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  1. CaptainKaitoGhost

    Hapa: Looking for update on Narai

    While I'm certainly not WGs biggest fan, I do have to disagree here. NA server is primarily responsible for Haida and Enterprise. They may not care about our opinions of gameplay or the overall meta, but that's true of all the servers.
  2. CaptainKaitoGhost

    Yeah baby, 19 point captain #2!

    I have my two 19 pointers on two of my most played ships. Just playing them normally builds elite xp, which I use to augment the captain on my next most played ship (currently at 18 points). Once he hits 19 points, I move down the list. I'll use my signals/camos whenever I'm confident I'll earn decent xp.
  3. I dropped down to tier 4 yesterday and today for a break. Every. Single. Battle. Had 2 CVs per side. It was so awful I think I might actually have gotten cancer from it.
  4. CaptainKaitoGhost

    Ships you Adore.

    The 3 in my signature: Haida, Friesland, Duca D'Aosta. Kuma holds a special place in my heart, for being the first ship that I clicked with. There's also a few ships that I really want to love, but I just can't do well in.
  5. CaptainKaitoGhost

    Hapa: Looking for update on Narai

    Turns out, Clan Battles, with a good group of players, is even better. I guess we need to nerf CB economy.
  6. That long reload, though.
  7. https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/58 ...except you now have 10 less seconds of exhaust smoke to pull a run off.
  8. CaptainKaitoGhost

    Indy love?

    I'm 100% positive a minor armor buff will not make Indianapolis too powerful.
  9. CaptainKaitoGhost

    Friesland - Build: Theory Crafting

    The special Hydro mod is also a good choice. I run PM instead of PT to help prevent my turrets from being knocked out, as well as engine/rudder. You only have 2 turrets, so losing one halves your firepower. I'm not big on PT on DDs because I just automatically assume everyone is targeting me whenever I'm spotted anyway. LS is a no brainer for all DDs. So is SE. BFT and DE boost the guns. BFT also boosts AA. Friesland's 120s don't penetrate much, so you will rely on fire damage for heavier targets, hence DE. SI gives you the extra smoke and hydro. The longer you can survive, the more dangerous you become. Having those consumables available late game is huge. CE I already explained in my first post in the thread. EDIT: My personal stats in Friesland, for reference.
  10. CaptainKaitoGhost

    Friesland - Build: Theory Crafting

    Friesland is by far my most played ship. Take CE. That extra 700 meters makes all the difference when hunting DDs. It gives them that much less time to react to you. You're slow. At 7.1 km concealment, you will never find a well played IJN DD. You also won't be able to disengage well. When I get back to my computer, I'll post my ship and captain build. I have a solid 55% win rate.
  11. CaptainKaitoGhost

    How much free exp do you have?

    Spent all my fxp for Friesland back in March. I'm already back up to 400k+.
  12. CaptainKaitoGhost

    Naval legends code

    Is this the Cappy container code?
  13. Dont you need to record them, though? You can't just upload the raw replay to YouTube
  14. CaptainKaitoGhost

    So, the only way to win in ranked is to buy the latest ship?

    I didn't think they put removed ships in supercontainers?
  15. CaptainKaitoGhost

    So, the only way to win in ranked is to buy the latest ship?

    One good game doesn't mean you are an elite player. You are an average player. You are also subject to bad RNG rolls along with everyone else. I also strongly suspect that you are exaggerating a few of your claims. I do have a burning question for you, though. How did you get a Belfast back in May?