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  1. Thanks for the post on my topic "100 hits with any armamentthe link to the Top Gun theme was appreciated.  It is very Old School, but you might enjoy playing Fleet Command.  Less arcade-like WOWs, more strategic what if.


    1. abyssofthetriffid


      Your welcome and thanks for the hints will check them out buddy.

  2. Whats a salem thought that was a vampire lol.

  3. Up for work at 3.50 am and im feeling like a robot.

  4. Its snowing,its cold and im at work.

    Please end this.

    I want to go back to my warm cozy bed.

  5. abyssofthetriffid

    Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya

    Used to be amazing now seems nerfed to death. No longer turns in any form. Turrets now slower than olde warspite. Loved the ship what happened? I cant fight for cap vs dds anymore. Cost a fortune also shame. Did it get a very heavy nerf bat?
  6. Smoke and mirrors.

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    2. Doomlock


      I am. What about it?

    3. abyssofthetriffid


      Your torp knowledge seems shall we say limited for dds.

    4. Doomlock


       It is not. Most IJN DDs, most USN, RU, and KM DDs have torpedoes that fire off the broadside. Some have more restrictive angles than others, but generally speaking, most are similar.


      Only the V-25, G-101, and V-170 have forward firing torpedo tubes. I've been playing this game a long time, longer than you have, I'm pretty sure I know this stuff.

  7. Plz can you ask a mod to delete my topic it simply filled with na trolls again thank you pigeon.



  8. Feel the pain of a brand new year insidious to the bone, a abyss of hope lost.

  9. Xmas with the alpacas wow great thanks.


  10. Goodbye my friends ive spent 3 days on this truck thats been sat in a field for 3 years and ive got it started.Off to them mountains and yes ive been warned a bear has been spotted at the spot im heading lol indeed a bear thing.


    Should be back online in 1 year :D.

  11. Going to bed in a minute if you sort me a kutuzov before the update i will sort you a president.


    The president is worth over 2x the kutuzov.


    Thanks yall.

  12. Thank you for kindness Mr. Triffid. I have no friends in my real life but a few here so thank you. I will not bring up problems yours no mine again. very sorry going to make a drink, さようなら

    1. abyssofthetriffid


      Alls cool and thanks :D .