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  1. A while back, you brought a segment on YouTube talking about the most popular ships played each month, or on ranked. I wish you could bring that back. I really enjoyed watching those segments. For me, I like to learn and see if I play one of those compatible ships that many others play.
  2. TarasBulba_

    Premium Shop – An Extra Month of Savings

    I wish we could see the original price of the item, then the next discounted price next to it for a comparison How about include some of the rare ships like Missouri, Kamikaze R, and others, just like you do in Christmas time?
  3. TarasBulba_

    Tier X coal ships

    Between the 3 ships you can obtain with coal (Salem, Yoshino, and now Smolensk) What's the main difference between them and which is the best to get?
  4. TarasBulba_

    Anchors Away Tour 2019: Swag and Prizes

    Looking forward to USS Iowa myself
  5. TarasBulba_

    Unjustified Penalties

    Lack of patience and frustration here, I admit
  6. TarasBulba_

    Unjustified Penalties

    So, I am in the middle of a game and my computer freezes, then crashed. This causes me to reboot my computer. Then I come back to WoWs and low and behold, I am pink and am being disciplined for quitting a game early. Where is the justice to this? Why should I be penalized if I do nothing wrong and my computer crashes. Do you guys have a monitor for stuff like this. I am tired of being Pink when unjustified!!!!!
  7. TarasBulba_

    Richelieu — French Tier VIII battleship.

    goofygonzo had a spotting plane in their Richie, is this a new modification in testing?
  8. TarasBulba_

    Richelieu — French Tier VIII battleship.

    I just played a game where the Richie had a spotting plane.... I dont ever remember it having one
  9. TarasBulba_

    French Destroyers Where Are They?

    So, let me get this straight. Only way to get the Mogador is to spend 30k in gold?
  10. I hope you offer the Missouri at the USS Iowa event. =)
  11. Why can't the XP from all tier X ships be automatically converted to Fee XP once all the modules were obtained?
  12. TarasBulba_

    The Mighty Jingles!!!

    We need a few more like Mejash, NoZoupforyou, Lord Zath, AshleyAKAAshley, Fememenly (I still cant say her name) and a few other CCs, since they do a great job
  13. TarasBulba_

    Recruitment containers

    It did say if you send out 3 invitations though...
  14. TarasBulba_

    Recruitment containers

    Who do I contact for not receiving a recruitment container? I sent four invitations via Facebook.
  15. TarasBulba_

    Rare ships

    Will the rare ships ever come back to get for those of us that haven't played since the beginning?