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    Choose the Look of a New Map!

    Don't care about the appearance. Just please don't let it be yet more green apple splatters island diarrhea

    NA Server down?

    Yep. I got kicked and the streamer I was watching got kicked as well.

    Jeeez what a trash Anchorage is.....

    Most CA's with torps are maneuverable enough to get a small window to launch and then get turned back before getting smacked. Anchorage, not so much. But agree it's a pretty poor ship.

    Rediculous Mission Requirements...

    Same here. But I already have the legion of Omaha clones. So I got Genova instead.

    Free Code

    Told me limit was reached

    Now I know why WeeGee eliminated team damage.

    Not long after removing team damage I had a pink player in game. Someone asked how they turned pink. Reply was they had some DCs and got pink for AFK.

    Frame rate adjustment

    So will this cap the frame rate in the Dockyard and Port as well? Or will the Dockyard continue to nuke my GPU?

    1st Elite Capt!

    I hear ya. Only TT ship I'm still grinding for is Yamato. And that's because I ground out a mission a while back and have that HSF camo for it. I haven't sold off the TT ship captains. And I have a hoard of 3 pointers filling up my reserve. If I ever get out of credit hell I'll probably dismiss them and convert what I can for credits. Haven't really focused on the Legenday captains. Halsey is at 19 now and I could boost him to 21 with the ECXP I have now. But I'm trying to focus on getting one elite captain for each nation that has a TT (I don't count PA, EU, or Dutch in there as they don't have full TT's). I have all the Legendary captains other than the French one. But to the OP, congrats. It's a STEEP hill to climb to get there. Feels good to get there.
  9. Wish I'd known this sooner. Played it for the first time. Kept shooting the forts thinking "Why won't you die?" Guess those flags were wasted.

    1st Elite Capt!

    Congrats. After the rebork it's a real chore to elite a captain. Costs about as much to elite a 17 point captain as it used to elite a zero pointer. Like Cthulu, I had enough to boost one right away. I chose Oven Chicken as he can be used in US and RU ships. Since then I boosted Thea (GK) and my Zao captain. Now working on a RN captain. But that's going to take a while given he's only 17 points at the moment. I have more XP on my best French captain, but I have a lot more premium RN ships. I probably have more premium RN BBs than all my French premiums combined.

    So done.

    Okhotnik is a great bote for torp hits in Co Op. 4x3 short range torps. Point toward a BB and charge. Once it starts secondary fire on you, pop Spood Beast and YOLO charge. 2 racks at point blank range will get the kill most times. But you still have two more racks if needed. Or you can save them for the next closest bot. But you have a base 47 second reload, so you can repeat in short order.
  12. Sigh. I see this so much from many levels of management. Cite a need to improve communication, so they just start sending out more memos. Emails, or video statements. Neglecting that "communication " is a cycle. The speaker "transmits" a message. The audience then has to receive the message. Audience then interprets said message. Interpretation is done with whatever filters the audience may have. Based on the interpretation, the audience then responds. If the speaker ignores or disregards the response, it's just one party speaking. Not "communication ". And WG needs to recognize that right now their audience is filtering everything they say through several thick layers of salt.

    Killer Whale - New Bug

    So I guess Narai will get pulled again.