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  1. this sucks.im not good at torping.guess this is their way of getting our hopes up then dump on us.they dont want to give out all those ships.might break their bank.
  2. Battle of the North Cape: Mission 5 Task 3

    they will get it fixed just be patient
  3. Battle of the North Cape: Mission 5 Task 3

    now bb kills showing but not to 15000 ep i earned.
  4. Battle of the North Cape: Mission 5 Task 3

    same here bb kill not showing
  5. Battle of the North Cape: Mission 5 Task 3

    im not getting mine added and im NA
  6. thank you for the pointers.i will work on my gunnery and mini map skills.as for using HE shells i have started using HE since then.thank you for doing this for us.
  7. Santa crates confirmed?

    good luck EU players
  8. i keep getting knocked back to log-in page after battle and having a ton of freeze ups making me open task manager to end process and restart game.im not using mods.this is a new for me.
  9. World of Warships is a Business

    im actually happy they are a business ill gladly spend a few dollars each month. where else can you get a whole month of entertainment for around 50.00 dollars a month.and they always seem to have ways to earn or win the things you might need. WG rocks.thank you guys for all the fun and pleasure ive had and continue to have.
  10. Hull Upgrades

    i only have one account i cant help it if im not the only one that dont type right.im insulted that you would even accuse me of that.you dont even know me..the only other account i have is an eu account that i forgot my login to.wait ill bring you a ton of examples of other players who type the way i do.do i own all those accounts to?
  11. Hull Upgrades

    but i did not know this at the time.
  12. Hull Upgrades

    to late already spent the exp.just hope someone else dont have same issue.learn from my mistake
  13. Hull Upgrades

    it wasnt i had to pay again
  14. Hull Upgrades

    the second pay comes when i buy the hull upgrade for bismarck now.another 52000 exp