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  1. Will it come with a skull&crossbones flag? The USS KIDD was the only USN vessel ever granted permission to fly the flag of piracy. ... But I don't know how they can work the ice cream ransom into the game.
  2. Here are the latest official published new IFHE commander skill descriptions as of October 27, 2017: Commander's Personal File: "-1% to chance of fire on target caused by HE shells with a caliber up to 139 mm", "-3% to chance of fire on target caused by HE shells with a caliber exceeding 139 mm" WarGaming/WoWs Wiki: "-1% to chance of fire on target caused by HE shells for main battery guns with a caliber up to and including 139mm." "-3% to chance of fire on target caused by HE shells for main battery guns with a caliber above 139mm." The French Tier III light cruiser Friant has 4x2 139 mm main battery guns. Japanese cruisers have 140 mm guns. The dividing line is clearly drawn between them. It is the principle of the thing! When my Friant captain's skill IFHE was chosen ... over and over ... fire chance dropped from 8% to 5% every time. Friant's AP is so meh that IFHE looks attractive if the fire chance penalty is only 1%, but I was unable to test if IFHE makes a difference for a Friant facing Tier II/III/IV warships.
  3. During the October 2017 free re-set of commander skills, I experimented with my ten-point French captain (awarded in 4-star Dunkirk Op) in the Tier III Friant. The Friant has a 139mm main battery and the EM/BFT/AFT 139mm commander skills work as described. When the 4-point IFHE 139mm commander skill is applied to the Friant captain, the Friant is penalized with a -3% fire chance, not the -1% in the description. Please correct.
  4. All the pre-dreadnoughts (Hoche, Mikasa, Oregon, Schleswig Holstein, Canopus, etc.) could thrive in their own exclusive tier, "The Iron (Rust?) Tier 1.5", protected like Tier 1. These pre-dreadnoughts could provide new entrances into the present BB lines. Nineteenth-century armored cruisers could be added to Tier 1.5 also.
  5. While I would have recognized you if we crossed paths, SF Fleet Week was such a large, spread-out event that not meeting was the most predictable outcome … especially when we were all watching the sky! Are you a Californian too? If we had met I would have asked you where to buy WOWs apparel in the USA. No website?! I want stuff like the European webstore offers in American sizes. Any advice?
  6. I did not read the entire long thread but did anyone mention that Jane's says the five Deutschland class pre-dreadnoughts were known as the "five minute ships" because that is how long the German High Seas Fleet thought they would last against British dreadnoughts? At Jutland, the SMS Pommern survived a 12" shell from the HMS Indomitable battlecruiser. Later a tremendous explosion broke her in two and killed the entire crew when a torpedo from HMS Onslaught blew up a 170mm gun magazine. She was the only battleship in either fleet sunk at Jutland. In any case, I have always loved how saying "Schleswig-Holstein" rolls off one's tongue! Click your heels while saying it! Put her and other pre-dreadnoughts (USN Oregon? HMS Canopus?) in the game, please.
  7. However, sometimes the situation is insane and unmanageable. Another DD and my Smith were contesting a cap with two DDs -- what a FUBAR! Smoke, DDs, and torps everywhere. My ally barely dodged my torp and I avoided his spread once. It could have easily ended differently if either of us had something less maneuverable. Have the official goals of the current TeamKiller system ever been described by WarGaming? Why is it the way it is instead of No Friendly Fire or anything else less egregious?
  8. What is the resolution of your monitor in the screenshots? Are you using 4K?
  9. Interesting thread if you scroll past the personal attacks -- good advice. Personally, I do not believe that shaming a fellow player for their preferred mode, warship, commander skills, substandard grammar and spelling, avatar, etc., is ever useful in communication. Yes, "Humor wears cruel shoes.", but it has to be funny to be humor and not meanness. If respectfully done, constructive criticism can be useful to the recipient. Some WoWs players have never played team sports or worked in a career as part of a team where they had to meet peer expectations. Does it make sense that mutual respect and empowerment will benefit and elevate everyone? "A rising tide lifts all boats." Back on topic: The Co-op experience and rewards are proportionally correct for the lesser risk and level of challenge. One could even earn Achievements in September Co-op play! Also, Co-op mode is sometimes the preference for accomplishing a Challenge. Co-op is also the favorite mode for pink players (including Ranked!) to work off their TK shame sentence ... Co-op games frequently have a pink ship and sometimes there are four. I do not believe the AI cheats because I would not be able to shoot U.S. torpedoes aimed at the predicted course of enemy bots ships and sink them because they do not react ... or to ambush bots from behind islands. On this subject, I wish bots were programmed to never run into each other or islands ... that is what bad players like me do, over and over (sigh!). The worst Co-op games are ones with seven ally bots (always dumber than the reds!) ... guaranteed defeat! After shock and stress at how abysmal I was in Random, I now play Co-op & Operations for fun and shall carefully test PvP waters again someday. (Yes, I know I am playing in the nursery, but I fit because I am a 'drooling' senior. Is it time for my happy pill, nurse? LOL!) Enjoy this fine game any way you want.
