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  1. CaptainKaitoGhost

    A fear I have with World Of Warship Legends

    As someone who spent a few years (and several hundreds of dollars) playing WoT Console, I can assure you it is not better in every way. I stopped playing because it became abundantly clear the devs were far more concerned with pushing out a new reskinned premium packaged in some sh!tty bundle every month than they were with game balance or bug fixing.
  2. CaptainKaitoGhost

    Huzza! Huzza! Huzza! Long live the mighty one….

    Have they said how you can get him yet?
  3. CaptainKaitoGhost

    Game is finished?

    A game take up to 20 minutes, and requires people to be at home and on their computers. A post usually takes just a few seconds, and can be done from anywhere via smartphone. Bad argument is bad.
  4. CaptainKaitoGhost

    THEY WANT YOU TO SHOOT HE. wth is going on with WG?

    I think this is the first post of yours I've ever read that I actually agree with. Someone alert the press.
  5. CaptainKaitoGhost

    Premium Ship Review: Duca degli Abruzzi

    Abruzzi definitely needs some buffs.
  6. CaptainKaitoGhost

    Our very own Ace!

    In a crap bote, no less.
  7. CaptainKaitoGhost

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Not enough teeth
  8. CaptainKaitoGhost

    If you could only play one ship from now on...

  9. I plan on swapping my Italian captain between all 3 of my premiums in a push for 14 points and IFHE. Captain training is one of the biggest benefits of premium ships.
  10. CaptainKaitoGhost

    Now that WOWS is nerfing all my best ships, I'm done.

    Nothing wrong with playing low tier ships. The meta at tier 10 holds absolutely no interest for me, and I'm sure I'm not alone. Not to mention that playing high tiers all the time can get expensive without a premium account. Tier 10 isnt the "End all, be all" for everyone. Play the ships you enjoy, regardless of tier.
  11. CaptainKaitoGhost

    I want a refund for Roma!

    Post them.
  12. CaptainKaitoGhost

    I want a refund for Roma!

    I'd be more than happy to take your Roma if you don't want it.
  13. CaptainKaitoGhost

    Is anyone a fan of football / anyone watching the World Cup?

  14. CaptainKaitoGhost

    Caption the profile image above you.