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  1. [O_S_D] Old Salty Dogs, a casual clan, has a French-speaking member (Québécois?). He does not speak English. Old Salty Dogs have the most fun when battling as comrades in divisions. We would like to enlist some French-English speaking players so he will not feel isolated. If you are qualified and interested, please send a WoWs Forum Message to Daffyd9x.
  2. Do NOT upgrade the turrets. I did and changed back to the original turrets. The upgraded turrets are SLOW to traverse and cannot track targets when you turn. Research the different build configurations and experiment with them. For instance, the AA build has fallen out of favor, and while regular AA is fierce, it cannot sweep the sky clean. YMMV. It is a beast in Tier VI scenario operations. (BTW, as a child, the first plastic ship model kit I was given was the Cleveland. Played with it on the floor for hours. When I finally unlocked it here ... well, it was a special moment in my WoWs "career".)
  3. Bretagne scoop

    The new French battleships are temporarily premium until they officially enter the tech tree. Therefore your French captains do not need to retrain.
  4. You also are correct in what you wrote in your first paragraph. However, it is strange that you were offended to be called a grammar Nazi and then wrote your last sentence. Are you trying to make a subtle joke? In your Port, hover your mouse in the left-side box beneath the Premium Shop box and you will see Events, Challenges, Combat Missions, and Personal Assignments (if you have any). Events are announcements for combat missions, challenges, etc. The 'Carnival Time' challenge has 'Ships of Tier V or higher' completion criteria. The 'Vive la France' combat missions have 'Ships of Tier V or higher' completion criteria. The 'Clan Battle' combat missions have Tier VIII or Tier X completion criteria. Yes, previous missions only had Tier IV requirements, but WarGaming seems to be pushing players to progress to higher tiers. The first four Scenario Operations were Tier VI (after Tier V was dropped) and the next two were Tier VII.
  5. Training Room Bot Setup

    Please share how you got the new Training Room working with stationary, inactive bots. I cannot find any tutorial and my guesswork is failing. As I progress up the tech tree, I am encountering new ships when bottom tier. My simple Training Room goal is to learn how to citadel these ships at different ranges and angles. Thanks in advance!
  6. What's your comfort ship.

    St. Louis because it is the violent, fat, tough bully in the playground.
  7. Premium Prices

    On the subject of half-price ships, I have noticed doubloon-purchasable premium ships in the Tech Tree view occasionally selling for half-price. Does anyone know what triggers that and how often it happens? Thanks to Santa Boxes and WoWs' Christmas gifts to players who seldom play PvP, I have doubloons to spend carefully.
  8. Changes in co-op bots?

    There are definitely new bot AI behavior changes. Three examples since the update. Case one: My slow-reloading Farragut being chased around an island by three BBs. BBs chasing a DD!?! Case two: My north-bound Farragut sends torpedoes at a south-bound Gneisenau who turns around and starts chasing me. (I also spend several minutes discovering that the Gneisenau is a very agile dodger.) Case three: My Smith enters Archipelago's B cap to sink the bot DDs and protect my teammates. I sink the bot Longjiang and I am fighting the red Smith when I notice that I am now surrounded by seven bots in the cap circle. I never before saw all the bots rush to attack one ship out of eight in sight. (Yes, I know I lost situational awareness.) I notice these new bot actions because they are so different from what I expect from past experience. On the subject of allied bots, I agree with all other co-op players. Green bots are more stupid than red bots, seven allied bots are at least four too many, and thirty seconds is too short a time for MM to build a mostly human team. When the server population drops below 5000, the queue time definitely should be lengthened.
  9. During an exciting battle, my biggest problem was frequently pressing the wrong key with my out-of-position left hand. It is terrible for one's ship to slow to a stop when one needs to press the 'A' key to dodge left but presses the 'S' key by mistake. This free, simple solution is what I find keeps my left hand in position on the keyboard. I cut a piece out of a cereal box top, folded it, and placed it around the 'CapsLock' key. Now my ring finger (on 'A' key) and pinkie (on 'Shift' key) feel the 'fence', and my left hand is always in the correct position. The cardboard fence is easy to remove and insert. This game-changer has worked very well for me with many, many fewer keyboard mishaps. I hope this helps someone.
  10. I have occasionally noticed doubloon-purchasable ships on half-price sale in the tech tree. Does anyone know how often that happens? Thanks to those Christmas gifts from WarGaming for players not playing Random often and some Santa Gift Boxes, I have enough doubloons to purchase three premium ships that I hunger for, if they are half-price.
  11. CO-OP needs help

    Agree. Either: 1) design and release brand-new lower-tier Scenario Operations (preferred) or 2) define the unavailable Hard Difficulty setting as the current T6/T7 Operations with next lower tier warships.
  12. Will it come with a skull&crossbones flag? The USS KIDD was the only USN vessel ever granted permission to fly the flag of piracy. ... But I don't know how they can work the ice cream ransom into the game.
  13. Here are the latest official published new IFHE commander skill descriptions as of October 27, 2017: Commander's Personal File: "-1% to chance of fire on target caused by HE shells with a caliber up to 139 mm", "-3% to chance of fire on target caused by HE shells with a caliber exceeding 139 mm" WarGaming/WoWs Wiki: "-1% to chance of fire on target caused by HE shells for main battery guns with a caliber up to and including 139mm." "-3% to chance of fire on target caused by HE shells for main battery guns with a caliber above 139mm." The French Tier III light cruiser Friant has 4x2 139 mm main battery guns. Japanese cruisers have 140 mm guns. The dividing line is clearly drawn between them. It is the principle of the thing! When my Friant captain's skill IFHE was chosen ... over and over ... fire chance dropped from 8% to 5% every time. Friant's AP is so meh that IFHE looks attractive if the fire chance penalty is only 1%, but I was unable to test if IFHE makes a difference for a Friant facing Tier II/III/IV warships.