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  1. orangman

    Economy changes coming summer 2022

    It seems they just make seperate items for economic effects. And remove all economic effects on existing items - camouflage and signals. So camouflage and signals have only battle related bonuses.
  2. orangman

    Why do you play random?

    Just blocking messages is the best solution for salts. And before moving to positions, find out they are potatoes or damage farmers for your survival rates. I usually supported my side whatever players were there but random mm are getting worse day by day after WG opened the gates for high tier ships for everyone so I do no more. Funny things are many potatoes blame others even they are supported. Damage farmers are worse. They just want spotting at the back whatever happens and if not they do salting others.
  3. orangman

    Any Coal Ships worth it?

    Most coal ships are not for average users. Neustrashimy needs top level dd skills. Marceau is for non-smoke French dd lovers. Max Immelmamn makes you a target of cv-haters. Yoshino will make you top of yolo players. Pommern is out of meta - most game full of he and torps spammers and you will be the most wanted target of them. To sail Duke of York, you need patience - you can watch YouTube while waiting for her reload or moving to the next point. Z-44 - no idea what this Germen dd for. I think if you are good at any of current coal ship collection in the armory, you are very very special commander - one of kind.
  4. orangman

    There 100% are cheaters, and more of them than you think

    Op probably didn't play 40 games on Marceau. Every replay has filename with shipname. It is easy to find replay. I really want to see cheating level Alaska play.
  5. orangman

    Gouden Leeuw Live Test

    Gouden also can affect spotting a lot. When I played, red team had 2 Gouden in a division and my side's 2 DD were perma spotted for 5 minutes and died early. It was like 2 t10 CV were spotting DD. It was ridiculous. I remember what the testers said when I complained about tester's division. "Oh we didn't win actually.". Their intention was not testing.
  6. orangman

    Research Bureau X2 X4

    Actually it's 2x + 2x. When you reset and finish research, the ship remembers the points. And when you play the ship first time, you actually receive the points. Accumulation and distribution times are different. That makes people confused. Also only first resetting a line every season gets the 2x bonus.
  7. I would like to have 50 percent speed boost when my BB r burning. Don't want 4pts 10 percent speed boost that actually make my ship to fall into enemy Smolensk and minotaur's mouth.
  8. It is impossible that WG can't t know 11km range glass armor t7 cl with smoke ship is useless. They should refund steel or coal to whom bought the ship before captain skill rework. This rework probably planned long before actual deployment WG didn't warn to buyers that this ship range will be affected by incoming skill rework. There are two choices WG should admit. WG didn't plan skill rework long enough or they hid the truth before selling if they planned long enough. I think WG has changed. Before they compensated players when some changes affected to bad sides. Now it seems they even don't care much.
  9. orangman

    Feedback: Ranked rework 0.10.0

    New ranked battle is quite boring with small maps and only one mode of 3 caps dominance because it repetes every week. And t10 CV in 7 vs 7 battle is unstoppable. Also radar dd is too powerful in ranked. I don't think we need seperate ranked battles if it opens all the time. Just adding ranking system to existing random battles will be better. Just add entrance restrictions by ranks to random battles and give permanent ranks by performance to players. And give more rank points to solo than div. And reflect toxic plays like suicide, repetitive pinging, to ranking. Also replace afk players with bots after certain minutes.
  10. orangman

    Is Gold Rank worth getting into?

    The problem is not rewards. It's quite boring after 2 or 3 weeks. It's quite repetitive. Not many maps and there are only 7 ships so not much to do. I finished gold qualification with 52 wr but now only 44-45 wr because lost interest and only wants win rewards and not interested in rank out. It should be permanent ranking system and making some leagues with current random battles will be better. And also in 7 vs 7, CV is too powerful. Just give permanent ranking points according to ship tier, rank in battle, and leagues. And give awards according to the rank. Also if a player is afk for more than 3 mins or disconnected then replace with a bot.
  11. orangman

    NERF Manfred von Richthofen you sadists

    MVR also has insane torp bombers. It can drop torps in 2kms and hit all of them. And some pilots can hit AP bombs with full damage at any angles. Avoiding ap rockets are not easy. You have to be broadsided to red ships to avoid rockets. MVR planes have insane speed so it returns so fast so no way to avoid and clustering aa doesn't help at all. Spotting is the most serious problem but every aspects of MVR is like using game exploits. People who sail MVR should feel guilty for the wow users.
  12. orangman

    Best Bang For the Buck..

    I did 'worst bang for the Buck's'. I was wondering re-grinding the least played line, so I reset IJN BB line because I rarely play them except Musashi and Yamato. After playing that line for 2 days, I spent 1m fxp to get my Yamato back. So I spent 1m fxp to get 20k research pts. To me, most tedious grinding is T9 techtree ships. I could get 3 t10 skipping T9 with that 1m fxp. I would buy smal if it is 1m fxp. I agree it's a good ship but playing t10 DD with all radar ships and t10 CV is pain itself these days. Whenever I see my 30k research pts, I am thinking what I should do with that. Now I really don't want to reset after one experience. To me, just playing t9 premium, new techtree ships, and some ranked are the most fun. I also want some clan battles but my clan never do that.
  13. Alaska and Massa are one of the best ships existed for that tier and the kind among ships I played. Their AP shells and defense are really impressive. I could kill full health Alaska in 1 salvo with Musashi gun though. Also Thunderer are an impressive ship. But I rarely play Alaska and Thunderer. I prefer T9 BB like Musashi and JB. T10 CV match are the most headache right now. WG, please nerf German CV.
  14. orangman

    Are random battles really random?

    Win 1/3 matches whatever you do. Loss 1/3 whatever you do. Close match 50 percent wr. But in reality there are divisions and unicoms. So less than 50. With more CV, double spotting by CV and DD causes more one-sided game.
  15. Yesterday it was t10 match with t8 cv. It was very close game and my team had 3 ships left and red has only cv left. Red could win if red cv attacked because all our ships have no hp left. There was enough time to attack 2 times but red cv didn't come. Red cv typed 'unbelievable'. He was out of planes. He was the op. I played some t10 games yesterday but just with t8 cv or no t10 cv around that time. If the op stopped the play around that time he could avoid t10 matches. And there are many over 2k base xp t8 cv these days. The op is unicum but there are many t8 cv unicum out there now and t8 cv still goes to t10 matches. T8 cv unicum doesn't guarantee wins in some situation these days.