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  1. Yeah, the grind for the Cossack pretty much stated up front you'd not be able to earn all the guineas. But they did make the 10 for $1 available. For this mission, to get the T8 you'd have to spend more than that. And for a silver ship to boot. The multiple 'currencies' (crowns/florins) also clouded things. Keep it simpler please WG.
  2. Can't buy an achievement. RNGesus is not my friend now.

    Should I buy Prinz Eugen

    Yes. The Alder camo is extra and you can purchase it with dubs from the Exterior/Camo tab in the ships port. I got it around the Christmas break when they had the sale on perma-camo (for all but T10 of course). It increases credit earnings by 10%. Looks much better than the standard camo that comes with the ship.

    French Destroyers announced

    Might be a good way to take care of a DD. I still hate it. Used to love playing the French ships. Once they went with the MBRB gimmick, I rarely play them any longer. Had the Martel purchased a while back. Still haven't put a captain in it for the first time.

    French Destroyers announced

    I SO hate that gimmick. Just eschew the gimmick and give them a solid RoF.

    Rare ships

    I've seen a couple Ark Betas. But just yesterday, for the first time I saw a Makarov in game. Can't recall I've ever seen an Iwaki Alpha though.

    Should I buy Prinz Eugen

    I picked up the PE last year when they were doing the 'ship of the week' deals IIRC. I'd always kind of wanted it due to the history. At 15% off, it's still on the pricey side. That said, I do enjoy playing it. Currently grinding through the Hipper so I swap the captain back and forth. But I do far better in the PE than the Hipper. And with the Alder camo, it does good in the credits department.

    A public apology

    Good post. We all have good days and bad. But too many take this game FAR too seriously. It is after all, a game.

    Just get rid of carriers

    And it's not like the MO is the only ship in the game with radar. And let's not forget all the ships with hydro as well.

    WG, why do these exist again???

    I would be just as bad with either. But for general PC use or playing, I haven't used a regular mouse in years.

    WG, why do these exist again???

    I play using a Kensington trackball.
  12. Seen a lot of this is PvE of late. "Friendly" will sit and watch while you're in a fight with a red. Then when you're nearly dead and the red is under 1k health, THEN they fire a salvo at it. And ships like Atlanta and Flint, it's not like they're waiting on turrets to rotate or guns to load.

    Just get rid of carriers

    But when a CV loses its offensive capability, it loses no ship health. When a DD, CL/CA, or BB loses offensive capability it loses ship health. The CV loses 0 HP when it loses planes. When ships lose turrets or torpedo mounts, they lose chunks of HP.

    Who have you seen in game

    Yeah, I was still trying to get fire damage. Never have I set so many fires that did 0 damage. Bots must have instant repair. Yeah, and they're over quick as well. So you can just spam matches one after the other.