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  1. abyssofthetriffid

    When You Get A Ship In A Supercontainer But...

    but I think it's basically an upgraded Svietlana, right? No it is not.
  2. abyssofthetriffid

    When You Get A Ship In A Supercontainer But...

    Yes just had the 30% shop coupon.
  3. abyssofthetriffid

    When You Get A Ship In A Supercontainer But...

    I dont think so.
  4. abyssofthetriffid

    Recruiting a friend.

    Zoup has a link. You are talking 3 premium ships ,coal, 200 flags and 2 weeks premium account.
  5. abyssofthetriffid

    Help Lert pick a new CPU

    Dont get me wrong lert but ive just upgraded from the pentium 4.
  6. abyssofthetriffid


    I cried when i thought you said win a geordie :(
  7. Yes with the dragon king captain . She got me my solo warrior :D.
  8. https://na.wargaming.net/shop/wows/vehicles/11591/
  9. abyssofthetriffid

    How to play AA Destroyers?

    The game has changed and the demon dd with AA have been nerfed right down on power and range just look at sims. What to do now with a dd AA spec well just pray and spray i guess.
  10. Hood is fun.(also AA capable). Monaghan is really fun. (also AA capable). Mutsu and west virginia hit hard both fun. Sims is a AA demon. If you want russian then revolution is great. One of the very best cruisers is the huanghe with amazing torps and good guns plus AA. What do you fancy?
  11. abyssofthetriffid

    Do you pay money for this game?

    I pay enough to support 30% of the freeloaders on this server.
  12. abyssofthetriffid

    Desperate Times Require Desperate Measures

    Could we maybe have a new game. A fresh brand new game maybe call it world of broken warships and cvs.
  13. abyssofthetriffid

    Change in Ram Mechanics?

    Yes ive bounced off enemy ships many times before.
  14. abyssofthetriffid

    Early thoughts about the new RU BBs?

    Rather use the revolution its great fun.
  15. abyssofthetriffid

    I have got to dislike the new aa system for all ships.

    Lets have a new full game rework?