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  1. I_Am_Taras_Bulba

    Santa crate limit? Support broken.

    I sent a ticket too and they told me it was my banks problem. Checked online and it said on each transaction (boy there were a lot) that they were all pending. Wish we could buy in bulk since I sent many to my clan mates and others. This was very frustrating. Wish I could get the Missouri because of all these troubles. Thank God for Paypal, since I just only use them as a backup.
  2. I_Am_Taras_Bulba

    Unable to purchase Santa boxes as gifts

    I am also having the same issue. Wanted to share many gifts with people I know on here. Then at the end, hoping to buy some more for me (in hopes to get the Missouri, please Santa) Also, would be nice to have people in my contact list, who are not in my clan, to be in the same list. Had to bypass my Credit Card and go to Paypal. =(
  3. I_Am_Taras_Bulba

    So I broke my long standing rule on loot boxes

    Well, although I did not get the Mighty Mo, I am content with them items I received. I bought 5 of each size as well. And with them, I received the Krispy Kreme, Leningrad, and Prinz Eugen. I might buy another batch later in hopes to get the Missouri. Thanks for the gifts WoWs. I love this game!!!!!
  4. I_Am_Taras_Bulba

    RIP George H.W. Bush

    There is a book called "Flyboys" which was written in WW2. There is a section in there that talks about him. A good book to read. I recommend it.
  5. I_Am_Taras_Bulba

    Atago B doubloon missions not working

    I am bummed that in order to get the doubloons, you have to have the original ships instead of the black ones. To be honest, these ones look cooler and I will not spend any the money just to get the original ones. Having two of the same ships doesn't make any sense. By the way, I REALLY like these ships I have (Tirpitz and Massachuesetts). Thanks Wargaming. I wanted to get these two ships for a while now and I get them with a cooler camo!!! Just wish the doubloons came with them.
  6. I_Am_Taras_Bulba


    What is the probability of getting a supercontainer? I VERY rarely get them.
  7. I_Am_Taras_Bulba

    Previous Premium Ships not on sale

    when a ship does away, how long until they typically come back? I want the Missouri, and was wondering if that ship may come back or not
  8. I_Am_Taras_Bulba

    Previous Premium Ships not on sale

    should I save for the Alaska or use what I have for Musashi?
  9. What are the chances of previous premium ships coming back to be sold? Like the Graf Zeppelin, Missouri, etc... I would love a chance to get some of the previous ships.
  10. I_Am_Taras_Bulba

    Haida or Cossack?

    Being Ukrainian, easy choice for me. The Cossack (Kozak). But, what everybody is saying is right. Get the Haida and wait until the end for getting the Cossack for the dollar. I have enjoyed my time with the Cossack since I bought it. Glad they brought it back. Now if only the Might Mo can be brought back. Hint Hint, Nudge Nudge