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  1. XturbohawkX

    Naval Legends: K-21 – Trailer

    IF submarines could be introduced with a balanced method it would be great. Don't hold your breath on anything resembling balance.
  2. XturbohawkX

    Naval Legends: K-21 – Trailer

    The "CV rework" is THE reason I won't ever spend a dime in Wows...and if it weren't for WoT actually wouldn't spend anything with WG. So much bad unbalancing going on...
  3. XturbohawkX

    Naval Legends: K-21 – Trailer

    Don't need submarines when DD's can't be spotted by aircraft ffs!
  4. XturbohawkX

    Update 0.8.5 - Bugs Report

    RN CV Audacious spotting is BROKEN! Flying DIRECTLY over Kagero and several other DD's and they DO NOT GET SPOTTED!!!
  5. When Clan Battles season is over, there is literally only ONE option where 7 members can play together...yet the tired old missions are just that, and there should be more! Please add dozens! Thanks
  6. XturbohawkX

    Update 0.8.4: Soviet Battleships!

    Implacable aircraft are MUCH slower.
  7. XturbohawkX

    Dear Wargaming, about Audacious..

    When I first bought this ship, I also splurged for the perma camo knowing that tier x is the highest service cost yet it's real hard to make a real profit for some reason compared to my MOntana for similar damage for some reason. I'm talking Montana's average payout is easily 2-10X the best payout I've ever gotten in Audacious. But my real complaint especially with the latest nerf's to it is that it is IMPOSSIBLE NOW for me to defend against ONE ship, doesn't matter if it's DD or BB, and frankly can only really fend off aircraft decently. It didn't used to be this audaciously pathetic! FIX this boat plz!
  8. XturbohawkX

    Developer Diaries: Soviet Battleships

    Funny how national pride is a great thing...unless you like Trump!
  9. XturbohawkX

    CVs focusing DDs all game, is it always a winning strategy?

    There is another issue, RN Cv's don't have as many torps as other's AND the bombs were SEVERELY nerfed last update. I don't own other nation Cv's due to the rework but I got the RN Cv's in missions and they really suck now due to their best attribute BOMBS being nerfed to hell and back.
  10. XturbohawkX

    Developer Diaries: Soviet Battleships

    This line of GLORY fantasy ships just signed WG's epitaph for me. They went full [edited] on the [edited]...not to mention made the carrier the worst ship class in the game and/or the most hated.
  11. XturbohawkX

    RN CV Bombers

    Just had a Roon waltz up and completely obliterate the Audacious, rest of team ignored him and my planes were utterly worthless in doing enough damage to defend from just ONE ship. It's bad enough that DD's can sneak up within 2km and torp us to hell but ANY ship, just one, can kill Audacious and all the planes in the hangars are worthless against it. ONE ship. If planes were this bad in WW2 they wouldn't have bothered building them, much less carriers! FIX THIS BROKEN CRAP WARGAMING!
  12. XturbohawkX

    RN CV Bombers

    Really?? Immunity period?? What about doing that for CV's against BB, DD's/cruisers? Since the last update I have not been able to defend Audacious from ONE dd stalking it...it can kill me and I can shoot and miss over and over or get 1 hit out of 28 bombs/missles (whatever the actual loadout is...). The secondaries are worthless. This game is soooo broken I'm on the hunt for something else to spend my time/money on.
  13. XturbohawkX

    RN CV Bombers

    It's all related. Can't see this? Same problem in both games.
  14. XturbohawkX

    Future Plans for Aircraft Carriers

    DD's only carried so many torps. We are talking a few dozen at most. My wallet has been locked to WG ever since the CV change. And it's STILL in BETA, evidently. Might check back in a few months. Now the OP fictional Russian BB line is out...the game appears to be in a death spiral like WoT.