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  1. Quick Guide to Killer Whale

    east?! Please correct mistakes for posterity. Thank you for a very worthy, necessary forum post. Hope it is read often by tyros. +1. Thanks! Operation Killer Whale is the favorite scenario at our Saturday Nite Clan Ops.
  2. "Cough, cough, (Varyag), cough, cough!"
  3. Two Captains, same name

    This ^^^^^ I have several captains with identical faces. Obviously, their father was a sailor with a girlfriend in every port. Distracting. It would be nice to change their portraits once without having to do it after every game update. Any suggestions, Chobittsu?
  4. Suggestion for Karma

    If you think Romans are youngsters, you must be OLD, Lert! Did you start during the WoWs pre-alpha phase when there were only galleys and longships? Tiro is the 2,000 year old Latin word for "young soldier". Tyro is the Americanized version of the word and means "beginner" now (as MajorEnglush explained). Personally, I shall use 'tyro' from now on in forum posts and chat because the word 'noob' is, well, negative. On the subject of Karma, positive amounts should somehow be rewarded. A doubloon for every Karma point once per year and a Free XP point per Karma point once per month?
  5. Does any historian here know the significance of '2,600 nautical miles of Indianapolis'? (The Indy 500 has been run 102 times and the 52nd race was held in 1958, so it is not related to that. In any case, that race is measured in statute miles.) edit: Thank you for your educational reply, Dr_Dirt!
  6. Thank you for quoting "Amazing Grace". I attended an IT conference forty years ago and met a tiny, elderly woman in a USN captain's uniform. Grace Hopper Murray looked like your petite grandmother wearing a costume. She may not have been the model for a recruiting poster but was a brilliant person and good public speaker! She was almost eighty when she retired from the Navy.
  7. About my New Orleans camo

    Bummer! New Orleans Congratulatory Camouflage worked as promised for me. Pensacola standard permanent camo copied to New Orleans as well.
  8. Looks like you have the language skills to try the Asian server yourself. Aslain's modpack includes a region-changer. Be an 'investigative journalist', battle on the Asian server, and report back to this forum on your experience. Have fun!
  9. I wish Americans could buy on Amazon the shirts that the European gamers and WarGaming staff wear.
  10. The only reason I have the Omaha parked in port is to use its XP for immediate Dallas research and to sell it for the Dallas port slot. While I enjoyed some Omaha battles, I prefer my other Tier V light cruisers more. I purge my fleet to vacate port slots and only keep favorite warships. I do not know if Omaha's XP is still available for Dallas research if the Omaha is sold before 0.7.6. Since the Dallas requires a vacant port slot anyway, I keep the Omaha and wait.
  11. The random players that come together late at night (Pacific Time) for the Scenario Operation of the Week are usually very good. There is no time restriction for team building.
  12. You are in a clan and this is the sort of problem clanmates can help with. Division up with two clanmates with T5+ Soviet warships in co-op and bring one yourself if you have one. Two or three Soviet targets. Wash, rinse, repeat. This solution worked for my clan.
  13. This ^^^^ At Saturday Nite Clan Ops, my clanmates and I like Killer Whale best. Classic 'show up and kick butt' scenario -- got to love it! Operation Defense of N.S. Newport is hard, some of us recently five-starred it for the first time finally.
  14. Seven in co-op with my T2 DD Smith. It was a fluke because my Smith would show up just after the bot sank my ally, and I would sink the crippled bot. I was last man standing and sank a healthy BB to finish. No green bots … just noobs. Damage score was modest.
  15. Today's General News item implies that Update 0.7.5 arrives in another week or two. This is sweet because it gives my Richelieu's secondaries time to earn a free port slot. My New Orleans is now researched but not purchased because I have no vacant slots or unwanted ships in port. I have Cleveland but none of the premium ships, so I shall be praying to RNGesus when I open each of the American Containers. Kudos to WG for getting the Gunner's Mate sleeve insignia correct. This is in contrast to that so-called Artillery patch that shows the "flaming p*ss-pot" of US Army Ordnance instead of crossed cannons -- an unnecessary, embarrassing error. Speaking of oddities/mistakes, why did WG choose to show the ship horn steam coming out of the smokestacks instead of the steam pipes on the exterior of the funnels?