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  1. point well taken guess this wont get me a flag.bummer you tore my heart out i thought i had a great idea there.but as usual im proven wrong lol
  2. get better Niko.we can wait.hope you feel better soon.
  3. give a little time to draw winners and send emails out to them
  4. gotta do the drawing
  5. lol
  6. i want candy lol
  7. i would like to win signal flags im alway out of them lol bork
  8. bork Thank You Niko
  9. @Pigeon_of_War here is another idea i think would be a help to the game. i think it w3ould be nice to have a feature where we can watch battles already in progress. would be a big help to new players and not so good players like myself to be able to watch the game in action.this would be different than watching youtube.i hope this idea is good enough for coo of boom flag as my playing abilities are not good enough to get the flag any other way.
  10. they always sell the good ships after the 3rd of the month so im left with what ever they want to get rid of.ive bought over 10 ships but i want enterprise,never on sale on 3rd of month oh well maybe some year ill get the ships id like to but.also it sucks that we cant use the premium ships experience points with out using doubloons, i think that is just wrong.why build up all those points for nothing? im never gonna buy doubloons ever to much money.please give us a way to use exp from premiums we did spend real money to buy these ships.hate to use them now because the exp cant be used without doubloons therefor useless.
  11. im in.thank you niko and good luck to all
  12. It would be nice to have an in game messaging system built into the game so clan leaders and clan members can send messages to the entire clan or to certain individual members.i hear a lot of peoplw wishing they could call for clan meetings.
  13. i bought the texas i love it