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  1. Daffyd9x

    Pink Amnesty

    I am a PvE main and have never seen an orange warship. Are they displayed as pink in Co-op to other players?
  2. Daffyd9x

    Something is clearly wrong with the team pick

    Is deliberately going AFK in a battle really a thing in this game? Would you ever do that? Me neither. However, there is an intermittent NA server bug (since 0.7.10?) that prevents some players from entering battle from the Queue Screen. It happens to me and I have also seen teammates enter the same battle minutes late. (Reboot the game and repeat until one enters battle.)
  3. Abides is correct. The message is what is important. The WoWS community is diverse in geography, culture, age, language, and education. You are tilting at windmills to point out that 'que' is not a word and 'your' does not mean 'you are'. Move on. I used to communicate frequently to 20,000 college-educated fellow employees who would ignore someone who made spelling or grammar errors. That was a hard audience. Even if I clearly was using humor, I would be called out for making 'missteaks', LOL.
  4. There are threads about this annoying intermittent issue but no good solutions. I think I have found a workaround until a future update fixes it. I am a PvE main and verify this issue happens in Co-op and in Scenario Operations – both are affected. My initial solution was to enter the queue with a low-tier ship, to use Task Manager to end WoWS if the battle started without me or the “Awaiting players …” message appeared and stayed, to re-launch, and to repeat if necessary until I succeeded. All that fuss to enter the current battle one to five minutes late. Unsatisfactory, particularly in an Operation with clanmates. I discovered that the first battle after starting WoWS was the one most likely to start without me. Then I had an idea to test. I clicked ‘BATTLE!’ and immediately clicked the ‘LEAVE QUEUE’ button. Then I clicked ‘BATTLE!’ again. Second time is a charm! I would then fight that Co-op battle, close WoWS, re-launch, and repeat. I fought first battles all day today this way without being left behind. If I didn’t leave the queue quickly enough, the battle could launch without my ship. Subsequent battles in a session started without issue. Some first battles had no problem. This workaround needs more testing by others. If you suffer this same persistent problem, please try what I did a few times and return to this thread to post whether this workaround makes a difference for you too. Thanks in advance! Never mind! Further testing found this workaround is not reliable for preventing the battle starting without me. I've noticed other players with the same problem getting a late start in battle too, so it's a WoWS server issue. Here's hoping that Update 0.8.0 fixes the problem.
  5. Daffyd9x

    Stopping the lemmings

    Your timing may be bad. My clanmate battling on the PTS believes that keeping the green fleet together to pool AA bubbles will be important post-0.8.0. Isolated ships are very vulnerable to air attack. Lemming might become the new norm. Disclosure: Not being a tester, I have no personal experience with the reworked CVs. I shall wait and see.
  6. Daffyd9x

    USS Charleston vs the USS St. Louis

    Lert nailed it. I always felt guilty having a permanent captain with IFHE in St. Louis, but I loved my "fat-bottomed girl" and vowed to never sell her. When Charleston became available for Coal, I leaped for it and sold St. Lou. I feel guilty now for a different reason, but I'm feeling better with every battle.
  7. Daffyd9x

    Fun question! Most fun ship for coop?

    Several fun ships available. I agree with previous posts, but one warship not mentioned yet is the Friant, a modern little cruiser at Tier III sinking WWI veterans. FYI, AI does not prioritize ships like Omaha and the French BBs, so squishy ships are more fun in Co-op.
  8. Daffyd9x

    Ultimate Frontier, pleasant surprise.

    I believe that player quality improves after midnight Central Time. Since the Operation of the Week won't launch short-handed, the wait can be long but it's worth it to be on a good team.
  9. If you don't have 12,000 gold, buying the Admiral's Bounty for $49.99 nets you 390 days of Premium Account and 500 doubloons. Use 12,000 doubloons to buy 360 days of Premium by clicking Purchase Premium inside the game.
  10. Daffyd9x

    Almost every Coop match is standard?

    I have not seen Solomon Islands for some time now in Co-op. (I hate the Standard map because the bot AI cannot handle it.) When was it removed? Permanently? I cannot find any announcement.
  11. Daffyd9x

    New Year's Decorations ... working?

    I am using Microsoft Edge. I shall download another web browser and try again. Thanks! FOLLOWUP: Installed Firefox. When I clicked on the 1920x1080 resolution, the image file silently downloaded without a file extension. I renamed the files to .JPG and everything works fine. Thanks for the advice!
  12. Daffyd9x

    New Year's Decorations ... working?

    None of the other resolutions work for me either. I'm jinxed!
  13. Daffyd9x

    New Year's Decorations ... working?

    Progress, but I'm not there yet. Sorry, need more help. I am able to right-click on the first image on WoWS website and download that JPG. When I left-click the first image, I get a second image with screen resolutions under it. Clicking on 1920x1080 does nothing. I cannot download any JPG from this screen.
  14. "To download the wallpapers, first click on the image with the left mouse button, then on the Download button below it. Select the image size suitable for your screen." Does not work for me from Game Center or from News article within game. Restarting does not help. The cursor changes to hand over the image, but nothing happens when I click. Does it work for you? If yes, any ideas for me? (I have Win10 PC.) Is there another source for these wallpapers? Thanks in advance!
  15. Daffyd9x

    My review of the Charleston

    Agree! Charleston is a no-brainer for St. Louis lovers. A premium St.Louis-class ship that accepts any USN captain and gives bonuses? I swore to never sell my beloved St. Louis but as soon as the Ship Coupon drops December 24, I'm buying the Charleston and selling St. Lou. The unemployed 10-point St. Louis captain will be looking for a new assignment.