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  1. TarasBulba_

    Dismissing of commanders

    I have a bunch of commanders that are not on ships. A while back, I remember we can dismiss them and receive the commander xp for each of them. Can we still do that?
  2. TarasBulba_

    Bundles for San Diego

    Is it just me, or are the 2 bundles for San Diego a bit pricey?
  3. Is Sandy just a big brother version of Atlanta then?
  4. TarasBulba_

    Kansas and San Diego in store...

    Can someone please explain why they would bundle them up for so much dubs? I want the San Diego and its cool camo only, but have to pay a lot for them
  5. TarasBulba_

    Birthday coupon

    Thanks for all the nice well wishes, everybody
  6. TarasBulba_

    Birthday coupon

    Today is my birthday and I can't seem to find the birthday coupon for the dubs. Where do I find it?
  7. Would it be worth selling the duplicate ships if I have the Black ones as well?
  8. TarasBulba_

    Fuso Perma Camo

    A while back, I remember a mission to try and obtain the Fuso perma camo in the shape of the samurai, and I do remember completing it. But I never received it. And now, it is in the Armory, but yet I do not have it. How do I claim it? Or did I not complete the mission for it?
  9. TarasBulba_

    Bring back Aleona!

    A while back, you had another host (I think it was Aleona?) where she talked about which ships people played the most during Ranked season. I really enjoyed that bit. Any chance you can bring that show back? I actually found it very useful as it did help me improve and think about other ships to use.
  10. TarasBulba_

    Rewards for signals

    Can we get signals for rewards, like we used to? It takes skill (and luck) to get them, and it would sure be nice to get something for it. For example, Close Quarters, First Blood, etc....
  11. TarasBulba_

    Clans names changed to numbers??

    I am a member of said clan (UWANK), actually 2WANK. But yet, I saw a clan called NAZI and other names ALOT worse than ours. And yet, they still have kept them. I don't complain, because this is a game and something I enjoy spending my time (and money) on. If these SJWs on here want to censor that, hey, thats cool. But remember, Karma is a B____. Let's just play and have fun and not be so easily offended.
  12. TarasBulba_

    Bring back Teamkilling

    Can Teamkilling be brought back for the Training rooms? It could help newbies learn how to control their fire, as well as have some mindless fun killing off your own teammates while in a training room setting. Thanks.
  13. What gives? You cannot buy those signals in the Armory or Premium shop? Is this a fluke or something?
  14. I would like to ask the staff if they would consider bring back the rewards when you make an achievement during the game. Like first blood, close quarters combat, fireproof, etc... I enjoyed getting those extra signals when achieving those achievements.