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  1. For those of us that can't understand programming speak, what do these changes mean?
  2. I blame those damn millenials. They ruin everything, you know.
  3. Sabbath isn't Heavy Metal?
  4. Shooting down 100 planes would take a while, with the lack of CVs.
  5. Just respond with "no u"
  6. Here's my favorite Canadian artist, in honor of @Chobittsu and his maple syrup fueled canuckistani pride.
  7. From this post, you clearly have no understanding of what OP actaully means. You remind me so much of the Waffle and Deathstar apologists from the console forums. This discussion is pointless. Good day.
  8. For deciding if a ship is OP, the single most important stat would be win rate. Is the ship much more likely to win a match over its peers? If so, then the other stats must be looked at, to see where it's over performing. Other factors, such as the general skill level of its captains (if a ship is mostly played by unicums or potatoes, resulting in artificially skewed stats) or the meta game must also be taken into consideration. No other tier X wins as often as Khab, which is a clear indicator that it's not balanced. This is irrefutable. Recent stats have the Khab's win rate below 50%, so perhaps the recent torpedo nerf it received has affected it more than I expected, but it's still too early yet to be sure.
  9. I have had it unlocked for a couple months, but haven't pulled the trigger on it yet due to its reputation. Maybe I should start training a crew up for it.
  10. I use mine out on construction sites every day, and I only pay $45 a month.
  11. You talk as if raw damage is the only stat that matters. The Khab has the worst concealment of all the tier X DDs, compounded by the fact that most people use the heal instead of the smoke. Yet it has the best survivability by far, because of its armor and speed. It's armor is just thick enough to resist cruiser and DD caliber HE, but not thick enough to arm AP shells. Combine that with its heal and lack of a citadel, and you've got a DD that is magically more durable than same tier CAs. Khab can also tank damage consistently by staying at range, using its speed and mobility. Every shot taken at a Khab is a shot not taken at its teammates. The fewer shots your teammates take, the more likely you are to win. And for all those survivability strengths, Khab doesn't have to trade offensive firepower. Fast rate of fire, good fire chance, it's more than capable of burning any other ship to the waterline. And no other same tier DD stands a chance against Khab in a knife fight, unless the Khab driver has f*cked up royally somehow. Even cruisers, the supposed predators of DDs, have a difficult time dealing with Khab. AP over penetrates, while HE shatters. Meanwhile, Khab is fast enough to kite it's would be predator while burning it down with HE spam. Khab isn't OP because it deals more raw damage than any other ship, it's OP because it has so many strengths compared to almost zero weaknesses. And it's raw stats reflect this. It's better than every other Tier X DD in every single statistic. Zao is the only non-CV that has a better survivability rate and K/D ratio. It has a full 2% better win rate than the next best tier X. It has the most average xp per match than every other non-CV. Even it's accuracy is on the high end. Raw average damage is not the only stat that matters.
  12. Smartphone?
  13. ... I don't think you actually know what you're talking about.
  14. Best win rate, highest average xp, by far the best survivability, 20k more average damage than the other DDs, but it's still balanced according certain people because it does slightly less average damage than tier X Heavy Cruisers. Edit: highest K/D ratio, as well. Is fair and belenced, komrade!