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  1. CaptainKaitoGhost

    Why not just delete Rocket planes?

  2. This is the first time its happened to me.
  3. CaptainKaitoGhost

    The Better CV Always Wins!

    If this title were true, youd likely never win as a CV. Some games are impossible to win, no matter what you do. Hence why even the best players can only manage an 80% win rate. Some battles are impossible to lose, no matter what you do. Even AFK accounts can manage a 30% win rate. Active griefers manage in the high teens/low 20s. The portion in the middle is what you truly have influence on.
  4. Accidentally hit the "Open All Containers" button, because the post battle notifications would not clear, and burned 3 Wargaming Containers I'd been saving. Correct me if I'm wrong, but hasn't this bug been around for quite a while?
  5. CaptainKaitoGhost

    CV fighters RUINED !!!

    Nope, clearly 7 threads made by the same handful of CV apologists vastly outweigh the numerous threads made by dozens of different players claiming that CVs ruined the game for them. Remember, we are talking about players who only enjoy the game when they are able to strike enemy ships with impunity and absolutely zero risk to their own ship. Of course they are going to throw a full blown tantrum when their easy button gets taken away.
  6. CaptainKaitoGhost

    Congrats DD mains, you got what you wanted

    OP has 52 reactions, and only 6 are positive.
  7. CaptainKaitoGhost

    CV fighters RUINED !!!

    I'm not Unicum, and I agree with Pulicat.
  8. CaptainKaitoGhost

    CV fighters RUINED !!!

  9. CaptainKaitoGhost

    Congrats DD mains, you got what you wanted

    Spoken like someone who has zero clue what playing a DD requires.
  10. CaptainKaitoGhost

    Outburst about Rockets

    Me watching all the CV mains on the forums today:
  11. CaptainKaitoGhost

    Vampire II or Druid?

    I'd love to have both, but they're locked behind the RB so I'm not likely to be able to have either. If I had to choose, give me the tier 10 Haida.
  12. CaptainKaitoGhost

    Why the rocket plane redo ?

    Radar is fine as is.
  13. CaptainKaitoGhost

    Tiny Tim and general rocket nerf

    Because alternate facts.
  14. CaptainKaitoGhost

    Tiny Tim and general rocket nerf

    One can only hope. In all seriousness, I wish WG hated CVs as much as the CV Apologists claim they do.