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    RN Event Sudden Change in Task?

    But since you have a Nelson, it's far easier to just lumber into battle and hit the "Print New Ship" button as needed.

    The Rise And Rise Of Russian Premiums

    Probably so. But not a tier I enjoy playing. Though my time at that tier is very limited. I do wonder how some of these ships that are 'copies' with reduced AA will fare once the CV rework goes live and there are more CV's in game. Time will tell. Maybe I'm just weird, but I actually enjoy Mutsu. I haven't played a lot of BB's lately, but when I do I either play Mutsu or Gucci Caesar. And of all my ships, Mutsu gives me the 2nd highest average damage dealt. And as a ship that's given reduced AA I do wonder if it will be viable following the CV rework. But my crystal ball is broken, I'm still waiting on the parts to fix it.

    The Rise And Rise Of Russian Premiums

    Yeah, since the removal of Belfast, there aren't any premium RN cruisers in the game. Need an RN cruiser before we need another Russian premium. Granted, it will be good to have the Russian ship. But there is a gaping hole in the premium lineup I wish they'd fill.

    RN Event Sudden Change in Task?

    Yeah. "Tanking" damage isn't exactly a specialty of the RN cruisers.
  5. I see them more as an annoyance than a taunt. The times I make a YOLO torp charge and die, I want to see where my torps are going, NOT some stupid 'emblem' that I never asked for. I'd like a simple toggle to turn them off. Or at least minimize them in the corner of the screen when they do appear.

    Why is the Salem so bad?

    Don't have it yet, but will as soon as I have the coal.

    PSA-Saving Transifshegetssunksyoulosevania

    Tis potato does.
  8. And Mr Limpett was sworn into the USN

    Supertest: Damage Limit DD vs BB

    Agree fixing the 'double dip' is what needs to happen. Don't know why WG can't just focus on fixing that. And from someone who plays mostly cruisers, but is trying to learn DD's, I don't see where this (other than the aforementioned double dip) is an issue. I keep hearing "a BB hit my DD and I lost half my health". Plenty of times playing a cruiser and I've been hit for 100% of my health. So when do cruisers get the same "10% max damage" from BB shells?

    PSA: British Early-Access Destroyers, Final Call.

    Can't even get online to check since my ISP has decided to take a dive on me this week.

    Black Ship Idea Tweak

    WT does something kind of similar. You can buy (for gold) a 'Talisman' that makes the vehicle it's applied to a quasi-premium. Doesn't make it equal to a premium as far as earnings, but somewhere between a tech tree and a premium. In WoWS, you can increase the earnings with a perma camo. But not turn a tech tree ship into a captain trainer. But as Rumple said above, not sure WG would sell a camo that gives a tech tree ship the same benefit as a premium. Perhaps a 'similar but not equal' benefit. Even so, I'm not sure WG would go for it out of the risk to the sale of premium ships. ETA: I would like to see a black perma camo.

    PSA: British Early-Access Destroyers, Warning #2.

    Hopefully my ISP will stabilize by then. I think I have the captain I want in it, but my connection today is absolute garbage and I dare not even attempt to log on.