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  1. It's not so much that as "if you post ret@rded bull$hit, you will rightfully be called out on it."
  2. So, it's better that the wall is at tier 5 instead of tier 3?
  3. This is pretty much my thoughts on it. I know I wouldn't be very happy if Arizona had the bomb that sunk her somewhere on her decks. It's in bad taste. The Hood and Bismark camos are entirely optional. This is not.
  4. Frankly, all I want is the ability to grind through a tier 5 without having to be bottom tier 75% of the time. Stock Emerald is painful enough without having to constantly hide from Scharnhorsts, Kagas, and Nagatos.
  5. Anyone, for that would mean I somehow found the time to play WoWS.
  6. Suddenly I feel much better about my gameplay.
  7. You seem grumpy. Would you like a hug?
  8. He's the one person who actually likes the protected MM. Yet here you are.
  9. ...what?
  10. You have my attention, sir.
  11. Needs to be 8, because Enterprise.
  12. You can't legislate stupidity.
  13. ...3 tier 7 premium BBs?
  14. know a rifle is a gun, right? Not sure what the hunting laws are in Washington, but here in the Midwest that 500 ft rule applies to all firearms. But only on public lands and/or lands you don't personally own. You can quite literally go target shooting off the back porch of your farmhouse here legally.