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  1. Because the OP doesn't understand what a rudder is for.
  2. Depends on if the captain gets used in another ship.
  3. Still waiting for a good explanation on why a ship that performs average at best needs to be nerfed.
  4. I don't have 1k battles. I has a sad. :(
  5. Best survivability, but sub 50% win rate on NA. On the other servers, it's win rate is on par with the other BBs. It's damage is middle of the road on every server. And are you seriously wondering why the American Battleship has the most battles played on the American server? You want to take a ship that is performing average at best, and nerf it? Wat?
  6. *you're **psychologist
  7. In the immortal words of the band Dethklok, "Look at that douch3bag."
  8. This thread is relevant to my interests.
  9. I won't say no to a buff, but she doesn't need one. If that's true, why don't you show us your stats? Also, don't shoot at BB belt armor.
  10. Man, get over yourself. You notice how exactly zero people here have backed you up? Shouldn't that tell you something? (In before "everyone else is a baby and ganging up on me, I'm the only mature one" response.)
  11. No, you've pretty much gone overboard here. Your cookie jar analogy works if the person who caught the child (you) decided to yell at the child for 7 hours straight afterwards. Now, can we please get back on the topic of how much of an idiotic weeb the OP is?
  12. Recently received the USS Sharkbait as a gift (Much appreciated, Yureikuma!). So far, I've only played it in a Co-op battle, but my first impression is this ship is terrible. Guns just don't seem to hit hard, and take forever to reload. Captain skills would likely help (so far just have PT and EM), but I don't think I have any idea how to effectively play this ship.
  13. Oh hey, it's this ret@rd again. Fresh off your most recent ban for stupidity?
  14. Football starts this weekend, so none. Once the Britpocalypse dies down, I'll go back to grinding my Pepsi, Emerald, and Karlsruhe, with tier 6 cruisers spread around in between.