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  1. Yes some of the engine sounds came from the Mr Magoo cartoons....really not realistic at all as I've been on a few ships in my time.
  2. XturbohawkX

    Rule of engagement BULL crap

    I think what he's trying to say is perhaps the game kinda sucks right now? I dunno, just reading between the - - - -
  3. Yes! It was a great time thanks for doing these Wargaming NA! Our view of the Lex from our hotel balcony. She's listing to port...never noticed that before.
  4. +1000....and this pertains to ALL of their games.
  5. I have a possibly dumb question about buying 4 tickets: Ok, do I just buy 1 at full price and the "three" or are my bloodshot eyes missing the "four pack"? I've sent a message through eventbrite several days ago but no answer... Thanks!
  6. XturbohawkX

    Clan Battles

    The many nerfs and HORRIBLE game changes in 2019 will be marked as the reason wargaming lost so many players. WoWs WAS a great game. Now it's just ridiculously unrelated to history: Historical accuracy (or at least the attempt at it) is what drew me and 90% of my clan to this game in the first place. Now it's some crazy arcade boon-dongle. Requiring MORE CB players is just 1 of many bad game decisions that have plagued my desire to play this game anymore.
  7. There are other games out there...but they censor the names...don't reward this idiocy by going to one of their other bias'd [edited] games.
  8. I was really hoping something GOOD for Cv's would happen but no, you go and crap all over them again. So back to tanks I will go until I can't stand the russian bias stench which, by the way, is why I play WoWs less and less...Smolensk and Kremlin are a slap in the face to history and good balanced gaming. Fix your launcher first! I guess I give [edited] another try.
  9. XturbohawkX

    Wargaming center black screen

    I've never seen this before. Been playing a couple days in a row since the newest update. But now I can't do anything with anything wargaming. I ain't got time for this. Cya.
  10. XturbohawkX

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    This is the most bizarre thing I've ever heard of. I think my Wargaming days are quickly coming to a close. Why not come out with new ships instead of regrinding? It's not like this company is hindered by facts or history, just look at the fictional fairy tale Russian BB line. So they can make up a whole new line instead of regrinding the old ships. Why is the Montana not buffed with the guns it should have had? It was designed to carry guns LARGER than the Yamato...that was the WHOLE point of the new design. Then the CV nerf...too much, too weak, too un-historical. Wasted months of my life with those grinds. And now subs...do you really think we believe for a nano-second that any realistic balancing can ever occur? It was a semi-good run guys...Gonna trade in my ships for a cabin in the woods. Fare thee well.
  11. Zao better than Yoshino?...not in my experience. But I only had the rental during CB's but the experience with it turned me off to the entire line. I will never buy the Myoko and I'll sell the Aoba for the port slot. For me, the Yoshina has been a pleasant surprise and I really only bought it since it was a tier X and I didn't need another Musashi where this tier is largely ignored for anything important. I'd love to have the JB and especially Georgia for the collector aspect but steel is scarce and coal trickles in. Make no mistake, the Yoshina is a kiter and some don't like that style of play, but with range better than a stock Iowa and 11km concealment it's easy to hit and run setting fires on the BB's with impunity. I've only have had a few battles but so far so good. Maybe like a longer-firing-range Alaska with torps?
  12. XturbohawkX

    Naval Legends: K-21 – Trailer

    I don't know...can they ruin a game anymore than they already have? Yeah, if anyone can do it, St. Petersburg can!
  13. XturbohawkX

    Naval Legends: K-21 – Trailer

    IF submarines could be introduced with a balanced method it would be great. Don't hold your breath on anything resembling balance.
  14. XturbohawkX

    Naval Legends: K-21 – Trailer

    The "CV rework" is THE reason I won't ever spend a dime in Wows...and if it weren't for WoT actually wouldn't spend anything with WG. So much bad unbalancing going on...