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  1. SweetChariot_2017

    German RNG worse than ever

    I have lived with the horrible German RNG monster for three years, but the past 2 days appear to be worse than ever. Bismarck and FDG have simply gone wild. I know Wargaming Hates Germans but I'm getting tired of this bias. Why doesn't Wargaming get it into their heads that brawling as a concept is almost unplayable (and has been for more than two years now). I love the game and but i'm beginning to look for alternatives due to their historically inaccurate push for us to play paper ships from countries who didn't even have much of a navy.
  2. SweetChariot_2017

    What is the most powerful (OP) tier IX/X battleship?

    Nothing new here - but Wargaming have made such a pigs ear of both the Friedrich der Große and the Große Kurfürst that paying both is going to hurt your stats. I’m just annoyed how Wargaming is choosing to completely ignore the stats and the fact that the so called “brawling” meta is really completely and utterly broken. Who is going to, in these ships, go anywhere near a Smolensk or a Harugumo etc...