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  1. one sided event since first day

    I've been kind of ambivalent about the whole thing. But I got the DM Eagle camo. I can use it once I finish grinding it out. And I can use it until I can afford to replace it with something that doesn't look like it was designed by Edward Scissorhands.
  2. I've had a 5 kill game. And I'm Seaman 1st Class Derpy McDerpface.
  3. DEV Blog: New Clan base Building

    But no bump to max clan size.
  4. Just lost another one because one player got within 1/2k of the exit then turned around and tried to farm damage and died. We had a 5 star win turned into a loss.
  5. That would be a lot of credit card. That will keep the lights on at WG for a while.
  6. How does someone do that? I mean, they have to get the FXP from somewhere. I realize it's easy to go from T1 to T4. Beyond that it's a bit grindy. But how could someone get enough FXP to zoom up to T10 that fast? What do they do, buy a couple T8 premiums and then wallet all the XP into FXP? I mean, I've ground up to the Buffalo and have enough FXP to get the Des Memes now. But it's taken me a while to do it without converting the XP I have. Not to mention the credits required for playing at T10. With a low WR, it can be difficult to earn enough credits to keep playing at T10.
  7. The New WGC Launcher

    I've downloaded it and cautiously optimistic. So far no real issues. Time will tell.
  8. I have no idea what they hired her to do. I do doubt they'd ignore all that knowledge WRT CV play. But that would be between Fem and WG. That's their business, not mine. If they ask her opinion, she'll give it. Whether they'll ask, or whether they'll listen I don't know. If they do ask for her input on changes to CV play, she'll no doubt give an honest and well informed opinion. What WG does with that info, and what other info they use or ignore, will impact the CV rework.
  9. Yes, Fem is the meme of the CV skill imbalance. And she is now part of the WG staff. But that bugs me a little. Worst case is Fem has significant input on the CV rework just as many of those who bought the GZ had input on 'balancing' that thing. Now the GZ is highly hated by those who aren't driving it. I just hope the CV rework happens better than the 'balancing' the GZ received. Nothing against Fem. She was hired (and rightly so) to do a job. I expect she'll do it as well as she does at driving CV's. I'm just concerned that they have a super-unicum CV driver trying to help get CV's to a point where they don't have such a massive skill gap. Heck, I've even seen on here where some CV mains say the solution is to nerf AA. Nerf AA any more and 90% of the ships in game would be sitting ducks for CV's. I think Fem will do well at whatever it is she's asked to do. I'm just concerned that they're asking the right questions. Given the dearth of information on the rework, I doubt I'm alone in that regard.
  10. Tired of this.

    Yep. Match I was in a CA. In chat we agreed to push one cap. I'm headed to that cap (only DD spawned on the other side of the map) with a BB 'supporting'. Spot a red DD in the cap we were pushing. Now he's spotted me I'm starting to get focused by the other reds. Instead of firing a single salvo at the exposed DD, the friendly BB turns tail and heads for the back of the map. If the BB had fired one salvo it would have eliminated the DD and I'd no longer be spotted.
  11. Go Navy Event Clarifications

    Never fully understood how one earns 'tokens' though. Been stuck at 95 for quite some time. Just coming up on 70 loyalty. Do you get a bunch once you hit the magic 75 loyalty or something?