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  1. FrodoFraggin

    Is the AI too good?

    In most regards. Their strength is they think the same, so when they all decide who the number one threat is, and the opportunity exists for crossfire, they can focus down a human very fast. Most matches? You really should check your stats before making those kinds of claims, or hide them at least. You average 1.19 kills per co op match
  2. When I was but a wee seaman, we didn't get no stinking' early releases, we had to work our way through the whole tree! Barefoot in snow!
  3. FrodoFraggin

    Best feature in a patch - ever!

    I was pleasantly surprised the old Xmas camos could stay turned on, but the twinkly ones from this year could be turned off separately.
  4. FrodoFraggin

    That's it, I'm out (Henri nerf)

    He’s divorced himself from one set of electrons; hopefully the next marriage to electrons can go the distance!
  5. FrodoFraggin

    Never before seen shenanigans

    That’s one heck of a gun they’ve got to your head
  6. I’d like them to space tech tree releases out more.
  7. FrodoFraggin

    I did the thing

    Just out of curiosity, why are those ships primary?
  8. For me it was WGs response to the whole thing. Remember when they introduced a graphics bug a couple years ago. And all the lengths they went to show the community how hard they were working the problem, and even created a YouTube video detailing their efforts? Flash forward to today and it’s “suck it up, buttercup”.
  9. Never used TASM on any ship before, never going to use its replacement on any ship after it goes live. Playing to corner cases is a waste. People who think one mod or the other is a world of difference must have 100% torpedo hit rates in sub-tier 8 matches, so maybe they do know what they’re talking about
  10. FrodoFraggin

    ST, Upgrades changes

    Oops, I thought they were combining rudder boost and propulsion boost mods, not the damage mitigation ones
  11. FrodoFraggin

    ST, Upgrades changes

    RN CLs don’t get propulsion mod as it’s apparently baked in. So does the ship get nerfed, or will they accelerate in an even more ludicrous manner?
  12. I don’t recognize a single person in the HoF other than Lord Zath. Try-Harders don’t like the forums?
  13. WG says subs are needed to keep the game going. When that doesn’t pan out, guided missile cruisers will be needed to keep the game going
  14. FrodoFraggin

    Question - Naval Battles - Excluding premiums?

    No. A clan with Italian BBs can score at least one no brainer star, the clan without has to play a much higher requirement to get that same star. One clan paid for lower requirements.
  15. FrodoFraggin

    Question - Naval Battles - Excluding premiums?

    If one clan has premiums and the other doesn't, it makes a PTW scenario where the premium'd clan can win stars easier than the non-premium'd clan. Now, how many clans have zero premiums amongst its members? But there it is, tech tree only ships.