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    Enjoying World of Warships 24/7 like literally morning, noon & nite! I'm extremely interested in gettin more involved and overall participating a whole lot more. I will always like Randoms/Ranked but I'd enjoy nothing more than just to be a "part of", maybe a team or active clan....
  1. Manual drop help

    unbelievable... it was to gud to be true i guess! Regardless, thank u so much for taking the time to answer this for me! I've been goin crazy tryin to figure this out!!! Highly appreciated
  2. Manual drop help

    i finally unlocked my 1st CV HOSHO... im really tryin my best to learn how to, especially wen it comes to 'manuel dropping' and of course wen i press and hold left Alt+ left mouse button NOTHING HAPPENS!!! so my question is can u perform manuel anything wit HOSHO or any low tier CVS??? or does manuel anything start once a player has reached a certain Tier/level??? pls help... thx
  3. Plane Icon

    as much as I'd like to agree wit u, it isn't until I fully understand first the actual reason, as to why its this way to begin with! hopefully once I fully understand why WG has it this way, I'll be able to better attack/defend my team & myself!
  4. How Detonations Work

    Thank u 4 da much needed explanation, as I can use ALL DA HELP I CAN GET!!!