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  1. orangman

    what nation has the best cruisers

    After the cv rework, US light cruisers are most comfortable ships for me. Because it can have hydro and def aa togather. Cruiser play heavily depends on maps and team configurations more than other ship types. I think Alaska and Salem has potential to overcome these constraints.
  2. orangman

    How many 19-pt captains do you have?

    Most my t9, t10 ships had them. But after cv rework, most ships lost their characteristics, so I even don't bother to set them up after reset them.
  3. orangman

    CV Rework patch broke DD gameplay

    Current maps are for surface ships. They are too small for fast planes. Instant return and rearm broke the balance between cv and surface ships. Whatever patchs come won't fix it without removing these two. It is a fundamental thing. I think WG knows already and keep deceiving players by just minor patches.
  4. Sector AA is [edited] idea. Skilled players are getting to know how to avoid it. Now high tier CV with know-how can do free dmg without fighter fight and worry of DM, Mino or US BB. Now surfice ship players are super busy because of permanant spotting and continuous attacks from endless planes. It is total mess. What WG needed to do was removing strafe, reducing max damage of 1 squadron and balancing number of squadrons between IJN and US but now they made even worse situation.
  5. If WG refunds fxp for researched ships and modules, I will regrind line but leave t4. T5 has already enough xp for t6 so t4 will have enough xp for t6 after rework. Practice some at t4, and complete all cv missions at t6 with flags and camo then there will be enough xp for t8. So I can get 2mil+ fxp from both cv lines and t8 after all if they do fxp refund. Why not regrind.
  6. orangman

    Unlock Taiho Now or Wait?

    Unlock Taiho and research all the modules. There is a good chance to get fxp for modules of odd tier cv. If you are good at it then play random and if not play coop. Even at coop, Taiho can make 100k dmg easy. Even in case no fxp conversoon, xp will be transferred to even tier so nothing to lose.
  7. orangman

    Really WG? 24,000,000 credits?

    400k credit per country, 6 country per day. Then it will take 10 days. I have t9, 10 ship so only 1 or 2 game per country per day with credit camouflage and dragon flags. It is still around 10 games per day. Also all my credit dragon flags will be gone after this event. For a t6 premium bb, is it worth?
  8. orangman

    CV Rework Going Live early 2019

    WG made one squad for a cv. That means a CV is just a ship. Now several squads make multiple damage to several ships and 1 bomber can sink a cruiser and several squads can spot several ships. It is ridiculous if one side has good one and the other side has potato. It is like 16 vs 11 not like 13 vs 11. And planes faster than dd. So actually it is like 20 vs 11. After rework, a cv won't affect like mulitple ships like now. Overall one squad per one cv is key concept of new cv rework.
  9. orangman

    T10 free play meant to be impossible?

    Premium t9 ships can earn 0.5m easily with some flags in a game. Then you can play 10 t10 games if you do average. Usually if people have t10 ship then they already have enough fxp for to buy premium ships. Or 2 or 3 games of t7 or t8 premium ships also work.
  10. orangman

    Stuck at 17 in Ranked

    One thing we can't control is RNG in wow. I also found BB, CA can't affect much but dd and cv affects the game a lot. It seems you played right. So I guess your team was really not good or other team had some near unicum level players.
  11. I worked in software development field before. I have only played Wows among WG games. What I think is that compared to their company size, their QC is pretty weak now. When I first played Wows it was a solid game like other games until last Summer. There was no client crash. I stopped playing after that. But when I played this last December again, I noticed it has some software issue related to concurrent user management. And they haven't solved this issue yet. I hope they find the problem soon and return to a solid game again.
  12. orangman

    No experience/credits/etc after battle?

    I won a ranked battle, no result, no star, nothing. I played one more and won, the same. I lost a lot and now got winning streak and got these. Really disappointed and pissed off.
  13. orangman

    What Tiers Would You Like For Ranked

    Maybe the following gradual tier up match? Rank 20-17 : tier 5 Rank 16-13 : tier 6 .. Rank 4-1 : tier 9 League of sea wolves : tier 10 More people can participate and it might be more fun than using only 2 tiers.