  10. At Tier III, the first brawlers show up. The St. Louis is the toughest cruiser at her tier . . . a fat, deadly bully! Tier III battleships are tough but not as fun to play as Tier IV battleships. (Tier IV warships are interesting and are in a sweet spot (sheltered MM) in the evolution of a player.) Destroyers are fragile . . . but are so lethal! One of the destroyer roles is to be up front spotting for bigger guns behind them.
  11. Thank you, AraAragami, for the excellent answers. +1. I guess I do not understand the Troll Mindset. However, I still dislike the current, milquetoast TeamKiller "shame" system, because it punishes victims and over-aggressive players. The loss of XP and credits, and the risk of pinkness does not discourage Trolls. Everyone, I found and shall share this "troll" riddle: A woman went to her mother's funeral. She met and spoke with a handsome stranger, and he was fascinating . . . maybe the Man Of Her Dreams. However, she did not get his full name and number, and no one knew who he was. A week later, she kills her twin sister. Why? =================== edit added a day later . . . No one understands why? That is actually good because less than one percent of humanity include this woman. The woman totally lacks empathy and is medically defined as a psychopath. ANSWER: The woman killed her twin because she hoped that the handsome stranger would come to her sister's funeral. (This apparently is a reasonable thing to do in a psychopath's mind.)
  12. AraAragami, Please expand on why HerrReitz's suggestion would enable trolls. It sounds good to me. The targeted ally is not punished for being a victim and the deliberate TeamKiller will cripple himself or self-terminate, not the ally. Careless, over-aggressive players will have incentive to dial it down a notch.
  13. Thank you for starting this thread so we can boast of our bot-clubbing!!! It's not wrong because . . . they don’t have attorneys. ;-) (I am looking forward to playing my new Tier5 ships next month.) Most damage/experience per tier T2: 62,926/570 = Chester T3: 100,528/558 = St. Louis T4: 110,120/518 = Clemson (I was a screaming, suicidal, angry berserker in a pink tutu. Poor bots!) Most warships destroyed per tier T2: 5 = Chester, Smith T3: 6 = St. Louis T4: 4 = Clemson, Duguay-Trouin, Langley, Phoenix, Wyoming Most planes shot down per tier (I did not know of Ctrl+LMB before the Dunkirk Op. Big difference!) T3: 1 = St. Louis (5 in total . . . included here only because I am so very amazed that it is possible at all!) T3: 4 = Friant T4: 11 = Wyoming (bomber magnet) T4: 33 = Langley Other info Games Played = 2,900 Wins = 2,840 (98%) Losses = 60 Battles Survived = 2,472 (85%) Ships Destroyed = 3,808 Planes Destroyed = 4,906 Games in BB (3) = 367 Games in CL (12) = 1,973 (I love my St. Lou . . . but . . . that new little French mademoiselle . . .) Games in DD (4) = 336 Games in CV (1) = 224
  14. So is it pointless to compliment "Player_1234" post-game for good play? Or report?
  15. After playing cruisers, battleships, and destroyers, I have gone over to the dark side (T4 USN Langley) to experience a different point of view. Still have much to learn. When one brings a carrier to a co-op battle, one also generates a matching bot carrier to attack teammates -- they are NOT grateful. If one cannot use Langley's fighters to shoot down at least twenty airplanes in every game, one is not making enough effort to protect those ungrateful teammates -- just the opinion of this nervous St.Louis (5 planes shot down!) driver. Twenty planes shot down is one of my benchmarks for Langley postgame self-evaluation.