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  1. Daffyd9x

    Your COOP Battles with over 1000 BXP

    Seven green bots on team were not much competition. 821 main battery hits for 201K Damage. No caps. My best damage battle ever in co-op by over 100K yet BaseXP was only 897. Go figure.
  2. Daffyd9x

    Low tier credit farming

    Obtain mid-tier premium ships instead of discarded tech-tree. Premium ships have a built-in credit bonus that increases Tier V through X. As CylonRed observes, post-battle expenses increase even faster. Premium ships in Tiers V, VI, & VII are the sweet spot for credit earning.
  3. UPDATE: I was just told in a Twitch stream (SeaRaptor) that Drops are disabled until the EU server updates to 0.10.0.
  4. Daffyd9x

    Twitch Drops in 0.10.0

    I'm having the same Twitch "Drops Enabled" problem. I've unlinked my WoWs account from Twitch and re-linked. No "Drops Enabled". I've disconnected my Twitch account from WoWs and re-connected. No "Drops Enabled". UPDATE: I was just told in a Twitch stream (SeaRaptor) that Drops are disabled until the EU server updates to 0.10.0
  5. Hapa, I have not been receiving Twitch drops recently, which I was getting for many weeks. I unlink Twitch and my WoWs account, then relink successfully. No Twitch drops and no indication that I'll receive any.
  6. Thank you, everyone! Looks like I wait.
  7. Coupon: Flint: Thunderer: What gives? I don't understand.
  8. I read here in the Forums that your personal anniversary 30% coupon is best spent on Doubloons. Only time one can discount Doubloons, FYI.
  9. Daffyd9x

    OK Oklahoma!

    Glad to hear it. Your original post stated you had 4 duplicates. I have eleven Items and fourteen Duplicates. The six crates in US BB 2's last mission group will give me Oklahoma, which my clanmates confirm is indeed underwhelming.
  10. Daffyd9x

    OK Oklahoma!

    Co-op players get 31 crates total. 27 from completing US BB 2's combat mission groups plus 4 from Daily Shipments. One needs 11 Items (+ 20 Duplicates) to guarantee receipt of Oklahoma. Where are your missing crates?
  11. Daffyd9x

    The Mathematics of USS Oklahoma

    Yes, your math is wrong. Please repost. Co-op Main must get 11 Always Courageous Collection Items to guarantee receipt of Oklahoma.
  12. Daffyd9x

    Full Salvo - Single Click?

    I buy gaming mice with extra buttons and use X-Mouse Button Control freeware to program an extra button for double-click. I would struggle to not move the cursor when double-clicking and this solved it.
  13. USAF Strategic Air Command 456th Bomb Wing 1970-1974. B-52 Bomb/Nav Technician/Analyst at Beale AFB, CA. Only exciting moment was when SAC went to DEFCON-2 in 1973. (U.S. was posturing to get Soviet attention. Mission accomplished, LOL!) VA paid for my college education and helped buy my home.
  14. Daffyd9x

    Anyone else dropping concealment?

    ^^^ This
  15. Daffyd9x

    Why is there no Solomon Islands map in Co-op?

    On Solomon Islands Standard Battle Map, all the bots would attempt to go through the center passage and, if opposed, would gridlock. Like shooting fish in the barrel. Domination Battle Map would see bots spit up and go two or three different routes. WoWs could have kept only Solomon Islands Domination Map for Co-op Battles. AdmiralThunder's observation about Two Brothers is correct. I've seen four or five bots go up the middle there too.