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  1. Shipwreck01_1

    Cruiser bonus mission

    How do we get personal mission ?
  2. man quit moaning. you didnt get picked this time better luck next time.its all luck of the draw
  3. Maskarado 57 reporting for duty
  4. Shipwreck01_1

    The Coo of Boom Flag

    we need game chat monitors. alot of my friends are quitting do to the foul language there. i would love to be a chat monitor..
  5. ib been corgi twice a turkey and a pirate. now need to be a maskarado. signed up, hope i get picked. had a blast doing these events. pick me
  6. Shipwreck01_1

    Spending intentions poll

    developers please quit screwing up this game its my favorite game.uuugggghhhhhhhh
  7. Shipwreck01_1

    Spending intentions poll

    sell us a ship then nerf it.,disappearing ships,and torpedos.also foul talk and name calling in chat.i quit buying ships.used to buy a ship package each month.but they are worthless forthe xp they get unless you spend more money to get doubloons. be better if they got more credits or free xp.but im not buying anymore ships.
  8. i used to buy a ship package every month but they nerfed to many of them. also useless as experience dollectors unless you buy doubloons which gets them more real money.only buying premium time now.many more changes ill quit. youmade my atlanta worthless. 5 percent chance to set fire? big nerf. will not be buying any more premiums.
  9. Happy New Year WG thank you for all the fun. dd,s shouldnt have unlimited torps
  10. @kami i never got my turkey flag. i was test_turkey49. not sure if i got any reward but know i did not get flag. in game name is shipwreck01_1 e mail is rsshipley@yahoo.com please help
  11. Shipwreck01_1

    Bonus Code I Found On FaceBook

    would not work for me
  12. thank you for the pointers.i will work on my gunnery and mini map skills.as for using HE shells i have started using HE since then.thank you for doing this for us.
  13. Shipwreck01_1

    The Coo of Boom Flag

    point well taken guess this wont get me a flag.bummer you tore my heart out i thought i had a great idea there.but as usual im proven wrong lol
  14. Shipwreck01_1

    The Coo of Boom Flag

    @Pigeon_of_War here is another idea i think would be a help to the game. i think it w3ould be nice to have a feature where we can watch battles already in progress. would be a big help to new players and not so good players like myself to be able to watch the game in action.this would be different than watching youtube.i hope this idea is good enough for coo of boom flag as my playing abilities are not good enough to get the flag any other way.