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    Why I don't Do Free Premium Rental Ships

    Take way too long to earn enough credits. I can eventually buy back any ships I've sold.

    Why I don't Do Free Premium Rental Ships

    Over the Christmas/New Year time I unlocked several ships. 1 T6 (Guepard), 1 T7, 4 T8's, 3 T9's, and one T10. So I'm incredibly credit poor. Been selling off ships to get credits. Sold Salem to get the Warchester. Bad time to be credit starved.

    A suggestion to fix the IMMENSE drop in player skill

    Blindly doing a YOLO charge is bad in either mode. But in PvP sometimes hanging back and getting a good position helps. Doing that in PvE will only mean you don't score any damage. Positioning and strategy is important in PvP. Of lesser importance in PvE. And in PvE, the approach path of the bots is pretty predictable.

    Premium Ship Review #138 - Bajie

    Just sing and dance to it

    A suggestion to fix the IMMENSE drop in player skill

    Kind of goes along with my earlier where I mentioned the suggestion by TechDeals to have a low tier 'mission'. WG could sell some low tier premiums. And once player start spending on the game, they'll probably continue spending for a bit. But find a way to get them into a PvP mode early on so they'll learn mechanics before simply whaling to a higher tier.

    A suggestion to fix the IMMENSE drop in player skill

    And to those who say PvE is a "training room", I disagree. In PvE here, if you don't quickly push in you'll end up at the bottom of the scoreboard. Do that in PvP and you'll end up at the bottom of the scoreboard as you die early. To score a torp kill with a DD in Co-Op, you spood beast in a face torp a BB. Try that in Random and you'll just get flamed in chat for throwing your ship away. About the only thing applicable from PvE is just learning to shoot.

    A suggestion to fix the IMMENSE drop in player skill

    A lot of things contribute to it, so a lot of things might need to take place to help things out. And all these will have to take place in the current of having to swim against what WG wants, which is shorter games with low rewards. Just look at all the threads where people ask about how to grind credits. Most say it's one of the T9 premiums (currently available in the store for cash) or a premium with a mega-whale hideous camo. Lower rewards gives people a reason to buy those ships, more pricey camo, or over-priced signals. But to some issues that contribute to less skilled players at top tiers: 1: Advertisement vs reality. People see ads for WoWS and see ships like Yamato, Iowa, and other high tier ships fighting it out. Sign up and see a FAR less capable ship at T1. So many will simply whale up to higher tiers. And WG has now made T9 available in the shop for cash. And one could even wallet their way into a T10. In a PvE match a month of so back, I was one of only two tech tree ships on the (all human) green team. I think iChase said on the first day of the dockyard being live he saw a PaytoRico on that day. Player had 162 total battles. People get drawn in to the concept of playing those higher tier ships. Many simply don't want anything to do with lower tier ships so they pay to skip. Why don't people play through the lower tiers? One factor may be: 2: WG and much (though not all) the CC's tend to look down on lower tiers. When I was a new player I wanted tips on playing them. Don't know how many I watched where the CC is playing a T2 - 3 ship with a 19 point captain. That's not relevant in any way to a new player. And in so many of those, the CC says "Eh who cares, it's only T3 anyway." The "who cares" are the new players. A T3 ship sporting Restless Fire camo, a full set of flags, and a 19 point captain isn't relevant to a new player. Might be good if one of the CC's put together a series on low tier boats showing what they can do and most importantly, what a new player needs to learn at those tiers. Make the low tiers interesting. Even TechDeals in one of those rambling vids he did suggested a way for WG to monetize it. Sell a package with one or two T2 ships that comes with a mission. With some kind of reward at the end. I'd suggest a 10 point captain. Maybe one that can fire colored tracers. But it might get folks to play at lower tiers and learn some mechanics before they rush up the hill. 3: Lot of new players get to T3 - 4 and start getting seal clubbed by Hoshos. I think that horse meat has been thoroughly tenderized in other threads so no need for more of it here. But IMO, it encourages new players to skip tiers. In doing so, they bypass learning a lot of mechanics.

    Don't forget about the Italian cruisers

    The Beaver was pretty good when it was T6. Leander at T6 is solid and Fiji after it is as well. Buddy does well, and I have my highest base XP set in that ship. Dallas is okay. Aoba feels like a step sideways after playing the Furious Taco. Pepsi is still a squishy mess though. N-burg is pretty bad stat wise. But it can do okay in some Ops.

    When does the space stuff usually roll around?

    Out of all the event camos, the space versions are the only ones I don't find absolutely hideous. They're the only ones I haven't turned off with the new port filter. I've won a few in the past. Heck, not even sure what my Martel looks like without it. I do kind of like the GK version. But I don't like it 8k dubs worth.

    What's the best paint job in the game?

    Harekaze HSF camo.

    opinions of defense of naval station

    Yeah, was gonna try to get in one more Aegis, but Defeat at Naval Station Newport showed up. So I'll skip Ops for this week. I freaking HATE this one. It's taken the place of Ultimate Frydaddy as the worst Op. Used to be able to 5 star this one regularly. They've amped up the bot fire chance (akin to Ultimate Frydaddy) where the bots start a fire with each shell hit. I no longer play this Op.

    Sims B Vs Sims is there a difference?

    As others have said, it's just a camo. But if you turn off the "Decorative" camos in port, it turns off the Black camo as well and it ends up looking like a regular Sims.

    My investment in this game is complete

    Eh, right there with you. Have bought very little this year since the CV Rebork. That alone pretty much turned me from a PvP to a PvE main. About the only things I've bought this year are a few dubs, a few Santa crates as 'secret Santa' gifts, and Sims B. But I've also been searching for other alternatives now. I don't fancy this game with subs (that WG said would never be in the game). And to top it off, moving the UU to NTC Regrind Bureau. That one really chaps me.
  14. First one was the Hawkins, so I did get that. Next one was a bunch of rags. Not willing to spend 1k dubs for rags and paint.
  15. Put one on Amagi. Don't know where I'll use the other. But now that I won't have to look at that hideous thing, I may just put it on the Kagero.