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  1. TarasBulba_

    Game stops logging in

    Am having the same issue as well. NA server here. This is discouraging. Sometimes, I even get disconnected too. Anybody know the issue why?
  2. Here is a question for you. There are several ships, with a ramp for a plane, but there is no plane on it. I can understand if you use an option that precludes the aircraft, but what about when you do. Can there be something done for that to work when you do have an active aircraft on a catapult?

  3. just played a game with my NDJ and the turrets were not moving
  4. How long are these ships gonna be here?
  5. TarasBulba_

    When will be Black Friday in WoWs?

    Wait, are you saying the two GZ's have a different play style?
  6. TarasBulba_

    Alaska Going away? Next Free XP Ships?

    Is the Smaland worth the 2 mil FXP? I am considering getting it since it is slated to leave. But, is Smaland REALLY worth it?
  7. TarasBulba_

    ARP Kirishima mission

    Damn, I thought it was for the commander and SHIP, oh well thanks
  8. I just completed the 3 missions to receive the Kirishima BB, but nothing has arrived. What do I need to do?
  9. How come I wasn't added as a Pumpkin Volunteer? I participated last year and had fun

    1. Hapa_Fodder


      All of the volunteers were picked at random from the 1700 people that applied. Prior selection did not play into this.

    2. TarasBulba_


      oh ok



  10. TarasBulba_

    Stream Code

    how does it show up? does it show up immediately?
  11. Is it just me, or is there no engine sound (unless you boost) with the CV attack aircraft. I am not able to hear any sound from my attack aircraft when flying, except when I use the boost
  12. TarasBulba_

    So after all that, does anyone use the Puerto Rico?

    I love my P.R., it is one of my go to ships for Clan Battles!!! It is a great ship!!!!!!
  13. I have every ship that is considered a black ship, plus the original. As a suggestion, what about offering the black ship camo if you already have that ship, so you don't own doubles? I love the black ships and prefer playing them over the originals, myself.
  14. TarasBulba_

    NA KotS XI Finals -- is on!

    I still think they should play in bad weather, and especially one should be on Ocean, (as a surprise), to show us how good their skills really are
  15. TarasBulba_

    NA KotS XI Finals -- is on!

    Only suggestion I have for the Finals, is for you both to wear Viking helmets while commentating. =)