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  1. Running a single commander through a series of premium ships is one way to get 19-point commanders. FYI, I did it with a USN tech-tree DD captain that I used in several premium USN destroyers and Atlanta daily.
  2. Thank you! Mysterious way to award a ship. Is this an Epic Drop?
  3. I just discovered the Duca D'Aosta in my port with a port slot and zero-point commander. wth!?! My Notifications showed this ship arriving about a hour ago. No time stamp, just best guess. I won't look a gift horse in the mouth but I am curious. Does anyone have an explanation for this 'gift'?
  4. Daffyd9x

    Saying Thanks - 25th - 2nd

    I am thankful for my Old Salty Dogs clanmates. Great guys! Our Clan Chatbox is a far better place to get good answers than the WoWS Forums, lol. It's the first time that I have made online friends and it's a warm and fuzzy feeling. Live long and prosper … and consume mass quantities on Thanksgiving!
  5. Daffyd9x

    I got me a Jingles and.....

    If you're looking for a ship to put TheMightyJingles upon, Paul Charlton served on UK frigates and destroyers for 22 years.
  6. Daffyd9x

    Head back to High School - 11th - 18th

    "People prefer deals where only they benefit to one of mutual benefit between themselves and others." - Cynic's Book of Wisdom (Don't ask for a truce to collect Filth. Someone will agree then be waiting at the Portal to take it from you.) Thea
  7. Thanks to good advice from a clanmate to use Russian cruisers as long-range snipers, my Shchors is staying above the waves longer.
  8. Finally, a reward for using the only Commonwealth ship that many of us have. Thank you for the Stars 'n Stripes Camo! (Perth, if I'm that lucky.)
  9. Daffyd9x

    Clan chat missing

    Good news! After the Update, the Clan Chatbox appeared after several minutes. I actually had logged in, checked unsuccessfully for the Chatbox in Port, and updated my Ticket with bad news; but when I re-entered the game, Clan Chatbox was there. Finally.
  10. Daffyd9x

    Clan chat missing

    Can you update your ticket to inform them that Clan Chatbox is not fixed for everybody?
  11. Daffyd9x

    Clan chat missing

    Me too. And I know of at least one other clanmate with the problem. Others in the clan still see Clan Chatbox and tell me that my name is not shown. I exited game, ran 'Check and Repair', and launched game. No joy. Anyone have a fresh idea?
  12. My personal experience is that I have never received a Port Slot in a 'More Signals and Camouflages' container, which is my primary container choice for almost three years. Second choice is occasionally a 'More Resources' container when I need Coal -- never a Port Slot found there either. When I want a free Port Slot, I open dozens of 'More Consumables' containers and eventually I get a Port Slot.
  13. Thank you for the Stars n' Stripes Camo!
  14. Daffyd9x

    Interesting stats for Co-op

    Miss you! Your posts are what quality forum posts should be.
  15. First time I sank eight bot ships in Co-op. Thank you for the Camo!