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    Enjoying World of Warships 24/7 like literally morning, noon & nite! I'm extremely interested in gettin more involved and overall participating a whole lot more. I will always like Randoms/Ranked but I'd enjoy nothing more than just to be a "part of", maybe a team or active clan....
  1. Super thanks to everyone at wg for allowing me to participate in this past Corgi event. i had a blast so anything else is a plus!
  2. its working as expected for my system, great and as always consistent!
  3. Never have had any issues with any mods from these forums. huge thx
  4. Manual drop help

    unbelievable... it was to gud to be true i guess! Regardless, thank u so much for taking the time to answer this for me! I've been goin crazy tryin to figure this out!!! Highly appreciated
  5. Manual drop help

    i finally unlocked my 1st CV HOSHO... im really tryin my best to learn how to, especially wen it comes to 'manuel dropping' and of course wen i press and hold left Alt+ left mouse button NOTHING HAPPENS!!! so my question is can u perform manuel anything wit HOSHO or any low tier CVS??? or does manuel anything start once a player has reached a certain Tier/level??? pls help... thx
  6. Plane Icon

    as much as I'd like to agree wit u, it isn't until I fully understand first the actual reason, as to why its this way to begin with! hopefully once I fully understand why WG has it this way, I'll be able to better attack/defend my team & myself!
  7. How Detonations Work

    Thank u 4 da much needed explanation, as I can use ALL DA HELP I CAN GET!!!