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  1. My best WOWS memory was when I received my 1st 10pt captain for the Izokaze, it changed everything . Good times had by all. My wish is a simple one. A Kamikaze...don't care what variant :-)
  2. acm123b

    Thoughts on the Hatsuharu?

    I am decent with it, I have about 165 games in it, with a 55% win rate, I'll offer my thoughts on it. Sneaky, it has the lowest surface and air detection radius for tier 6 ships This does not mean you can go rush caps at the start with impunity. The guns are very accurate. If I had another high level Japanese captain, I could spare, I'd have two for this ship: 1 for a torp setup and 1 for a gun setup using AFT. The guns are that accurate at distance. You need to be a pretty experienced DD driver to run the gunboat build on this IMHO. I wouldn't recommend this if you are working up the DD line. AA is passable for a DD, you can shoot down planes with it at least, you won't deter a carrier from hunting you down if they wish, but it's decent. Learning when to turn AA off and on is key to make it effective. It's rudder shift is faster than any other tier 6 dd, only the Icuras (UK) has a smaller turn radius. Rudder shift and changing speeds in a gunfight can help out a ton. You can put some serious hurt on another dd if they keep missing you, Japanese DD's accelerate and decelerate very well, only the UK DD's are better. I use smoke to break contact, sitting in smoke at mid tier and up usually ensures torpedoes will be coming at some point or a hadia or Z-39 will come and eat you alive in your smoke if there are tier 7's lurking Japanese guns pack a big wallop and the Hatsu reloads quicker than the Fubuki. They key is using them as needed. Torpedoes are good once you get the upgrade to 10km, the stock ones go quick, but your window to fire them undetected is tiny, 0.2 km. The longer range ones hit harder too. Yes, you only have 2 sets compared to the fubuki. This will help you later on as you move up. You need to learn to use these in favorable positions, your reload rate will get longer as you move up in tiers, 6 is a good place to work on better torp release points. Just remember the longer the torps travel, the more they spread out. Playing at 9.9 km away and firing torps isn't going to pay off as much as if you can get down to below 7km when firing.
  3. acm123b

    whats this about a torp nerf?

    I'm a mostly a dd main, however, I do see the logic behind this. Right now , I could get in my bouge, use my dive bombers on almost any ship, get a fire, what for him to use DC and then hit him with torpedo bombers 30 seconds later, if I get a flood it's a kill 90% of the time. Honestly it sucks if you are on the receiving end of that. This needs nerfed With my torps I've killed over 2278 ships, I only have 52 liquidators, that's just under 2.8%, from what I read in this thread, that's actually pretty decent. IMHO I did most of those at lower tiers, I had a liquidator last week I believe and it was the first in along time, I don't play too much low tier dd's anymore. At higher levels, it's not common to kill a BB or CA with just one torp unless the hp is real low. I was in a game tonight in my shima, I'm an average shima driver, I hit a yamoto with 6 torps broadside and did 81k damage, less than 1k flooding. He lived, but I did 81k dang, I think that speaks for how nasty torps are. IMHO, this will reward good dd drivers in the long run, as tactics for dd's will change due to this for sure. Planes won't be instant death anymore as well for dd's
  4. acm123b

    Asashio or bust?

    I do agree about a lot of asahios players just go to the edge of the map, it's quite frustrating. .. However, I only go for bb's in mine when they enter my torp range. I don't go hunting them in domination unless I really, really need to, I compare it like low tier dd's going after carriers at tier 4-5. The 5.4 detection for this ship makes it an excellent counter for other dd's, not hunter, but counter. You can also used this ship to control bb movement, which usually is crucial. The guns are excellent at finishing ships off. My kill ratio is 40% guns/60 % torps. Used effectively, I think it is a very strong ship
  5. acm123b

    DD Lesson of the Day.

    I love your videos, been watching them for about 2 weeks. The have made me a much better team player already and have already increased my k/d ratio, win % will hopefully improve with time. Please continue your excellent work !
  6. acm123b

    T-61 Engine damage?

    Smoke screen expert is useful, IMHO it works best at lower teirs . Once you get to where you encounter radar frequently, it's best to allot those 2 skill points eleswhere as you use smoke more as a way to cover you as you move out of radar range
  7. acm123b

    Huanghe Smoke mod 1

    I run my Huanghe with AA spec and do ok with it. I was thinking of getting the Smoke mode for it, it will make me lose my slot 3 AA and I will lose 20% range on my AA, if I run the mod. I really would like the extra smoke though to increase my damage output. Has anybody ran this ship with it?
  8. acm123b

    Update 0.7.2 - Bug Reporting

    FPS dropping when zooming and lag as you are aiming. It gets worse the longer you are playing
  9. acm123b

    Premium Ship Review: Huanghe

    I won one in a supercontainer, I would not of paid for it based on the reviews. But.....I like this ship a lot, it doesn't deal a lot of damage per game. I've played over 50 battles in it and have a 60% win rate. The trick is she's a support ship that easily avoids torpedoes due its excellent agility and the ability to fire while moving in smoke can change the course of a match quickly. The excellent concealment lets you pick your battles on your terms, that's where this ship shines, just don't get caught in the open or go toe to toe with anybody, or you will sink fast. It's pretty effective against planes, the secondaries are excellent on this ship, and the guns fire pretty flat that start lots of fires. It's not a brawler, it's a counter puncher. I often catch folks on fire quickly then disengage, I let my teammates finish the job after the enemy uses their damage control. It just requires a different style of play than other cruisers. I would not really recommend it for training; its too hard to get a lot of exp per battle in her. But she is so fun to play.
  10. acm123b

    Update 0.7.0 - Bug Reporting

    Torpedoes not impacting on ship's last 5% (rough estimate) of stern when fired from both flanks . I had this happen to me when a kamikaze fired torps at me in a random match, I though it was maybe a glitch or something ( both of us commented on this later in the in-game chat).I was in a training room and tried the same on some bots, noticed the same issue again.