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  1. I_Am_Taras_Bulba

    NA Server Crash Compensation

    Twice now, I am unable to play. Each time I hit battle, it kicks me out and takes me to the main page where I hit the play button to get into the game Ticket sent, but has anybody else have this problem????
  2. I_Am_Taras_Bulba

    Missing Aircraft on Catapults

    Gasconge missing hers
  3. I_Am_Taras_Bulba

    Missing Aircraft on Catapults

    Is it just me, or are some warships with catapults missing the aircraft on it until they launch? Dont have an exact list of ships, but will do it if needed.
  4. I_Am_Taras_Bulba

    Atlanta vs. Flint

    With an equally skilled captain, which ship has the edge?
  5. I am confused, I just saw a video where they called the HMS Hood a battlecruiser. Wouldn't the ship be in the cruiser section?
  6. I_Am_Taras_Bulba

    Surveillance Radar Upgrade

    Am curious why the Soviet Ships have the best surveillance radar? Historically, wouldn't be the UK and the US?? Followed by Germany and Japan?
  7. I_Am_Taras_Bulba

    Musashi, Jean Bart, or Salem for fun?

    JB is such a fun ship, I agree. Got Mush as well, just so I can try to beat up on Tier 7 ships with her. Dont have Salem, but have Krono. She is ok, but prefer JB and Mush
  8. I_Am_Taras_Bulba

    CHUCK needs you!!!!!

    WOW as in World of Warcraft? LOL
  9. I_Am_Taras_Bulba

    Musashi, Jean Bart, or Salem for fun?

    I wish I could have the Mo =(
  10. I_Am_Taras_Bulba

    Premium Ships

    How many premium ships are there or have ever been? This to include those not on the Santa Crates as well.
  11. I_Am_Taras_Bulba

    Should I get the Perth?

    I got the Perth after receiving Haida from Santa. Have enjoyed playing it too and glad I invested in the Smoke Upgrade. Now, to get the captain a bit higher
  12. I_Am_Taras_Bulba

    Perth vs. Huanghe

    Is it just me, or are these two cruisers VERY SIMILAR??? If not, what sets them apart?
  13. I_Am_Taras_Bulba

    Please fix your game!

    Sometimes, my game runs choppy. And I have a high end gaming laptop with a GeForce 1070 video card. Any suggestions or is it a bug in the latest upgrade?
  14. I_Am_Taras_Bulba

    Got %30 percent discount, what ship to buy?

    I still didnt get my coupon
  15. I_Am_Taras_Bulba

    No coal from 1st battle in snowflake

    didnt see it in the notifications