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  1. WizardFerret

    UserMusic not working

    Hmm. That is very odd. I'm not sure why they would do that other than to screw with people. But thank you.
  2. I have everything set up correctly for custom music, with the userMusic folder in the res folder with all the songs in MP3 format. But when I turn it on in game and have music in battle on, all I hear in port and in battle are videos from the WG YouTube channel, despite the fact that I have nothing like that in the folder. What causes this and how do I fix it? My audio settings are above.
  3. With an IFHE rework coming up, I wonder if they will make it work on CV rockets and bombs. An exchange of fire chance for more pen would be interesting on certain carriers, such as Indomitable, and the other British and US carriers. On Midway it would allow the bombs and rockets to penetrate the armored decks of tier 10 carriers, so I could see that being a big reason to take it on a carrier. Indomitable would have a rather different way of dealing damage with lower fire chance but higher pen, making it more alpha based. Same with Audacious. So maybe IFHE can work on carriers once it is changed?
  4. WizardFerret

    Indomitable Needs A Buff

    A British CV with lend lease American planes does sound interesting, but I like the Sea Hornets on Indomitable, so maybe a different one down the line could have that as its feature.
  5. WizardFerret

    Indomitable Needs A Buff

    I just don't see how the concept of Indomitable is supposed to do very well when it doesn't have torpedoes, has average rockets, bombs have only 32mm pen, and only a total of 20 base reserves. Sure the planes have very high speed, but the regen time is also very slow and the squadron sizes and reserves are so small that running out of planes will be easy. Indomitable certainly has enough deck space for more planes, on the outside and inside. What I suggest is increasing the reserves of both plane types by 6, increase the penetration of the bombs from 32mm to 40mm, and increase the bomber squadron size to 6 and the rocket squadron size to 8. Remember that not having torpedoes is a big damage decrease for a CV so the other two plane types need to be above average to compensate and make the concept work. Compared to other tier 8 CVs Indomitable has considerably less attacking power and I hope that it can be put in a better state before release, I would love to buy one.
  6. WizardFerret

    Graf Zeppelin owners, is it worth it?

    Alright thanks everyone, I think I will get it, and build for maximum plane survivability and speed rather than just secondaries, only getting AFT for 4 point.
  7. WizardFerret

    Graf Zeppelin owners, is it worth it?

    Most of the replays I've watched clearly don't have AR on the planes though. I'm sure GZ planes might get closer to their old speed once they've taken some AA damage. I don't think I would build it for secondaries as most do, but rather for better planes. AFT might still be the best 4 point skill to use though.
  8. WizardFerret

    Graf Zeppelin owners, is it worth it?

    Definitely interesting, if only the planes still had the speed they did before 0.8.4. If they could still go 260 knots I would definitely buy it, though I doubt they will ever be that fast again. Can you still get 200k or higher games with the GZ? Do you have to rely on secondaries to do that much?
  9. I have all the tier 8 premium CVs besides the Graf Zeppelin, and I have found that each is fun and interesting in its own way. I considered buying GZ, but it just doesn't look worth it, not as strong as the others. The dive bombers look abysmal, missing both bombs even on well lined up drops and even if they hit it's usually a ricochet or shatter, or only one single citadel. Compare this to Enterprise and Saipan, and even Kaga, which can frequently land 10k+ drops with their bombs. You'd think either the rockets or torpedoes would make up for this, but GZ torpedoes seem to do the lowest damage at the tier besides Implacable, and the rockets seem rather inaccurate. Is the GZ a good ship or just significantly weaker than the other tier 8 CVs and in need of buffs?
  10. Update 0.8.8 "standardized" gun sounds based on caliber, meaning they gave Kremlin and Ohio (Which use 457mm guns) the Yamato gun sound, which is also why the guns on my Yoshino sound like mid tier battleships now. But then why hasn't this change been made on Thunderer and Georgia, which also use 457s? It would basically seal the deal on me buying Thunderer if it had the Yamato gun sound on top of everything else.
  11. WizardFerret

    Is Enterprise worth it?

    They seem to think that tier 10 planes makes up for it when it really doesn't. The squadron total HP is about the same if not lower than normal tier 8 squadrons, meaning they'll be destroyed by AA just as fast. I think decreasing the reload time to Midway levels would help a lot with this, either that or just buffing the HP of each individual plane to be more than Midway so that the smaller squadron can survive a bit longer.
  12. WizardFerret

    Is Enterprise worth it?

    Even better. Right now my favorite CV in 0.8.7 is the Saipan as it tends to do pretty well in all matchups now, can generally break 100k in tier 10 matches. I just wish they would buff the reload times on Saipan planes, at least to be the same as Midway as there are so few of them and they reload so insanely slow. It's 111 for rockets, 135 for torpedoes and 128 for dive bombers, even after all the upgrades. Midway is 78 for rockets, 94 for torpedoes and 72 for dive bombers base. I'd say its reasonable to give Saipan the same plane regen times as Midway since they are the same planes.
  13. WizardFerret

    Is Enterprise worth it?

    Alright thank you, those seem like really good numbers. I might eventually get it.
  14. WizardFerret

    Jet planes on carriers

    Is there any word on if jet planes are ever coming back for carriers? I would love seeing them on certain CVs, especially Saipan or Midway. I'd be fine with them being completely identical to the regular propeller planes they replace in terms of performance, just a nice cosmetic change.
  15. I've been looking at the Enterprise lately, it seems to be one of the best tier 8 CVs and even better after 0.8.7. I like the look of the rockets and torpedoes, and the AP dive bombers look like they could be fun. The thing I've heard is really good about Enterprise is the plane regen time, but I can't find exact numbers on these so could anyone please tell me from the port stats what exactly the plane regen times are? And is the Enterprise a good carrier and worth it?