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    What to do about Musashi?

    I don't really have a lot of interest in the Moose, but with the next Ranked season being T9 it could be a beast.

    Flamed for using AP on The Conqueror.

    A lot of people who play this ship don't even appear to know that it even has AP. Only to QE in this line, but use AP more than HE.

    Alaska before 12/23? Salem or Jean Bart?

    It's why I'm going Salem as well. Less than 1500 coal from getting there.
  4. Favorites: Probably US CA line. Though at the moment I'm not feeling the love for the Buffalo Chip. Also enjoy the German DD's, but I'm not very good in them. Least favorites: PA DD's. Lack of ability to drive red DD's out of smoke with torps is a HUGE negative to me. I've so far unlocked the Fushun, but have yet to purchase it. After the "Janeway" grind, I just don't feel the urge. A close second is the IJN BB line. Just don't gel with them at all. Stopped at the Kongo. Third would be the RN BB line. I do sometimes play Warspite. I've gotten to the QE in that line, but no real urge to grind up more. Also the RN DD line. The premium versions (Gallant, Cossack) in the line are okay. Campbeltown is fun at times to derp around in at low tier. But the tree versions are just kind of 'meh'.

    I need an intervention

    Even worse, every time someone in game chat tells you to cap or spot, take a drink. But that would likely result in death due to alcohol poisoning right away.
  6. If you don't rush for the cap, the rest of your team just starts insulting your ancestry. Even had green ships shoot at me because I wouldn't rush into a cap. And even IF you go in and spot an enemy, if a friendly so much as lobs one shell toward an enemy you've spotted, go buy a lottery ticket because you're in luck that day. Countless times the 'friendly' ship will just hold their fire while you're getting worked over. They wait until the red you've been fighting is down to 1k or less health, then they'll shoot trying to snipe the kill.

    Daily Mission Agony

    For the 2nd chain missions, if doing it in PvE, I use the Sims. It has a baked in XP modifier. The 1300 base XP part I did in two Sims PvE battles and one Mass B (did a derp and died early in the first battle) battle.

    CV Rework Going Live early 2019

    It will be a good time to go on hiatus from the game for a while. I hate games with sky maggots in them. And EVERYONE will be playing with the new toys for a while. Just like how we had radarpalooza after the US cruiser split. There will be two (possibly more per WG) sky maggots on every team for a while. If I wanted the annoyance of sky maggots, I'd just go play War Thunder.

    PSA Bonus codes

    Tried copy/paste. Tried entering manually. Tried Reymu's method. Nada.
  10. Triple Perth division. Especially if all of them have the special weed generator mod as well as the captains having the weed smoke expert skill.

    Rarest Premium not taken out of the game?

    Was hoping to see it this Christmas. I do fairly well in Nuremberg playing in Ops. So it might be good for a Russian captain trainer. It might be slightly less squishy than Molotov. Molotov is basically a Kirov (which is squishy at T5) with stronger guns but moved up to T6. At lest the N'burg/Makarov have better RoF than the Molotov.

    Where is the Guillio Caesar

    I haven't been playing it lately to drag the stats down.

    What currency(s) for Alaska?

    Or saying "One hundred million Alaskabamagradiums!"

    What ever WG did to the T8 MM it made it worse.

    It would help if T9 wasn't populated with a bunch of ships that are just there to 'encourage' you to FXP past them. Lot of garbage botes (hello Buffalo Chip) at that tier. Not to mention, the T9 economy is borked. With both ships sporting perma-camo, it costs more to run a T9 than a T10.