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  1. I clicked on the "discuss on forum" button in the News feature for the Camo Marathon where the discussion was how do we confirm we did enough battles for rewards...and I get the following " Sorry, there is a problem You do not have permission to view this content. Error code: 2F173/H It's simple for me as I know I did the 20+ battles because I used that many of the listed camo types but I DID NOT RECEIVE ANY COAL OR CAMOS by 1/11. Did anyone?
  2. XturbohawkX

    Warhawks Recruiting, Lvl 8 base, ACTIVE clan battles.

    Is this not "clan recruitment" topic? If you are going to warn for something you need to be clear, and this "warning" is anything but clear...in fact, it's completely base-less as stated.
  3. XturbohawkX

    Warhawks Recruiting, Lvl 8 base, ACTIVE clan battles.

    Hi XturbohawkX, You have been warned by iKami for a comment made in a topic, Warhawks Recruiting, Lvl 8 base, ACTIVE clan battles. Reason: Warning Content: Warhawks Recruiting, Lvl 8 base, ACTIVE clan battles. Penalty: Given 0 points which will never expire. Note: Dear Player, This message has been sent to you to inform you that you have received a warning against your account. Details of our Rules Violations policy are located here: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/132269-forum-rules/ Dear Player: Making non-constructive posts, or creating threads on non-constructive topics. Posting about social, religious, political, illegal or other controversial topics that may create offense. As well as negative portrayal of religious and political figures. Please refresh yourself on the forum rules. I'm trying to understand EXACTLY WHAT WORDS caused a warning...
  4. 2 Warhawks is a VERY active clan with level 8 base, we are DOING CLAN BATTLES and looking to fill remaining slots with PATRIOTIC AMERICANS that LOVE this country and support our President. Tier 8+ desired as well as mandatory DISCORD https://discord.gg/zA8Ndr3 in PTT mode & mic. Feel free to join our server, check us out, talk to us, play some battles with us. Maturity a must. Roughly half of our members are veterans. But all are patriots. If you are tired of butthurt drama from the "children", come on over.
  5. XturbohawkX

    Why BBs Camp & Snipe

    Worcester vs ANY Tier 10 BB with similar skilled players can own 2 or even 3 in all the Team Training scenarios we've done. The ONLY way a BB wins is IF it gets a RNG high roll and hits with full salvo. Most battles in these scenarios Worcester burns them all to death. I'd say the whole thing is broken when 1 light cruiser can destroy even 1 bb 1v1. Try it yourselves. YMMV
  6. It's amazing how "backwards" WoWs is compared to WoT in regards to these kinds of things, receipts, they really are nice.
  7. This is ABSOLUTELY not true for us. IF we got any it was not the right amount that we calculated AND there was not ANY notice whatsoever of any "credit" etc.
  8. NOT SOLVED. Problem is, No, we didn't see any oil that we can't account for with our clanmates and their container count. Once again (there was another time where they said we got our prize but they were mistaken) we have to FIGHT this "customer support" to get what we are owed. At the very minimum, and email or at least an ingame message should herald this event.
  9. XturbohawkX

    WG has people crazy for Acasta? Impressive.

    This whole Royal Pain in the Navy [edited] event is pretty laughable, but so is the Brit DD line compared to IJN IMO. Acasta...meh. Glad I "won" it finally. Thought it was a premium boat for some reason...lol. But more importantly, where is the Supply Lines event oil???
  10. I guess a trouble ticket is in order for this? My clan and I put a LOT of effort into this event, even had drama that resulted in a huge shuffle of players because of this, and wargaming doesn't even have the decency to give a date? Not even a peep? Why do they disrespect us so badly?
  11. XturbohawkX

    Game crash - critical error

    I get this crash at least once a day. Usually only once per day. Sometimes once per start of client. I've turned it in 3 times now but nothing useful has been relayed back.
  12. Ok, i'll look for that. thanks
  13. WARGAMING! What is the answer to this question? Where can we find out? Help.