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    Vermont perma camo leaked!

    No, a German CV is

    The Unicorn Lives. (SC)

    That's not a Super Container. I don't see any ramming flags.

    No Russian bias? PLEASE

    Well, he did put up some stupid damage games in it before it was released. But at that time few even knew what it was. It's a good bote to play when a new BB line gets released. If a new cruiser or CV line gets released, best to leave it in port. And Flamu (like 99% of the YouTube CC's) tend to cherry pick games to illustrate how good a ship is. Like showing a battle where no one shoots at them until the 18 minute mark of the game. Heck, ANY ship is OP if no one shoots at you.

    Talking to Bots in COOP

    It gets scary when AI starts talking

    Perfectly Worthless Award

    We can at least sing about it

    New German containers (Happy Monday.)

    It'll probably just be 100 ramming flags
  7. It'll need a good voiceover. I'd suggest this for each time you score a citadel or dev strike

    Decisions, decisions...

    I have both. Haida is probably the better of the two. But by FAR I play Sims more than Haida. Sims is simply a fun bote to run around in. I like Sims so much I also picked up the B. If you have one of those stupid 'Base XP' grinds, I plunk captains in both Sims and just rapid fire spam them. Sims has a Base XP multiplier baked in so that helps. For torp hit missions, swap in the long range slowpedoes and launch those marshmallows at the reds. And Sims also excels at the stop, smoke, and pew-pew game. Captains also work well between Sims and Kidd. Heck, back when AA actually did something you could build a Sims for AA and almost get Kidd-level AA. It was a real plane killer in Dynamo when it was still running. Haida is a strong bote, no doubt. First time I took it out in Randoms I was top tier. Won the game when I torped the red Kamikaze (that had already earned a Kraken and was about to cap us out). It's probably one of the better DD's at its tier. I'd say if you had two equally skilled players facing one another in each ship, the Haida would likely come out on top more often than not. But IMO Sims is far more fun to play. And it helps train US DD captains. But YMMV. I for one am not a big fan of the creeping smoke.

    Dunkerque is a underrated ship

    Haven't played mine in ages. Agree about the wonky dispersion. And it was worse before they gave it a slight reload buff a while back. Still feels like the reload takes forever though. And the speed is good, but little use in this ship at times. Sides are so weak almost anything will pen it. So you have to find an island and nose in. It can do okay holding a flank though. About the only time I play it is in an Op when I'm trying to boost a French BB captain. But other than JB, I don't recall the last time I played a French BB.

    New Youtuber Doing a T9 Giveaway!

    Haven't made it up that line so far. Only at T7. May have to go back and grind more on that line.

    Code time!

    Just tells me it's an invalid code.
  12. There have been missions where getting blessed by RNGesus on a crate drop made completing the tasks a LOT easier. This is the first I can recall where it simply isn't possible. IMO, one of the more forgettable 'events' I've been part of. But I haven't gone out of my way to finish any of them. They sort of complete on their own. But zero chance of earning a perma-camo so to me, it's a total non-event. Were I to rate it, I'd give it 0 out of 10.
  13. If you're talking including PvE, well the economy at T9 is borked. A bad game will lose money even with a perma-camo. But the perma-camo only gives a 20% cost reduction for T9. But T10 gets a 50% reduction. So play both tiers using perma-camo and it costs more to run a T9 than it does a T10. Only reason to keep a T9 is if you enjoy playing it, or if you just have the port slots to keep them for the snowflake events. I sold the Buffalo Chip (have I mentioned how much I HATED that ship?) and Seattle. But toward the end I started to really enjoy the Fat Freddy, so I kept it when I unlocked the GK. I'll probably keep the Donkey after I unlock Nevsky. Not sure about Roon.