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  1. TarasBulba_

    Research Points

    I am thinking about finally researching a line with a goal of getting the Ohio. Can someone please explain the process to me? I have read it and have the following questions. What happens to the XP earned on each ship after the reset? Does it convert to Free XP? If it is 20k Research Points for the first one, when do I receive that?
  2. TarasBulba_

    Another ship setting sail...

    Fem, And yes, I still have a hard time to say your complete name. It was an honor and to know and meet you. I had fun in the turkey shoot with you, meeting you on the Iowa this past year. I wish you all the best in your next chapter. Thanks for all your hard work.
  3. TarasBulba_

    OP Soviet Ships

    yeah, you are right about the low tier ships, except of course Nikolai
  4. TarasBulba_

    OP Soviet Ships

    Is it just me or are most of the soviet ships way OP? I wish there could be a balance of OP ships with all nations
  5. TarasBulba_

    Unable to connect to the internet

    Thank you thats right
  6. TarasBulba_

    Unable to connect to the internet

    There is no link, it does nothing
  7. TarasBulba_

    Unable to connect to the internet

    It happens on the main Wargaming Center where you can choose between any of the games you have, and on the WoWs, in those windows you can activate and open. It is the biggest one. I keep on hitting retry and nothing happens
  8. TarasBulba_

    Lunar New Year content?

    Hell, I stlll can't even read that article in the Wargaming Center. Am curious about ALL those ships!!!!
  9. TarasBulba_

    Unable to connect to the internet

    When I try to access the window "Ring In The New Year", I keep on getting the message that my internet is not connected. And yet I can write this to the forum, play games, and do other internet-related things. Is there a bug to see that window?
  10. TarasBulba_

    Fate of the PR post event?

    I got the PR last night. I did purchase the 3 boosters with doubloons which gave me a good boost and later on got 3 boosters on the other side. Even with spending all the dubs, I ended up with a lot more than just the PR. Got the Gorizia, 2k steel, 10k coal, and everything else. In a way, got a lot for what I spent and it made up for it, because of all the rewards given. Even with the California/Spectrum debacle (connection problems for several days around Christmas time), I still was able to complete the ship. But this is my point of view and opinion. Believe you me, it was a haul. And am glad that is over, now time for the legendary module grind for my Tier X ships. One grind finishes, several more grinds left to do.
  11. TarasBulba_

    should I buy the first two doubloons boosters

    getting the doubloon ones, just really speed up. I have all 3 dub boosters and am close to the last section (VI). Only have the first 3 free ones myself, having a hard time getting the resources to get higher for now
  12. TarasBulba_

    "Waiting for Authorization"

    Well, WG said they fixed the problem and it is working ok for me, now. Even had an unrelated ISP issue that got resolved as well. Just hope I get compensated for all that time lost, especially for the Puerto Rico grind.
  13. TarasBulba_

    "Waiting for Authorization"

    I received that same exact email and am with you. I have almost a year and a half of premium time though. Wish they could stop blaming each other and just fix this issue!!!!
  14. TarasBulba_

    World of Warships you're WRONG !!

    never had a problem like this in the last two years of playing though
  15. TarasBulba_

    World of Warships you're WRONG !!

    I got disconnected in my last battle