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  1. BJCleage

    Update 0.8.8 - Sound Engine: Feedback and Performance

    In am not impressed with the new sound effects Ships engines Sound sick. .DD sounds like going to throw a rod .Shells hitting sound like you hitting a piece of sheet metal with a hammer to loud .Go back the way sounds were. Please spend time fixing other stuff that needs addressed not sound
  2. BJCleage

    Clan level simbles

    Yep this is what I'm talking about Its has changed for some reason no more Roman numeral clan numbers WTH
  3. BJCleage

    Clan level simbles

    This is not what I mean, I did always show As you built your clan showed levels Green was like 1- 4 blue was like VIII ..reds were like level X clan
  4. BJCleage

    Clan level simbles

    What happen to our clan levels simbles like I-X any one know?
  5. I think the Ship that Radars you should be the only ship that sees you unless you shoot the guns or get with in range of other ships when trying to escape the radar.
  6. BJCleage

    [POW-M] POW*MIA Is Recruiting

    Thank you Sic_44