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  1. FrodoFraggin

    My team..

  2. FrodoFraggin

    What is going on with the Renown?

    Occasionally, older models are updated, but other than that, once a ship is modeled, it is effectively set in stone - reality, history or physics be damned.
  3. This is the most convoluted solution to a non-issue WG has put out. There is a partial mechanism in place that changes the visuals of a ship without affecting anything else. The problem with it is it applies it on a group basis instead of individually - so turning off clown world camo makes my Mass Black look like a standard Mass. Apply this process individually and problem solved. But no, WG has to go in to wack-a-doo mode and come with something too few understand with and that’s for people that come to these forums to seek answers - for the thousands that don’t come to these boards? Total fubar.
  4. FrodoFraggin

    So…the Delny is a mystery to me.

    That you only play the Delny twice a year for either a super container or Xmas container.
  5. Nothing happens to afk players, they know statistically they can fail upwards, collect rewards with zero effort and suffer no consequences of note. MM needs bodies, warm or otherwise, to generate matches - WG is incentivized to do nothing about it.
  6. FrodoFraggin

    Silent majority

    It’s irrelevant what stats WG has/keeps/hides, because the data they have is what they want to have, which is to say, is crap. They put up these polls and used to begin with, how would you rate the game or, would you recommend the game to anyone else. And if you responded in a negative answer the poll would terminate immediately. So all of the feedback from polls is nothing but “I love this game, it’s the greatest ever”. WG does not know it’s playerbase. These forums are not representative, their polls are not representative since they exclude a disgruntled part of the community. They could look at ship usage, and that might have been worthwhile years ago, but now there are so many activities (not necessarily a bad thing), they skew how people play the game. Is there a mission for main battery hits? Watch the Smolensks pop out of the woodwork in Co Op. But actions speak louder than words - what is WG doing? Putting all of their eggs in the CV/Sub basket and releasing absolute shite surface ship tech trees.
  7. Only good thing about Standard mode for Co Op is you’re almost guaranteed to get to kill all bots (bot team is accumulating points immediately to offset kills). If WG ever pulls its head from its a$$ and removed the mercy rule for Domination mode, there would be zero reason for Standard mode in Co Op
  8. FrodoFraggin

    Linkable camos

    I have some T8 camos I haven’t linked. Is there any value to these after the rework or should I mount them immediately?
  9. FrodoFraggin

    How would you fix power crept ships?

    Is there money to be made?
  10. FrodoFraggin

    Venting My Submarine Frustrations

    At this point there is nothing WG can do to release subs with broad appeal - so yeah, might as well get it over and done with. A few people will like them, most won’t. Same with CVs. WG has a morbidly fascinating obsession with hooking their cart up to the wrong horse.
  11. Yes, people like me didn’t want goofy-[edited]clownish camos ruining other wise beautiful ships. The problem was resolved when control over visuals was given to the player and one could pick and choose what they wanted to see (to an extent, camos are “grouped”, and so turning off one group means my Mass Black looks like a standard Mass). This could be improved by treating ships individually instead of grouping camo types. So no, separating visuals from bonuses is a non-sensical excuse for yet another rework *no one is asking for*. Again.
  12. WGs obsession with CVs and now subs, one would think they’d placate the masses with decent surface releases and what have we got: Italian BBs, Dutch cruisers, PA cruisers, Italian DDs - one garbage tier release after another.
  13. Changing a 2 to a 3 is trivial, but how the decision was made to make that change can require a fair bit of data mining and analysis, access to a database that has been grown over years - that doesn’t sound like something you just hand over to a EU/NA community manager and expect things to carry on without interruption.
  14. So even with the WG/Lesta divorce, Lesta will still be developing and updating Warships outside of Russia?