier
  11. New opt in mission for more patches

    There are people that freak out when CW rental ships appear in their port, so WG adds opt-in features to ensure snowflakes don’t get butthurt for getting something they don’t want, and now snowflakes are getting butt hurt because they’re not auto opting in for stuff. It’s crap like this that can actually make me feel bad for game designers.
  12. USS Buffalo is... well, a Buffalo

    I did rudder shift and rof upgrades, if I had to do Buffalo again, I would do propulsion mod and range. Island humping really needs propulsion, and several times I’d have a juicy target just barely out of range. The turret traverse penalty is really noticeable with the rof upgrade too. I fxp’d the last few thousand so I could have another T10 for the anniversary SC.
  13. I find them less useful the higher you go. I wouldn't go past T8 for a secondary build myself. Top tier Bis can bully caps, but bottom tier you have to wait for the HE spammers and torp boats to be sighted on the map or sunk, which means playing passive for the first half of the game, and we all know how people love passive BB play. I tried a secondary GK and pushed a cap and was dead before a single ship was in secondary range, respec'd out of it as soon as it was on sale.
  14. Are you getting port slots for the dup ships?
  15. Nope, thought that's what it meant when I saw it, was sorely disappointed.