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    Patch 9.2 Bug

    Had the same happen to me. Was in Prinz Eugen. IIRC, wasn't even a CV in the game.

    Unsporting Conduct - Allied Aircraft Destroyed

    Just had the same. In Prinz Eugen.

    Forum Game - Word Association

    Wizard of Oz

    Requesting a NTC History Lesson....

    And are implementing it in small steps, rather than all at once like the original concept of NTC. Moving UU behind the NTC 2.0 is the next step. Then they'll "add to and update" the UU to turn them into the ship buffs they had originally intended before the peasants revolted against the mighty spreadsheet.
  5. I'd only give it 4. I'd never give more than 4 to an event that requires you either buy the end reward ahead of time or be gifted by RNGesus one of the T7 or T8 early release drops. Of all the pre-release events, I've only received one of the ships in half of them. And never one other than the T5, which is not eligible for grinding the events. Those that get blessed with an early drop of the higher tier ships get a leg up and their grind is far easier. Those who received Albemarle had a far easier path to getting the tokens than those that did not.

    HMS London, my new Port Queen

    It can do 'okay'. But it's a workout in Killer Whale. If you're in with a group of randoms, they typically don't shoot the BB moored in the harbor, so you have to get real close to shoot it. Then once that's done, the lack of speed means you're getting left behind heading to the exit. Needs to be carried by other decent players on the team. In Aegis, the lack of range makes you almost useless once the escorts are killed off. You'll struggle to get shots at any of the BB's that are one of the objectives. You can do 'okay' in it. But I would prefer any other cruiser in either of these Ops (though I still don't have the T6 RN CA).
  7. I drew the Hawkins. I never get anything above the T5 ships in any of these pre-release drops. Play it now and again. But it's not an enjoyable ship to play. Still haven't ground to the T6 yet. I maybe play one game a week in it. Rather play Emerald than this thing. Sometimes I even forget it's in the port. And the times I do, I'll hover over the "To Battle" button, then go play another ship instead. I don't think it's a weak or severely under powered ship. But with the long reload it just seems like a slog to play.

    Cvs should not be in tier 4 matches

    On NA, there are some players with over 1k battles in post-reebork Hosho. One with over 1,500. Lot of folks with WAY more battles than it would take to grind to the next in the line. Players know it's essentially invulnerable at its tier and are down there seal clubbing and stat padding.

    PSA: Don't be an unpaid player at tier X

    I'm still amazed how many T10's I see running sans camo. Heck, many times I've seen premiums in battle with no camo. That surprises me even more.

    Yubari - Unlimited DFAA Consumable

    Heck, I'd love for DFAA to get back to usefulness.

    Yashima Preview

    My ships don't lie

    Let's be nice...

    So can a turkey
  13. You're NOT? Dang, next you'll tell me that Lert isn't really a cat, and that Santa Claus isn't real. But to the OP, I think you've seen that there are helpful as well as some less than helpful people on here. I think @LadyAnesjka was trying to be nice. But she can at times come across as abrupt. But sometimes it doesn't read that way depending on how you look at it. Factor in English not being the native language and that can at times contribute to it. But there are players here that will help. Not being able to voice chat can make teaming up in a division more difficult, but it's not impossible. Just have to use the chat window. But I do think your dad is wise keeping you from chatting with grown men. It might hinder you in a game, but will help you IRL. As far as seal clubbing in the lower tiers, yes it's not fun. And those who gloated at doing so are simply classless. The internet tends to multiply that type. But at least you've made it to T5. Good job there. Not sure I'd want to do that now with all the seal clubbers running Hoshos or RPF Clemsons. Heck, the first time I even knew what RPF was happened in a game when I was only at T3. Red team had a Clemson player with a 19 point captain. Just use those games as a learning experience. But once you get to T6, try Operations. Getting 4 stars earns you a captain with 10 points. And IMO, grinding captain points is the worst part of this game. So having one that starts at 10 points is a real boost. Others have mentioned YouTube for learning how to run your ship. That works to a point. But keep in mind the vast majority of reviews of low and mid tier ships are old and the game has changed much since those were made. And many of them were made using a 19 point captain in that ship. I think Mejash does a "Road to Tier 10" series where he basically starts from scratch and grinds his way up. And iChase is doing a "How to Improve" series. A lot of CC's run giveaways at times. One (The Angry Nerd) is currently running giveaways for a couple premium ships. Those can also help you boost captains as well. Never feel like you can't ask for help. As you've seen, some people can be jerks. But by and large this is a helpful community. Though at times it can seem like a family reunion with an open bar.


  15. Only the rentals cannot mount camo. And to your main point, I also find it a head scratcher that this is for 'balance'. Most likely it is to keep people from simply using CB and Ranked as a credit farm without having to grind to T10. WG seems to want everyone in the rat race to T10. If all you had to do was get to T8, play a game to get a rental, then farm CB and Ranked, they might get out of the rat race. Can't have that.