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  1. WizardFerret

    Hak 4 drop should be like Kaga TBs

    The Hakuryu 4 drop does not. It currently feels very underpowered.
  2. WizardFerret

    Hak 4 drop should be like Kaga TBs

    Well the handling is awful and unusable right now. Maybe make the handling awesome like before but make it a 3 drop instead?
  3. WizardFerret

    Hak 4 drop should be like Kaga TBs

    Arm distance could be better too tbh
  4. The Kaga torpedo bombers fly under flak and have a fast and comfortable aim time. I think the 4 drop Hakuryu torpedo bombers would benefit greatly from receiving these improvements. Would definitely make them feel a lot more usable. If there are a lot of balance concerns, maybe the alpha damage can be decreased a little.
  5. Shokaku is actually a lot of fun when it is top tier, but that is pretty rare. In the tier 10 matches it is always in, it feels almost useless, you always get less than 30k damage usually, your planes are swiftly destroyed as soon as they wander into the range of a single tier 10 ship, and you are basically limited to a spotting/dd harassing role. Either Shokaku needs to be buffed or tier 8 CVs need to stop being in tier 10 matches, because it is actually torture to play Shokaku in a tier 10 match. Lexington is fine though, does pretty decent even when uptiered.
  6. WizardFerret

    Why does no one play Hakuryu anymore?

    Might be a little unhealthy for the game as it shows Midway is inherently better than Hakuryu.
  7. I have played a lot of tier 10 battles with my Midway, and lately I very rarely see Hakuryus. Any tier 10 CV is almost always a Midway. Do people just not like it anymore after the uber nerfs?
  8. WizardFerret

    We need to speak out against pointless CV nerfs!

    0.8.0 Had it right on a lot of things, it was only a few bugs and tricks that people abused a lot that made them broken. If the F key thing wasn't there, they would definitely be a little more careful with their planes. But as usual people over react to things and ruin it.
  9. WizardFerret

    So what is happening with submarines?

    Destroyers and also some cruisers carried depth charges. Maybe there would be some kind of depth charge plane too.
  10. After the Halloween event, it was kinda hinted on that subs might be added in a future date. However we haven't really heard much about this lately. Anyone know what is gonna be done with them?
  11. WizardFerret

    CV Balance discord server

    I have created a server for those of us who want to stop the pointless nerfs and make CVs powerful again. Join me, and together we can make a difference! https://discordapp.com/invite/h92cbQ
  12. WizardFerret

    We Need Italian Tech Tree Lines!

    Yeah I keep saying that there should have been an Italian tech tree years ago. It's kinda strange that there isn't.
  13. WizardFerret

    CV play sucks now

    ^^ This. The odds are heavily stacked against CVs now and as long as whiny players of other classes continue their complaining WG is just gonna keep the nerf train coming. It's very sad and I hope we can change that.
  14. WizardFerret

    We need to speak out against pointless CV nerfs!

    1. Oh really CVs are not fun to play against? Too bad that they can't just roll over and die because you are there. Think of every BB being devastriked by DD torps or every cruiser being deleted by a BB, I think that would classify as "not fun to play against". 2. Tier 10 CVs required no skill: No, being a bad player would still get you bad results. It was only either through training or figuring out and abusing the mechanics that got them to such highness. F key thing needed to go, but they really came down too hard on them. CVs should be fun and not some extreme mind game like they are trying to make them be. 3. Right now the majority of ships could be considered "AA ships". Any group of more than 1 cruiser or BB is gonna shred planes. I liked the AA mechanics before that focused on dodging flak to avoid more damage but now continuous AA damage is pretty much unavoidable. 4. And if any of you seriously think they need more nerfs then you are delusional, right now only the best get consistent over 200k games. Try playing a Shokaku in a tier 10 match. So overpowered am I right? A single Kurfurst battleship deletes your squad in under 10 seconds, planes are OP please nerf. And thank you to everyone who agrees. We must prevail. Also another way to send suggestions to WG without encountering other players slamming you is through a ticket. They do accept feedback with tickets at player support.
  15. After update 0.8.0, CVs got a period of glory. Lower tiers were a different story, but Hakuryu and Midway were absolutely amazing. Some called them overpowered, but it did require some skill. Aiming properly, baiting DCP to set up perma floods, not suiciding your planes, the list goes on. But WG was so worried about what the top 1% of CV players like Gaishu could do that they screwed over the average players. This so called "hotfix" that is 0.8.1 just broke them, especially Hakuryu. Now ships have more power and groups of ships are basically invulnerable. A T8 CV with stock planes in a tier 10 battle is the most torturous thing in the whole game. The 4 drop version of the J5N Tenrai on Hakuryu has been ruined, you have to start attack runs from 8km away and they fly at flak level and get shredded quickly. The torpedoes are slow and don't reliably set up perma floods. And then they nerfed Midway. Hakuryu and the lower tier CVs need to be buffed and made great again. The global changes they have made to flooding and the F key and AA have hindered CVs enough, at least keep them at the full power they were before. Only the expert CV players get impressive numbers in them (250k+) consistently anymore. It is truly sad, and I am glad that many people are finally speaking up about it. Anyone who can make suggestions and feedback to WG, please do. We need to stop this pointless nerfing and restore CVs to their power. 0.8.0 Hakuryu is still the funnest ship I have ever played. Whiny players and their DDs and complaints about weak AA and unlimited planes when they never even played CVs really irritate me. Hopefully WG will get the message. So, let's try our best to make CVs great again!