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  1. Can we just permaban this tool? It's clear he's just a troll.
  2. Did the Bismarck get nerfed?

    Operator error.
  3. When cruisers can actually sail in open water without being deleted by those poor, underperforming BBs, maybe they won't have to hide behind islands in order to be able to actually fight. Simultaneously, you could try gitting gud.
  4. Sure. Just as long as you reduce the damage a BB AP shell does to a cruiser citadel. Make it require some SKILL to delete a cruiser, instead of just loldispersion random cit for 3/4s it's health. These topics become hot because of all the people who show up to tell the OP how terrible of an idea this is.
  5. 82.4% Battleships player. Wants Cruisers nerfed so they can't hurt his massive shootybote. Typical crybaby BB main. Move along, nothing to see here.
  6. Premium Elitism

    Many premiums are unique, and their uniqueness makes them fun to play. The are other reasons to play a ship other than grinding.
  7. Roma

  8. Did I miss an announcement? I didn't think we were supposed to get Musashi for several more weeks?
  9. Which T6 Prem Cruiser to buy?

    D'Aosta is my most played ship. LaFerraribote is fun to play. Molotov is also fun, due to her amazing guns. DeGrasse is likely the best "all around" premium ship on the list.
  10. Cesare changes?

    LOL they buffed Cesare?
  11. Caption the profile image above you.

    Steaming to port to resupply on bacon
  12. Console versions of WoWS

    The problem I have with a console version of WoWS is that the WGCB office would most likely be put in charge of it, and I have absolutely zero faith in them doing a good job.
  13. Caption the profile image above you.

    Okay, who opened the portal to hell again?
  14. Caption the profile image above you.

    Tallyho, my good chaps! That's not a Ford...