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  1. Daffyd9x

    US Tenth Fleet

    Kidd with pirate flag Thank you! I love free stuff!
  2. Daffyd9x

    Remembering HMS Edinburgh

    I'll own her someday but I'm only as far as HMS Leander.
  3. Daffyd9x

    WoWS Bonus Codes

  4. Daffyd9x

    WG Code

    Another Bonus Code: 80KFOLLOWERSTOTWEET. Five 'This is your day, Commander' premium camos.
  5. Daffyd9x

    EU DDs

    Port Queen.
  6. Daffyd9x

    Full Broadside

  7. Daffyd9x

    Enjoy the scenery

    In the replay, I checked out the big island in the SW corner of Big Race map ... and discovered a port town with a railyard. The RR track enters a tunnel ... and comes out here. Then it enters another RR tunnel, but ... there's no exit on the other side! Interesting discovery made. One can explore outside the map boundaries. I went to a boring island a long distance from the map edge. Thank you for what turned out to be an interesting challenge! P.S. I see now that @The_Ref was first with screenshots of this port and RR bridge.
  8. Daffyd9x

    I like Pi

  9. @AdmiralThunder, I found your missing USS Texas spotter plane! Battleship doesn't look like USS Texas does it? It's the New Mexico with a spotter plane labeled 'Texas 4'. Is there a story here or is it just a mistake?
  10. Daffyd9x

    Conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity.

    and I was going for the 150-Ribbon Naval Battle Star, lol. Pulled up next to bot Bismarck and refrained from using Alsace's main battery.
  11. Daffyd9x

    Rule Britannia