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  1. Infinite fire meta has to stop

    Those are AFK level winrates.
  2. Infinite fire meta has to stop

    Welp. There it is. The most retard3d thing I'm going to read this month. Congrats.
  3. Supertest: balance changes to USN Cruisers

    Turret traverse was the main problem with Pepsi. Hopefully that gets fixed.
  4. Altering the HE Shell Mechanics

    This is the absolute dumbest thread i have read in a long time.
  5. Infinite fire meta has to stop

    They also tend to explode rather spectacularly when a BB looks at them.
  6. Infinite fire meta has to stop

    From all those games in cruisers that he hasn't played.
  7. Dev Blog - ST. Abruzzi, Prinz Eugen

    The problem with Abruzzi isn't her heal, its her crappy guns. Low damage, poor range, bad fire chance.
  8. Really good noobs?

    This new job I'm getting lets me have Mondays off. I might actually have time to play again, depending on the little one (and the obvious "Honey do" list I'm going to have).
  9. ST. American cruisers. Columbia (Cleveland), tier VIII. Base firing range of the main battery is increased from 13.3 to 14.2 km and its reload time is decreased from 7 to 6.5 seconds. Buffalo, tier IX. Base surface detectability is increased from 13.14 to 13.62 km. Penalty after firing from a smokescreen with main battery is increased from 7.6 to 7.98 km. Pittsburgh (Baltimore), tier VIII. Hull plating thickness is increased from 25 to 27 mm. This will help the ship withstand most of the 155-mm HE shells and cause 380 mm AP shells to ricochet when the cruiser is angled correctly. Main battery reload time is decreased from 13 to 10 seconds. Salt Lake City (Pensacola), tier VI. Guns are replaced - 203mm/55 Mk14 instead of 203mm/50 Mk14. The guns are now historically correct. Shell stats for the new weaponry. HE: muzzle velocity - 823 m/s (up from 792 m/s). AP: muzzle velocity - 853 m/s (up from 792 m/s), maximum damage - 4600 (up from 4500). Other stats remain unchanged. The American cruisers received a range of improvements as a result of testing and are now much better balanced against other ships of the class.
  10. Really good noobs?

    Can confirm. MajorEnglush is a skreb on WoT Console.
  11. Caption the profile image above you.

    Pet the puppy, bro "Enjoys" is a strong word...
  12. Your last "oh derp" moment

    Look at my stats. I tend to have a derp moment nearly every match. The most recent one I can think of, I was in the Cesare. I was chasing down an enemy cruiser near the end of the match, pretty well tunnel visioned. I completely forgot about the enemy Cesare that was last spotted on the far side of an island about 10km away from me. He sails past the island, and I'm a perfect broadside target for him. Devastating Striked me from 3/4s health. When I asked, he said he scored 7 citadels on me.
  13. Caption the profile image above you.

    Enjoys waxing people
  14. Dear Weather